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April 07, 2008



McCain is practically a Democrat. Screw him. I hope they all lose in 2008.


Yeah, I used to despise him, too. Until I contemplated the alternatives. I despised Bush, too, until Kerry came along.

Here's a factoid. I wrote in Scooby-Doo for President in 2000 and 2004. Shaggy for Veep in 2004. You could look it up in the election results, but you can't verify that I was the one so voting. On that, you'll have to trust me.

Charlie (Colorado)

Okay, TCO, so vote for Hillary. Or Obama.

Or figure out who you'd like less as President, and vote against them.

Just get enough of a goddamn clue that you don't think your failing to vote says anything about you that you'd like said.


I want them all to lose. And don't try to get me going with that whole worry about Hillary or the like. I'd rather have a purer Goldwateresque party as an active minority obstructor than the current socialists in Republican clothing trying to win. These guys suck.


Look how far being an 'active nimority obstructor' got the Democrats. Without a following wind from the MSM they'd be the laughingstock of the nation. Imagine Republicans trying that. We've got to control the Executive, and tether a few Blue Dogs.


Have fun jerking off with Hannity and Rush and the other nitwits. Bill Buckley is dead.


Look what you've done to me, TCO. 'nimority' forsooth.


bedtime for this Bonzo. If Reagan were around, he'd be voting for Ron Paul.


Or Bob Barr.


Reagan would have supported Thompson. Then Reagan. Now McCain. Good night, Sweet Prince.


I meant then Romney. And try this: Night, Shane.


Good night Jim Bob.


Sweet Dreams, honey.


Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk.

Danube of Thought

I have yet to hear anything from a Ron Paul supporter who was not an abject fool.

"I'd rather have a purer Goldwateresque party as an active minority obstructor..." OK--go elect one.

M. Simon

TCO is going to write in Ron Paul.

Well I voted for Harry Browne GRHS in 2000 and Paul in '88.

It was fun while I lasted.

Until the Libs get some balls and electoral clout they will never see my vote again. I am a Milton Friedman type libertarian. I'm in the Republican Party for tactical reasons. Screw purity.

If I want a more libertarian type government I'm going to have to get a more libertarian type population. I have more leverage with Rs than if I was a Lib.

BTW I know why I like it so much here. It is an older crowd. People who actually know things and have life experience.

In any case things are looking up in Saudi land. They have converted Mohammed's old house into a latrine. Perhaps they have seen the future.


I have yet to hear anything from a Ron Paul supporter who was not an abject fool.

Every person I know who supported Ron Paul (about 3) is now an Obamamaniac.



Watch/Listen: Petraeus inquisition 9:30 a.m.


Armed Services Committee members

Any potential VP candidates eager to make a fool of name for themselves?


I'm not into purity. If there were still a Cold War going I would be more likely to vote R. Or if D's really enacted more welfare than R's. But given the current situation, we actually have less welfare when D's are there, because R's obstruct raghtedr than accomodate. And with no real threat there (Al Queda, puh-leeze...how many tanks do they have), I'd reather have the REpublicans lose some. I think we need some pain to purify. And I'm butt-sick of the pole-smoking K-street types.


Who needs tanks when you've got jetliners to cause a trillion dollar hit to the economy in a matter of moments. Not to mention a few dead. And what, pray tell, is the terror premium in the price of oil?

From the right, and the left, and the everywhere; is it a plane, is it a speeding bullet? No, it's TCO man.


Well, according to Hot Air, Obama is now claiming that he never really said McCain wanted "a 100 year war in Iraq." His previous statements were obviously misunderstood by every journalist in America who heard it.

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