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April 17, 2008



Ya gotta love Cheney. He's really the coolest Dude in Washington.


When is the media deal with Joe and Val and Hilly or whatever.

I think I should pain Obama and, like, something quick for the wife.

Condi has a brain thing because of her defect. It's like a stroke.


Go Cheney! Watched the debate for about 15 minutes until I grew board with the proceedings and looked for somkething more illuminating. Checked TV listings. Disappointed that "Kitchen Confidential" had been moved from its Wednesday perch. Settled for the Radio and TV dinner with Cheney. Think Dick could do a good warmup for the Dem debates?

M. Simon

I think when the Democrats are totally deranged we should give them Dick.

That should drive them around the bend.

Ah, I see it already has.

Jimmy's Attack Rabbit

God bless Dick Cheney.


Reading Trib commenters' impotent rage against Cheney was the most fun I've had since I heard about the Hamas-Fatah gunfights last year.

hit and run

Ya gotta love Cheney. He's really the coolest Dude in Washington.

And Idaho, with that fishing quote!!!

Hmmm....I wonder if he'll be out that way when we go this summer?

I think I'll have my people call his people...


I am looking at my Dick Cheney black velvet painting as I type. He is the man.


Cheney is a very cool cat...I dig him totally.


I don't know if Cheney's the most substantive, least pretentious politicians in my lifetime - but if he isn't, he's in the team picture.

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