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April 22, 2008



Good Morning TM. You are up early. If your prediction is pain, then call me a sadist. I never thought I'd say:

Go Hill!

Cecil Turner


I woulda tried to work in "I pity the fool . . ."


Obama has turned into the wus of all wusses. It sounds like the most courageous thing he's ever done is go to Harvard Law School and suck up.

And his supporters are all pansies. (Can I say that here?)


Jane, get outa my head~~~~~~~~~~

M. Simon

For Obama:

Do you feel lucky punk?

For Hillary (Meg Ryan):

Ahh, Ohhhh, Oh God, Unh, Yess. Yess!!!!!!!


Evelyn Pringle has put several great summary pieces together on how Obama is tied to the corruption of Chicago and Illinois and why he should never be president. This article tells why she (as a strong Democrat supporter) felt compelled to expose him.
< a href="http://rezkowatch.blogspot.com/2008/04/rezkowatch-factchecker-exclusive.html">Link

"I would be a hypocrite of the worst kind if I remained silent during this election simply because Obama was a Democrat."

On the day that American Democrats are voting in Penn to determine who will be their presidential candidate, I urge Americans to read and understand that the Democrats know how bad Obama is as a candidate and are still going forward with this charade.



Can you put the link under your name?


The Url referenced above, should be:



It's a beautiful day here in southeastern Pennsylvania, so weather won't be an excuse.

The good news is that the blitz of Obama commercials is, at least temporarily, over.

M. Simon


Nice quotes. However, where is the beef?

What is Hillary's plan for lowering oil prices?

I was looking for Stuff on the Obama corruption connection. I didn't see anything.


All this Rocky analogies means I should at least watch them so I'll know what they are talking about. Did he win in III?

M. Simon

Obama and the Chicago Machine

M. Simon

The list of reporters deserving of credit for doing the investigative work that should have been done by the leaders of the Democratic party before they got behind Obama, includes, but is not limited to, Chicago Sun-Times reporters, Tim Novak, Dave McKinney, Fran Spielman, Chris Fusco, Natasha Korecki, Steve Warmbir and Lynn Sweet. Chicago Tribune reporters especially deserving of credit include Jeff Coen, Bob Secter, John Chase, Virginia Groark, Rick Pearson, David Jackson, John McCormick, Mickey Ciokajlo, Rudolph Bush and Dan Mihalopoulos.

From the above link.

Google is your friend. Get busy.


What is Obama's plan for lowering oil prices?

Taking money from the oil comapnies doesn't make them any more likely to lower prices. Only the feds get any joy from that.

It's like watching Spitzer go after brokerage house claiming that he is helping the "little guy", but the only winner was the State of New York; the other states and the "little guy" got none of the settlements.


Watching the Pennsylvania primary has been a joy, with my only regret being that McCain hasn't been campaigning there at all so as to grab some free media and also present a good comparison against the Obamaman and Hill..

The Dems do have one thing going for them, by the way-- McCain has been forced into public financing by the Senate's political shenanigans over the FEC.


This never-ever ever ever ever ever ending road to

Are you anticipating the Passio Baracki?

I liked this from earlier in the proceedings:

How can I ever face my fellow Dems
How can I ever face myself again
My vote's pledged to Barack I know
I made that bargain long ago
He gave me hope when hope was gone
He gave me strength to carry on
Who am I?
Who am I?
I'm Kent Conrad

M. Simon,

Scroll down to the end of the article pagar linked and click on the "Evelyn Pringle" tag and you will see quite a bit more. Her work is posted on several sites including Rezko Watch, OpEd News, and Yuba.net, the one you linked.

The RezkoWatch homepage has lots of other non-Pringle stuff, too.


Ever since Temple came out with their poll of about 10 days ago where I could judge the firm support and leaning support ( somewhat Squishy support ) of both candidates and saw Hill with a margin of about 8 points in rock solid support, I have been calling for a 12 point margin in Pa for her.  I think Temple being based in the Philly area where about 40% of Pa Dems are, they should know the state better than pollsters from afar.  There will be some Bradley effect, some Op Chaos effect and some flat out gun toting clingers sending a strong message. 

 BrendanLoy has a cautionary note up about early exit polls.  Seems based on his review of them for Obama ( and he is pulling for Obama ) that Obama does about 8 points worse than the exits show and it has been as much as 15 points.  So if you start hearing rumblings of a upset, dont believe it. 

 Nice weather for the most part for a primary, no reaosn to believe that 9 out of 10 pollsters got this State wrong, Hill wins and I think it will be huge.  Hide and watch





I predicted 13 last night. My record is not stellar on these issues however.


I caught this gem from the looney (Left ?) ..

Obama: The Postmodern Coup

"Barack Obama is a deeply troubled personality, the megalomaniac front man for a postmodern coup by the intelligence agencies, using fake polls, mobs of swarming adolescents, super-rich contributors, and orchestrated media hysteria to short-circuit normal politics and seize power. Obama comes from the orbit of the Ford Foundation, and has never won an election in a real contest. His guru and controller is Zbigniew Brzezinski, the deranged revanchist and Russia-hater who dominated the catastrophic Carter presidency 30 years ago. All indications are that Brzezinski recruited Obama as a student at Columbia University. Trilateral Commission co-founder Brzezinski wants a global showdown with Russia and China far more dangerous for the United States than the Bush-Cheney Iraq adventure. Obama is a recipe for a world tragedy. Obamas economics are pure Skull & Bones/Chicago school austerity and sacrifice for American working families, all designed to bail out the bankrupt Wall Street elitist financiers who own him. Obama's lemming legions and Kool-Aid cult candidacy hearken back to Italy in 1919-1922, and raise the question of postmodern fascism in the United States today. No American voter can afford to ignore the lessons contained in this book.


the catastrophic Carter presidency 30 years ago.

Hey the comment is firmly grounded in reality, well at least until the parts about the Trilateral commission, Obama being conservative and a corporatist etc etc.

Tom Maguire

And Obama is not through with his waffles. Had to be waffles.


Had to be waffles.
Sure. Put a little maple syrup on there, you get the tastes of Belgium and Canada, all at once.


You can't deny a man his waffles, can you? Hillary! by ten.


It sounds like the Mystery Science Theater response to that "There Will Be Blood" quote -
"I...drink...your milkshake!"

"I'm...still eating...my waffles!"


Neo, that's good enough to be parody.


"Later that afternoon [after the waffle quote] while taping an interview for "The Daily Show," a reporter tried to ask Obama about a new Clinton ad and the Obama ad that came as a response. According to a pooled report, the White House hopeful asked the reporter if she was "supposed to be" asking a question then. He added that he would consider answering but that it would depend "on how well behaved you are." In the end, he did not take the question"

Would the press meekly accept that from any other candidate?

M. Simon


Eventually there will be a backlash. The bloom is off the rose.

It will get bad when they can go up to McCain and get an answer for anything.


Yeah, McCain's good enough to have an answer for everythng; several answers, in fact. Trying to guess what your interrogator is asking for helps development of that admirable survival trait.


kim, I'm glad to see you back at JOM. I missed your commentary this past week.


It's apparent from BO's hostile reaction to questions is that he's unused to be asked questions about anything. There is something a tad unlikeable about a candidate who snarls "Why can't I just eat my pancakes?" This coming from a candidate who is trying to get votes, publicity and impress the folks with his downhominess, unaloofness and unelitiness. Yo, BO, if you wanted a private meal, why did you pick a public diner and take the press with you?

Our gal RW would have used this op to remind everyone how she used to eat waffles under sniper fire in Bosnia.


Thanks, Pl. Road trip.

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