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April 18, 2008



Along with Bill Richardson's defection--Robert Reich endorsing BHO has got to be the unkindest cut of all. Using Hill's attack ads as an excuse--for heaven's sake. Lame.

But what is really amazing to me is the endorsements of former senators Nunn and Boren. I mean these are two senators--who I felt in the past--behaved as if there was a brain between their ears.


My bet is that they know that as long as this goes on, the less likely BO will win in November. I currently put his chances at 3%, but I'm an optimist.


Reisch is going to be on CNBS's Kudlow and Co this PM to explain his endorsement of BHO.


Reich is a socialist, too. What more do you need to know?


Cant speak for Nunn but Boren been hanging on a college campus with the likes of faculty similar to what you saw at Duke. It tends to warp you until you go through a delousing back in reality.


I always liked Nunn. You do know though that for years he's been on Ted Turner's payroll--supposedly gathering up and siposing nuclear materials from the old USSR.


After the debate debacle, a panicked Dean probably begged Nunn and Boren to take one for the team and endorse Obama since the Dems are unalterably stuck with him.

On Robert Reich:

"A lifetime later, President Clinton asked Reich to serve in his cabinet as secretary of labor. But the stigma [of being 4'10"] stuck: In a Capitol Hill elevator, Sen. Strom Thurmond once commented, "That's a nice suit you have on. Do they make it in adult sizes?" Even Reich's boss, the president, once remarked as he looked at a Lego model of the White House, "Secretary Reich could almost live in there."

In Washington, Reich proved remarkably resilient. He constantly deflected skepticism. And he did it with his signature brand of self-deprecating wit.

"They told me to be short," he'd say while standing on a step stool at the start of a speech.

Obama vastly overvalues himself, so having him occasionally use self-deprecation, without looking like the phoney he is, will be a mammoth task for Axelrod.

Rick Ballard

I read Nunn's endorsement as being anti-RW rather than pro-BHO. Reich is a flaming pinko so the BHO endorsement is unsurprising. He joins Richardson as a former "liars for Bubba" cabinet member swapping out. Have "The Indictables" announced? Cisneros, Pena and Espy should be SuperDs, I'll bet they stick with Red Witch.


Do you really think that any of those bitter white voters in PA ever heard of Reich? If Janet Reno endorses BO I will be really appalled.


OT:For days now Lucianne has been the subject of directed IT attacks..Last time they were on the air they suggested the hits were coming from overseas.

This must be a disaster for them. Apparently the attackers were encrypting carp in punctuation in comments.


Following on Clarice's comment on an IT attack at Lucianne is this article on E-spionage that was pretty enlightening.


Tomorrow's headline today:

Reich to endorse Obama
Hillary relieved.


Following on Clarice's comment on an IT attack at Lucianne is this article on E-spionage that was pretty enlightening.


So totally off topic but--Seattle">http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/home/index.html">Seattle Sonics could be moving to Oklahoma.


After Reich wrote "The Road to Universal Coverage" in the WSJ on January 9, 2008, I emailed back a letter that was published in thw WSJ two days later:

Is Prof. Reich incapable of factoring in the free-market economy or understanding why he should?

Stephen B. Waters
Rome, N.Y.


There is nothing wrong in Reich looking up to Obama.

Danube of Thought

Well, hell, let's go big-time OT.

We just went out and saw "Shine A Light" at the local Imax, and I'm here to recommend it heartily to each and every JOMer. To honor the Boy Messiah we were gonna do some weed on the way, but we couldn't meet our connection, so to speak.

The Stones make Danube a happy boy.


Wow-- just when Hill finally pulled the knife out of her back that Bill Richardson jabbed in there, she got stabbed again. Shes not having a good day I imagine

Menlo Bob

Reich's intent was to give Obama a little help.

menlo Bob

As far as I know Reich is not a super delegate.

Menlo Bob

Reich has only supported Obama for a short time.

Menlo Bob

It's good to see Reich step up like this.


From a war criminal to a Manchurian Candidate that's the best we can do for the Presidency? Obama, if none of your close personal friends likes America, why do you want to be President?

M. Simon

Re: inet attacks.

I used to work at defense industries and continually told them that using inet protocols was a stupid idea.

They told me:

1. You are nuts
2. Help is cheaper to find since the 'net is ubiquitous.

I tell factory guys the same thing. No inet stuff. No wireless. Same as above plus: Wireless is easier than wires. Which is true.

Dumb fooks.

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