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April 08, 2008



I'm getting tired of the Paetreus love-ins. What he has done has reduced the sway of the national government in Iraq by empowering factions. When we leave, the Shia will still need to put down uppity Sunnis. Fallon was no fool.


Oh, fah.


Goverent by elected officials stabilized by US and Iraq military force is better than any of the alternatives.


Al-Sadr demands Iraqi government protect public
A top-level Iraqi body calls for immediate disbanding of militias
Aides: Muqtada Al-Sadr Calls Off Rally


C-Span just cut to a drowsy Hillary, chin in hand, looking like she's been answering too many 3:00 a.m. calls.


Is it too much to ask to watch Petraeus without having to see Dana Milbank's smug mug over his right shoulder? Ugh.

M. Simon

Rally called off?

I'd say he couldn't get even 5,000 of his proposed 25,000.

He doesn't realize that with good camera angles and reporters in the tank for him he doesn't need a whole lot.



Petraeus is on the mud-wrestling list, isn't he? If not, consider it done as I'm sure your swoons rival mine.


Did Hillary set of the Sadr counter insurgents when she said we won't leave? We won't build a base there so we save alot of money. We probably should leave and let them tear each other apart.

Sadr should work closer with dems.


Simon - he couldn't get 5,000 of his proposed million. Funny thing is, he doesn't realize he could sway the media with any number of supporters. If I were on his side, I'd advise him to go ahead with a no-man march and try for the headline, "Countless Sadr Supporters March Against US".


Yes, he'son the list, Jane.*sigh*

He doesn't realize that with good camera angles and reporters in the tank for him he doesn't need a whole lot.
Reminds me of an old joke we used to tell in college about the Spartacus Youth League: "The Sparts believe in mob psychology. That's why they have their meetings in a closet lined with mirrors."
M. Simon


An attractive man will get your juices flowing at any age.

My mom (an 88 yo hardcore Dem) was just gushing when she told me Edwards put his arm around her.

You ladies have a lot to look forward to. I must say your choices are better than my mom's but, who can account for taste?

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