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April 05, 2008



Somebody's having way too much fun.

81% of the people think the country is off course and what do we get? Open microphone at the Blogger Giggle Room.

Though this was pretty good.


Someone's put something in your wheaties,TM..I've never seen so many threads..
(And thanks for reminding me about the Wizard of Oz scene that was the source of so many childhood nightmares..Second only to Bambi.)

Danube of Thought

Because he's a post-politics politician, Obama has yet to point out that Rocky lost.

hit and run

And Madonna is going to do a remake of Casablanca -- in Iraq. Steyn:

As several readers have pointed out, the advantage of a remake is you're getting a proven hit title, but, if Madonna remakes Casablanca set in Iraq, presumably she'll have to change the title.

But what do I know? Up next: Oklahoma!, but set in Iraq; WKRP In Cincinnati, but set in Iraq; San Francisco, but set in Iraq, and with the earthquake changed to an Abu Ghraib gang-rape by a visiting Bush cabinet officer; A Tale Of Two Cities, neither of which is in Iraq.

"Play it again, Sam", just words?

Well, yeah, it's a misquote.

Ilsa: "Play it once, Sam, for old times' sake."
Sam: [lying] I don't know what you mean, Miss Ilsa.
Ilsa: "Play it, Sam. Play 'As Time Goes By.' "

Here's looking at you, kid.


"You're going to eat lightning. You're going to crap thunder".

-- The guy Burgess Meredith played...


Hey Hit! Happy Birthday!!!

Danube of Thought

Madonna will regret it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of her life.

hit and run

Hey J

Your ane is hanging with me and my new beer fridge.

Bill in AZ

We need you on that wall TM... but DID YOU ORDER THE CODE RED? The snark-fest has been great this week.


Hit, I hope they always card you. Today. Next year. For the rest of your life.


Oh! Is it OJ's birthday? Happy birthday!


He claims it was about 2 weeks ago, but he's trying to lure Jane over to his place by bragging about the beer refrigerator his in-laws bought him for the big day. Some people have no scruples whatsoever.
Just saying.

hit and run

No, unless April 5th is Ground Hog's Day, this is not my birthday.

But...you wanna play that game?

OK, MayBee, let's play "This Day in JOM History"!!!

I now have a girl-crush on Syl (@ 11:04)

Posted by: MayBee | April 05, 2007 at 11:09 PM


Happy Birthday MayBee!!!!!!


Happy B-day Maybee, and Hit I love the fridge. How did you decide on purple?


Hit & Run:

Was this the beer fridge your in-laws gave you? H&R Birthday Present

Sorry, TM, couldn't resist teasing H.




Happy Birthday to me! Also, I love my new beer fridge and my relationship with Syl!


For a guy whose entire political career reads like a Hollywood script (small time leftist community activist rises from obscurity to first minority president in history over the span of about 4 years ) to disavow movies is sort of biting the hand that feeds you.


Happy Birthday clarice!


It's not MY birthday,MayBee..I was just repeating the birthday wishes to you.


Thanks, clarice. HitAndRun is being a bit of a scamp (aided by J an' E). I will apply your birthday wishes to my birthday when it comes around again. :-)

But for your birthday treat, your favorite Republican, Lincoln Chafee, is at FireDogLake at this very moment commenting on his new book.


He quit after 7 frames???? Bowling a 37, I could live with that. But quitting????? That's contemptable.

How's about bowling a second game to see if you've improved???

Good friend of mines favorite saying

"God hates a coward."


So,they are going to remake "The Alamo" in Falujah?


I do so think the genetic tail ends of political families are pathetic to watch, aren't they?


I am looking forward to "Hillary does Denver"....

hit and run

Happy Birthday Lesley!!!!!

hit and run

Happy Birthday Booker T. Washington!!!

Happy Birthday Elihu Yale!!!

Happy Birthday Colin Powell!!!

Happy Birthday Thomas Hobbes!!!

And to at least feign an attempt to bring us back on topic...

Happy Birthday Bette Davis!!!

Bill in AZ

OT - McCain vows to shut down NYTimes! Well, actually, the Yahoo headline said he "vows to deal with the severe economic crisis". I didn't bother to read the article since it's from al-Reuters, but that's the only way I can see to deal with the "severe economic crisis" - stop it at it's source.




I do so think the genetic tail ends of political families are pathetic to watch, aren't they?

In the Kennedy's case I blame it on liberal inbreeding. Chaffee could be a case of cross-contamination.


Was it "Just a movie" when Dean Vernon Wormer said, "Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son."

Or when Bluto Blutarski said, "TOGA! TOGA! "


Now we're talking movies,sbw!!!

Rick Ballard

Those genetic tailenders are a commie plot to raise sympathy for the Bolsheviks actions at Ekaterinburg.

It works, too.

richard mcenroe

Was it just a movie when Scott Baio taught us that eyebrow trick in Zapped!? OK, I never quite got it to work, but was that just a movie?


... Come to think of it, Bluto Blutarski ended up... becoming... A Senator!

Now there's a Presidential candidate that would unify college students to baby boomers and break up the impending Democratic Convention trainwreck.


Happy Birthday to YOU. Happy Birthday to You.

Happy Birthday to . . .


I see we are all having fun on this beautiful day in April.

Hey - I wanna beer fridge too. Can you put wine in it? Or, Brandy?


Maybe someone posted this piece of good news on another thread... i'm hoping for 80% by the time the aforementioned "train wreck" convention happens

From Rasmussen

Perhaps the only disturbing news for Obama in the survey is that most Clinton voters (56%) say they are not likely to vote for the Illinois Senator in the general election against John McCain. A month ago, 45% of Clinton voters said they were not likely to vote for Obama against McCain.


Happy Birthday, MayBee and Lesley! It is a gorgeous evening in Central Texas. A toast to all of you.

Hit & Run - oh my gosh, I had been meaning to watch the Bette Davis Centennial on TMC all day today and clean forgot. Damn it all! But it's not too late...I just turned it on and the famous "staircase" scene in All About Eve is playing right this minute. Thanks Hit! And Happy Birthday Bette!


Someone's put something in your wheaties,TM..I've never seen so many threads..

He found out the Magnificent Bastard reads his blog. ::grin::


Was it just a movie when http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0108358/quotes>Doc challenged Ike?

Why Ike, whatever do you mean? Maybe poker's just not your game Ike. I know! Let's have a spelling contest!

I don't think so...


You understand that was not the point of Harry Callahan's question; it was a Russian roulette type taunt to the future Hellraiser
bit player and Cardassian spymaster;Garrett.
I must admit that was a remarkably tone deaf
comment by Obama, whose cheering section is
rather top heavy with Hollywood stars like
Scarlett Johansen and Jimmy Smits; (that was
not meant to be a double entendre.


Happy Birthday, Porchlight!


OT:(Thwack, MayBee)

BAGHDAD (AP) - Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's faltering crackdown on Shiite militants has won the backing of Sunni Arab and Kurdish parties that fear both the powerful sectarian militias and the effects of failure on Iraq's fragile government.

The emergence of a common cause could help bridge Iraq's political rifts.

The head of the Kurdish self-ruled region, Massoud Barzani, has offered Kurdish troops to help fight anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army militia.

More significantly, Sunni Arab Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi signed off on a statement by President Jalal Talabani, a Kurd, and the Shiite vice president, Adil Abdul-Mahdi, expressing support for the crackdown in the oil-rich southern city of Basra.

Al-Hashemi is one of al-Maliki's most bitter critics and the two have been locked in an acrimonious public quarrel for a year. Al-Hashemi has accused the prime minister of sectarian favoritism and al-Maliki has complained that the Sunni vice president is blocking key legislation.

On Thursday, however, al-Maliki paid al-Hashemi a rare visit. A statement by al-Hashemi's office said the vice president told al-Maliki that ``we can bite the bullet and put aside our political differences.''

http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/feedarticle/7440606>Basra offensive unites Iraq


http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/feedarticle/7440606>Basra Offensive


Alice: I'm sorry I interrupted your birthday party.
March Hare: Why my dear child this is not a birthday party.
Mad Hatter: Heavens no. This is an unbirthday party.

Alice in Wonderland is not just a movie. Its the world of H&R who is wishing everyone a Happy (un)Birthday today. Silly man.

Mad Hatter: Clean cup, clean cup. Move down.

John Russell

Danube, that was choice.

M. Simon

I love the smell of burning sulfur in the morning. It smells like chemistry.


Speaking of movies. Charlton Heston has passed away.

M. Simon

OK for all you climate changers out there I have a new piece up.

Biofuel Scam.

Just to entice you let me give you the closing line. You're gonna love this. And it is a secret Obama smackdown. Plus it fits in with the Wizard of Oz clip so without further ado, may I present:

The fall of the Soviet Union has taught these idiots nothing. You can just hear the voices in their head. "We are smarter than the stupid Soviets. We have Degrees from Harvard."

Denny, Alaska

Denver will be so much fun!




try again

M. Simon


Thanks. PIMF. I just don't believe in it. :-)

M. Simon

This is going to be a very Rocky Election - for the Democrats.

I smell blood - blood in the streets.

Denver will be so much fun!

HT Denny

M. Simon

See I can do it right. Sometimes.


Thanks Simon. JOM is always a learning experience. I didn't know what PIMF was until just now:-)



Was it just a movie "when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor"? No!

Err, actually, yes it was.


When Ric Blain says goodbye,
and Miss Lund starts to cry,
Just a Movie.

When the light briefly shines
on the face of Herr Lime,
Just a Movie.


Simon, buy a gallon of ethanol, starve a dozen children. Signs at gas stations in Washington state advertise 'No ethanol gasoline' as a selling point. Ethanol has never been economic. It has always required government subsidies. There are fewer hydrocarbon bonds in ethanol than in gasoline, hence less energy, by weight or by volume.


Good Morning! And Happy Birthday to Elliott, Centralcal, DOT, Porchlight, Cathy and JM Hanes (who I miss).


Don't know if it'll run M. Simon but I blogged it. I think you might have gotten more attention for those two pieces had you combined them and titled it something like How to Repeal the Law of Supply and Demand AND Win the Iowa Caucus. But that's just my tought FWIW.


Don't know if it'll run M. Simon but I blogged it. I think you might have gotten more attention for those two pieces had you combined them and titled it something like How to Repeal the Law of Supply and Demand AND Win the Iowa Caucus. But that's just my thought FWIW.

M. Simon


I had thought about that but the closing line was just too good to bury under some more text.

I'll add a link to the second though.



I did blog it but don't see it up--The editor is having major computer problems this week, but I have my dingers crossed. In any event, I see that TM picked it up--good!


HEH **Dingers is, of course, Fingers****


fingers --> dingers

You have reach the pinnacle of absolute perfection, producing the quintessential clarice typo!


Thank you cathy--My neurological pathways may be occluded, but it only adds to the spice. (Or not.)


Let your zingers do the walking.


I will try crossing my dingers from now on, since crossing my fingers seldom works. (as soon as I locate my dingers, of course!)

Since Clarice brought it up, where HAS JMHanes been lately?


'Rocky' Was Just A Movie?

In Philly, Rocky is the 5th book of the New Testament

.. and Obama is just another asshat politician.

Bob Agard

Great post, but James Cagney is a bit rude, don't you think?


It's more than just a movie for Hillary.

It's the Eye of the Tiger/

There is only the fight...

Was how the original lyric went, but they didn't want to have to pay her royalties.


Was it just a movie when Clairence showed George the tomb of all the men who George's Brother didn't save, because George wasn't there to save his brother, because he was never born?

These days movies affect public opinion more than politicians and if Hollywood were producing more "Rockys" and fewer "Redacteds" and "Stop losses" both America and Hollywood would be better for it.

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