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April 16, 2008


Ralph L

Obama can't attack the authentic, backstage Hillary--it sounds just like his policies. Will the MSM step up to the plate in time to save him? Or will that help her in the primaries?


You and your memberships with Amazon and Google. That is so elitist.



You might also mention Lexis-Nexis A La Carte.


"Bitter" is an opinion, a tree; an opinion, but one of many!

The wood most of you have failed to see, is that both the candidate and his acolytes believe that he is speaking unvarnished TRUTH!

When did "0ught" become "Is"?

richard mcenroe

Look, if you want to paint Hillbillary as an elitist, you don't have to make crap up. She's got plenty on her plate:

This is the woman who ordered her Secret Service detachment never to cross her eyeline.

This is the woman who sent out a memo to the White House staff not even to make eye contact in the halls.

This is the woman who locked US troops out of their messhall in Iraq during 24-hour straight operations so she could have a 90-minute private breakfast with her entourage.

This is the woman who ordered military personnel attached to the White House not to wear their uniforms in her presence... except for the one time she ordered them into full dress with decorations so they could act as waiters to a roomful of her sleazy donors.


One recalls that Barber in the post 2/26/93 phase of history was saying our culture was what driving Islamic fundamentalism

Mata Hari

Hillary Clinton’s history of lies and unethical behavior goes back farther, and goes much deeper than anyone realizes. Now Jay Carson may be unable to remember a verbatim quote from thirteen years ago, but I do. Hillary has and does treat all white working class Americans as a species apart, and screw them she did: http://theseedsof9-11.com

Peggy McGilligan

“Screw ‘em,” Hillary Clinton told her husband. “You don’t owe [Southern working class whites] a thing, Bill. They’re doing nothing for you; you don’t have to do anything for them.”

The 1995 Hillary quote, is a more than adequate representation of her “constitutional character.” Hillary’s history of lies and unethical behavior goes back farther, and goes much deeper than anyone realizes: http://theseedsof9-11.com

Ps. Particularly telling in and of itself, is that Leon Panetta was even present during Hillary's "screw 'em" admonition.


The USA will get the government it deserves.


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