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April 07, 2008


Charlie (Colorado)

More likely, he's alluding to the fact that he hasn't got a goddamn hint what "tap'er light" means, and is reading it from a script.


For the left, America apparently is always an abstract idea, a destination, a goal. It's never a real nation, here right now. It's a work in progress with the work never done, the mission never accomplished.

More government, more legislation, more policies.

This - this belief that there is some eschatological or final goal that must be met - is the real similarity between liberalism and fascism that Goldberg talks about. That the nation must have an ultimate national goal and that our roles in it is to serve a state that will accomplish that goal.

Very dangerous.

No thanks, I'll pass.


So which staff member will get the blame for putting this insanity into Barack's mouth?


Last night at a fundraiser in San Francisco, Barack Obama took a question on what he’s looking for in a running mate. “I would like somebody who knows about a bunch of stuff that I’m not as expert on,” he said, and then he was off and running. “I think a lot of people assume that might be some sort of military thing to make me look more Commander-in-Chief-like. Ironically, this is an area--foreign policy is the area where I am probably most confident that I know more and understand the world better than Senator Clinton or Senator McCain.”


Didn't Al Franken say that liberals love America like parents loves their child, i.e., in spite of his faults, and wingers love America like a child loves his parents, i.e., ignorant of their faults.

Oh, and BHO hates America. Didn't you know that?


More like a spouse, tolerant of its faults.

Ralph L

who knows about a bunch of stuff that I’m not as expert on
Like humility?


Kim, I remember seeing a comment on NR years ago to the effect that if a man subjected his wife to the relentless criticism that progressives subject the United States, no one would be surprised if the woman divorced him.

Sara - and he goes on to say he's well-traveled, and in fact visited Pakistan once in college. I don't think he wants "time spent in Asia" to become a point of comparison in the fall campaign.


Andrew Sullivan on why Obama went to Jerimiah Wright's church <----- warning, put your drink down or cover the keyboard.


Obama’s pastor Jeremiah Wright: Former Muslim


For more on Obama's connections to communism,
Here is a Presto Pundit Article

"There's a big mystery at the heart of Barack Obama's Dreams For My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance. What was Barack Obama doing seeking out Marxist professors in college? Why did Obama choose a Communist Party USA member as his socio- political counselor in high school? Why was he spending his time studying neocolonialism and the writings of Frantz Fanon, the pro-violence author of "the Communist Manifesto of neocolonialsm", in college? Why did he take time out from his studies at Columbia to attend socialist conferences at Cooper Union?"

For those who remember John Kerry, he came from much the same background in Communism.

"Part 1: John Kerry’s Red Roots: Richard Kerry’s Left-Wing Legacy"

M. Simon

“tap ‘er light”?

Word in the Navy was "bang 'er hard"

or "take her deep".

Of course being a nuke, we would say in an emergency

"yank the rods" "emergency power"

M. Simon

How Hispanics really feel feel about blacks.

Get this: the Hispanic woman involved was an Obama delegate. Go figure.

You know it is just getting stranger and stranger. I can't keep up. And it is only April. I have at least 10X as much material as I can use each day.

Ralph L

M Simon, if you've got a big rod, you better start out easy, with a lot of grease.

where I've seen progress made for working families who need leaders who are willing to stand up and fight for them.
Did he hire Bob Schrum? Or is it just impossible for a Democrat to talk about freedom anymore?

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