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April 03, 2008



There is amazing investment in the hoax, Rick, but I can't help believing it will eventually turn around as the earth cools. My problem is the irony inherent in hoping for a cooling long enough and severe enough to derail the carbon capping express. It is a little odd that the UN pushes this, despite its transnational appeal, because so many poor people in so many countries will be held back by carbon encumbering.

Pachauri, head of the IPCC has had public second thoughts. They may clean up their act, because the science and public opinion is shifting, at a glacial but accelerating pace, to the truth.

Certainly, CO2 probably has some warming effect, but I believe it is negligible, especially unimportant in a cooling world. Already, though, you can see the outlines of the shape shifting to come, and that is in ocean acidification. The current ballyhoo about that, despite being exaggerated by a factor of three, is the first shot.

Cecil Turner

However, I took his meaning to be pretty clear - Al Qaeda in Mesop would have a safe haven in Sunni-land and the Sunni-Qaeda split there would not have developed if we had begun withdrawing troops a year ago.

A perfectly sensible reading. And sorry, dday, but the idea that Iran is on both sides of the issue getting Maliki and Sadr to fight over Basra is hard to swallow. BTW, the google cache now shows that Fox undeniably FUBAR'd the initial transcript.

J. Peden

It seems one of Obama's top advisors on Iraq is saying we should keep 60,000-80,000 as a "baseline" force after 2010.

Thanks, Ranger, that should be big. But, hey-wait, why not let's just keep two such "strike" forces there - that wouldn't be a "real" army of imperialist occupation, anyway - right?


How long is Obama planning to keep troops in Afghanistan, I wonder.


Ms. Hamsher's defense, easily explained by any pop psychologist, is that she does too hear "in Iran".

Um, I'm not sure Hamsher is capable of ever evaluating Rape Gurney Holy Joe fairly or at all since he beat her and Lamont's butt badly. I think she will always "hear" what she wants to with Joe - she just knows what he means no matter shat he says.


Love the title of this post.
I cast my vote for "never" and "in fact, they will double down".

Danube of Thought

I owe Just Some Guy an apology, and I hereby offer it. I got out of bed on the wrong side today.

J. Peden

Already, though, you can see the outlines of the shape shifting to come, and that is in ocean acidification.

Great point, Kim, but I wonder in any case how the acidification alarmists are going to nuance the fact that with Ocean warming CO2 comes out of solution, thus strongly tending to decrease the Ocean's acidity. I haven't looked much, but so far haven't seen this fact mentioned.

[CO2+H2O <-> H2CO3 <-> H+ + HCO3-]


Clare ran Iran? It was Plame. She even stole that laptop.

The report to Congress on the climate was done by http://www.nga.mil/portal/site/nga01/. Congress created them. it says the climate is going to warm and no can do anything. The reason was basic, but I can't remember it.

'New Campus East
While NGA continues to transform its processes and systems for the geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) mission, the Agency will soon begin an even more visible change: consolidating its eastern facilities.'

Murdock should worry about Georgia and his business partners and dem CIA agents. He did sell 10 stations. Maybe they'll stop now.


Having two large saltwater fishtanks in my house and wanting to grow corals, I have a PH meter with continuous read out on a tank. I does carbonates daily to raise the PH higher in the base range as its beneficial to growth and growth rates of coral. But neutral is 7.0 PH and saltwater is naturally base at somewhere around 7.7 or so. I raise my PH levels in the 8.0 to to 8.4.

The PH scale is logarhythmis not linear and thus its a major change to go below 7.0. Never gets close to happening in my fishtanks, even if I stop supplemental dosing. Not to be graphic but fish urine is highly acidic and even still PH would remain 7.7 or so perhaps even higher. CO2 in a house ( thus in the atmosphere can drive down measured PH some, so some aquarists try to air their houses out to remove excess CO2.

But given my experience with 200 gallons of saltwater and know the vastness of saltwater in our Oceans, makes me laugh at some predicted acidification. It can not happen.

Rick Ballard

J. Peden,

The lack of physical justification won't slow 'em down. How many times has Steve Mc asked for justification for +2.5 with silence as his only answer? It's like "how does that "greenhouse gas" deal work with no lid on the greenhouse?". Arm waving and reference to a set of equations that were based upon an assumption recently proven to be generated by an equation intentionally (unintentionally?) left incomplete. Complete the equation and viola! - no lid on the greenhouse.

Never fear that the "climate scientists" will be unable to gin up "proof". Epicycle will be imposed upon epicycle to the point where "it's turtles all the way down" will seem the height of the application of reason and logic in comparison.


Now, Rick, it really is turtles all the way down.

J. Peden

How long is Obama planning to keep troops in Afghanistan, I wonder.

Probably until around Dien Bien Phu time?

Rick Ballard


If acidification gets going I'm gonna suggest that people go to Google Earth, input 23 20'00"S 140 12'00"W from a height of 6,000 miles and contemplate the fact that the Atlantic isn't even showing. It won't touch the simpletons who are impressed with butterflies in the Amazon potentially causing hurricanes but some people might "get" the volume and concentration problem a little better.

M. Simon


I expect that in the not too distant future "Global Warmer" will be just as much an epithet as "Flat Earther".

Its turtles all the way down. (How did that get in there?)

M. Simon

I owe Just Some Guy an apology, and I hereby offer it. I got out of bed on the wrong side today.

Posted by: Danube of Thought

That happened to me yesterday and ruined my day (continued apologies to narciso).

I'm a bit better today.


Yes, narciso is non pareil. All the known world, Simon, is supported on the back of a giant turtle, which is supported by another turtle, and yet another, ad infinitum. This is true, or, at least, irrefutable.


A few interesting observations

Rick Ballard


Thanks. That really is an interesting take. Especially the bit about Maliki being in such high spirits.


Throughout the Cold war we had to learn Russian names and Vietnamese dipthongs. Every few years assorted experts are haranguing us to stop using Siam, Ceylon, Burma. No more Peking. We need to learn how to pronouce Myanmar and Beijing.

If Ugly Americans are not worldly or polyglot, or able to appreciate different languages like our European friends, we are at least compliant about properly pronouncing the names of the people that murder our brothers and sisters in a towering inferno.

I didn't like having to learn Sri Lanka, but now we are being forced to engage in daily debate in a region where the two neighboring bullies were pronounced Iran and Iraq. We now have a top candidate whose uncommon name holds no similarity to any name we have ever heard before, with the possible exception of the Terrorist that attacked us on 911.

I think its safe to bet that someone will slip on the Osama/Obama similarity again. I think its safe to bet that the Iran/Iraq slip will happen again. I have also heard the Zawahiri/Zarqawi slip several times. I think we should be pretty proud that we can remember as many of these names as we do.

I think god is busy enough watching over our soldiers in Iran right now to answer a prayer from us that our enemies have easier names to pronounce.

Opps, did I say our soldiers in Iran. Ok, maybe god knows somethig I don't.


Good point, tjking, and for sure, our conceits only approximate reality.

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