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April 28, 2008


Danube of Thought

Somewhere else on the web I saw an item to the effect that Wright's invitation to the Press Club was sent by a member with a long association with Hillary, who is still openly a supporter. Isn't this grand?


OT, but sooo super funny St. Cindy's for Congress website

Her Limo/Pelosu graphic made to want to donate, almost. (Then I remembered that all the bleeding heart liberals, even on the internet, are rich snots)

It's just funny that Sheehan is the candidate that pleased the fringe kook KOS and then FiredogLake insists the US wants a uber progressive candidate and yet they both ignore Mother Sheehan....it's a puzzle.

Soylent Red

Oh man TSK9...

I SO wanted to get an obnoxious yellow t-shirt.

But alas, Mother Sheehan isn't quite organized enough yet to get some t-shirts up on her "Cindy Gear" section. So far the only "gear" is her ranting screeds, goofy booster buttons, and ballpoint pens. None of which do me any good in mocking her.

Maybe she can take some time away from her busy schedule of crazy, and put together some grassroots support to slouch on over to the screenprinter and get crackin' on my t-shirt.


Perhaps this will help.
Or perhaps this
Progressives,lie back and think of America.

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