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May 01, 2008



She's an ass.


Didn't help. Puzzling.

That's because you used the wrong Michelle silly.


Maybe you need to look at your ticket. It probably charges you with "Driving while black"( or trying to act black ). It was your Michelle Obama schtick just bamboozled that bitter typical white policeman.


"No, Michelle, it doesn't. But it helps mine."

Thomas Collins

And some folks think that William Depends on the Meaning of Is Clinton would be an insufferable First Spouse? I'd vote for him over Michelle for First Spouse any time. Of course, Cindy McCain could clinch my vote for John Sidney if she pledges that she will donate some beer from her distributorship for "meet and greet" town meetings during the McCain Administration!


Pretend you're on the campaign staff and you just drew the short straw meaning YOU have to tell Michelle to cut out this carp!




The trooper pulled over the Good Ole Boy in the F-100 for speeding, and when he asked the fella "Got any ID", the driver paused for a moment, then said "About what"?


If it's Michelle's position that the Wright controversy will not help educate our children, oh boy, do I disagree...

Soylent Red

This could lead to a whole new line of legal defense. Like the Twinkie Defense, only the Bulldoggy Defense.

"50 million in back taxes? You know judge, this conversation doesn't help Michelle's kids."

"Of course child pornography is, what I would consider, wrong. But I've been very clear, and I feel like I've said about all I'm gonna say about that."

"When the press uses words like "genocide", "concentration camps" and "killing fields", I don't think it's, you know, helpful. I'm just trying to stay focused on what matters to the American people."


How interesting that the conversation about the Wright controversy with Meredith "doesn't help [her] kids," but attending Church with a racist, anti-American Pastor who excels at ranting and raving and vulgarity, does.

Oh brother.


Ya know what I'd like to find out? If either of those kids were ever registered for this -


Which interviewer is going to ask Michelle Obama THAT?????


Her kids will be helped by living in the White (aptly named?) House.

Thomas Collins

Michelle is getting worried that her kids are going to be raised in Hillary's Village after all!

JM Hanes

Someone needs to tell HIT about this! He's constantly wrangling with the VIHH, but is that conversation really helping his kids?

hit and run

Someone needs to tell HIT about this!

Tell me about what?!!?!?!!? mrs hit and run is out of town, I've got the little rascals to myself and well, I've been out of pocket.

Is someone threatening my kids? Well, bring it on, I'm well armed.

Is Obama trying to ... ... ... ... what the hell is he trying to do, make a case for Hillary, or what?

Sorry, I'm way behind. But with Wright, and the further Ayers links and Rezko question marks, I am getting bored with Obama.

Oh, and here's my line with Obama and Wright, days late and dollars short...

Obama can no more disown Wright than he can disown the black community Spitzer can disown "Kristen".

Fade to black, already.

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my line with Obama



It's almost like the Chewbacca Defense.

It just don't make sense!

Jim Miller

The defense might work for either Michelle -- but I'm not sure it would work for the average guy. At least not with the patrol officers I've met.


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