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May 24, 2008



Rice was announced as coming down by priceby the UN the day the US farm bill passed. Japan is an example of a country subsidizing the way the UN wants subsidies. Grow your own, buy foreign and stock pile. Japan announced they would donate some of their stock pile and was accused of pushing the price up. Most countries, especially the MCA MCC countries, can do this; but they won't. Instead they waited until there was an emergency. They got donations from the UN after the UN got donations from the US, 500 million in arears with 200 million more. 500 million from China. They got commitments from the UN to subsidize their farming. They want commitments from the US to directly subsidize their governments who will distribute the subsidies to their farmers. The soft power civil societies want to give cash directly to governments to subsidize the farming. This has already been done by the UN and the US Farm bill.

Why would any country do what Japan did?


Somerby's a good read, not predictable and is willing to swing at the silliness on his own side (e.g., Joe Klein's risible defense of Obama's Ahmadinejad outreach program); although I do wish he'd get off the "press destroyed Gore in 2000" kick.

And the Olbermann act, my gawd, leaves one speechless. It would be impossible to caricature the man.


Hitler and the nazis were searching for occult power because Hitler was already offered this by Satan. The invincible army wasn't human. It was like cylons with a fission eye. hitler passed and that's probably because he was insane. The plan would have Satan's creations defeating all hitler's enemies. Of course, satan, being smart, his creations would not have stopped with just hitler's enemies, but would have destroyed all humans. Humans would have to be destroyed because they had become reflections of lucifer, who attacks human bodies to change God's creations to his reflection; seeing and dreaming. Robots can't be affected and humans are and have to be destroyed. So, instead, hilter goes off seeking the occult well of souls to make his army invincible. He seeks this where an entire civilization disappeared in a day. Like a bunch of Satan's robots came by and fissioned them all because they were a disease, luciferians. The answer for humans would be to run from the robots and seek a safe place to be luciferian. The robots would seek these and try to destroy them because the plague is spreading. Battlestar Galactica.

It is a circle because God created us in perfection. We have chosen to be luciferian, choosing to exist in hell rather than heaven. So, God, being real smart, sent Satan, who sent robots who can't be affected by lucifer, to help us choose. Satan has to be created by God too or we'd all be dead.


Hitler and the nazis were searching for occult power because Hitler....

Thanks. This makes my comment right above yours seem 10 times smarter.

Frankly, I needed the help.

I may call on you again in the future.


HEH! But I agree on Somerby..

Danube of Thought

"The invincible army wasn't human. It was like cylons with a fission eye. hitler passed and that's probably because he was insane. The plan would have Satan's creations defeating all hitler's enemies." And etc.

Every so often one of these drops in like some sort of meteorite. Weird...

Patrick R. Sullivan

Good news for veterans of the Semi-Daily Journal Wars; the Scrivener is back.

richard mcenroe

a Memorial Day Sentiment, by way of A.E. Houseman


The robots are banned because of property damage. Insurance companies have them ended before they can do any damage. If one is on the way in, try to put a dumpster in front of it.

Why is everyone confused abut Obama and the media. He bought them. He's rich and probably going to get richer. Why would the media ruin all that money.


Why is everyone confused abut Obama and the media. He bought them. He's rich and probably going to get richer.

Geez, what the hell is going on here?

Somebody dial 9-1-1.


shpk; Hitler was into all the mystic elements because that's what he grew up with; His appreciation for Wagner, awakened his appreciation of Germanic culture, as did his membership in the Thule Society. His contempt for Jews, did not rule out the
cabbalistic elements; particular since he thought to discover the reason for their power back in the ancient world; triumphing over the Canaanites, Phillistines, etc (the Ark enters into this aspect) I don't know how much he knew of the Koran, but what he read, or was briefed upon; by the likes of Eichmann, von Boschwing (his two middle east envoys in the pre-war era confirmed his prejudices)Phillip Kerr's last volume
of the Gunther series, prefaced this aspect of German 'diplomacy' with regards to Palestine. The Aryan ethno linguistic
tradition traces back to India; with a stop in Iran. There's a deep irony, in that he would be seen as the farthest thing from the Aryan ideal.

Interesting how in the third film,Spielberg relies on Walter Donovan as the foil; the pragmatic/if not hypocritical American industrialist/philanthropist who goes along
with the Nazis; ala the honchos at G.M. like
Sloan, I.T.T's Sosthenes Behn or one of the nearly interchangeable oil barons of the period, like Standard Oil of New Jersey's
Teagle, Texaco's Rieber, possibly Socony Vaccuum (future Mobil's )Brewster Jennings; yes that Brewster Jennings, Yale '20, or Shell's Henry Deterding. In this light, Donovan and his archetypes could be seen as the dark side what he would later portray as the Oscar Schindler type. This in sharp contrast to the foil in the first film; the
proto Vichy egotist Belloq; whose preening
arrogance, one could read, saved the 3rd Reich from a premature demise.


Hitler had a thing for humans, certain types of humans. He was insane and Satan pays those, but he was too stupid to go for the real payment. Instead, he went after a types of humans when he could have killed them all. Stupid.

I got deleted in the next story about Obama being shot in California in June like Kennedy by time traveling get even PCs.

Sociopath is the definition of lucifer. I guess that made someone mad. Stupid.

Enjoy the weather deleter... I think it's planes next.............


I know I should know better than to feed the troll, Anywho; an interesting perspective on why one shouldn't meet with
Hamas. A hagiographic biography by Aziz Tamimmi; that Hamas flack who was
'explaining' the 7/7 bombings on MSNBC; nearly three years ago. points out it is directly derived from the Ilkhwan; The Salafi Wahhabi group from which AQ springs
as well the Algerian GIA/FIS, the Sudanese
theocrat Turabi, and interestingly the PLO.
They cite the likes of Syed Qutb; the Egyptian who was offended by the a woman dancing at a church dance in 'dry' Greeley, Col. in 1949; and promptly went nuts, as
Martin Amis points out; writing "Milestones"
which was a book that Mohammed Atta'sweared by' plotting among other things the assasination of Nasser. After a few attempts he was jailed again than executed. Syed's brother Mohammed then fled to Saudi Arabia; where he ended up teaching an impressionable young man named Osama Bin Laden. One of Osama's other mentors, the Palestinian born Abdullah Azzam the one who had the original idea for AQ almost comes up in passing. Despite the window dressing of an anticorruption plank and better sewer systems; their purpose is just to kill Jews and bring about the Caliphate. In the foot notes, Tammimi points out the Israelis starting with Shihadah in 2002, then Sheik Rantisi; the Israelis have near annihilated
the original Hamas leadership cadre; they say this as if this was a bad thing. For us to consider talking to Hamas; we might as well negotiate with Bin Laden; proportionately he's caused us as much damage as the Israelis. To cite McCarry again; it's a little bizarre how he imagined
Hamas; ten years before it appeared; as the
human bomb carrying "Eye of Gaza" in his "Better Angels"

Charlie (Colorado)

You know, if Robert Anton Wilson weren't dead, I'd swear we were getting fed some Illuminatus stuff.

Bob, is that you?

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