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May 16, 2008



Ah, fiddlesticks, that story about the orphans made me cry,TM. Okay I'll send them a check.
The WaPo reported something interesting today--for the first time anyone can remember since the communists took over China,Chinese citizens are contributing lots of money to private relief organizations.I take that as some sort of good sign.


Does she get big tips from the customers?

hit and run

Americares is a terrific international and domestic aid organization ... (my wife works there).

That's awesome.

Seriously. Thank you TM for sharing that, and Mrs. M for your work.

JM Hanes

Kudos to Mrs. TM! That 2% for overhead not only means that staff are getting a pittance, it means they're doing amazing work too.

Eventually, we will see the scale, large and small, of the devastation in Burma, and I must admit I'm dreading it. The cyclone was a disaster, the tragedy is what followed. It must be excrutiatingly difficult for aid workers to be sitting on supplies and ready to go. They, more than most, know exactly what the passage of each day means.


Thank you for the info on AmeriCares--people want to give and help, and this is a great way to do so. On the "home front" I have spent the last three days working Disaster Relief for the victims of the fires in Palm Bay, Florida (my home town!) I am moved beyond words at the unbelievable generosity of the donors. Within 24 hours of the Monday fires, hundreds of people had donated bottled water, food by the truckload, toys, toiletries, even pet food and leashes and kitty litter. This is in addition to the work the Red Cross is doing for those who lost their homes! Anhaueser-Busch donated a huge truckload of canned water, Coca-Cola provided a cart loaded with bottled water, vitamin water, and soda, local restaurants have donated food to feed the aid workers and those waiting in line for help--amazing.

Again and again, people have simply shown up at the distribution center with pickup trucks loaded up with supplies, having driven for hours and hours, and they just roll up their sleeves and start working. I am amazed at the love and generosity of American people. I know that the political problems in Myanmar are blocking aid--and I pray for those who are not being permitted to experience the donations.


Jack is Back!


I am in for a C note. Tell your wife to send me a tax receipt. The way the race is going I'm going to need it.


Happen to be in Hong Kong, and what is surprising to me is the English language coverage of the earthquake on the CCTV (Communist China TV) channel. Having been coming over for years, it is amazing that the channel seems to be holding nothing back at all, and is publically announcing how bad the earthquake situation is. The panel guests are pulling out satellite photo's of the province and very specifically showing where landslides have clobbered the road systems, so that the country will not be able to clear them and bring in assistance for a very long time, and that this is going to be catastrophic for human life in the short term.
Reports are also startling in showing parents screaming at the government for laxness in providing aid, and most especially for construction failures at schools. Apparantly in the hardest hit province, over 700 public school buildings collapsed, wiping out a generation of schoolkids. As this Province is still of the 1 child allowed allotment, the distraught parents have generally lost their only child, which is absolutely horrendous culturally as well as personally. I am very surprised to see this so publically aired and translated.
The channel reports they have asked for and recieved emergency assistance from at least 5 neighbor countries, though they did turn down Australia's offer of limited technical support. I have friends in Chengdu and they report they are sleeping in the streets outside their homes, as they are uncertain of the structural integrity of their houses, and apprehensive of further aftershocks.
Suspect we'll hear much more of this intermixed with the upcoming Olympic coverage.


Yes, Daddy, apparently the outcry from the citizens and parents in unprecedented. Andy Revkin at DotEarth is all over this.


Today's morning Hong Kong Standard newspaper reports that yesterday, (18 May) Sunday, Hong Konger's raised just under 1 billion HK dollars for Quake Relief. A roung divide by 7.7 in my head makes that something over 100 Million US. Its very good to see that happening. Reports over here on the Myanmar situation is that the ruling Junta is keeping the blockade enforced, thereby horribly exacerbating the calamity. Don't know if thats an object lesson for the Chinese, but whatever has caused it, they sure seem to be taking an opposite tack, and dealing with it proactively and unashamedly.
The only thing I haven't seen addressed on the CCTV Channel has been discussion of their nuke plants in the Province. The HK paper simply states in a short paragraph that "unnamed officials have said that their nuke plants have been confirmed to be safe."


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