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May 14, 2008




Danube of Thought

Far, far too much has been spiritually invested in defeat for any of this information to persuade the Dems and the Left that they were simply wrong. Victory simply cannot be acknowledged should it arrive.


I have no idea how Time could call this Al-Sadr Wins Another Round. Are they watching the same war ?
Makes me happy I dropped my subscription years ago.

First the "Troofers" deny UBL his due, now the Pentagon declare ..

$5 million $100,000 reward for the leader of al-Qaida in Iraq

al Qaeda in Iraq leader devalued because it feels he’s lost effectiveness and is no longer worth such a steep price.


Credit where credit is due. I have to commend the NYT for taking the unusual (for them) step of printing a news story. I am concerned though for regular Times readers who are not used to getting facts with their morning narrative.


At this rate, Bush will declare victory the week before the November election, leaving the eventual winner to stew in problems of their own making.


Heh, Neo; he oughta say 'Mission Accomplished' one of these days.

Soylent Red

For those who are interested, Basra is a case study in what T.E. Lawrence said: Better the local population should do it poorly themselves, than that we do it perfectly for them.

The fact that the NYT is reporting on it means that it must be dramatic enough to be undeniable. And if that is the case, Maliki's government has made an important inroad toward delegitimizing Iran's Iraqi quislings.


I'd probably agree, but this came after 4 years of the Brits less 'proactive'approach where the Fadhila and the Sadr movements took charge, claiming one of their first high profile victims; Red Zone blogger Steve Vincent; who one must recall Juan Cole tried to minimize his death. It seems
a good faith effort by the Iraqi Army with
a touch of American tactical assistance; seems to have wonders. Specially considering
that Basra is El Paso to Bandar Abbas's
Iran's Nuevo Laredo. Which is not far from the original Iranian nuclear facility at
Bushehr; (hint,hint)

On another note, it's a littledissapointing that they didn't choose to charge the 20th hijacker, Mohammed Manea Al Quahtani; because among other things; he didn't get to follow through with what others in his clan have done; as his hotelier relative Riyadh in Baghdad, namesake inFallujah, & other places have done. The point of Gitmo, is too keep them out of circulation; as Saleh Abdallah al Ajmi, and 36 other released detainees have proven in dozens of instances. There should be no "Fox
Butterfield" corrollary for Gitmo, "the more detained, the less terrorism from those detained there" Fancy that. The definition of chutspah, certainly goes to
Ajmi's attorney, Mr. Wilner, who whined about his broken arm in Gitmo, apparently not broken up enough not to arm the suicide
belt. Second runner up prize comes from various defense attorney, who claim with a straight face, that the Pentagon is delaying
the trials; after litigating everything including the word 'military tribunal' all the way up to the Supreme Court.


he oughta say 'Mission Accomplished' one of these days.

I expect there to be an annoucnement of a long term basing agreement that will include an announcement of the beginning of a staged "unscheduled" troop drawdown.

This should take the joy out of an Obama or Clinton claiming to "end the war" as it will just be acontinuation of the "Bush plan."


The end of the war seems to involve McCain and his 100 year war, citing Japan and South Korea, etc as examples of what can be done when the war is over. The idea of a country recovering and thriving after the war is, apparently, not liked. i wouldn't like to write off Iraq because dems don't like the war. Congress already passed laws saying that the US can't have a base in Iraq and the intent would be to have Iraq pay for the war because dems don't want a success. Military bases are usually a good thing for the country. Of course, we can try without a base, but that is an important income and good start toward an economy.

Dems 100 year war thing cost Iraq bases and incomes and, possibly, a recovery like other countries that have been through a war.

The 'base' might be the green zone and embassy, but dems are already working on taking that apart. Iraq might want to look at Kuwait and Saudi Arabia as a way to 'buy' their way out, but a US base may illegal at the US Congress.


As an early and continual supporter of the Iraq war, I find those stories very heartening. It seems like all the pieces are falling into place now. The Sunnis, the Shia, the government, the army, and the economy thanks to the high oil prices. Also the attitude of most of the people. It's only a matter of time it seems now to get that country stable. It could turn into another mini-Kuwait like a person in the article suggested. Not that it should be the point, but I hope the Dems and the Euros learn something out of this when we "win".


People have great hope that things will change.


Oooh what's that smell ??? Sure hope baby Parsnip gets a change.


The Basra result was simply because the Brit government (not their bad boy troops on the ground) wanted to treat it like Northern Ireland with a severe case of global warming.

Terry Gain

Obama is going to be very upset if the election arrives too late for him to surrender.


Dan's got a doozy on the Hate America First™ crowd.


Sure hope baby Parsnip gets a change.

Thank you, here's to the change we deserve.


The Iraqi "government" could not survive a day outside the Green Zone. Keep digging in losers. History will have nothing but much deserved hatred for you.

Do you think there will be a GOP in 2009?

If you do then I know a rethuglican that has a house for sale in Stockton CA that you might be interested in.

Oh yeh, remember the housing bubble that you monkeys were mocking? Not so funny now is it. You people have the foresight of a dung beetle. Keep on rolling that crap up hill!


--The Iraqi "government" could not survive a day outside the Green Zone.---

HEH, anyone else think Sam never heard of Bobby Caina Calvan?


Dumbass who doesn't know the nuz?

JM Hanes


LOL! I see your timing is still as bad as your temper:

"The Iraqi "government" could not survive a day outside the Green Zone."

Oddly enough, after successes in Basra that even the New York Times has been forced to acknowledge and the capitulation of al Sadr only days ago, Maliki landed to lead the charge in Mosul just yesterday.

As for 2009, Democrats should have been mopping up Republicans for years now, so I wouldn't count on them not managing to trip all over themselves again. Given the national mood, Obama certainly ought to be able to beat McCain. Whatever will you do with yourself if you finally have to start defending Democratic idiocy in office instead of spilling bile on Republicans? The Democrats took control of Congress away from the GOP almost two years ago, yet here you are, mad as a hatter, aggrieved as ever, shouting Just You Wait! Go figure.

"History" will "hate" us considerably less than you do. If you're as young as I think you are, you'll still be around to splutter with indignation when that verdict is rendered. I'll be sorry to miss that last act in your little drama.


Only when the right sounds as monotone as those steeped in Kos Juice will it be doomed.


What has been discounted is that Maliki is doing this before the run-up to the provincial/governate elections: this is effectively going after the political base of Sadr and getting it out from under militias. Sadr's political base was once a powerful factor in the post-war scenario, but has consistently shifted downwards - the man who putatively had 3 million backers had problems getting 100k to show up in early 2006 and now can't even get a political march going.

Strange to say that the GoI can't work outside the Green Zone when it has already established ties and contacts to the Sunni provinces and the mixed ethnicity provinces, including millions in recovery aid. Iraq now outspends the US on rebuilding, loans, grants, security equipment and training, and has actually learned how to execute a budget beyond the national level. With the backing of the Sunni Arabs, Kurds, Shia Arabs and lesser ethnic groups like the Yezidi and Turkomen, the GoI is now learning what it takes to govern the country and ventures outside the Green Zone to make sure that happens... actually they have taken over their own security and premises a couple of years ago so it isn't even contained within the Green Zone security system but coordinates with it. A number of the politicians have been seen going out to operations while they were ongoing, including Chalabi.

It is in the provinces that Iraq will come to terms and end the problems: and the immediate post-war power structure will not hold as the Iraq Awakening takes hold across central Iraq - Sunni and Shia. That will be the first non-religious based party in Iraq and it is looking to shift the governing base out from the current religious based parties. If anything Maliki is trying to do the leadership by 'finding a movement and get in front of it' deal, but that is politics. What the GoI looks like after next year's national elections is anyone's guess, but I doubt we will have Maliki and Sadr to kick around as their parliamentary portions decline in percentage as the rest of Iraq stands up.

Basra and Sadr City are the end of the beginning.

Iraqis will lead next and their first cards are already on the table, not that anyone bothers to look at those in the MSM.

Polar Bear

"History will have nothing but much deserved hatred for you."

History isn't an entity,it is a construct.History doesn't feel or think you little jackanapes.


History doesn't feel or think you little jackanapes.

While only the latter can be said about you.

It's cold and flu season here in the Northeast. I hope when the Messiah becomes Supreme Leader he can do something about that.


It must be terribly embarrassing for terrorist leaders around the world to know they can never defeat anyone without the aid of the American left. How long does anyone think the enemy in Iraq would last if the American leftist political leaders decided they were going to support America?
The sound of our current Senate Majority who says "This war is Lost" must be as sweet to the enemy as the sound of the Muslin evening call to prayer is to Sen Obama

"Mr. Obama recalled the opening lines of the Arabic call to prayer, reciting them with a first-rate accent. In a remark that seemed delightfully uncalculated (it’ll give Alabama voters heart attacks), Mr. Obama described the call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”

The entire theme for the Iraq War was set the day that Sen Rockefeller flew to Syria
to give the latest American intelligence to enemies of America. No terrorist can doubt that the American left will insure they win.

"SEN. ROCKEFELLER: No. The – I mean, this question is asked a thousand times and I'll be happy to answer it a thousand times. I took a trip by myself in January of 2002 to Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria, and I told each of the heads of state that it was my view that George Bush had already made up his mind to go to war against Iraq – that that was a predetermined set course which had taken shape shortly after 9/11."

Does anyone doubt that Chavez is overjoyed that Rep Pelosi has stabbed Columbia (One of America's few friends in South America)in the back over the free trade treaty?


Just when I think the whole Obama/Muslim thing is overblown, Pagar comes along, with Obama's own words, of course. That's just not fair.

Danube of Thought

Fox News a little while ago said they were standing by for a major address by McCain about his vision for America. Supposedly it was to be a speech about what the US would look like in 2013 after his first term as prez. I couldn't bear to watch. Anybody know anything?

When I hear him going on about how he's going to lead the nation and the world in the effort to combat climate change, I tend to wonder whether I really care who gets elected.

Danube of Thought

Answering my own question, there's a link under my name to a summary of his address.


seen the Al Jazeera - Obama phone bank video? LUN


typepad won't let the link go through :(


the effort to combat climate change

Is a lost cause. It is already too late for the watermelons to sustain anything like the capitalism desruction they seek and they certainly will have to find another stalking horse for that. McCain can talk the talk and walk like Lomborg to steal all the greens he needs.

Far more important IMO is this from Lieberman:

“President Bush got it exactly right today when he warned about the threat of Iran and its terrorist proxies like Hamas and Hezbollah. It is imperative that we reject the flawed and naïve thinking that denies or dismisses the words of extremists and terrorists when they shout “Death to America” and “Death to Israel,” and that holds that—if only we were to sit down and negotiate with these killers—they would cease to threaten us. It is critical to our national security that our commander-in-chief is able to distinguish between America’s friends and America’s enemies, and not confuse the two.”


Still think McCain should put him on the ticket and any "conservative" who objects gets troll cudgeled.

Rick Ballard

"I tend to wonder whether I really care who gets elected."


Here ya go.

Print it, frame it, hang it in sight. Buy a couple bags of these and hand them out to friends - as "real" McCain campaign buttons.


** capitalism destruction **

What's up with TypePad and links now ???

Polar Bear

"History doesn't feel or think you little jackanapes.

While only the latter can be said about you."

???? What you got against us polar bears,is it cos we's white ?


I heard McCain's speech. He needs some serious speech coaching (lousy, lousy delivery). As to subject matter - the loudest and only sincere sounding applause was the portion regarding judges.

I think President Bush stole the morning. His speech to the Knesset(sp?) was terrific. I loved his reference to the "Senator" who wanted to "talk to Hitler." Even better is that Obama immediately blushed, recognizing himself in that description! Now he and his surrogates are tripping over their knotted, twisted underwear and spitting and sputtering "unfair" to every available media outlet they can find.

God Bless W!!!!!


The climate change part really bothers me too DoT. I heard bits of the speech and found it very optimistic (which I'm in favor of) and particularly liked the part about earmarks and Iraq. I don't see an alternative so I'm going to cling to what I like and write-off as pandering what I don't like.


Rick, it's not the stink. It's that it might be better to give the country the totalitarian poison it thinks it wants in the stronger dose, not the weaker. This might shock the patient into waking and seeking an antidote. If we just slowly IV-drip the stuff in, he'll drift comfortably into oblivion without a chance of waking.

I'm not convinced by it yet, but that's the argument.


It is a pity that that nutcase Congressman Wexler is running without opposition this year. His condo commandos aren't voting the ticket and hs is at his most vulnerable.


give the country the totalitarian poison

Sure, Jimmuh resulted in Reagan but also 911. No thanks if you please. Grow a pair.

Rick Ballard


The counter argument is that the damage caused by the Warren court will continue and be amplified should a couple more justices of Ginsburg's ilk be appointed. I admit that it's a "cross your fingers and hope for no worse than another Kennedy" deal but I don't find the "give'em what they deserve - good and hard" argument persuasive at all. There are over 70 million Americans who are not as yet eligible to vote and I will not require them to pay the price for the ignorance and stupidity of a minority of their elders by witholding a vote which might grant them a greater opportunity to make their own choices (and mistakes).


Rick, my two small boys are amongst the 70 million you refer to. I'll pay any price so that the next generation has liberty. The question is which path has best odds of getting there. McCain continues the somnolent slouch towards you-know-where. Once there, it's Prog courts as far as the eye can see, anyway. Avoiding such a court now may be a red herring.


the American Conservative Union has their ratings out for US Senators. You might want to take a gander, Jim. They gave McCain an 80 out of 100, not perfect mind you but certainly not the RINO that you proclaim.

While there look up Obama. I think the rating is 5, while not ZERO close enough to round. So if you dont like McCain, just think about all those vetos he makes on Pelosi and Reid creations that Obama asks for seconds on! Its not a hard choice, for me.



They are falling all over themselves over Bush's remarks. ::grin::


You bet, Sue! What is hysterical is that Bush never mentioned Obama. Obama obviously SAW HIMSELF (nothing like a guilty conscience) characterized in Bush's remarks, otherwise he wouldn't need to be spitting and sputtering now.

Too funny! Kerry and that other idiot, Daschle are making complete fools of themselves on every camera they can find. I love it.



They are falling all over themselves over Bush's remarks. ::grin::

It's pretty hilarious too.


Matt Cooper comes to mind...Obama took the bait.


You know, when I heard his remarks, Obama didn't come to mind, Carter did. I wonder why Obama saw himself in Bush's remarks? Oh, yeah. Probably because he saw himself.



As I said: The so-called Iraqi "government" couldn't survive a day outside of the Green Zone. All of your childish name calling will not change that but I understand that it's the only tool in your box.

GOP will be dead in 2009. Couldn't have done it without you. Good riddance.


Another bleat from sam the lamb.


"As I said: The so-called Iraqi "government" couldn't survive a day outside of the Green Zone."

You seem happy for Iraq to be an Iranian satrapy ?
BTW,Is Basra inside the Green Zone?


Anyone have any bets on how long the enemy could survive with out the 100% commitment of the Anti America American left? My guess is they would be gone before the speech that the Anti America American left had decided to support America.

JM Hanes


"As I said: The so-called Iraqi "government" couldn't survive a day outside of the Green Zone. All of your childish name calling will not change that but I understand that it's the only tool in your box."

So says sam, the monkey mocking loser lasher, repeating his own demonstrably false assertion in defense of his own demonstrably false assertion. I think we're going to have to formulate a whole new logical fallacy for the kind of projection sam's got going on here.


Ah,don't be so hard on Sam,every blog needs a mook.


I am soooo enjoying this! Toodles for now but I'll be back in time to step on the throat of the GOP and put it out of its misery. Who could blame me for wanting to watch it suffer just a little longer?

Cecil Turner

. . . I'll be back in time to step on the throat of the GOP . . .

I find it more than a little amusing that the only time the lib activists can bring themselves to use warlike terms, it's against their own countrymen. (And that they see the mere suggestion of success in war as an adverse political development.) Personally, I'd recommend not cheerleading for the enemy . . . if I wasn't sure you'd ignore the advice.

JM Hanes

Don't forget to take your superhero cape with you when you go, sam, although I don't think it will be enough to keep people from wondering about your enthusiasm for the idea of watching other people suffer till you decide put them out of their misery. Have you noticed folks hiding their household pets when you show up yet?

Major John

"As I said: The so-called Iraqi "government" couldn't survive a day outside of the Green Zone."

Odd, I happen to be in Al Basrah - I see a lot more evidence of the Iraqi Government than I do of accuracy from Sam...

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