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May 02, 2008


Thomas Collins

The eight year old has a lot more poise while debating than B_O. He could learn from her.


My goodness, there's definitely hope for the youth of America !


If you watch the video, the woman's petulance is amazing. She comes across as rude, patronizing and crazy. Hey, sounds like her husband.


That is one impressive child.

She'll never succeed at being a blog comment person,I am afraid, though. Too repectful


Hey! Just what are you trying to imply with that crack?


Jane, I would also add, trashy. Makes you wonder how she treats her hubby when she doesn't get her way.


Conyers wife does have a boundary problem--she's made threats against her opponents far worse than calling the council president"Shrek".


Someone give that girl a copy of the 'Republic'. Bell '40.


She also looks several decades younger than her husband -

Not that there is anything wrong with that...


If anyone wants to send a note commending Kierra Bell, here's the school address:

Principal Walter Stokely
Courtis Elementary School
8100 West Davision
Detroit, MI 48238-3130

Ironically, the interview with Monica Conyers was arranged by Sam Riddle, her former chief of staff, in an effort to rehabilitate her image. : )

Danube of Thought

That's a remarkable performance by an eighth-grader. Wow.

Patrick R. Sullivan

J.R. Dunn carves up ex Dem officeholders like they were Thanksgiving Turkeys:

Carter's weakness for goons has had horrendous historical consequences. Khomeini's takeover of Iran led to a major war in which millions died, the birth of two terror organizations dedicated to the annihilation of Israel, the deaths of thousands of others across the world -- including hundreds of Americans -- and the encouragement of the Jihadi terror movement. The Sandinista takeover resulted in chaos across Central America for over a decade and the slaughter of thousands of Nicaraguans, including a large number of Miskito Indians in a process indistinguishable from genocide. Zimbabwe, once one of the richest states in Africa, is today an economic basket case suffering chronic famine and one the lowest life expectancies in the world. The end game is being played out now, with a distinct possibility of a climax to rival in horror and blood those of Rwanda and Cambodia.

Carter learned nothing from this....To this day, he continues embracing killers, repeating the process endlessly as if, eventually, it'll come out the way he pictures it in his heart of hearts, in some impossible lion-and-lamb reconciliation. But it always ends otherwise, in disgrace for himself and misery for third parties. Yet he cannot see it.

Al Gore....has none of Carter's taste for criminals, and his campaign has done considerably less harm to date than Carter's. But in the long run it may well be even more dangerous. Like all Greens, Gore is an authoritarian, his prescriptions having the aura of the people's block committee and the reeducation camp. So it's just as well that the warming thesis has run into cold facts recently. If we are in truth moving into a "quiet sun" period -- a period of dramatically reduced solar activity (as indications suggest we are), then every last puff of CO2 on earth will do nothing to stop the mercury from dropping like a stone. It'll be interesting to see how Gore deals with this. (At least they can't make him give his Nobel back.) But don't count him out -- he's more than a politician; he's an impresario.

Bill Clinton is probably the simplest case of the three, and at the same time the most annoying. Bill simply likes attention -- it doesn't matter where it comes from or how it's expressed. A twenty-year-old intern, crooked businessmen, the Emperor of Antarctica -- it's pretty much the same. Those of us who believe that liberalism infantilizes its adherents will find a useful exhibit in Bill Clinton.

But at the same time it's harmless. Bill Clinton is never going to court professional killers (except maybe for campaign donations) and is not going off on any crusades. This is due in large part to his other chief characteristic, sloth. If there is any other president more characterized by pathological laziness, the record doesn't reveal it. His entire presidency was a portrait of the effects of least effort carried out to all extremes in every possible case. Least effort in Rwanda, least effort against Osama bin Laden, least effort against Kim Jong-il. It's even evident in his pickups. Clinton did not go out chasing women, he waited for them to come to him. That's how he ended up with such a harem of oddballs.

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