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May 15, 2008



The Obama's are really having a bad day, aren't they? Which reminds me, what's become of Hillary? Poor gal just can't get no respect or press.


This is yet another racist distraction.

I, for one, want to hear more about the important issues in this election, like that Obama will bring the country into a post-partisan era, in contrast to the plans of those evil Republicans.

Buford Gooch

I don't see how this is helping her children.

Buford Gooch

And, it seems so unfair, so....racist.... to repeat her own words exactly. Perhaps she could learn not to say elitist, America hating things. Then, it would be much harder to use her own words to make her look like, well, an elitist America hater.

hit and run

It won't be long before the sevearal dozen denunciations of smears and distractions per day from the Obama campaign will become as fingernails on a chalk board for Obama-leaning but not baptized folks.

Those who can do so should make every effort to get Team Obama to keep dialing up the outrage.

Not with things that deserve outrage, of course -- by pointing out facts like Hamas hearts Obama more than Michelle hearts America or whatever.

Tread carefully, of course. I mean, it's not like you have to be particularly provocative with these Obama folks. Hell, even Bush could provoke outrage without even talking about him.


BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Iranian Embassy employees and their driver were shot Thursday in a Baghdad incident that some reports said involved Iraqi troops.


Speaking of Bush, and I know this is petty on my part, but what the hell, has anyone noticed the poor man in the front row that the camera keeps training on while Bush is speaking? And I'm going to feel extremely horrible if I find out he is a Holocaust survivor or something, but man, he is one scary looking dude.


Good thing to put this in perspective, Came across the Charles Pierce profile of Obama
in Esquire; the magazine that asked whether
"we deserved John Walker Lindh" I thought the Rolling Stone profile, was bad, but this one should be rated NC-17 and be sold
in a black cover. Pierce, one of the voices
behind NPR's anemic quiz show, "Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me" famously mentioned in a profile of Ted Kennedy, it's "too bad Mary
Jo Kopecne did appreciate all he had done"
And he didn't mean it as a reproach. The tag line was something along the line of
"A President who can make us remember what
we lost" Meaning Abu Ghraib, Gitmo,decency, etc etc. Now Esquire,often doesn't realize how their profiles will be seen, After all a similar tonguebath by Thomas Barnett of Admiral Fallon, made him fmr. Admiral Fallon in no time flat. In one of their interview segments, they have Gore Vidal,
the pen pal of Timothy McVeight, early truther, which left an even more toxic
taste in the mouth.

Interestingly, their profile of John Yoo, "the architect of torture" by John H. Richardson,jr. was as balanced as we're likely to see. Richardson, interestingly enough is the son of the Saigon station chief that was 'burned' by the Kennedy Administration. because he wouldn't go with
the coup against Diem. Yoo is seen as a very conscientous official who now as a law professor at Berkeley as then weighed the import of the decisions he made. It goes into the background of his deliberations into formulating the protocols foraggressive
interrogation. When the attorney who's filing this nuisance suit on behalf of Jose Padilla, is asked to meditate on these weighty issues; he stammers and offers liberal platitudes. Which makes him a prefect midlevel official in the Obama
Justice Department (God help us all)


Well, I have good news.

Today I received my official "PERSONALLY SIGNED" MARK STEYN jersey. Eat your heart out, Ladies.

I won't be able to wash it, since the great man touched it. LOL

hit and run

Well, I have good news.

Eh, unless you saved a ton of money on car insurance, big deal.


Eh, unless you saved a ton of money on car insurance, big deal.

But she did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.


"he is one scary looking dude."

Lucca Brazi.


Michelle is a Nazi and we keep on trying to explain this, but she doesn't understand, so we keep on trying different ways until she begins to realize what she is and why we are where we are.


I'm more than jealous Ann - well except that I got a birthday card () from him. Can you say that?


Funny, Funny, Funny,

More Fun: I have to go on another rainy field trip for school tomorrow to a park with all the seventh grade teachers. Should I wear my BUSH/CHENEY hat, my W hat or my Club Gitmo hat?

To bad, I don't have an Operation Chaos hat, yet. ::grin::


Wear both - change mid-trip.


Over at noquarter, Larry Johnson is wondering Will Barack throw Mama from the Train

"So will Barack stand by Michelle when the tape emerges of her verbally attacking “whitey?”

hit and run

Wear both - change mid-trip.


But seriously...

I'm more than jealous Ann - well except that I got a birthday card () from him.

Ann bought her shirt via a book purchase. You got your birthday wishes at a price, too.........Mark wants to know when he can expect those complimentary Executive Box tix for Mud-Wrestling Night.

His birthday wishes were not unconditional, you know, and I can't hold him off forever.


I'm eating my heart out, Ann.

I take it Larry knows about the tape--or is he just flinging poo?

I want Michelle to be Michelle--unfettered and free to say what she wishes. Whatever comes into your pretty head, MO, let it rip...


How dumb is it for O to get steamed about Bush's remarks and claim they were directed at him? Rookie mistake which only highlights the worst mistake he ever made in the debates and his Achilles heel.


Michelle, aw hell.
These are words that go together well,
My Michelle.

I'm bitter, I'm bitter, I'm bitter.
That's all I want to say.
Until I find a way
I will say the only words I know that
You'll understand.

Oh screw you, Oh screw you, Oh screw you.
I need to make you see,
Oh, your hatred for me.
Until I do I'm hoping you will
Not be so mean.

I love you...

I will say the only words I know that
You'll understand, my Michelle.


Jane, Maybe I should just take them all and make the kids wear them. :)

Hit, Paying for it makes it sound so dirty. I have to admit I did mention mud wrestling in my ordering instructions while I shamelessly begged for his signature.

Clarice, I am with you, he is flinging poo and let Michelle rip.
The democrats are so stupid, they should of just agreed with Bush. But, no can do.


So much carp has happened this week that RUSH even sounds depressed.

Watch this inspiring video:“Do I Make You Proud?”

Michelle Malkin has dedicate it to Mrs. Obama.

Soylent Red

I meant to post this the other night when I penned it, and then promptly forgot.

So tonight, I make amends and bring you, with apologies to Nina Simone, Michelle Obama singing "West Virginia Goddam"

The name of this tune is West Virginia goddam. And I mean every word of it

Pennsylvania’s gotten me so upset
Texas made me lose my rest
And everybody knows about West Virginia goddam

Pennsylvania’s gotten me so upset
Texas made me lose my rest
And everybody knows about West Virginia goddam

Can’t you see it
Can’t you feel it
It’s all in the air
I can’t stand the pressure much longer
Jeremiah say a prayer

Pennsylvania’s gotten me so upset
Texas made me lose my rest
And everybody knows about West Virginia goddam

This is a show tune.
But the show hasn’t been written for it, yet (but we all know who the actor is).

Rethugs on my trail
Can’t send Rove off to jail
Distractions get me off my path
I think this campaign oughta be my last

Lord have mercy on this land of mine
They all gonna get it in due time
I don’t belong here
I don’t belong there
I’ve even stopped believing in prayer (in certain churches located on the South Side)

Don’t tell me
Let me tell you
Me and my husband just about due
I’ve been there so I know
They keep on saying go slow!

But that doesn't help my kids
Do it slow
BS-ing voters
Do it slow
Minimizing Ayres
Do it slow
NAFTA scares
Do it slow
Policies are hazy
Do it slow
Jeremiah’s crazy
Do it slow
Where am I going?
What am I doing?
I don’t know
I don’t know

Just try to do your very best
Stop your ignint clinging like all the rest
For everybody knows about West Virginia goddam

I made you thought I was kiddin’ didn’t I

Lapel flag pins
YouTube spots
They try to say we're a Muslim plot
All I want is equality
(Well, maybe a bit more for Barack and me)

Yes, you lied to us all those times
You told us to recite Convention lines
And talk real fine just like a honkey
And you’d let us lead Team Donkey

Oh, but this whole country is full of lies
You’re all gonna give us more of your pie
I don’t trust you any more
You keep on saying go slow!
Go slow!

But that’s just the trouble
Do it slow
Shady real estate deals
Do it slow
Tossin’ granny under the wheels
Do it slow
Do it slow
Post-racial equality
Do it slow
Bunch more taxes for you and me
Do it slow
Why don’t you see it?
Why don’t you feel it?
I don’t know
I don’t know

You can’t afford to live next to me
And stop asking about policy
Everybody knows about Pennsylvania
Everybody knows about Texas
Everybody knows about West Virginia goddam

Thats it!


*standing ovation*


Do you think Barack ever calls Michelle 'sweetie'?

Soylent Red

Heh, bgates.

Maybe once he did. Back when he still had control of his own testicles.

Rick Ballard

"Do you think Barack ever calls Michelle 'sweetie'?"

If she tells him to, sure. I'm sure that "how high?" is a very common question at BHO Manse.

Soylent Red

If she tells him to, sure.

And pretty too.


Bravo, Soylent! I hope you have heard from your friend in Iraq.
She has been in my thoughts and prayers. I thought of her and you when I watched that video I linked to above. You all make me so darn proud.

bgates, LOL, No I think he calls her JAWS.


Well, dammitt, pagar, it is like watching a train wreck. I don't want to but I can't help it. I can't figure out why republicans are considered racist, at least not from the comments coming from Scary's place. Even on our worst days around here, we don't come up with the adjectives they do to describe Obama's wife.

hit and run

The real question is does Michelle call Barack her b|+ch?

Heh, question. That's funny.

It's like questioning the left's patriotism. You put the question mark in there out of a sense decorum.

I think it's on page 323.


OT Have you all seen this letter from McCain to Obama in 2006? Try to read it without saying "Ouch!" It almost makes me feel enthusiastic about McCain.


And for the record, Scary carries a grudge. I still can't post there, after not being there for months and months. ::grin::


And that's a shame, considering Scary wasted an entire night debating whether I'm male or female. Which brought a smile to my face when a commenter left this tonight...

... Larry, work some of your spy guy magic.



And they are over there begging Sean Hannity to release a tape that probably doesn't exist. The enemy of my enemy and all of that. And these are the same people who will swear till the cows come home that Shia and Sunni will not cooperate with each other.

And in keeping with the topic of this thread, I don't even have to try to smile when I say that. I can't wipe the silly grin off my face.


Nice all--smooches..HIT.


How dumb is it for O to get steamed about Bush's remarks and claim they were directed at him? Rookie mistake which only highlights the worst mistake he ever made in the debates and his Achilles heel.

Newt on Fox today observed that there are alot of guilty Democrats whining about Bush's speech, where he never said anything about democrats and was referencing something that happened more than half a century ago. He asked: what are they feeling so guilty about that they think Bush was talking about them? Of course, with the Bambi's massive ego, it is always about him, except when it is about blaming his staff. With Pelosi and the rest of them, it boils down to they hate Bush more than they love America.


I dunno, there is something very 21 indictments about Scary's 'rumor"



I think you should blog about Obama calling his wife Michelle Sweetie PIE
Sweetie attended Acme Looniversity and in episode "Go Sweetie Hyde", she accidentally transforms into a giant, grotesque bird-like monster and wants to chase and eat Furrball.
(Furrball could, of course, be Hillary or Obama :)


Did anyone else catch the two Dem activist women on O'Reilly today who were really "tee'd" off at Obama's sexism and said they would vote for McCain if Obama gets the nomination over Hillary? One black, one white and very mad at the way the O campaign is treating candidate Hillary and especially the way the media is treating her.

I think it was this kind of thing that has them so p.o.'d:


I'm not even close to being a Hillary supporter but I'm becoming more and more annoyed myself and think these women have a point.

Someone should point out to Bambi that to sacrifice approx. 51% of the electorate for approx. 12% of the electorate is pretty darn dumb.


in Scary's comments he says this

But I’m not going to lie. I will write stories based on what I know. A little bit ago I had a well connected friend tell me that there is another tape and it features Barack. Obama is not saying something demeaning about whites, but it shows him in a place doing things that will be equally controversial. I won’t go into details until I can confirm with a second source.

So his "rumors" are expanding as well as he sources..I'm thinking his sources are Joe, Val and Jason Leopold.


Bush just said Obama wanted to talk. How does Obama talk? By explaining you are wrong and he is right. You are what he defines you as and that is almost always a Nazi. Most people catch his game pretty quick(Obama is the Nazi), it is how he got where he is; given better than everyone else because we are not; an American might just say whatever. Palestinians might call him a brother. A terrorist might call him friend and use him to kill. His foreign policy may already reflect this.

Maybe Chicago union community organizers just don't like Israelis?


TSK9, wasn't Bob Novak making similar noises this week about some yet to be revealed major Obama scandal?


Another scandal? What's left?

We know he used cocaine as a kid, hung out with an avowed Communist, spent years in the company of a black nationalist congregation, had his house bought for him by a political fixer with ties to the Middle East who's awaiting a verdict in his federal criminal trial, sold out his own grandmother for cheap (and temporary!) political points....

Not to mention his positions, if you want to call them that - he'll invade Pakistan but will offer a unilateral nonagression pact to Iran, he'll raise taxes even if it decreases revenue because some people have more money than he's decided they deserve - what about this guy is not a scandal?


Gerard Baker has a great take on Obama and the media.


"Do you think Barack ever calls Michelle 'sweetie'?"

The correct form of address is "ma'am"


bgates, that is a very brilliant and succinct summary of Mr. sweetie pie.


Baker's article is very good. I think I'm going to steal his Oh! Bama!


I just don't see the problem.

When you sign up to be POTUS, part of the job decsription says that you get to be the most loved and most hated person in America. That goes for the wife too (the kids get a pass if you're a Democrat).

If Michelle Obama thinks it's ugly now .. she ain't seen nothing yet. In the era of Bork, all public figures are defiled and disgraced .. daily .. maybe hourly.

If you can't stand the heat .. stay out of the kitchen.


One natural wonder of Britain is that they seem to accept the notion that press is biased much more readily than do Americans. Where was this poor colony led to such credulity?


Neo, yes, the heat, which, of course, encourages the most callous. It doesn't seem to discourage the bad or the evil.

Obama had to apologize for his “sweetie” crack. But this was not an isolated incident. Remember, this was the candidate who used phrases like “when the claws come out” and “when she’s feeling down periodically she launches attacks” in reference to his opponent. When language like this is part of the vocabulary of a candidate (one who is so exquisitely articulate), it is worth asking if there is something going on here.

accept the notion that press is biased much more readily than do Americans.

I think this has to do with the continual claim by the press that they are "objective".

Yes, they are usually "objective" once they decide to write a story, but the process that selects which stories they write is less than "objective."


Another Obama whopper revealed


The correct form of address is "ma'am"



She shouldn't expect any "love" from Ron Paul either ..

Tuesday night, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) was the only member of the House of Representatives to vote against resolution conveying "condolences and sympathy" to the people in Myanmar affected by deadly Cyclone Nargis. It's not all that surprising of a move for a guy who earned the nickname "Dr. No" by so frequently refusing to march along with the parade of feel-good legislative acts that often dominates the days of our Congress. (The resolution, it should be noted, doesn't actually do anything for the people suffering in Myanmar.) You see, if you want to earn hollow well wishes from Ron Paul on the House floor, you have to do something a little more special than just get totally wiped out by a massive cyclone and then be left for dead by your own government.

I liked Baker's article, especially this bit about Obama and the Dems and the media:

"premature canonisation"


Feel the Love ..

She said the group ["Clinton Supporters Count Too."] -- numbering in the hundreds, and organized in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Michigan -- stands ready to boycott the Democratic Party if Clinton doesn't win the nomination, and will work against superdelegates who support Obama over Clinton as a means of registering their displeasure with the party.

Neo, your link to Commentary had a comment explicitly claiming the Obama campaign relies on racism and sexism, and I think that is dead right. What suckers those Dems are, for their own delusions.

If Iraq were human and Ron Paul Jack Kevokian, he would assist it.


Kim: accept the notion that press is biased much more readily than do Americans.

In Britain the population is cheek-by-jowl. The next town, and the next newspaper, is a short bike ride away. They see many varied presentations on a daily basis.

Pre-Internet in America , by contrast, most states, most counties, and most towns provided their own center of gravity. And nationally, the media centers were few and of the same stripe. People believed that the NY Times printed "all the news that's fit to print" because no other source could expose that the news the editors saw fit to print was filtered through a New York City point of view. The Times and the Washington Post sent copies of front pages to each other before the articles appeared on the press -- probably neither side wanted any surprises. And the major networks offered little contrast either.

Today's misplaced trust is based on limited experience and ignorance of history. The history of newspapers in the 1800s is one of political partisanship and great vitriol. But competing papers died out in the early 1900s, except in the big cities.


"premature canonisation".

Premature exaltation ?


What the hell is wrong with that video? I thought it was very moving, and if that is what they call an "attack" they've really gone off the deep end. The fact is, despite being Ivy League-educated millionaires, they still act like victims and talk only of how horrible everything supposedly is. She's a bitter, angry person, and all the TN GOP was doing was showing her a little hospitality and trying to remind her that, despite the doom and gloom, there is plenty to be very proud of.


The main reason is that we have national newspapers,The Times,Telegraph,Guardian,Independent,Express,Mirror,Mail,etc are available everywhere.This is on top of most towns and cities having a local paper.Radio and TV are also national on top of regional.Don't really need a bike.


Is Larry speaking with "fork-ed tougue" ?

I now have it from three sources close to senior Republicans that they have video dynamite–Michelle Obama railing against “whitey” at Jeremiah Wright’s church.

No wonder Barry has no memory of the church goings-ons.


PUK: Don't really need a bike.

Yeah. I just thought it felt closer than saying "get off at the next train station."

Once an exchange student to Australia for a year, and later having lived in the Netherlands for several years and traveling around Europe regularly, I learned to explain to Americans that typically people look at the world through one eye represented by their nation's news media and another eye of the country that is the major economic/political/military power -- the United States. Two eyes lends perspective.

Unfortunately, when your home in in the United States, both eyes are the same and you lose the advantage of perspective.

Perspective allows people to deduce the limitations of their media.


Looney Larry has three senior Republican friends? Time to call Bullshit on that. But of course we get Gergen trotted out on TV as a "conservative" so words mean exactly what the user wants them to mean, as we were taught by Orwell.


OK, time to roll out 'Journalism in Tennessee' by Mark Twain.

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