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May 22, 2008



I could live with Romney as VP, and the face time might make him more palatable as a Pres nominee.


Thank Goodness Huckabee wasn't invited.


The Huckster cooked his own goose when he shot his mouth off joking about an assassination of a Presidential candidate. He wont be seen in any one on one shots with the nominee but of course he will be at the convention probably with one of those ridiculous hog hats on down in the crowd.


I don't know about that, Tom ,but he's been a little too Green in his enthusiasm, too willing to beat up on insurance companies in
a restricted market, too willing to gives ex-felons the right to vote. On the positive
side, he has offered up a tax cut; but the real estate revenue crunch is going to squash that. Jindal's too young, and
Louisiana's chance at reform is too
important to curtail now. It would be interesting if they tried the Blanco camp tried in LA the first time around. I guess the default choice is Romney, because no one has a clue about Pawlenty; (except the Democrats will say, he was in charge when the bridge collapsed, never mind that the warnings go back to 1990)Romney offers the economic card, strong foreign policy credentials, et al. We may need food tasters at cabinet meetings, though:


Which means Romney is the guy, from this group anyway.

He's not mine. Look how he undermined healthcare in Massachusetts.The new Big Dig which may be for subscribers only.

Mitt Romney's presidential run is history, but it looks as if the taxpayers of Massachusetts will be paying for it for years to come. The former Governor had hoped to ride his grand state "universal" health-care reform of 2006 to the White House, but his state's residents are now having to live with what he and the state's Democratic Legislature passed. As the Boston press likes to say, it's "the new Big Dig."

As the WSJ editorial concludes, "The Bay State is showing everyone how not to reform health care."

Rick Ballard

OTOH - he's meeting with three governors (yeah, Mitt is a "former") and might just be discussingthe situation within their respective states. While generating a little ink, of course.

I don't really see a benefit to picking a running mate at this point. That said, Romney is the logical choice (within this group) due to his MI connection and the fact that he actually has a clue to economics. The downside is that the bill has started coming due in MA for his insurance plan and it's somewhat higher than promised (what a shock).


Look its pretty rare that a Vice Presidential nominee has much impact. There is a reason that passed on wisdom about the pick is that the first rule of the pick is " Do no harm."

Still Romney for some of his faults, may be a unique candidate for his ability to have some small but perhaps measurable impact on the outcome in 4 States, maybe 5. First as Rick duly points out, in my State of birth, his Dad was a well known and well liked Governor and head of American Motors. The name has recognition still there and if Michigan flips the Dems are in deep deep trouble. Besides Kwame fouling the well, they have the worst economy ( probably a true recession there ) in the country and the Democrats are in charge at the Governor level. Plus the whole not seating delegates from there is making enemies.

He is a multiple elected Governor in Mass. Its closer there in the Presidential race than it has been in a long time, maybe the reflection of Deval Patrick is making voters in Mass think twice. No I dont think he flips Mass, but making the Dems spend time might be a very good thing.

He is a Mormom as the MSM let us know endlessly. That helps in Nevada where some polls show it fairly close.

Ditto in Colorado and the Republicans sure need it there according to recent polls.

Finally he might help some in NM.

I would put him on the ticket, as he will also bring back some of those 15% of Republicans still grumbling about McCain and that is a good thing too.

I still think Michael Steele would be an excellent choice, but when I think it through tactically, he does not have the same plusses of Romney.


I haven't called him 'Joltin' Joe' Lieberman for nothing. This will be an awful jolt to the Democrats.

c, remember I touted Giuliani for AG when Gonzales left. It is still a good idea. Who better to prosecute the Clintons? But be wary, more SDNY. And twenty years ago he was an abusive prosecutor.


I still think Romney is the cream of the crop, but I've been persuaded the MSM will never again allow him electoral office. Hire him as Chief Operating Officer.



Deval Patrick expanded and corrupted Romney's health care plan, by adding things like "mandatory podiatry benefits". The plan was never in place under the Romney administration so it is tough to calculate the damage. It could be that it would have worked well if the pork wasn't added. While Governor Romney was very good fiscally for the most part from what I could tell.

Ralph L

Jane, I heard Huckabee was invited, but declined due to a planned cruise.


"Crist is a closeted gay, I have read."

I read he was a Republican, so that confirms it.


Jane, as someone who used to practice medicine in Mass, I have to say that was one of my objections beforehand and why I didn't care for the Romney plan. It was set up to be corrupted; most mandatory government plans are. It's just the inevitable gravitational pull of bureaucracy. He's probably the best of the bunch - I voted for him, but his plan was a bad idea from the start, IMO.


Romney removes the "MCCain doesn't know economics" meme from play, and would be an excellent attack dog on Obama's general ignorance. I think post-United Trinity any return to Mormon bashing would be obviously hypocritical even to the muddle.


JB, MSM won't expose that hypocrisy, and it is self-serving for Romney to do it. When you talk about religion, hypocrisy hides behind every bush, and sprouts many heads. With this MSM, and its fear of any but Muslim theocracy, Romney has an uphill climb even he can't afford. I wish you were right, and maybe you are. I believe he's going to be vital to our nation's future for at least 10-15 years.

Great Banana

Deval Patrick expanded and corrupted Romney's health care plan, by adding things like "mandatory podiatry benefits". The plan was never in place under the Romney administration so it is tough to calculate the damage. It could be that it would have worked well if the pork wasn't added.

And this is exactly the problem with ever agreeing to any kind of plan like this, which Romney should have known. Once an entitlement is created, however limited initially, it will forever expand and expand.


Anon1, GB,

I agree with both of you. But it looks like this country will not be dissuaded from deciding health care is a "right". I'd prefer Romney at the helm over Obama if that is the case.


kim, I agree with all of your points, but I'm hoping if the MSM brings it in play, a whole bunch of third parties will be able to exploit it. Maybe I'm naive, but I'm fully expecting Liberation Theology/BHO exposes by the fall.

At that point the hypocrisy could be obvious even to the perpetually confused.


Jane, we are at a very good point to begin your radio show. Were I your writer I'd begin with the question of hereditary Senate seats and what that means to the state.

Great Banana

Here's the thing. Nobody is saying that health care is not a "right" in the sense that people should not be discminated against in getting healthcare based on race, gender, religion, etc. In other words, I perfectly agree that the gov't should not be allowed to keep people from getting healthcare.

What the libs are arguing is not that healthcare should be a "right", but that the government should provide healthcare for free.

I have the "right" to keep and bear arms. According to what a liberal definition of a "right" is, that means the gov't should buy me whatever firearms I want.

I have the "right" to free speech. According to the liberal definition that means the gov't should provide me with a newspaper column and tv airtime to express my views.

I don't think we should concede that gov't must pay for healthcare, b/c if we do, its over. The socialists have won, there will be nothing that the gov't will not be allowed to control, regulate and distribute/redistribute as the gov't sees fit.


Hillary's pals are planning a big Count Our Votes rally in DC on May 31st..HEH

That's when the DNC takes up the question of the seating of the MI and Fla delegates.


Jane, we are at a very good point to begin your radio show. Were I your writer I'd begin with the question of hereditary Senate seats and what that means to the state.

Funny you say that. I was at a function last night with the radio station owner. He came over and said to me: "My guy is done. I called his secretary today and she said he's got a year".

Me, being the heartfelt empathetic person I am, said: "My guess is he's got a couple of weeks, which is why they let him out early"

You are dead right about the timing. But sheesh talk about pouring salt in one's wounds.


Doesn't have to be that way, and--yes--unfortunately I think that's right about the timing.

I saw him leaving the hospital and he's limping badly on his left side.

Everytime a Kennedy dies we get this "tragedy of the Kennedys" story which only helps the remaining generations who share the traits of dumb/rich/and over privileged.
If the family truly cares about public service they should pay taxes on the Tahities trust income and get real jobs.


Doesn't have to be that way, and--yes--unfortunately I think that's right about the timing.

I saw him leaving the hospital and he's limping badly on his left side.

Everytime a Kennedy dies we get this "tragedy of the Kennedys" story which only helps the remaining generations who share the traits of dumb/rich/and over privileged.
If the family truly cares about public service they should pay taxes on the Tahiti's trust income and get real jobs.

Rick Ballard


If I knew more about MA politics and the Kennedy machine I'd love to write a "who'll call the shots now?" involving Kerry. Given that the only way to break 100 IQ with the Kennedy progeny is to sum the scores of at least two of them, I think Kerry will definitely make a ham handed lunge for the reins.

And miss.


Fair enough Jane, in the short term certainly Romney is better.

At work we recently hosted a potential recruit who has practiced in Sweden, is currently in the UK, and before that the US. It was interesting hearing her pour cold water on the eager docs rushing to get her opinion on how much 'better' things are over there for docs. She had some interesting things to say all-right. Couldn't wait to get back to the states.

Boston is *full* of expat docs who are mighty skeptical of bringing Canadian or French or whatever plans to the US, but, funnily enough, you never read their opinions in the papers that matter, etc...most get out and don't go to Harvard Publich Health, or whatever. Maybe we should stay in academia and fight that nonsense instead?

*It's very tiring if you do try and do that. It exhausted me, that's for sure.


Oh, yeah, and I can't write worth squat. That's why I chose medicine instead :) Somehow, the krebs cycle made more sense to me. Diagraming sentences, grammar, all that stuff. Torture!


It's okay with me Anon1--I'm an old lady who can't type of proofread for shit and I know exactly what you are saying and I like what I read.


**oR proofread**(See what I mean?)


A couple of things - I'm not completely opposed to pouring salt in wounds, and this saga will continue for a while.

Secondly, I haven't done a thing about the radio thing (including listening to the (very local) station), because I'm not all that sure what one does do. I figure I'll try and figure it out over the summer. The issue may be very ripe at that point, and I like it, because it makes me crazy.

Thirdly, I will never believe that health care is a "right" until someone amends the constitution - and don't give them any ideas.

Fourthly anon1 (that's a dumb name) I would think the first crisis of mandatory health care would be a lack of people willing to go to medical school - until of course we make it free.

Fifthly, Rick, I know that Cape Wind has been thoroughly manipulated by Teddy, to take it off the state's plate and federalize it. Other than that, I really don't know all that much about what shots are being called by who. They are all getting wealthy tho - state, local federal . It certainly is the way to get rich these days.


not that healthcare should be a "right", but that the government should provide healthcare for free.

The healthcare that is most affordable and covers costs that are liable to break the backs of Americans is catastrophic healthcare.

The first thing for a GOP candidate to do is to parse out catastrophic health care and advocate coverage.

The second thing to do is point out how unfunded government mandates raise the cost and limit the choices of health insurance.

Finally, point out that competition controls costs for all healthcare, offering examples like what Target and Walmart are doing for everyday minor needs like scrapes, colds, and the like.


Jane - that's a good point about training docs. We could (and should) train more but I don't see that happening in any kind of efficient way in the future. Med schools are not immune to the overinflation seen in other areas of academia.

On the plus side, I hear lots of med school cafeterias serve arugula.

(As for the name, I could use my own, or be more creative, but I don't want a comment at a blog to be the first thing that comes up when a patient googles my name, which patients do these days :) ). If google searches prioritized things in a way that was CV-burnishing, I might have to change my policies)


The downside is that the bill has started coming due in MA for his insurance plan and it's somewhat higher than promised (

Perfect. That gives Romney credibility to debate the wisdom of Obama's plan.



Nonnonono, don't use your own name, just something we can remember, like Florence - altho I'm sure we are getting used to Anon 1. so don't sweat it.


Mitt Romney has a brand new gig, so I question if he is going to the BBQ as a potential VP pick or to talk money/strategy:

Free and Strong America PAC

America is at an inflection point. We can either remain the strongest nation in the world, or we can become something much less. Free and Strong America PAC, through its Honorary Chairman, Mitt Romney, supports officeholders and candidates who are dedicated to promoting public policies that will strengthen America at this critical time in our history. Working together with the American people, we will advance conservative social, fiscal, and foreign policies that are essential to our nation’s strength and freedom.

If America is to remain a leader in the world, we must be prepared to face the numerous challenges of the 21st century. Whether it’s ensuring all Americans can obtain quality health care, remaining competitive in a global economy, and providing our children with a world-class education, or confronting radical jihad and the threat of nuclear terrorism, we cannot wait to find solutions.

These problems can be tackled with innovation, determination, and a commitment to our nation’s founding principles. Free and Strong America PAC will work tirelessly to help elect candidates who share these principles and are prepared to take on the challenge of keeping America free and strong.

Together with the candidates we support, and with the help of the American people, we will ensure that this great nation remains – as it always has been – the beacon of freedom and hope of the world.

Our way forward must be rooted in the core principles that have made America strong.

• Our military superiority cannot be compromised.
• Our government must remain federalist and governing should be conducted as close to the people as possible.
• Money and resources are best used when they remain in the hands of the people. A competitive America is one where taxes are low and government is small.
• Unleashing the power of free markets is key to a vibrant economic future.
• Culture makes all the difference in determining the strength of a nation. Our American values must be protected and nurtured.
• Government should be accountable and transparent.

Our greatness as a nation depends on our willingness to hold to the principles that have guided and built our nation. It depends on the character and sacrifices of the American people. Together, we will meet our challenges and leave our children and grandchildren an America that is as strong and prosperous as the one we inherited from our parents.

And from his first blog entry at the site:

Back on the Trail

I miss the campaign trail. Yes, it was grueling, but it was also energizing and what we did together was important for the country. You heard me speak time and again about how critical the current times are for America. Because I believe that so profoundly, I have helped form Free and Strong America PAC to promote conservative policies and candidates. Senator McCain’s presidential campaign is at the top of the list.

I haven’t been sitting on my hands these last few months, nor do I intend to do so. I have spoken at GOP events from Nevada to Pennsylvania to Maine. Ann and I are raising funds for key campaigns across the country. This PAC will enable us to keep fighting for the causes and candidates that will strengthen American values.


I joined that PAC this morning Sara. (Well, if joining means getting on the mailing list)


I like Romney, too. On the issue of the Massachusetts universal healthcare mess, enough time may have passed so that he can credibly say that the legislature and Deval Patrick messed it up. He also might be able to say that the MA experience proves that healthcare can't put left to government to provide.

Times is reporting that James Johnson has been retained as BO's VP adviser. He was the guy who picked Edwards for Kerry and Thomas Eagleton for McGovern. Hope he works his magic again.


That's what I'm hoping, Sweetie.


I think Mondale is going to help. I was thinking that is also a good choice.


Like GMax, I think Michael Steele is an excellent choice. I have been beating his drum for a while, and believe he has some real plusses for McC.

He is a better speaker and debater than BHO and, with the publicity attached to a national candidacy, will objectively impress a sizeable number of people who need to be impressed for McCain to win.

He is an "authentic" African American which may reduce somewhat the 99-1 AA vote without someone like him on the ticket. It also removes any sting from the BHO argument "you are 'racist' for attacking me".

Every little bit counts in an election like this.

He is more conservative on some gut-level issues than McCain. That provides help on McC's right flank -- another place where he needs votes.

He is young (but a bit older than BHO) and energetic. Because of BHO's inexperience, the Dems can't make too much of Steele's.

It would mean, though, that McC will have to have a well thought out message when attacking BHO's inexperience. This means continuing to question BHO's policy choices which are for the most part directly contrary to McCain's.

Rick Ballard

C'mon - he needs Schrum and Estrich on board to really go out with a whimper.


A very old friend of mine (30 years) called this morning to tell me she is abandoning both Hillary and her fallback Barack. This is amazing. She is a rabid feminist and, to my knowledge, has been a straight ticket Democrat. She says she is now going to vote for McCain.

Is it McCain's service to the country, his voting record, his issue positions as a presidential candidate that swayed her to the "other side?" Nah.

She found out this morning that one of the loves of her life, Don Henley of the Eagles, is endorsing McCain.


Democrats. Their brains are just not wired right. Logic quite often baffles them. But if it takes Don Henley to sway some, then put on "There Aint No Way to Hide Your Lying Eyes".


Hey, Sara, we'll take 'em any way we can get 'em. Any port in a storm. And speaking of a storm, Henley and his boys just missed a tornado the other night while doing a gig in nearby Alpharetta, GA. It missed them by a mile or so and the show went on.

One of my favorite songs is "Get Over It". It is great on so many levels. It was especially useful when my wife or one of my teenaged daughters got vocally perturbed with me. I would put that cut on the CD player and turn it up as loud as it would go. Brought peace to the family, I tell ya. And usually laughter from the perturbed offender.


My brother gave me the job and now my wife can have it.

Term limits. These things won't leave unless they are torn from the chairs. 10 people could have served while Kennedy took costody.

Cecil Turner

Term limits.


If the qualifications set forth in the text of the Constitution are to be changed, that text must be amended.


John Gizzi of Human Events had a good piece on Steele a couple of weeks ago. A sample:

Any talk with Michael Steele inevitably gets around to Obama, whose historic candidacy sparks suggestions that McCain consider an African-American as a running mate. What does he think of Obama?.

"Umm, I’ll describe Barack the way he described me when he came to Maryland to campaign against me in my race for the U.S. Senate," he replies with a laugh. "He’s an affable fellow, probably would make a good senator, but his resume’s a little thin for the job."

Here's a NY Times profile from 2006 which has this to say of his business experience*:

Steele, who is 47, had no personal fortune to offer up to the cause, no campaign war chest. He had been an associate in a law firm, then left that job to open a consulting firm that struggled.


He worked as a corporate securities associate attorney at the Washington, D.C. office of Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton. From 1991 to 1997, Steele specialized in financial investments for Wall Street underwriters, working at Cleary’s Tokyo, Japan office focusing on major product liability litigation and at its London office on corporate matters. Steele left the law firm and founded the Steele Group, a business and legal consulting firm.

If true, all that overseas work experience makes him highly qualified to be President under the Obama standard. He didn't just drop in for the CIA briefings and factory tours.
*Wikipedia has more but the section on Steele's finances is unsourced. Caveat lector.

Sweetie aka LindaK

I am somewhat more encouraged by McCain's chances. I live in a very liberal suburb of NY and my college age son and every single one of his friends are Obamanaics. However, the other night when I forced him to listen to Fox by serving dinner at the same time, he commented that BO's plan to meet with A'jad et all was "dopey." He said he wasn't as sure about BO. Is there hope for a change of heart?



My apologies for forgetting to mention in my post yesterday that you have long prophesied that Lieberman will be McCain's running mate.


Please pick Crist. Florida has had enough of this joker. Maybe a twofer in the making? Republicans rid of McCain and Floridians rid of Crist ... Yah...


Sweetie AKA LindaK

Serve that boy some lunch chili while Rush in on the radio and we will have a convert!

But seriously, there is a significant enough indication that the bloom is off the rose for the transcendent candidate. Moonbats will vote for him, and clearly blacks see something empowering about voting for a black guy ( who never seems to have done much for them previously ).

There is plenty of time for folks to see more of Dopey in action, and so far, when removed from a teleprompter and a speech written by someone else, the guy has few talents and many many faults.

Cheer up I was a Democrat once, I grew out of it. That your son recognized Dopey when it showed up is sign you did a lot right!


Sweetie, I posted in a comment the other day about reading a parent's remark that when the college kids come home for the Summer, they'll have the sense talked into them by parents re: Obama.

I was a freshman in college when JFK was shot and I remember calling home that night and crying and asking my Mother what the adult point of view was and how to process the assassination of a President. I couldn't make sense of it all and my college friends were more clueless than I was. It was all well and good to play at our youthful politics and student rebellions, it was quite different when faced with a national crisis that required calmer more experienced heads to prevail.


OT but Delicious!

I knew there was something I liked about Sarah Palin the Governor of Alaska.

She has decided to file suit against the US Govt to keep them from listing the Polar Bear as an endangered species as she says its unwarranted.

You go girl.


I do wish somebody would explain to me why JFK is so lionized. I didn't get it then and I still don't get it. He was a rookie and made all the rookie errors and just lucked out in a couple of things (the Cuba Missile Crisis, which is one he mishandled for months and his I am a donut speech in Berlin). He was lucky to have Jackie at his side and a VP who knew where the bodies were buried but what did he actually do! On the other side he saddled us with his brother and that should be enough to convince anyone of the problems. I am sorry he was assassinated but he was a lousy president.


He was a lousy president, but he was cooooooool, dick. At least that was what I thought as a college senior in 1960. And Nixon did not seem so cool.

It didn't hurt that all the girls I was dating then fell all over him. No upsetting the apple cart for me.

Then, too with the likes of hagiographers Teddy White, Sorenson and Schlessinger working behind and later in front of the scenes, history was stacked heavily in his favor until Camelot developed cracks.


Oh, Carp!

Gov. Tom Ridge was also invited to meet with McCain this weekend. http://weblogs.chicagotribune.com/news/politics/blog/2008/05/mccain_ridge_friends_running_m.html ">Duck Tape for V.P.
From the article:
So what kind of person might the Arizona senator might be looking for?

"I know John well enough that I suspect he will want a personal comfort level," Ridge said


dick, JFK wasn't lionized in my circles, but the shock of the assassination of a sitting president was a defining event in our young lives. It seemed to turn the world upside down and it certainly changed the dynamic from one of the "happy days" and "Father Knows Best" world we grew up in into riots, more assassinations, ugly protests and don't trust anyone over 30. Since none of us had a clue about politics or what it takes to govern, his death and his memory became a symbol of a time that no longer existed, if it ever did. Fortunately most of us grew up and realized you can't run this country on the ideas and mindset of immature younguns, the rest became college professors and have been trying to relive their rebellious glory days ever since.


I second the "carp," Ann. McCain will probably be true to form and pick somebody no-one can stand for his VP. Kind of like himself!


I grew out of it Sara:>)


I should have said: the rest became college professors, journalists, and democratic activists and ...


I grew out of it

A conservative is just a liberal who has been mugged by reality!

Rick Ballard

Off Topic,


Steve McIntyre has grasciously responded to your question concerning the initiation of the AGW fraud with a 40 page exposition which illuminates in detail the incestuous nature of the very small group which promoted a gigantic hoax.

It's an easy read and a "must read" for those interested in an explanation of how "science" can be manipulated as easily as a Gallup survey.


vnjagvet: I was so apolitical back then, I barely knew who was what as far as politicians. I knew about JFK mainly because he came to my small hometown when he was campaigning and I was still in high school and my Catholic friends were going bananas over him because of his religion, not his policies.

All I knew was that when I was 16, my Grandfather made me raise my right hand and swear I would never shame him by voting for one of those "damned Democrats like that socialist" referring to FDR, who he never referred to by name, rather calling him "that man in the White House." Now FDR died before I was born, so for my Grandfather to still be angry about him impressed my impressionable 16 year old mind. I was convinced that God would strike me dead if I ever voted for a Dem, even though it would be 5 more years before I was eligible to vote.


McCain may be considering someone with executive experience on national security. This news is not receiving universal acclamation.

Has McCain really "rule[d] out" Giuliani, Crist, Lieberman, and Ridge because the base will be unhappy with their views on abortion? The headline says yes, so he must have*:

Departing from a previous position made during the 2000 presidential campaign, presumptive Republican nominee John McCain hinted to a crowd of Villanova students that pro-choice Republicans need not apply for the position of his running mate. Mr. McCain said that "it would be difficult" for a pro-choice Republican, like former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge, to share the ticket.

"I don't know if it would stop him, but it would be difficult," Mr. McCain told MSNBC host Chris Matthews in discussing whether Mr. Ridge's pro-choice credentials would stop him from being considered for the post of the party's vice-presidential nominee.

While Mr. McCain was quick to express a great deal of praise for Mr. Ridge - referencing his war record and success as a public official - the Arizona senator, short of publicly declaring a pro-life litmus test, acknowledged his discomfort with a pro-choice running mate. "I'm not saying [a litmus test] would be necessarily, but I am saying it's basically the respect and cherishing of the right of the unborn is one of the fundamental principles of my party. And it's a - and it's a deeply held belief of mine," Mr. McCain said.

*Just as Lewis Libby was the first administration official to tell reporters about Valerie Plame's employment situation.


Oops, didn't realize that Ann had already posted on the Ridge news.


I do wish somebody would explain to me why JFK is so lionized.

He was young. good looking and had a very chic wife (the first two being similarities with Obama. His lionization however was all post-assassination.



I tried, but eyes glazed over about page 23 with 22 or more to go. I have a math minor to go with an accounting major and thus a full year of statistics but some of that is so mindnumbingly tedious as to make it difficult to follow.

It should be rewritten for the non PhD in stats, as the story is easy enough to tell though. Scientist lies, scientist hides data, scientist engages in misdirection and then ad hom attacks rather than scholarly discussion of his work etc. Tag line is IPCC playa long at each step of the way. But in the end quietly drops Mann study from next edition of their "scholarly" work.


Obama is good looking? Who knew? He is a skinny beanpole with big ears whose shirts always look like a little boy trying on Daddy's clothes, they fit him so poorly. I saw a news clip of him yesterday speaking informally to people on the campaign trail and he looked like the body of a tall 14 year old with the head of middle-aged man.


Condi. The biggest surprise of the year. You heard it here first. Announced the Friday after Barack and his VP (probably Eddie Rendell, if he's not forced to take the She Nixon...) roll out from his Convention on their "Nationwide Change We Can Believe In Tour". McCain's a bastard; he'll do this to step all over the glow from Bambi's Acceptance Speech and tamp down the post-con bounce.

He'll take all the Oxygen out of the Oprah-like roll-out of the "New America" platform. McCain has a way of being a pain in the ass like that. I know. None of you believe me. That's the point. Neither do the Obama people.


Kennedy is retrospect didn't much to deserve his claim. The "bear any burden
line" was basically a throwaway by Sorensen; life long pacifist; and the rubber hit the road at the Bay of Pigs, where he 'kind of fudged' on a campaign
promise. He then went to Vienna, where
Khruschev took his measure of him; and concluded it was time to fulfill his '60 promise, and put missiles in Cuba. The troops and material, were observed for nearly a year by exiles involved in Mongoose and other operations; before Kennedy reacted on the eve of the mid term elections; where he played a very close
game of 'nuclear chicken' with 100,000 Soviet troops and 14 missile installations.
Out of Vienna, came the Berlin wall; which
he would later insouciantly say "He was a jelly donut" he was more right than he knew.
On civil rights, despite King's last minute
endorsement, he beached the freedom riders in Birmingham; just like the Brigade members
acting a little more forcefully at Ole Miss.
He then waxed nostalgically aboutcoexistence
with a leadership cadre that was on the way to crush the tiny 'spring of hope' that had occurred after Stalin's death. The tiny
steps he did take, angered a died in the wool leftist like Oswald, who shot him as he came to patch the interminable strife between Texas liberals and conservatives. He was for the tax cut; but he also wasn't above bullying the likes of US Steel. That still probably made him the best Democrat
in 50 years; but that's not saying much.

JM Hanes

Over at Salon, Paul Maslin identified 17 battleground states. Extrapolating from the picture he draws for Obama suggests the following electoral college challenges for McCain . Assuming he doesn't lose any Republican gimmies and nails down Florida and North Carolina, McCain apparently has a decent shot at Colorado, Missouri, Virginia -- which would net him 250 electoral votes (although corrections to my math are always welcomed!).

Maslin lists four remaining toss-up states, which are pretty spread out: Nevada (5 votes), New Mexico (5), Ohio (20), and New Hampshire (4). If he is right, that makes Ohio a must-win state for McCain. If Mac can't take Ohio, he's going to have to poach one of the following from Obama: Iowa (7), Wisconsin (10), Michigan (17), or Pennsylvania (21). If a Vice Presidential pick is going to help McCain, that's the cluster to look at -- assuming said pick doesn't hurt him in any of the five battlegrounds that get him to 250.

JM Hanes

Cecil: Term limits.

Even if the constitution weren't barring that door, I can hardly think of a more effective way to turn the reins of government over to unelected bureaucrats. Of course, returning the same folks to Congress doesn't necessarily slow the progress of bureaucratic tyranny. If you can ignore the provocative title, scroll down to the discussion of S.2191, "America's Climate Security Act of 2007."

[R]egulating greenhouse gases is too complicated for the legislature, so they're just abrogating their legislative responsibilities and assigning them to a soon-to-be-vaster-than-ever bureaucracy, which is charged with being the lawmaker, the prosecutor, and not merely the judiciary, but judge, jury and executioner.
The "rule making" process may be reaching shadow government proportions.


That's my view of the silliness of term limits, jmh.

Michael Brophy

If I might drop in on this, I like Bloomberg. Before they got McCain to shut up about it, McCain was saying he didn't know enough about economics. That you can't say about Bloomberg. It's not like he seems to have pursued one great idea like Gates; so he's had to have consistent analytic and operational ability. An article in the NY Times when Obama came to NY 2 months ago had Bloomberg embracing him 'stifly' and Bloomberg's chief of staff saying he just wanted 'to be in a position to make a contribution.' Though Bloombeg is known to have considered an independent run, he also has run as a Republican for mayor of NY. I think the impression of partisan flip flop is less an electoral issue that the issues flip-flop of Romney. Besides running the same old Republican white bread is not a scintillating marketing idea this year. But running Jidal or Condi seems just a cute me too!




From The Hill: Lamar Alexander says Arthur Culvahouse is leading the search for a Vice-Presidential candidate. The leader of the last successful search was Dick Cheney.

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