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May 27, 2008



Well well well, another day, another Oporkma gaffe. It's like relying on the sun coming up in the morning.


Obama Imitates Bart Simpson:

Bart: I just think our veterans deserve a little recognition.

Lisa: That's what Veterans Day is for, Bart.
Bart: But is that really enough to honor our brave soldiers?
Lisa: They also have Memorial Day!
Bart: Oh, Lisa, maybe you're right, maybe you're wrong, the important thing is that veterans deserve a day to honor them!
Lisa: They have two!
Bart: Well, maybe they should have three. I'm Bart Simpson

Girly Edition

I've often thought that Obama and Hillary are actually Kang and Kodos.

Soylent Red

Obamessiah is from Chicago, where dead people regularly do such mundane things as vote Democrat.

Why would it be strange for them to come back, get a couple of hot dogs off the grill and listen to the Obamessiah speak?

Further, since The One We Have Been Waiting For (PBUH) can do damn near anything (just ask Him), perhaps he just raised part of his audience from the dead.

You would have seen these possibilities if you were less focused on clinging to God and guns and more focused on Michele's children.

Barack will get you with the pogram...I mean program.


Taken as he meant it, that there were 'heroes' in his audience, I fail to see how he could see them, Did they have great red 'H's' on their foreheads?

Exemplary of his instinct for pandering. He's a jive turkey, alright.


So .. is Obama channeling M. Night Shyamalan or Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment) ?


Are these "fallen heros" 'Cole Sear'-ed into his memory ? LOL


I am back from holiday/weekend travels and I see not much has changed in the political world. Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend.

For someone who has such touted "intellectualism" Barry O sure says a lot of stupid, assinine things on a regular basis.

And, if he talks stupid, he must think stupid?

Righty Whitey

Is it me or does this guy seem stoned ALL THE TIME? He inhales "that's the intent". This is why they call it DOPE. !!!DOPEBAMA!!!!


My brother, a staunch democrat, thinks Obama is the anti-Christ. I'm not sure he was joking either.


http://www.reuters.com/article/topNews/idUSN2635405920080527?feedType=RSS&feedName=topNews>Now Obama won't guarantee a meeting with Ahmadinejad.

Obama, an Illinois senator, said Iranian presidential elections in 2009 would be a factor in the timing of any meetings, as would considerations of who wields the power.

"There's no reason why we would necessarily meet with Ahmadinejad before we know that he was actually in power. He's not the most powerful person in Iran," Obama told reporters while campaigning in New Mexico....

In the case of Iran, Obama said, "Preparation means that there are low-level talks in which there's clarity about our concerns around the nuclear weapons program but that we're willing to listen to their perspective."

Obama said his position has been consistent.

"I've said that with sufficient preparation I would be happy to meet leaders from other sovereign states including countries like Iran or North Korea or Venezuela," he said. "I have said that it is important to make sure that it begins with low-level diplomatic engagement and that there's a clear agenda so that any meetings would be constructive."

Got it?



For those that applauded and defended his prior statement, how do they fell now that he is changing his tune?


Per the WaPoBlog he also said yesterday that he had an uncle who was with the US troops that liberated Auschwitz. Soviet troops liberated Auschwitz. He said his uncle suffered PTSD and returned home and went straight to the attic. Given all his make believe stories, I expect that uncle was not the only one who should have been locked up in the family attic.

Rick Ballard


Maybe he only got the uniform wrong. I wouldn't be at all surprised to read about him having an uncle in the Soviet Army.

Danube of Thought

If there's any truth at all to his story, I would guess he's confusing Auschwitz with Dachau.

This guy is amassing quite a catalog.


Nor would I,Rick. OTOH, from what I've read that family attic should have been very large.


Did he confuse the right Rev. Wright with this crazy uncle?


oh oh

Obama pulls a Tusla

Obama also spoke about his uncle, who was part of the American brigade that helped to liberate Auschwitz.

story at Ace of Spades


Maybe to Barack a "fallen hero" isn't only a Marine KIA.

To Chicago's sick politicos both the 'fallen' and 'hero' categories are conveniently elastic. For them, these badges could just as well describe a cop-killing Black-Pantherite (ie. Mumia) and a downed Marine chopper-pilot in Fallujah.

Or to conflate the shrieking "student-activist" who is "telling truth to power" with a disabled, battle-scarred Vietnam veteran.

Viewed in this light, his 'gaffe' was no such thing. He simply acknowledged his living audience: a seething group of 'fallen' fighters for the cause yearning to be 'heroes' in the coming Battle Royale in November.

A Freudian slip, it may be instead.


Stevariz, you put your finger on the sneer everytime he says the word 'hero'.

Stephen Skubinna

I think the worst has not been much reported. During the question and answer session, Barack took the opportunity to claim that women veterans are at greater risk of PTSD because of all the sexual harrassers and rapists in the military.

So he got a DNC two-fer. Women as victims, service members as brutal goons. Too bad he couldn't work in some heart wrenching tales of child vets.


Ya know, it's really too bad the media refuses to report this stuff.

Maybe after Hillary drops out....


Stephen - do you have a link to that? I'd love to see it.


Don't hold your breath.


Obama: He's Ready To Tell Us His Secret

When I read that heading a picture flashed in my mind of Borak Obama admitting that he was really that Sacha Baron Cohen guy and this was all a big hoax.


Oh, OK. From TalkLeft:

And, sadly, the group of veterans that are probably being most neglected in this area are women veterans. We've got to do a better job of creating facilities.... specifically for women veterans.

And part of what we need is to recognize that oftentimes our women servicemembers are more prone to post-traumatic stress disorder partly because they -- there's a sad, but real, problem of sexual harassment and sexual abuse for women veterans, and that makes them much more prone, then, to have post-traumatic stress disorder.

On Memorial day!!


Let's recall this isn't the first time Obama's seen dead people...maybe he should seek professional help for that.


Obama's secret,easy,he doesn't exist,the man is rootless,he has spent his life trying to belong somewhere,to have an identity,hence, like a chameleon,he reflects the background wherever he is at the time.
I blame his parents,but it would be inadvisable to have a man working of his identity problems and neurosis with his finger on the button.


Maybee [quoting Talkleft]: there's a sad, but real, problem of sexual harassment and sexual abuse for women veterans, and that makes them much more prone, then, to have post-traumatic stress disorder.

This is straight from yesterday's (May 26th) NY Times Op-Ed page, in a piece written by a Columbia journalism professor, which only means that it isn't necessarily false, only probably. Among other things, that piece claims (without substantiation):

Women make up some 15 percent of the United States active duty forces, and 11 percent of the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nearly a third of female veterans say they were sexually assaulted or raped while in the military, and 71 percent to 90 percent say they were sexually harassed by the men with whom they served.

Given the hazy definition of "sexual harrassment" the second fact is hard to evaluate. But the first would be pretty shocking if it were true. Call me skeptical.


I'm sorry I wasn't clear. That quote from TalkLeft was from Obama. Obama said that about female vets suffering from sexual harassment in the Q&A at his Memorial Day event.


Borat Obama? Niiiiice.


Maybe someone should do an Obama family tree asap? It might come in handy as he trots out new family members, heretofore unknown; or, known family members participating in events they were nowhere near; etc., etc.

Not only would a family tree be helpful, it could be a highly entertaining reference for future speeches!


One thing is clear, in Oporkma's world we are all victims.

Let the reparations begin!


now he has gotten fluff-mouth even with a teleprompter.

It appeared to me that he was reading his speech in Las Cruces rather than using a teleprompter.


OK. In one brief speech:

1. Obama rasied the dead.

2. Obama's uncle (with some help) liberated Poland; and

3. Obama found a new, distinctive way to pander.

In one speech, Obama manages to combine the greatest hits of Jesus, Gerald Ford, and Bill Clinton, all the while emulating Ronald Reagan. It really is a new kind of politics.

(Reagan is the only other viable politician who could have pulled off three "say what!?" gaffes in one speech.)


My theory is that Borak is making all these gaffes on purpose to keep our minds off the policy issues.

Even on those policy issues, I have to remind myself that he hasn't really proposed legislation enabling the Federal Government to fix our souls and take control of our thermostats and our refrigerators and our automobiles. He has just expressed an interest in those things.


Don't forget his constitutional amendment for a "right" to not fear.


...amendment for a "right" to not fear.

Yes, but the "right not to fear" means we don't have to fear terrorism and wars and violence, just fair trade and clinging and stuff like that.

L. Wieseltier

Andrew Sullivan says that you're being excessively hard on Obama what with all these continuous nit-picking comments. He argues that you overlook the fact that he's been disadvantaged because of his race and background and should therefore be forgiven and not held accountable for all these minor gaffes.

Rick Ballard

Andy shouldn't have picked a nitwit for his new love interest. It may be that nitpicking a nitiwt is a low form of sport but if the Dems are going to recruit off the short bus they're just going to have to live with the laughter, even if it doesn't really help Michelle's children.


...continuous nit-picking comments.

I see Andy's point. Could you ask him what's going to happen to the Obama Deniers who refuse to let him heal our souls, so we will stop 'doubting' the Obama Knows Best theology? Will he put us into camps or 'isolate' us by inviting us to the White House for meetings?


I starting to believe that if all ballots contained a choice for none of the above, it might win in a land slide.


Anyone else hoping McCain & Obama visit IRAN together?


...if the Dems are going to recruit off the short bus...



Maybe he meant "Frank" (AKA Frank Marshall Davis .. "I was a Communist and a subversive and a threat to Hawai`i.").


Steve Gilbert refers me to an April 8 Newsmax piece quoting O about how his grandfather heard of the troops liberating Auschwitz and Treblinka--no mention of the PTSD uncle..indeed, the uncle did not then apparently exist and showed upo only a month and a half later.


Either he totally made it up, or at some point between April 8 and yesterday he put in an emergency phone call to Hawai'i Grandma to get some biographical anecdotes to share with the American people.

Steve Gilbert refers me to an April 8 Newsmax piece quoting O about how his grandfather heard of the troops liberating Auschwitz and Treblinka


Way back in his 2002 Big Famous Iraq War Speech Obama said of his grandfather "He saw the dead and dying across the fields of Europe; he heard the stories of fellow troops who first entered Auschwitz and Treblinka."

No mention of the uncle. And, kinda hard to see how Stanley's "fellow troops" would be in the Red Army. I know the Soviets were our allies, but the usage indicates he's talking about fellow Americans, and how would he have heard stories from Soviet troops anyway?

So these aren't new mistakes for Barack.


Yup--Steve sent me that, too. And he reminds me that his mother was an only child so where is this uncle from? I think we wandered into O's version of sniper fire in Kosovo.
Two sociopaths , one slot. Neverending hillarity.


The Uncle/Auschwitz liberation remarks were said during a Q&A. You can watch the video at Flopping Aces:

The Messiah’s Gaffes & The MSM Who Ignores Them

about 4 min. in.


Porchlight- thanks for that link.
Every time I read that speech, one thing that stands out is this
After September 11th, after witnessing the carnage and destruction, the dust and the tears, I supported this administration's pledge to hunt down and root out those who would slaughter innocents in the name of intolerance, and I would willingly take up arms myself to prevent such tragedy from happening again.

That is so bloviatey, I can't stand it. He would do no such thing.


Hillary is contagious- who'd of thought?

Clarice, I am well for now, just fighting everyday to hang on until a new treatment comes along.

Rick Ballard

"in the name of intolerance"

Is Intolerance Allah's first or middle name?

take up arms myself

He meant "lift up my arms", MayBee - think Moses confronted by the sea while leaving Egypt. And BHO's Uncle Ralph is much akin to Harvey - we may not be able to see him but that doesn't mean that BHO can't see him. He was obviously there in NM for BHO's speech - maybe he retold the liberator story to BHO right after?


BAD!!!!!! xoxxoxox

Rick Ballard

"I am well for now"

Wonderful news - that goes in my 'efficacy of prayer (and good medicine)' box next to the news of complete remission for Barney Frank's wife.



I didn't see you. And I'm so glad to see you!
I think of you so often. Any new treatments on the horizon? How is your family doing?


We are all happy you could post ; that you are hanging on; and that we can tell you again how much we appreciate you and your fight.


He meant "lift up my arms", MayBee - think Moses confronted by the sea while leaving Egypt.



He meant "lift up my arms", MayBee - think Moses confronted by the sea while leaving Egypt.
Think the French confronted by the Germans while entering Paris.


Flopping Aces is wrong because the error was noted years ago and yet O repeated it--because it fits with the theme of the day, even if it's totally made up shit.


BAD!!!! So great to hear you are doing well for now. A big hello.


They will pry my hope from my cold, dead hands!! No cures yet but progress is being made every day. My husband and kids are incredible. Our house is full of laughter everyday, we refuse to waste what we have mourning a situation we don't control. Our neighborhood and church family are awesome. Your prayers and support mean the world. And of course this blog is highly entertaining. Keep up the great work.


Baldilocks posts this in a comment at Ace's:

Obviously Obama doesn't know anything about the known facts (Auschwitz) which makes the anecdotal items (attic) suspect.

But Ralph Waldo Emerson Dunham Jr.--Obama's great-uncle--did exist and was a WWII vet, as was Obama's grandfather, Stanly Armour Dunham.

Anyone with good expertise searching WWII military records could probably determine where Uncle Ralph served.


More Obama "gaffes" (gaffe = lie?)

"Gaffe": Obama says his grandfather enlisted "the day after Pearl Harbor". Fact: He enlisted Jan. 18, 1942.

"Gaffe": Obama says his grandfather "marched with Patton", marching, of course, means infantry. Fact: Obama's grandfather "returned from the war never having seen real combat" (Dreams from My Father, p. 15). How do you march with Patton through France and never see combat? Answer, you don't.


Correction, PrestoPundit-- he enlisted 18 June 1942.


And even if he'd enlisted on Jan 8, 1941 that would NOT have been the day after Pearl Harbor.


Bad! Girl, you brought a smile as big as Texas to my face. I'm so happy to see you here.

"Gaffe": Obama says his grandfather enlisted "the day after Pearl Harbor". Fact: He enlisted Jan. 18, 1942.

Not sure if it's correct, but as MayBee noted, this Kansas veterans database says it was actually June 18, 1942.

I'm curious about that discrepancy. If the record says that a man "enlisted on" X date, is that the day he "signed up" (Obama's words), or the day he actually entered the service? Many thousands of men rushed to enlist right after Pearl Harbor, so I could understand how there could be some delay between the two dates.

Or maybe Obama was embellishing as seems to be his wont. But his weaselly ways make me wonder if he used "signed up" purposefully (rather than "enlisted") for that very reason.

Along the way, some unofficial rules have emerged between the candidate and his aide. From Mr. Obama: “One cardinal rule of the road is, we don’t watch CNN, the news or MSNBC. We don’t watch any talking heads or any politics. We watch ‘SportsCenter’ and argue about that.”

Maybe this explains the gaffes. Obama is already living in a "bubble."


The U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946 at Ancestry.com say Stanley A. Dunham enlisted Jan. 18, 1942.


Well the "Red" army liberated Auschwitz. So given what we know about the extreme communist connection of Obama, I think he may be telling the truth. His uncle was just fighting the battle for the Commies. Obama is doing the same today.


BO seems to have an armed forces credibility problem...like many of his Democratic predecessors. Suggestion for David Axelrod: stage a photo op at a military facility that has, say, tanks. Put BO in a tank with a helmet to show him willingly taking up arms. Great photo. MSM'll be calling him Barracks Obama in no time.


Thanks, presto.


Jan or Jun sounds like a transcription error from someone's sloppy handwriting. As a long time genealogist, it is not an uncommon error in old records that have been converted.


Uncle Ralph was inducted on May 28, 1942, Grandpa was inducted a couple weeks later on June 18 according to the Kansas Record. I think the Jan. date is the transcription error. But, in either case, it is Uncle Ralph we are most concerned with and his date is May 28 1942.

Stanley A. Dunham enlisted Jan. 18, 1942

Thanks, PrestoPundit. This source also backs up your date and looks to be more official than the one I previously linked. So Jan-Jun could be a transcription error as Sara mentioned.

But the tricky part is that Ralph Dunham is not listed here at all. PP, did you find Ralph in the Ancestry.com database?


And I say that Pearl Harbor did not happen on either January or June 17, 1942.



This just in...BHO ancestors discovered sliced bread!


If the date is Jan and not Jun then cut him some slack on "Grandpa signed up the day after Pearl Harbor." Lots of boys set off to sign up immediately following Pearl Harbor and who knows how far they had to go in Kansas to get to a recruitment center or what the wait time was until actual induction. They may have made the decision and started the ball rolling the day after Dec. 7, 1941.


Now that Hill and BO are proving to be eerily similar, everyone can stop worrying about who gets the nomination. It's all just more of the same...


"If the date is Jan and not Jun then cut him some slack on "Grandpa signed up the day after Pearl Harbor."

Slack is ok for occasional slip-ups every candidate has. But like Al Gore what we have here is more like compulsive lying. This guy is driven to say anything anywhere on any subject if he thinks it furthers his cause.


Hi Bad! Glad to have you back commenting, pithily as always (grin).


The pathetic thing is that his grandfather signing up for the military the day after Pearl Harbor is his most compelling military connection. He's used it several times. It doesn't matter so much if it was 6 weeks or 6 months after the attack- it was his grandfather.

It's so lame to use it.


"This guy is driven to say anything anywhere on any subject if he thinks it furthers his cause."

Of course he does,Barack Hussein Obama is a modern politician. This can be very useful,he can be led into the Briar Patch.

Rick Ballard


I think your quote about him "taking up arms against intolerance" is the most damning thing he said. Where does one aim when seeking to wound or kill "intolerance"? Or does one simply organize a community of fellow travelers to demonstrate against "intolerance"?

Or does one seek out a group of amateur radicals to blow themselves up as a gesture against "intolereance"?

He doesn't really even rise to the level of a poseur. Soros, Bing and Lewis have made another bad political investment. He's going to be able to spend a lot of time with Senator Lamont after his defeat - they really do have a lot in common.


From Redstate

The Washington Post's Richard Cohen, writing about Barack Obama's problems with his numerous and contradictory statements on Iran says:

"I attribute Obama's predicament to inexperience and a certain worrisome naivete. When he said he would personally negotiate with Iran (if he were president), he might not have realized exactly what he was saying."

This is wonderful. The MSM is now to the point where questionable BHO comments can be conveniently explained in a new light: he didn't realize what he was saying. So what's the fuss about?


might not have realized exactly what he was saying. = talking out his ass.


Maybe he confused stories he heard in his parent's communist home about how "Uncle Joe" liberated the camps and got Uncle Joe and Uncle Ralph confused. Uncle Joe being, of course, the nickname for Joseph Stalin.


From another comment at Ace's:

Ben Smith update:

"Earlier, the Republican National Committee pounced on Obama's improbable statement that an uncle had served in the unit that liberated Auschwitz.

In fact, campaign spokesman Bill Burton says, his great uncle was a member of the 89th Infantry Division that liberated the Ohrduf camp, part of Buchenwald and according to the Holocaust Museum, the first concentration camp liberated by U.S. troops.

The soldier in question, Burton said, is Obama's grandmother's brother, who's still alive."



Ok Obamagaffe's campaign says its his "great-uncle" not his uncle and the camp was not Auschwitz but really a sub-camp of Buchenwald called Ohrdruf.

Let's see if that hold-ups to further scrutiny.

Rick Ballard

"Let's see if that hold-ups to further scrutiny."

It probably will if his greatuncle was in the 89th Division.

Which leads one back to "if he actually heard about the horrors, why is he willing to meet without precondition someone who wants to commit the same crimes?"


So, ... when Borak said he would meet with the leaders of Iran, Cuba, Syria, North Korea, and Venezuela he really meant Iraq, France, Germany, South Korea, and Italy??


Well since his real middle name is off limits, lets just refer to the walking talking gaffe machine as Barack Oops Obama. ( BOO for short ). Its catchy, and if he were a Republican they would be using something worse than Oops, long before now.


Everyone is so churlishly nitpicking Obama's "gaffes." They aren't gaffes. A gaffe requires a mind with sharper resolution, such that the utterance expresses a mistaken inference. But Obama's utterances betray a mental murkiness, a torpor in which there is no fact of the matter about whether he meant one thing or another for one to get a hold of and pronounce "gaffe." Does Obama believe this or that about WWII? Where the answer to that question should be there is only gloom.

Be more magnanimous. Obama is just not very bright. The IQ is maybe 125, and he's without a depth of character, life experience, or executive vision to support a compensating effect in the common sense department. The extemporaneous speech reveals this (despite the attempt at concealment with stilted and effete cadence and manner.)

It's time to criticize him for more rectifiable failings. Like his lisp the shrill and annoying whistle that emanates from his orifice when he attempts to pronounce the letter 's', or his liberal use of the word "uh" in his attempts to answer questions. Don't hold the bar too high. It's unseemly.


125 is well above average. I think its quite possible that he grades out in double digits.

Barack Oops Obama ( BOO for short ). I like it.

Maybe Boo Boo is even better, twice the gaffes for the same buck?


Or maybe "Boo Hoo"

Soylent Red

FYI Jim...

I have been saying for months now that if you removed the word "uh", and the phrases "you know" and "sort of" from Obamessiah's vocabulary, he would be incapable of speech.

And if he were incapable of speech, he would go from political featherweight to rapidly approaching the political weight of bad breath.


Obama's great uncle was in a unit that liberated a sub-camp of Buchenwald in WWII. Sounds like a very powerful military-Jewish connection which should put to rest any doubts about Obama regarding the military and Israel. I hope the Republican attack machine doesn't see fit to question such strong credentials.


Well at least Fidel likes BOO.

LUN (via Hot Air)


Not having a grasp of the facts is one of Borak's trademarks. He doesn't know what anyone was saying in church. He had no idea that he worked with Wm.Ayers for 6 years. Though it was in the local papers he didn't realize Rezko was facing criminal charges. He never thought for a minute that "without preconditions" meant without preconditions and on and on.

Yup, this is the one we've been waiting for.


Ben: it doesn't put any doubts to rest for me. He indicates with his rhetoric that he is much more his father's and mother's communist son than he does any "powerful military-Jewish connection ... regarding the military and Israel." Also, he seems far more his father's and step-father's Muslim child than he does his any love for Israel. He says his words have meaning. Well, his words tell me that he never met a communist or terrorist extremist he didn't think is more right than America.

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