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May 07, 2008


Charlie (Colorado)

I am usually the first to shy away from allusions to Nazis, Nazism or indeed WWII, but my first thought when I read this was how similar it was to Hitlers management style.

Andrew, that's part of why I pointed to a Caudillo instead of the H-word: most or all authoritarians have this management style.



It seems like Bush's money in 04 was higher because the contributors were going to one person, also the sitting president, not split between several candidates. The 2000 numbers seem to back that up.



I have not idea how to explain the money going to Obama when his constituents are facing loss of jobs, poverty, etc., etc., and so forth.

Rick Ballard


There's that "put your money on the favorite" thingy too.

As to BHO's dough - remember all the money Ford put into the Edsel marketing campaign. How much cash would BHO have to spend to have a chance in TX?

I hope the billionaires boys club dumps every dime they have into him. Marketing money can't overcome an obviously carpy product.


Thanks Rick, that's what I suspected, but wholly without reason. I'm so glad smart people hang out here!

Charlie (Colorado)

Aren't you all begging the question?

Um, no, actually. Look it up.

Must we really assume that the quoted anonymous staffer was present at and accurately recounting how the highest-level talks between Obama and 1 to a very few aides went?

No, but it seems self-consistent with some other aspects of what we've heard. But observe what Soylent actually is saying, for example: "If this WaPo piece is true, ...." It's in the conditional.

Thomas Jackson

Given Snobama's mentors it seems his ideas depend on who last sat on him. My bet is on Michelle. She weilds one big broom.

Denny, Alaska

So, Sen. Obama (D-Mr. 99%) says "I'm in charge here!"

That should warm the heart of any Dem with any knowledge of history.

Oh, sorry. It doesn't appear there's any Dem on board at the moment who can remember back to Kerry '04.

Never mind.

CG FlLorida

Exactly how many serious "errors in judgment" is Obama allowed before his adoring lemmings begin to notice they've been merrily rushing towards the edge of a treacherous cliff.

This particularly spectacular "error in judgment" is all over the web and it's coming back to haunt him, big time.

If it walks like a duck......


Common Sense.

If your insane, why would you reproduce or clone? If the world is insane, why should anyone reproduce or clone?

Intelligence is psychiatry. The community is international. The agents are tools, unless the psychiatrist decides to do the killing.

Insane people get very angry when you tell them they're insane. Don't tell them they're insane. They reproduce and clone and the psychiatrist has decided to do the is killing.......

Money? Some guy got the odds right on Indiana and NC.

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