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May 05, 2008



Click my link too. May be nothing, but it isn't gonna help the Big O.


And it certainly won't help his kids.

Buford Gooch

We political junkies are all atwitter with the Wright/Ayers/Dohrn/Rezko/whomever, and with good reason. These associations would disqualify any "person of pallor" from the office of the Presidency. The big question is how well they will play to the actual voting public in October, when filtered through the MSM.

JM Hanes

THIS JUST IN: When asked why they believe the cover-up is worse than the crime, 8 out 10 respondants said, "It's in the Constitution!"

Keeping hope alive, now at JOM!


"The big question is how well they will play to the actual voting public in October, when filtered through the MSM."

I think if the MSM filter were as effective as we think, Obama would be chilling in the Caribbean waiting for Denver by now.


Why the cover up?

Most Americans are uncomfortable with the idea that people who want to run the government are comfortable with people who wanted to overthrow the government.

It enough to make a cynic question the sincerity of a one term Senator with no accomplishments.


They'll never vote for a Pastorfarian.



That's is quite clever..


And my previous comment was close to English. Or is it American?


Must be American. I didn't even notice.

Patrick R. Sullivan

The American Thinker has an interesting piece on Obama Nation's fund raising strategy:

...the Obama campaign has chosen to forge its own path, rather than rely on a database developed by [Harold] Ickes. The campaign has just the right man to do so: Chris Hughes, a 24-year old co-founder of the phenomenally successful Facebook website, who should rightly join David Plouffe and David Axelrod in a triumvirate that has been key to the Obama campaign.


The Mybarackobama site is the first social network site devoted to a political campaign. Mybarackobama.com capitalizes on "viral growth": by inviting friends to join you in supporting Barack Obama. Powered by this simple but effective mechanism, the Obama campaign's list of contacts, supporters and donors has grown at an exponential rate with zero incremental costs of "acquiring" them. Why buy mailing lists?

This is a powerful competitive advantage. [snip]

His website has played a key role in this fundraising effort. The campaign is being fueled by a large number of small donations, often sent through Mybarackobama.com; these small donors are a source of funds that are very cost-effective to collect. These donors can be tapped repeatedly for further contributions before they reach federal campaign caps (Clinton's campaign relies on a smaller number of larger donations, and has suffered for this reliance on such big givers when they reach their caps).

There are crucial competitive advantages to Obama's fundraising apparatus that make it a more effective tool than [Ickes'] Catalist. Supporter-entered data can be used to microtarget them in the future with messages tailored to motivate them to support Obama (and other candidates -- see below). The vast numbers of small donations that have come through the internet and through other fundraising means are often in amounts smaller than $200. This has allowed the campaign to exploit a loophole in campaign finance laws. Contributions smaller than $200 do not have to be itemized or disclosed to Federal campaign authorities. Transparency suffers. The names of these donors never become part of the public domain and thus cannot be accessed by other politicians in the future when they seek financial support for their own campaigns...

Donna V.

Pray that McCain doesn't refrain from mentioning Ayers because he wants to take the high road.

The Dems will have no such scruples. I didn't think McCain's service record was assailable - but moonbats will rush in where Jay Rockefeller feared to tread. (Actually, I doubt he feared to tread there all that much.)

Soon we'll be reading about how McCain "sang" for the North Vietnamese -and the MSM will do everything in their power to make Ayers look like an idealistic '60's youth who maybe took things a touch too far - but, hey, those kids, what can ya say.

Donna V.

I'll add that that 2001 photo of Ayers doing the Revolution shuffle on the American flag needs to get circulated as much as possible.

In politics one picture is worth a thousand words about Ayers' dubious Marxist educational goals (although those goals should certainly be written about.)

In fact, I've sent it to an uncle of mine, a Korean War vet. The problem is if he prints if off and takes it to his VFW post, it might inadvertently cause a few old leathernecks to burst a blood vessel.


I'm a vet but I barely raised an eyebrow over the Ayers/flag photo. Why? Because the goof is doing his schtick in a deserted alley rather than a busy street (brave of him) and also because getting angry at Ayers is like yelling at the last place finisher in a Special Olympics foot-race.


If Obama wins,then he could make Ayers Defence Secretary,the Ayers could blow himself up.One for the revolution and one for Gaia.

Nick Kasoff - The Thug Report

So Obama is close to a Weatherman. If only that was his greatest sin! The fact is, Obama is the most liberal member of the Senate - even more liberal than Socialist Bernie Sanders. The America which Obama-Reid-Pelosi would create is quite different than the one we enjoy today. To me, that's far worse than hanging out with a terrorist.

Nick Kasoff
The Thug Report


"Because the goof is doing his schtick in a deserted alley rather than a busy street (brave of him) and also because getting angry at Ayers is like yelling at the last place finisher in a Special Olympics foot-race."

Not getting angry at Ayers, once again, this is about Obama! It's easy to get sidetracked by how despicable Wright and Ayers are, but that is not the story.

When you apply for a job with the Federal Govt, especially those that demand a clearance, they ask you all sorts of questions about your background and associations and whether you were a member of the Communist Party etc. There is a reason for that. It's interesting that to get your hands on the nuclear button and to be commander in chief you don't have to fill out that form.

Danube of Thought

Here's a great one:

"CNN's John Roberts declared his interview with Barack Obama on Monday a 'Rev. Wright-free zone' to telegraph he wouldn't ask the Democratic presidential contender about the controversy over his former pastor."

Might we have expected a "Watergate-free" zone for an interview with Richard Nixon?

How about a "Communist-free" zone for an interview with Joseph McCarthy? By all means, shouldn't someone have imposed a "Chappaquiddick-free" zone on Roger Mudd's interview with Teddy Kennedy?

Shouldn't we go back and have a "Swift-boat free" zone for interviews with John Kerry?

Common decency and the CNN code of journalistic integrity certainly should have mandated a "Lewinsky-free" zone for any interviews with Bubba.

And for God's sake, would it have been too much to expect an "Iran-Contra-free zone" for interviews with the Gipper?


Swift Kids for Truth


How about a presidency free zone for Hillary?

CNN's John Roberts declared his interview with Barack Obama on Monday a 'Rev. Wright-free zone'

I suppose Baracky told him he wouldn't do the interview with him otherwise. Poor Baracky, the big leagues are so difficult.


I don't think he can hit the curve. I know he can't. Hell, he can't foul off the 80 mph fastball.

It would be racist to ask him a hard question, right? Ooops. I meant "correct?"

troy mcclure

You're right, Wright is old news, Auchi's role in the Italian 'clean hands scandal",
the Oil for Food Program, his funding of Rezko who in turn funded Obama. His involvement with Al Sammarai, the indicted
Iraqi electricity minister, Ayers and Obama's role in the useless Annenberg Initiative; which did nothing to fix Chicago public schools. The most recent detail appears with Barry's entreaty to the BEND insurgents in Nigeria; whose antics brought oil to 120.00 a barrel!!. Instead
there are stories about arugula and endive,
the brilliance of Rev. Wright, etc. Along with the usual handholding of Iranian Quds
force revelations, AQ propaganda, et al.

On another note, did McCain not get the memo
of the Snuffington Post's last slanders against him.


windandsea, that killed me. Especially the last kid.

Troy, you may remember me from such requests as "wait till the end to hit enter" and "paragraphs: the commenter's friend".


Obama couldn't pass a basic background/security check for a low-level classified government job with all of these associations yet he is poised to become President and have both houses of congress in his corner and the entire Democratic leadership are a pack of radical leftists.

We are in major trouble.


Another Weatherman victim story has surfaced from the Larry Johnson site.

"I would like to introduce you to the Honorable Richard Elrod, the man who was paralyzed by the Weather Underground."

The linked article is linked to another, more detailed Article

" As the winter of 1968 bled into the spring of 1969, a new type of dissident was born, one dedicated to the proposition that violence, not passivity, was the way to change: Weatherman."

bio mom

Saw a clip of Obama being interviewed by Matt Lauer yesterday. He looked just awful. Kept calling Lauer "Tim", mixing him up with Russert. The lad is just not ready for prime time.


I keep hearing that Democrats want to stop the focus on Obama’s radical friends and Hillary’s nasty tactics and corruption so that they can make this campaign about high food prices, high gas prices and the economic problems that resulted from making it too easy for people to buy houses.

High food prices are due to the Left’s crusade to burn food in our cars. High gas prices are due to the Left’s adamant refusal to allow us to drill for more oil. And helping more people with shaky credit buy houses was a huge priority for the Left.

I feel like Brer Rabbit. Please don’t throw me in that briar patch.

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