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May 01, 2008



Spike loves Obama. "He's a unifier." Nothing Spike Lee wants more than to be unified with the white devil Republicans who engineered the destruction of New Orleans, and probably the election of black figureheads in that city to mismanage the evacuation.


Spike Michelle!

Do you think more people would vote for O if they had 15 minutes with Michelle?

"Mrs. Obama embraced the argument that her husband was unknown, arguing that it established him as an "underdog."
""So this is the difficult thing. This is why it's always an uphill battle," she continued. "Folks in this country believe that, who they think they know, is safer than who they're not quite sure that they know."
""Our values transcend it all,” she said. “And its not that other candidates have values; it’s just how they are translated in their politics. Sometimes folks who have been in this for a while, they just don't know how to be anything than what the process has been. That's why sometimes you need new blood just to shake it up a bit."

Michelle defends, re-introduces husband


Bull, Tom. NO ONE is having more fun they you are. Surber's a distant second. The rest of us are looking at the state of the world, the three candidates, and indulging in excessive quantities of alcoholic beverages. (Poor HIT hasn't even been allowed out to play in DAYS.)


Circular firing squad among the demagogues?

Sorry, I'm with Tom -- this is too much fun. Gotta enjoy the moment, folks...;)


"Our values transcend it all,” she said.

So, she was supposedly rallying the troops to go forth and testify to Obama's greatness, but she gave them only vague words like "change" and "our values"? Maybe they'll remember the "everyone needs to get a smaller piece of the pie" story. Or the "we're struggling to pay those summer camp fees and piano/ballet lessons on last year's $4.2 million income" story.


***thAN you are***


If Barack is elected, look for the creation of the Department of Hectoring.


A little afternoon delight.

Conspiracy theories? Well, they've already started regarding the suicide of the DC Madame.

Larry Flint:

“I think the media should be very cautious in treating this as a suicide,” Flynt told FOXNews.com in a telephone interview from his Beverly Hills office.

Asked if he believed Palfrey was murdered, Flynt responded: “I personally believe that’s what happened, but I have no proof.”

But not to worry, David Corn is on it:

While Flynt's version of events might be the most intriguing, they are not the only version. Many believe justice ran its course -- however misguided -- and the case won't have any lasting effect, said David Corn, Washington bureau chief of Mother Jones magazine and a Washington-based journalist who reported on the case.

"I met her once -- and it was not in a sordid fashion -- as a reporter, and I kept asking her, 'You know, if you had any famous, high-profile clients.' And she said, 'Well, not really. A lot of people wouldn't recognize these people anyway,' " Corn recalled on Thursday.

He said it struck him as odd that the prosecution focused on her case, rather than any of the other "escort services" that can be found in the local phone book. Corn said Palfrey seemed to have a "why me?" attitude.

Corn did not question that Palfrey had taken her own life.


Jeremiah Wright

Don't tell the black church to shut up, Spike!


It's really pretty simple. Spike just wants anyone who says anything he doesn't like to shut up. I'm not surprised.

JM Hanes

Gee, it's just so hard to imagine Corn meeting anyone in sordid fashion, isn't it? We should probably check with Larry Johnson for the scoop here.


David Corn is such a pansy, we sure did not need his denial here.


Hey BTW when I open up the screenshot linked to his what looks like MySpace page, and I squint mightily, it appears this foul mouthed dweeb is listing himself as a History major from the University of Michigan. That is the Peoples Republic of Ann Arbor, and to me explains a hell of a lot. The Masters degree was just so he did not have to ask everyone if they wanted it supersized.


wrong thread ignor and I will repost.

Don Surber

clarice: I'm a Distant Second in having fun with this? We'll just let Barack Steve Urkel Obama decide!
Now move over and gimme some more popcorn


wrong thread ignor and I will repost.


You can have popcorn, Don--Glad you stopped in. As TM got started on his non-stop hilarity I bought the stuff by the case.

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