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May 01, 2008



This question goes to mental health and mental health care.

Yeah, your need for it.


Let me guess: the Kos and Huffpost crowds think it was "speaking truth to power" and just love it?


These people are not very socially savvy, are they?

Thomas Collins

The "minister" actually helped McCain. McCain's calm reaction to the question belies the notion that McCain doesn't have the temperament for the job of POTUS. I wonder if the "minister" has sufficient neural power to recognize that he not only disgraced himself, but also helped McCain.

By the way, speaking of temperament, has B_O gotten himself to the point that he can take more than eight questions from the press at one time?


The commenters at HuffPo are now sure that McCain called his wife a c**t. Why? Because he chose not to answer the man's question.



He is an ex Biden campaign office manager and an Obama supporter


Link to above


Are there any sane democrats left?


Well I am quite sure that God is sick of this shit. Rev Wright told me that Obama needs to have his chickens stay cooped up so that its not apparent how bird brained the whole lot of Democrats is.


Don't worry the nutroots gets even worse

and doesn't even break a sweat.

For those with a strong stomach to see how these people think



You can probably figure this one out just from the post title....Sickos 


JM Hanes

You know, I hate to see this kind of story get any coverage at all.

Paul Zrimsek

And in a moment of intemperance, he called his wife the most despicable name a person can call a woman.

Arianna Huffington?


I'm not going to any of those nutroots sites (Gosh, I knew Kos when he was just a callow University newspaper reporter/editor), but I'm guessing . . . they're blaming Obama? After all, who would have more to lose from being named by the DC Madam than he? Well, aside, perhaps, from Hillary!

Jeremiah Wright

"You know, I hate to see this kind of story get any coverage at all."

I sympathize, but anything that embarasses the nutroots can't be all bad...


The Dems- when did you stop beating your wife...republican, cuz we are unmoved by this behavior when dems are known for it...

OT, but shouldn't these Dem congressman be driving a Pirus instead of these gas guzzling Arianna Huffington type bling cars taxpayer are footing?

Congressman Charles Rangel [Democrat]was recently seen getting out of his Cadillac DeVille, which he leases for $774 per month. Then there was Congressman Jose Serrano[Democrat], getting out of his Buick LaCrosse, which he leases for $317 per month. And how about this one: Congressman Gregory Meeks [Democrat]was recently seen waiting for Congressman John Conyers [Democrat]to step out of Meeks' Lexus LS460, which Meeks leases for $998 per month...

...All those leases { and it's " And it's not just the car, but gas, registration, insurance … the works. " } are picked up by taxpayers through a little-known program available only to members of the House of Representatives.

Sorry, not going to take lectures about the poor and global warming from these progressive heros. EVER.

Progressives? You need to clean up your CULTURE OF CORRUPTION AND HYPOCRISY


Howard Dean has agreed to appear on FNC Sunday.

Apres Hillary, le deluge.

The netroots will be none too pleased.


JM Hanes

OTOH, it makes it hard for Dems to claim that McCain only speaks to hand picked, sympathetic, audiences -- or at least it should.


Moveon, Kos - R.I.P.

In the monomaniacal world of moveon.org and the Daily Kos, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have committed an unforgivable sin. By appearing on Fox News the Democrats have proven themselves unserious in the apocalyptically serious fight against Rupert Murdoch’s quest for world domination. Back when Obama was the unflappable boy wonder of the Left, the Kos [...]

Danube of Thought

Paul Zimsek has my vote for Post of the Day.

troy mcclure

Let me guess, Colonel mustard, with the candlestick in the gazebo


Hey BTW when I open up the screenshot linked to his what looks like MySpace page, and I squint mightily, it appears this foul mouthed dweeb is listing himself as a History major from the University of Michigan. That is the Peoples Republic of Ann Arbor, and to me explains a hell of a lot. The Masters degree was just so he did not have to ask everyone if they wanted it supersized.


I don't know what's in the water up there at the Univ of Mich, but I recall that a whole bunch of the Pages in the Mark Foley flap went to the same school as well as other politically active people involved in that who were not Pages.

I still have my suspicions Jon Stryker was behind a lot of that.

JM Hanes

Here's an addendum from a commenter over at Gateway Pundit, offered without any endorsement of its accuracy from me:

Interesting that Firedoglake is credited with the video so it looks like an ambush that didn't work very well
Certainly wouldn't surprise me.


Wasn't Biden's notorious noxious temper recorded before? I know that icon of all that is wrong with the world Ted Kennedy's has been documented, thought Biden's was too. Of course, Biden is the KING KONG of pander and teeth snapping smiles for the camera we all know and love.


Yeah, JMH...what's your take on that? I know the dogs have been harping on that line on McCain even though a bunch of their choice headline Firedoglake bloggers caused an uproar for calling a dem congresswoman a whore and then called her "c***" or soe such and mistress Jane said she thought that all her bloggers should be allowed to use such language no matter what.

So if it was her goons, the what up? And I wonder of Hamsher paid the Macaca stalker.

Anyway, a commenter raised questions about Hamsher funding that I never thought about, and it is kinda BS that they do do calls for donations all the time - if they are getting funding why misrepresent to others?

Of corse, if that is the case.


typo queen, me!


Wouldnt you love to see the crowd and media reaction if he actually was a Baptist Minister and had instead asked this question of either of the other candidates.


FireDogLake lovely name calling , and here and and here and and mother Hamsher's non-response here

the preview

Do Jane Hamsher and Christy Hardin Smith have conservative operatives in their midst? Has FireDogLake - arguably a top five liberal group blog - been infiltrated by dirty tricks squads of the right? More directly, does FDL blogger Pachacutec work for Karl Rove?

I ask because of the reckless, misogynist post that appeared this morning in my regular blogroll (I'm a big FDL fan, most of the time) about Democratic Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher of California. Tauscher is a so-called Blue Dog Democrat, a centrist type who has often voted with the Republicans on military issues. She may well be due a primary from the left in her district in San Francisco's progressive suburbs. But she is certainly not due a vicious attack on her gender, dressed up as "snark" by a leading liberal blog. Here's the slime, headlined " FDL Late Nite: Whore, n., 1. A prostitute. . ."

UPDATE: FDL blogger TRex used the C-word this morning to describe a conservative pundit (in an otherwise excellent post on the hopelessness in Iraq), and one commenter called him on it:

You will probably not see this, TREx, but I gotta object to the C word, even when used with regard to Ingraham.

It’s the only word I don’t use. It’s the only one that makes me go “ohhh” and stop reading. If my survey is correct, 9 out of 10 women feel the same.

Ifya wouldn’t mind, could ya lose it outta your vocabulary, at least here?

Makes me stop, too. And angry. I left a comment, also pro


Senator McCain, is it true that you once referred to your hosts in Hanoi in less than flattering terms? I read in a book that you called them $%&*#. Is this true?

Someone had to ask.


as Hamsher says

I want to talk a bit about the site, my view of what we do, and the use of language here. Recently there was a dustup when comments made by TRex and Pach were deemed objectionable by some and based on this, characterizations of both as "sexist" were made. While I basically think that people who launch these kinds of attacks, drawing false conclusions based on a superficial analysis of their respective works that consists entirely of the posts in question and engaging in gender- or race-baiting as a way to get their point across (or draw attention to themselves) are either shallow analysts, bad faith artists or both, the discussion of the language used in these posts is a valid topic of discussion and that conversation should have happened here at FDL One of the words used in TRex's post -- "cunt" -- triggers the comment moderation function here and when the text was quoted in the comments they wound up in the filter and did not get sprung in time for the conversation to be conducted at FDL. So tonight I wanted to give people the opportunity to air their views here, and Pach, Christy and TRex are all here to add their thoughts, which vary by individual.

I don't use the "c" word personally, though I'm hardly a saint on that front -- nothing gets Michelle Malkin's blood boiling faster than to remind her that I once called Kate O'Beirne "sandpaper snatch." Since that time it's been refined by the community (thanks to punaise) into "Ole 60 Grit" and it has become something of blogospheric lore -- Jim O'Beirne's notorious hiring of Heritage Foundation interns for the CPA is now commonly referred to as the "60 Grit Employment Agency." We are, first and foremost, writers (and artists) here on this site, and I will not impose limitations on how people can express themselves here. We test the edges of communication, and in doing so often get perilously close to the edge and occasionally step over. It's what makes us exciting, challenging and interesting, in the tradition of Lenny Bruce or Hunter S. Thompson.

If I were Mccain, I'd just ask them why they were trying to bait and draw attention to themselves, according to Razor blades for breakfast, lunch and dinner Jane Hamsher.


A series of ads doing nothing but quoting top progressive bloggers (in context!) would destroy the Democratic party.


Well if there is any justice in this universe, this creep Marty The C**T Parrish will have just earned himself a new lifelong nickname, and Joe Biden ought to have the cameras shoved in his face yesterday to publically denounce and disown the remarks of his former Campaign weasel.


They are obvious. The NYTs didn't suceeed so they are sending out the big guns to make him lose his temper.


I'm gonna get a bumper sticker that says:



The nutroots are such wusses.


How many debates and forums have the Dim's loaded up now??? They can't stand honest questions, but constantly put these loon's in 'pub forums to come up with the wildest accusations. It's like the whole movement is metally deficient, or never got past potty training, or something. Maybe Freud had some good points after all.


Firedoglake is a top 5 Liberal blog???

It's like romper room over there.

Good Lord, please don't tell me that's what this country has come to.


If you haven't had a chance, read Krautammer today. He's spectacular. LUN

Curly Smith

What's the difference between a Republican audience and a Democratic one?

The Republican audience recognizes that vulgarity has no place in public discourse. The Democratic audience applauds the vulgarity and lionizes the user... like children on a playground hearing the word for the first time.

Sad to say, I'm just not sophisticated enough to appreciate the "Shock and Spew" Democratics.

Paul Atreides

No doubt, he is applauded by the same people who think that we should stop talking about Obama's preacher.


Good Lord, please don't tell me that's what this country has come to.

I'm not going to tell you, but you already know the answer. ::sigh::


Natural Born Killunter.


Not a catch and release predator; this one is viciously, needlessly, destructive. Special pathology.


Krauthammer: The Race Speech Revisited


n the tradition of <S>Lenny Bruce</S>Moe, Larry and Shemp or <s>Hunter S. Thompson</S> Bozo T. Clown.

 There fixed it.


John Henry

He has a wierd profile allright. Student council president in 10th grade? CAP Cadet Commander in 1977?

In any event, and not to bust anyone's bubble, included in his list of accomplishments is

"Licensed, 1st Baptist Church, West Memphis Arkansas, Minister of the Gospel, 1980"

I've not heard of a church issuing licenses before. I thought a license had to be issued by the state. Does (did) Arkansas license ministers?

In any event, there does seem to be some claim that he is a Baptist Minister or was 28 years ago.

Not sure his tax return business qualifies as "technology sector" though.

John Henry

Ordained (not licensed) Minister, Universal Life Church, 1973.


Thanks for the Krauthammer links, Jane and Deb. That was excellent. He captures Obama's rhetorical deceit wrt Wright better than anyone else I've read thus far.


Ha Tops, how funny.
The guy that posted this story on FDL actually wrote the book that "broke" the story that McCain called his wife names. Yes, a publisher actually published a book about this carp. What ridiculous people they all are.

Cecil Turner

Let me get this straight. A fanatic Obama supporter and political partisan writes a book about McCain with a cute excerpt of anonymously-sourced reporter gossip from 1992. A fellow HuffPo pundit (also Obama supporter, natch) makes a big deal of it. Then a fellow Obot takes the issue on the road to a town hall meeting. Nice.

Verdict amongst the lefties? He's a hero. Beautiful. Let's ask Mr Obama whether he approves of the tactics used by his supporters, should we? Classy.


John Henry

Good luck figuring out Arkansas Baptists. Arkansas has some arcane and very unusual laws.


Re: John Henry

Yes, many churches - especially from a baptist or free church tradition - do license ministers. Basically, it's usually looked at as an interim step toward ordination.

One interesting thing, though - I didn't see anywhere ANY formal biblical or theological training. While such training isn't, strictly speaking, a requirement, I have to say that knowing someone has received training helps understand their theological perspective. Also, having such training can help keep one on the rails and away from heresy or slipshod handling of the Bible.

Th.M. Dallas Theological Seminary, 2002


Can licensed ministers marry people? If so, the next bride considering using Potty Mouth Parrish should worry about that "Do you take this ...." question to the groom.


Wow. Look at the Big Brain on Marty. He knows how to repeat despicable words. Arianna must be so proud.

Tom Maguire

In any event, and not to bust anyone's bubble, included in his list of accomplishments is

"Licensed, 1st Baptist Church, West Memphis Arkansas, Minister of the Gospel, 1980"

Hmmph, how did I miss that?

Too late to prove anything now, but his Google cache skips straight from his interests to his college degree, with no mention of the minister license.

Whatever - he must have been about 19 at the time if he is 46 now, so I will still dispute "ordained", anyway.

richard mcenroe

If I'm not a Baptist,would I go to hell if I just cracked this clown one across the mouth...?

Ernst Blofeld

I had a card identifying me as a minister for the Universal Life Church when I was 18, too. Cost me five bucks.


Anyway, I think the "American Hero" has just been dumbed down about 300 notches by TPM.

M. Simon

I'm a licensed minister of WTAO.

By the FCC I might add. Chief Engineer of the WTAO. A title that is hard to come by.


Ok, it gets worse...Gateway's found that the "minister' signed in with press credentials with Huffington Post along with HuffPo - "OffTheBus' contributor who filed the actual story (like it was a story, no staging or coordination) - Keith Dinsmore

OffTheBus is a Jay Rosen - Arriana project. I'm sure Jay is regretting besmirching his name with all these dirty Arrianna tactics. He should be thoroughly embarrassed. If not? never regarded again.

And Arianna has NO business bellyaching and critiquing the press now. Staging News Arianna is lame, really bad and lame. No more lectures from frauds


I'm sure Jay is regretting besmirching his name with all these dirty Arrianna tactics.

I was thinking the same thing. His Off the Bus seems to be more of the same.



I am just catching up tonight, so I am sorry if this has already been posted:

'My Master Is Obviously Not You, Dick!'

What do you think of this? I think the left is falling apart here, too!

and PUK, I am so happy for you!!!



and the hits just keep on coming ---
Questioner Dragged Out Of McCain Town Hall Talks To OffTheBus - KEITH DINSMORE

OffTheBus member Keith Dinsmore was on the scene at the McCain healthcare town hall in Iowa Wednesday where Marty Parrish posed a question to the candidate the mainstream media weren't asking. Parrish was dragged out by secret service agents. He talked with OTB's

Joe Biden-Organization, Iowa
updated December 22, 2007
Headquarters: 8033 University Ave, Suite C, Des Moines, IA 50325 515.440.2008

Communications Director Keith Dinsmore

Most recently was communications director for My Rural America Action Fund, a progressive grassroots advocacy group. In the 2004 cycle Dinsmore worked on Dick Gephardt's presidential campaign in Iowa and on John Kerry's campaign in the Missouri and Wisconsin primaries, and on the press staff for Missouri Democratic Party and Claire McCaskill for Governor campaign. Press secretary for Elaine Marshall's U.S. Senate campaign in North Carolina then press secretary on Claire McCaskill for Auditor campaign in Missouri, 2002. Worked on Bill Bradley's presidential campaign in Iowa, 2000. Established Signet Communications, a consulting and publishing firm, in 1990, serving private sector and political clients, after stint as media affairs specialist for Hill and Knowlton Public Relations in St. Louis. Press secretary for Jim Moody for U.S. Senate campaign in Wisconsin, 1992. Communications director for Gephardt for President in Iowa, then in several primary states, 1988. Editor of Des Moines Magazine, 1985-87. Missouri coordinator on Gary Hart's presidential campaign, 1984. Press secretary for Carter/Mondale Presidential Committee in Iowa, 1980. Member of the original Jimmy Carter for President Steering Committee in Iowa, 1976, while he was owner of Dinsmore Publishing Co., which published 20 weekly newspapers. B.A. degree from Truman State University. A fifth generation Iowan, Dinsmore was raised on a farm near Fremont, Iowa.

here is Keith's Huff Po Bio - just a wee bit different, eh?

Keith Dinsmore, an Iowa native, has owned and published more than 20 community newspapers in Iowa and Missouri and once edited the Des Moines Magazine. A graduate of Truman State University, he has authored two books and was named a Master Columnist by the Iowa Newspaper Association.

Keith has been involved in every contested presidential caucus campaign since 1976 when he signed on with Jimmy Carter. He has also worked as a media specialist with Hill and Knowlton in St. Louis, and been involved in other political campaigns throughout the country as either a consultant or press staffer.

Keith has continued to hone his political skills through the years and has helped candidates communicate with voters who live in rural America. Besides politics and the press, his passions include the St. Louis Cardinals, Iowa Hawkeyes and Missouri Tigers. Just for fun, Keith once hosted the World’s Largest Tupperware Party on his birthday and was instrumental in founding the National Bed Racing Association.

Nice, Jay.


" here who don’t respect that kind of language. "

it was your own langauge your FUCKING MORONIC GOP candidate


Thats OK Nick, I remember my first beer too.




Those CAPS really MAKE THE COMMENT, Nick.



Those CAPS really MAKE THE COMMENT, Nick.



Wow. Gibson takes Parrish to the woodshed and spanks him.

Cecil Moon

I disagree that c*** is the worst thing you could call a woman. The one I dread to hear is "Mrs." President.

Joseph Somsel

Gee Whizz, a sailor, and son of a sailor, once used salty language.

Who would have thought?


Well there are certainly some "Mrs. President"'s that would be music to my ears. Just not this one.


As a Baptist minister who is both licensed and ordained, I can perhaps clear up part of this issue.

States and other legal entities require ministers to have some sort of credentials to perform certain religious functions, particularly marriages. In Baptist churches, local congregations have the responsibility of "setting apart" people for the work of ministry and granting them these legal credentials. A "license" (issued by the local church) satisfies this legal requirement. In most states (including Texas, where I live) a license is all that is required to perform marriages.

"Ordination" serves less of a legal purpose than an ecumenical one. In Baptist churches, a minister is put through a process of questioning and vetting before being ordained. The ordination results in the title "Reverend" being conferred on the minister.

It is often customary for a minister to be "licensed" very early in the ministry (I was licensed at age 20) and be ordained later, such as after completing seminary training (I was ordained at age 28). This practice varies by congregation and is often handled differently in different parts of the country.

I hope that makes sense.


A license to minister is given by the state, and is for legal, not religious, purposes. It means you can do things like perform marriage ceremonies. Plenty of people get licensed as ministers without actually being religious. (There are web sites you can go to for this).

Ordination is done by some churches, and is a separate thing. As a baptist, I give more weight to ordination that licensing, since I don't consider the state capable of making spiritual decisions.


Probably a minister like the guy in There Will Be Blood...


Most people form ministries to avoid creditors.


Well, now Frank Rich is trying to draw a parallel between McCain and John Hagee a la Obama-Wright. LOL


For such a "complex" liberal, Rich is such a simpleton.

Thomas Jackson

This leftwingnut is not ordained, has no connection with the Church in Arkansas, and has no accreditation. He has as much claim to the term minister as Stalin did.

Just ask yourself one questiuon when an incident of this sort occurs who is more likely to have been the author of it, the Left or the Right?

If you answered the Right I have some prime swampland for you and some beachfront property in Utah you'll just love.


If you answered the Right I have some prime swampland for you and some beachfront property in Utah you'll just love.


We all love game, if you want to play it, please cheap penya and join us.

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