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May 04, 2008




He sounds good enough.

He will win.

No matter if you are confused, or not.

The Narrative must not die.

And They (The Ones They have been waiting for) will not let it die.

It's all good.

Don't worry.



I can't wait.



So I love this country. It is what I have been fighting for, a--that America lives up to its values and its ideals. And that's what I think the people of Indiana and that's what the people of North Carolina are looking for right now. What, what--they love this country as well, but what they've believe is that the values that have built this country, the belief in--that hard work is rewarded, that you can raise a family and have health care, and buy a home and retire with dignity and respect, that those things feel like they're slipping away.

That Barack Hussein Obama also wants to talk with the leaders of Iran, Syria, North Korea, raise the tax on capital gains, withdraw immediately from Iraq, make the U.S. "green" (read Red), pressure Israel to surrender, does not seem to make a bit of difference.

The fact is that the American Dream is slipping away.

You didn't get the memo?

Johnny can't read.

Jill has a 1-in-4 chance of having an STD.

And it's all BusHitler's fault!

It so simple.

I'm surprised you can't seem to get it.


But you will.

Just sayin'.


Uhm, well, you know, it's like this, maybe I should just, you know, if he, or maybe if I, we could all have hope and change.

This man is clueless without a prepared speech. I have no idea if he owned up to something or not. Is that the trick he is playing? You can't go back and use his words against him because they make no sense to begin with?

Buford Gooch

With such eloquence in speaking, it's no wonder people are swooning for him. Just look at that magnificent sentence structure! The coherence of thought puts one to mind of the great speakers of the past. (Elmer Fudd springs immmediately to mind.)


(Elmer Fudd springs immmediately to mind.)

It brought to mind the night my teenage daughter was trying to talk her way out of a mess she had gotten herself into. Uhm, you know, and then we, you know, and then I, you know, and then we, you know and then everything kind of, you know, wasn't her fault that her car wound up in a location she wasn't.


This is elite, terribly expensive education at its best? (Or, am I having a nightmare?)

What I want to know is WHO is Obama's speech writer. We now know, it isn't him!


America been berry berry good to me , too, does that mean I have to run for President?
Isn't that bizarre? He's making this sacrifice--running for President--for us? Weirdo.


And they mock Bush. Bush sounds like WFB on a seven percent solution compared with this guy.

I think I will ask my 9th grade son to diagram one of Obama's sentences. Maybe he can turn it in for extra-credit.


I think we now know why Barack was never trusted in a court room by his law firm. You have to be able to think on your feet before a judge. He obviously can't.


So, now we know that the Wizard behind the curtain is really Axlerod witha a really powerful microphone. It most definitely isn't the candidates he is foisting on the electorate.


And what makes it great, ultimately, is its people and how the American people are able to live out their American dream.

Hmmm. Power to the People!!! As long as those people aren't God-fearing, hard-working, gun-owning people educated in public schools in small towns and Middle America. No bitters allowed.


Obama's unscripted moments are hyper-parsed to the point of excruciation. (Yes, there are things worse than water-boarding.) Poor man is terrified to say what "is" is.

troy mcclure

I didn't know they have Kenyan serve in the U.S. Army. Oh, wait that's the other grand parent he hasn't thrown under the bus, yet.


America been berry berry good to me , too, does that mean I have to run for President?

No, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be a good idea.

Isn't that bizarre? He's making this sacrifice--running for President--for us? Weirdo.

Who made there by his one oblation of himself once offered...


Obama is speaking now, and he is flat flat flat. I think he has thrown in the towel.

Do we have bets for Tuesday?

I say Hill in Indiana by 9 and a dead heat in NC - with Obama ultimately by 3 or 4.


Clinton 55.23%.....Obama 44.62%

North Carolina
Obama 52.79%.....Clinton 46.96%



Are you in NC? Someone here is.


I think he is only flat to us, Jane. The audience seems to eat it up.

A photographer/designer came over to our house today that works for my husband. He had an "Obama 08" sticker on his car. He is a young 23 year old. My husband told him he could get shot in our neighborhood for that. He opened his mouth like a Bass :O and my husband had to tell him twice he was kidding! :)


It's going be up to the blogging world to get the truth out about Obamamessiah, we are not going to see anything except softballs from the MSM, who have invested all their capital in this guy and now have to keep anteing up.



I'm not. However, I would be quite delighted to accept an honorary membership should JOM's North Carolina contingent offer one to me.


I think it was DebinNC who asked me the same question a few weeks ago. I'm still one away from Mickey Kaus' "Three times and it's a trend," though.


"Obama is speaking now, and he is flat flat flat. I think he has thrown in the towel."

Jane - That's somewhat my impression, too. The Hopeful Changey Guy seems to have lost a fair chunk of mojo post Wright, Ayers, et al. Crowd reaction also seemed more tentative. Swoon-O-Meter readings getting weaker, weaker...


Isn't Hit & Run in North Carolina?

Rick Ballard

H & R plus JMH, IIRC.


God, he sounds just like Miss Teen South Carolina!

Terry Gain

I didn't think Obama was flat but he was as vacuous and wrong as normal.

Near the end of his speech he praised America for making it possible for someone like him to become POTUS.

The irony that his party - the Copperheads-
weren't willing to make the sacrifices which makes all this possible, and that he doesn't understand that or understand the need for or the benefits to be gained by sacrifice in today Iraq, makes it all very ironic.

It would be hilarious were it not so sad.

Danube of Thought

Toast. Palookaville. One-way ticket.


I blame Rev. Wright (and global warming). For 20 years Obama has been praying for the wrong stuff.
He should have been praying for wisdom and judgment.


The Hopeful Changey Guy seems to have lost a fair chunk of mojo...

At one time it would have been PC to say he lost that ole Black Magic.



Jennefer Rubin observes the differences between the appearances of Hillary on This Week and Barack on Meet the Press:

In a primary race where the differences between the two candidates are sometimes hard to discern, there were two vivid ones on display Sunday morning as Barack Obama did Meet the Press and Hillary Clinton did This Week in a town hall setting in Indiana. The first is temperamental. As she was with Bill O’Reilly, Clinton was funny, cracking jokes (this time about Rush Limbaugh), and looking and sounding like she is having fun. Barack Obama, as John points out, was dour, humorless, and emotionally remote. She was supposedly the one with the harsh and cold personality when this campaign started. Somewhere along the way things changed.

Soylent Red

Maybe he can turn it in for extra-credit.

They have 600-level English comp classes?

As if I had no other reason to hate the man, I hate him for his crimes against clarity in usage.

OT, and without comment, all of you who are so inclined please say a little prayer for my buddy Melanie. She leaves at tomorrow for Iraq. She's like the sawed-off angry paratrooper sister I never had and I am very low tonight.


And Ralph L and DebinNC.


SAra, I agree it is noticeable how warm and engaged Hillary has been in the past few weeks. I think she shows at her best in attack mode. She frosts over real fast, though, when she has acceded to power and doesn't have to worry about the votes (for the time being). It's not likely we'll see that happen soon, but hey, for now, I'm still cheering her on.

FWIW I say Hill by 9 in IN and O by 5 in NC.

Rick Ballard

"Somewhere along the way things changed."

I understand that 126,000 blind newts have been counted to date...


I will, Soylent. Godspeed to Melanie.


Soylent, I was just going to say niters. I promise, Melanie will be in my prayers tonight. I have never heard you so down. I wish someone would call me the sawed-off angry paratrooper sister I never had! What a compliment coming from you.

I know.. no comment. We are all with ya! God Bless You Both!


Just in case you don't see this somewhere else before tomorrow, a heads up:

Via NZ Bear/Victory Caucus:

Patti Patton-Bader, founder of Soldiers’ Angels, is one of the fifteen semi-finalists in NBC’s “America’s Favorite Mom” contest. There are five categories, and she is nominated with two other mom’s in the “military mom’s” category. The winner receives a $250,000 cash prize, and Patti has said she’d like to use the money to build a ranch for soldiers and their families to vacation at with assistance from Angel families.

Patti will be featured the morning of Monday May 5th on NBC’s Today Show, and all day Monday (but ONLY Monday) folks will have the opportunity to vote at in her category. All the mom’s are deserving, so whether you decide to vote for Patti or not, check it out!

And Soylent, you and your friend have my prayers.

JM Hanes

I tried to watch Meet the Press, but zzzzzzzzzzz. I managed to make it through Fox News Sunday, but how bad is it when Terry McAuliffe is a welcome relief from Howard Dean?


"but how bad is it when Terry McAuliffe is a welcome relief from Howard Dean?"

I had the same thought. And what is it with Dean? Those beady eyes and the head seems frozen to his neck...

JM Hanes

The story may not be on point in this Obama talk show thread, but Jim Geraghty's title strikes me as entirely apropos: "A Train of Thought That Takes Forever To Leave the Station"




my buddy Melanie.

Now that Jordan is home safe and sound we need someone to embrace in our hearts around here.

Godspeed Melanie.


Yes, The thought of Soylent feeling down just doesn't compute. It's like imagining HIT during prohibition.


Methaphor Mangler
Was he speaking really really quickly?

Elliott - enough of these handwaving percentages!

Clinton 519,343.....Obama 481,866

North Carolina
Obama 781,290.....Clinton 732,765


Soylent, no doubt the saddest of times. No way to assuage the ache.

But, the most balanced of us live in todays, not the past or the future. Before you know it the today that Melanie returns will be upon us. That is my hope for you.

Danube of Thought

At the link under my name, you will find a charming picture of our friend Mr. Ayers stepping on an American flag in 2001. At some point, if I'm told I'm terminal, I think I might make a final trip to Chicago to look this fine fellow up...


if I'm told I'm terminal, I think I might make a final trip to Chicago to look this fine fellow up...


In the 60's I used to say that about Nixon. I'm not proud of that.


Jane, your remorse is like a vaccine. Today's political thuggery is so epidemic we might not survive had we not been infected by the Nixon betrayal.


Wow, that BO is some smooth talker, no? Well, he got one thing right and wrong simultaneously.

"And right now, all too often Washington is failing in helping them to live out that American dream,..."

Washington is definitely failing, on a host of levels. Just not in the ways that he'd have us believe.

Ranger>Hot Air has some excerpts from the article that really drive home to me that all of the radicalism and violence of the Weather Underground was just one big ego trip for Ayers.

But I am struck by another part of that story. What are you doing in a Starbucks? I ask the man who professes to hate globalization.

“Oh,” he says. “I have an addiction to caffeine.”

The grand revolutinary can't be bothered to make his own coffee apparently. Ayers' revolution has never been about actually changing the world, it has been about making Ayers feel important.


Ayers' revolution has never been about actually changing the world, it has been about making Ayers feel important.

I believe the Chicago liberal's blogpost that first introduced the information Ayers held a fund raiser for Obama referred to Ayers as a "legend in his own mind".


Spot on ..

This economy: Call it a ‘Krugman’ – not dead, but very slow


I only saw part of BO with TR, but I was struck by his body language or how the camera angle made him appear. He wasn't sitting upright, but leaning forward with his shoulders hitched up toward his ears. The camera seemed slightly elevated, making Obama's face seem unattractively long and his shoulders narrow. Even his hair looked different seen from above in bright light. Adding to that, Obama spoke looking down without expression. A body language expert on Fox critiquing Wright with Moyers said looking down and to the side when answering a question indicated someone mentally calling forth a memorized answer.

The portion I saw was during the Wright questioning early on, so perhaps BO "brightened up" later. But knowing how this interview could affect tomorrow's primaries, it's strange that not only was Obama's winsomeness missing, but he also failed to exude confidence and strength to rebut the "he's weak" characterization. Very odd imo.



I saw the same portion of the interview, and was frankly so bored by him I turned it off.


To use a sports term, BHO is "trying not to lose".

This often used in football when a team is well ahead in either the game or the standings, and just has to hold a lead to win something important.

When some coaches find themselves in this situation, they often utter mindless phrases like "don't fumble", "don't make mental mistakes", "keep the clock moving" and the like. They also order the "preeeevent defense", which is also called "bend don't break", and a "soft" defense. In this defense, there is no aggression, just trying to prevent a quick score.

This is invariably boring, usually ineffectual, and often counterproductive, allowing the other side to reclaim that other cliche'd quality, "momentum".


At the link under my name, you will find a charming picture of our friend Mr. Ayers stepping on an American flag in 2001.

See...I suspect it is hanging out with that kind of person that kept Obama from wearing the flag lapel pin.
Or at least he made a big issue of not wearing one because he really wants to garner those votes.


NBC will have an interesting choice in their Olympic coverage this summer. Will they feature the 40th anniversary of the famous 1968 black power salute or only mention it is passing to avoid reminding Americans of TUCC and its famous congregant?
"After failing to convince their fellow black athletes to boycott the Mexico City 1968 Olympics, Tommie Smith and John Carlos succeeded in winning the gold and bronze medals in the 200 meters track & field event. Determined to use the grand stage of the Olympic games as a platform for protest, Smith and Carlos accepted their medals in bare feet (to bring attention to the poverty of the African-American community), wearing beads (in honor of the countless blacks murdered as victims of slavery or racism), and holding black-gloved fists in the air (the "Black Power" salute).

I bet Smith and/or Carlos have spoken at TUCC or been featured in TUCC's Trumpet magazine during BO's time there.


Okay, bgates. Death to the percentages!

My turnout models project the following:


Clinton 1,048,269.....Obama 846,890

North Carolina

Obama 1,476,103.....Clinton 1,313,086


a buzzer-beating home run

A buzzer beating home run???

Which baseball game has a time clock?


IN - Hill +10
NC - BO +5


I saw the same portion of the interview, and was frankly so bored by him I turned it off.


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