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June 19, 2008


James Thompson

Fuck you pussies. I'm the real James Thompson. And I was only walking briskly.

And what, I ask you rethuglicans, is wrong with pink pointy hats and (fake) fur?

When I was a door gunner on the Space Shuttle, that was part of our uniform. I could tell you some stories, if you weren't all such cowards.

Cecil Turner

Wonder how a guy could get his hands on that issue...without raiding the bird cage.

Ewwwww! I do love the Obama campaign connection, though. Thanks for the tip.


Obama wants to talk to the Iranians and wingnuts go crazy1 Reagan sold weapons to them AND LIED ABOUT IT!!And clinton gets impeached for a blowjob!What a country!


"Sometimes its hard to be proud of america"Quote by John Mccain!!

Soylent Red

Are you still talking?

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