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June 25, 2008



You see, I thought I was voting for the incumbent. The Cartoon Network held a mock election in early 2000, and Scooby-Doo won.

Soylent Red

Has a touch of spiciness to it:-)

That was not arugula. See "nom" on the next thread.

Did you eat your salad and then have an uncontrollable urge to go to a Pink Floyd laser show?

Cecil Turner

By the time I went to bed, I knew that Florida was critical.

We're drifting a long way off topic, but . . .

I was watching the results while waiting for a flight (hence sober), mostly ignoring the network talking heads (whose bias badly interfered with their analysis) and paying particular attention to the actual vote counts. When the networks "called" Florida for Gore, Bush was ahead in the results. (And, having done flight training in the panhandle, I was well aware that the polls hadn't closed.)

I still think this was the most cynical manipulation of a presidential election since Kennedy, and it continues to be ignored (except where particularly stupid ideologues like Moore try to argue it the wrong direction . . . as if the latter after-closing "call" for Bush was somehow to blame for the result). I don't see how they could fail to know that FL polls were still open, or how inappopriate it was to call the race for the guy who was narrowly behind. I don't know how many votes it cost Bush, but it had to be considerable. Only the wholesale invalidating of overseas military ballots (approximately 40%, from later estimates) even compares; and I suspect the number of the former was much greater.

Luckily, after all that--and some obvious shenanigans with the recount--the Dems failed to steal enough votes to win . . . mostly because dumba** Al Gore didn't ask for the one thing that'd have kept it going: a fair recount.


Actually I drove off to take my kid to soccer practice wondering how half of this country could be so stupid to vote for a guy who his home state constituents could not bring themselves to do.

Imagine my elation to return a few hours later to a bit of waffling and crawfishing on the call.

When the networks "called" Florida for Gore, Bush was ahead in the results. (And, having done flight training in the panhandle, I was well aware that the polls hadn't closed.)

I still think this was the most cynical manipulation of a presidential election since Kennedy

My drift rightward had already begun by this point, but it was watching the 2000 election returns that cemented it. I hadn't voted - I had recently moved to Texas for grad school, and the jerkoff campus "organizer" I thought I was registering with apparently never filed my card, so I found out too late that I wasn't registered. I *thought* I was on the fence about the election. But by the time I went bed at 4 in the morning, I was
wholeheartedly rooting for Bush. It was quite a night.


The 2000 fiasco cemented it for me,too. I thought the Dems' performance shameless and it was..Gore and Clinton's refusal to aid the transition made us far less able to respond on 9/11--many key positions remained unfilled; others had just been filled.

BTW, you can helo send a message to that porker Murtha, Wm Russell ,USAR (Lt Col), a conservative Republican is running and needs your support. (Wm Russell for Congress
PO Box 06632 Wash DC 20090-6632


Then--too--there's special ops officer Beatty, who'd running against Kerry.


We almost didn't have Christmas that year. My husband and I sat in front of the television flipping between CNN, FoxNews and MSNBC. We settled on FoxNews, which was the first time we had watched it for any extended coverage. Back to Christmas. We couldn't leave the house to buy presents because we were afraid we would miss something. My husband was already a Republican, I was still an independent. I didn't know until the debates which one I was going to vote for. Gore acted the fool during the debates and I voted for Bush. Had Gore not performed like a clown at the debates, I would have probably been unsure up to the point of voting which one I would pull the lever for. Thankfully, I chose right. Pun intended.


2002 was when I started voting straight republican and I've never looked back.


So, since a rookery is were birds nest, until after the election we'll store all the political comedians in a mockery.


In 2000 I was a McCainiac. And I got there after voting mostly democrat (except Reagan) for a million years. What started the whole change for me was elected democrats who were friends of mine telling me it was okay to lie under oath - if it was about sex. These were lawyers - and they were in office. To me it's not okay to lie under oath, particularly if you are a lawyer - nevermind a president under any circumstances. I couldn't care less about the sex part.

Anyway, after McCain lost I hated both candidates. So I decided I had to listen to every word either one said, and decide who I liked. In the circles I traveled in, even on line, you could not say a nice word about Bush without becoming enemy #1. But I realized as I watched and listened, that I preferred Bush. And by the time I voted, I realized I liked him.

2000 was one of the most fascinating legal battles I've ever seen. I was so impressed by the Florida lawyer for Bush (I can see him but forget his name )who in the same day I watched try a case in the trial Court and argue an appeal in the appeals Court. I've never known or seen a lawyer before or since who has done that. At that point I was still doing trial work, and I was impressed beyond recognition.

Jim C.

I just posted the following over there. We'll see if it gets through.

After John F. Kennedy was elected, Mort Sahl started joking about him as much as he had about Eisenhower. Democrats complained to him, “We thought you’d be happy now.” His response: “Hey, you didn’t have to do it for me.”

Almost 50 years later, Dems can still dish it out, but they still can't take it.

Rick Ballard

2002 1972 was when I started voting straight republican and I've never looked back.




I know. To my chagrin, the first vote I ever cast was for president in 1976. Guess who I voted for? I am not proud of that vote.


JC? OMG I had figured out that the Democrat Party was going to give us the British health care system, the fighting forces of Germany, the tyranny of the French labor unions and the economy of Italy. JC almost accomplished all of that in one short 4 year term. The country was never so happy to see a guy leave office.


So, OT, you will just have to forgive me . . .

Fresno State (yep, that is where I live in Central California -- Fresno) just won the college World Series over Georgia!.

Hooray, Bulldogs. (Sorry, all, the Georgia Bull Dawgs, lost.)

Back to your regularly scheduled programming (without 89, I hope and pray).



Yes. Which is why 18 year olds don't need to vote. I didn't even know what his policies were. I was raised on democrats were for the poor, and as the child of dairy farmers, being a republican was tantamount to being my father. An outcast. I sometimes wonder if he voted republican just to piss off his inlaws. ::grin::






http://corner.nationalreview.com/post/?q=Yzg2NjdmZTJjNjUwOThmODAyYjliZTM1N2M5Yjk5NzA=>NIE on climate change not sorth the paper it's written on



Was Barry Richard the lawyer you're thinking of? The funny thing was that after it was all over, it was revealed that Richard was a Democrat.


Oh, Lord, I am trying to catch up on the thread, by reading backwards (not recommended). Talkining about bum votes, I voted for Al Gore over George Bush. Not a highlight of my life (my Republican mother would have killed me, literally, if she has still been alive).

I havent't always agreed with W, especially these past years, but I think he will rank right up there historically. Unlike Gore, who will be written off as a whacko at best, and more than likely, insane, at worst.



Thanks for the report and congrats, The Bulldogs have a heck of a team, they beat the TarHeels who have a very fine team to get to the finals. I watched parts of two of those three games between the Heels and the Bulldogs. JMax lived in the dorm her sophomore years with several of the seniors. Her dorm looked out on the baseball field so was a magnet for baseball players. She was telling me some stories between innings on a couple of the guys. Makes the game pretty interesting when you feel like you know a couple of them.


Again, because I am reading bottom to top (backwards), I have to add my own experience.

A life long Republican until I somehow became a CNN junkie. It is amazing how your news source can color your opinions. My kids (all very apolitical) would say, "Mom, why aren't you watching Fox?" My answer was always that CNN told me daily that Fox News was crazy, anathema.

Then came the 2004 election (sorry, not 2000). It was Bush v. Kerry (Kerry, who I couldn't stand!). The election night coverage on CNN, when it was called for Bush, Judy Woodruff broke down on camera, bawling, sobbing (not merely a tear runing from eye to cheek) when I finally had enough of CNN. I changed channels to Fox and have never looked back. Judy, not long after retired.

I have seen how the media can manipulate otherwise relatively sane and conservative people. I was "one of those" once. Not a proud period in my life and it will never happen again. Not with the Internet, not with JOM, not with other resources now at my disposal. And, I hope there are others like me who say, "never again!."


Congratulations centralcal! That is cool. Isn't Fresno State Victor Davis Hanson territory? Up until recently anyway.

hit and run

Yeah, centralcal, I'm late too. I've taken the time to catch up reading, and left no time to comment...so after this, I'm off to bed.

1) I first voted Republican in 1980. Well, it was 5th grade and just a class faux vote, but you better believe I pulled the lever for Reagan. Out of principle? Duh, of course not. Because Susan S. said he was old.

2) Let me boil down Palermo's argument another way: If we allow comedians to mock Obama, the terrorists will have already won.



Porchlight - yep, on VDH. He is from a neighboring and very close community - Visalia, I think (not sure.)

The central valley is farm country! Very Ag oriented and very conservative, unlike much of the coastal regions of the state.

Thomas Jackson

God can't the Dalibama ever maintain a consistent policy? Flip-flop, flip-flop.

He makes Kerry look like the Rock of Gibraltar.



Bulldogs National Champs!!! Congrats!!!!!

We have had the best weather this year for roses. They are beautiful and I think of you daily, but you VOTED FOR AL GORE?

Only kidding, you are very brave to admit it. :)

That is just like Hit, post and run.

Obama's decision to embrace a compromise on FISA legislation -- a virtual slap in the face to some progressive bloggers demanding no legal immunity for telecommunications companies -- was the catalyst of the recent chatter. Other concerns arose days prior when Obama cut an advertisement on behalf of a conservative southern Democrat whose primary challenger was favored by the liberal blogosphere.

I suggest that the "nutroots' get used to disappointment as their "high water mark" has already past.

With Obama and McCain now tied at 45%, Obama will be under even more pressure to move to the "center", leaving the progressives to grumble amongst themselves.

JM Hanes

I was spending considerable amounts of time in south Georgia just down the road from Plains when Carter ran for President. Nobody could believe how little interest there was in his (dreadful) tenure as Governor. Plus ça change!

Bill in AZ

Obama will be under even more pressure to move to the "center"

So will McCain... we lost the gozillion dollar supercollider project to where, somewhere in Europe? And we have one in the making right here for almost free...


Obama has a problem. If he tacks successfully to the center as his general election sailing manual says he should, he risks the ire as Neo adequately points out, of the MoveOn types. Since these folks are quite irrational and quick to feel offense, they might turn off the donation spicket and move in some large quantity to Ralph, Cindy and Cynthia. As seen today, Ralph will run attacks on Obama from even further to the left, and McKinney knows only far left positions. Its why he dares not even reconsider such no brainers as Nuclear Power. It would be a screaming fit on the left, who have already seen their coitus interuptus fantasy re Iraq never come to pass, and also their delusions on impeachment. Losing on a longtime solid green agenda item would likely be the last straw.

Say hello to McGovern. He is the liberal candidate and is stuck there.



The nay votes on the FISA cloture vote. These are the truest of all Copperheads in the Senate:

NAYs ---15
Biden (D-DE)
Boxer (D-CA)
Brown (D-OH)
Cantwell (D-WA)
Dodd (D-CT)
Durbin (D-IL)
Feingold (D-WI)
Harkin (D-IA)
Kerry (D-MA)
Lautenberg (D-NJ)
Leahy (D-VT)
Menendez (D-NJ)
Sanders (I-VT)
Schumer (D-NY)
Wyden (D-OR)


Was Obama there to vote? What about McCain?


Was Barry Richard the lawyer you're thinking of? The funny thing was that after it was all over, it was revealed that Richard was a Democrat.


Probably altho that name doesn't sound as familiar as it should. I do recall during the course of things finding out he was a democrat. That didn't shock me as much as it maybe should have simply because people often represent people they disagree with.

Regardless, he was a great lawyer.


I've voted republican all my adult life.

But it was during the 2000 election recount that I became a semi-activist. I took the "Bush Country" graphic off Rush's site, took it to Kinko's, had it enlarged, and made a sign out of it. I then went to every recount rally here in my neighborhood (Tampa, FL). I would walk around yelling: This is Bush Country! HA. At one rally, Bob Dole came over to me to look at the map and he signed it. I have brought it with me when I have addressed young republican groups at local colleges. I am now a frequent caller into C-SPAN Washington Journal, and have spoken to many young collegians and convinced them to look at the facts between dems and repubs and have successfully converted some (not as many as I like). I think back and realize I missed out on a lot of fun in my younger years for not participating other than in the voting booth.

re-elect carter

Jon Stewart isn't even funny -- never has been.

Conan = funny
Colbert = funny
Stewart = embarrassing to watch

Stewart was ok in the mid-90's as a younger stand-up -- but he got so lazy on the Daily Show (saying Bush is dumb every night to a raucous robotic laughing crowd will do that to you).


Good morning. Hey, Ann, glad to hear about how beautiful your roses are doing! But, girlfriend, no need to shout about the Al G thing. I was trying to sneak it in there (grin). That was long ago and far away and absolutely stupid on my part. I didn't even particularly like anything about him, it was just I knew next to nothing about W at the time (I was not paying attention to politics, you see).

Those are the kind of voters we have to worry about. The ones not really paying much attention, like me then.

Soylent Red


You were going to vote for Ali G?



From David Von Drehle at time.com The article is titled:

Obama's "Presidential" Press Event

The Obama style occupies the zone where gravitas meets somnambulance.

The dude just called Obama a boring poser.

Jim O'Sullivan

A pet peeve: That's not mathamatics, that's arithmetic, a mere forerunner of mathematics. Trigonometry is mathematics. Geometry is mathematics. Calculus is mathematics. Adding, subtracting, multipying and dividing? Arithemetic.



Re: VDH, his book Mexifornia is a partially a memoir of growing up in your neck of the woods, which from his description sounds like it must have been a slice of Paradise. It's wonderful, if you ever have a chance to read it.


Thanks for your work talking to college kids. They are certainly not getting both sides of the story on campus although I think many would be eager to learn and listen if it was fairly presented.


bad, that's good. If you've ever met a zombie you'd understand the term 'where gravitas meets somnambulance'. Obama does seem a 'dead man walking'. When is he going to fall into the traps he's placed in front of himself. Why, he's doing it constantly; he staggers up out of the hole by climbing on the bodies of those from under the bus.

Shall I go on?


While Hillary corners the market on newt's tails.


Better would have been 'When is he going to fall into the traps he doesn't see ahead of him?'


I've voted republican all my adult life

Tina--Me too! Thank you for doing the Lord's work as far as R's are concerned. I used to watch/listen to CSPAN all the time but since W got elected--it's unbearable to hear the rants against him.

And silly me--it never crossed my mind that the proper use for arugala would be smoking the stuff:-)


Thanks for the tip on the VDH book, Porchlight. I will look for it this weekend when I hit the bookstore (or if it is too hot out, I'll just check Amazon).


Drudge has a headline linking Jonathon Martin at Politico saying McCain doesn't work weekends. The article actually says he doesn't do many weekend public events but uses the weekends to study policy, meet with advisors, etc. Why is there criticism of a candidate having some study time and maybe thinking about what he says before he says it? Obama should imitate McCain. Dude is an imitation anyway, wouldn't hurt to imitate something substantative for a change.


Good for McCain. From what I can tell the election is about Obama and McCain is simply the beneficiary if enough people come to know Obama.

Soylent Red

Yeah, good for McCain.

If you're actually working during the week, you shouldn't need to work through the weekend.

Even God took a day off.

JM Hanes


Hah! To put it another way, even God couldn't work more than 6 days running.


I would like to see Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen) give Obama's speeches about rejecting public financing and "we are the ones we've been waiting for." I think Borat could explain better how al Qaeda is much stronger now than they were when they were repeatedly carrying out terrorist attacks on U.S. interests.


CNN just did a story about McCain being internet illiterate. Interviewed an old lady who said she taught herself "the compyutah."


Can't we all just unilaterally quit allowing only the National Socialist Amerikan Worker's Party to invoke Godwin's law?

I mean how many examples of party line enforcement does it take already?


John Stewart?

That Zionist pig...


Things you learn from the HuffPo...

I was under the misconception that the reason a Democratic-Majority Senate would provide a blank check for war, and vote 27-21 in favor of it was because they were 'misled' by the information they had at hand.

Now I learn that the reason the War Resolution and subsequent invasion occurred was becuase John Stewart was using 'propaganda'-shout out to Scotty Mc.

Who knew that so many democratic Senators got their marching orders from Stewart?

John D
Groan. Does this mean the next four (or eight?!?) years will be humor free, at least from the left?

After the 1992 election I happened upon a round-table discussion by several comics talking about political humor under the new Democratic administration.

They all agreed that the installation of a Democrat in the White House would be the death of political comedy because there would be no gaffes or "stupid policies" to make fun of.

I can't remember if it was on CNN, one of the other cable news networks or C-Span. I have regretted not taping it ever since.

I imagine that the reaction will be much the same. I won't make the mistake of not taping it this time.


Oh there will be plenty of gaffes. They will just go unreported.


In the last Dem administration unless my memory fails me the comics had no dearth of material.


The last time I voted for a Democratic presidential candidate was for Jimmy Carter, largely because I believed the country needed someone who wouldn't lie to us. But after going to business school, getting a job in DC and seeing my tax dollars at work, and the gas lines, I asked myself this question: why would I vote for this numbnut? And voted for Reagan. And never looked back.

hit and run

I suggest that the "nutroots' get used to disappointment as their "high water mark" has already past.

That's noble of you.

Me? I suggest that they march!!! And protest!!! With feeling!!!

They have been betrayed!!!!! Someone must pay!!!!

It's an outrage!!!


Jim C.

Do not taunt hopey change Obama.


Hit I wish they felt betrayed but they are cynics and know that Obama will say whatever it takes to get elected (no matter how many people go under the bus.) Once he is in office they are believers that he will follow through with his hard left agenda. Its a win/win for them. Cynical believers.... You read it here first


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