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June 18, 2008


Patrick R. Sullivan

Yes, we have no self awareness today--Michelle on The View:

...Obama mentioned how grateful she was to Laura Bush, noting that the first lady had sent her a note after her "first time" remarks backfired, sympathizing with her predicament.

....Obama said she was taking some cues from Bush. "There's a reason people like her," Obama said. "It's because she doesn't, sort of, you know, add fuel to the fire."


Leave Michelle alone! Let's get back to basics.

Right Wing Moonbat, and well know Obama hater, Libyan Leader Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi, confirms Obama's Muslim past:
"Obama Suffers Inferiority Complex That Might Make Him Behave "Whiter Than the White." He Should Be Proud of His African, Muslim Identity."

Hat tip MEMRI TV via LGF.


That's rich, davod. Many nuggets in there, including that the Israelis had Kennedy killed because he opposed their bomb building. With friends like this, Obama needs no enemies.


So much to say, so much has already been said. First off, how is Obama the black candidate when he's half white?

And then on-topic, just try and get your daughter vaccinated against HPV. I tried last year and the pediatrician told me that the vaccines were reserved for Medicaid patients. My daughter would have to wait. This year they told me that I would have to take her to the county health department to receive the series of vaccinations, which are costly and not covered by insurance. Is this some kind of Tuskegee thing where they only reserve the HPV vaccine for poor kids? They've certainly made it extremely difficult for white middle-class people to get it.

Patrick R. Sullivan

Our host makes the the WSJ Best of the Web again:

...as blogger Tom Maguire notes, the subject of HPV vaccination has come up in a different context: yesterday's New York Times story about Michelle Obama's "subtle makeover." Maguire cites an anecdote from Mrs. Obama's work at the University of Chicago Medical Center, a story that, in Maguire's words, is "ludicrously presented as a sympathetic and positive story of her professional efforts"...

lifepundit, I think the dynamic goes something like this. The mercury scare, and others, about vaccination have made product liability such a mess for the manufacturers that they prefer to distribute it through channels that make a public institution liable for damages.


Nah, kim, this was a drug trial, and the pharmaceutical company maintains complete liability. And UC isn't a public institution anyway.

As somebody pointed out above... The risk reward of participating in a vaccine trial is:

1) half the people in the study get a placebo, so they get no benefit, and don't know it.

2) the vaccine may have some safety issues not yet detected, and if you don't get the placebo, this could set you up for significant risk of injury or death.

3) the vaccine might not work, so you go through that for no benefit.

4) on the reward side -- if you are not in the placebo group, and the vaccine works, and it doesn't have safety problems, or at least not safety problems that affect you, then you have access to the vaccine a few years earlier than the general public. Which may just save your life, or your fertility...

To be honest, I'm kind of leery of the whole "hey, let's get the schools in there to pressure parents into signing up their daughters to be guinea pigs!" schtick. And am somewhat amused at how Mrs. Obama advocated something exactly the opposite of the usual Ayers social-engineering-through-the-schools plan.


cf, lifepundit is not talking about the trials, but his experience after the vaccine was released.


The public institutions in his cases being Medicaid, and the County Health Department. That's why the vaccine is otherwise too expensive and not covered by insurance. The manufacturers price it differently according to who gets the liability. I'm not sure of all this; just my general understanding.

Robert Lewis

Obama's mother's original Social Security Number Application



I'll say the same thing on this issue i said over at beldar's. There are two factual ambiguities here. First, was the vaccine known to be safe at the time, and this was just "continuing research" after FDA approval. And second, was this supposed to be a test on only black girls or what?

If it was only black girls, and it was sufficiently unknown whether the vaccine was safe or not, then i would say she made the right call. but we don't know, so we can't say.

And why don't we know? becuase the NYT is so ideological, they don't ask these kinds of questions.


Good questions, A.W. I suspect this test was to demonstrate both safety and efficacy. I doubt that it was just directed at black women, but if so, it still had the blessings of the ethics committees, who are a lot better trained at the ethics of experimentation than Michelle. The real error in this is she pushed politics over objective science. That is medieval. The changes she is hoping for are regressive, not progressive, but I see a lot of that.


Somewhere in the experimental protocol I suspect an attempt was made to determine if race had anything to do with the vaccine's safety and efficacy, and if so, that might justify that that branch of the protocol target only blacks. I'm guessing. Nonetheless, if the vaccine works in whites, but not in blacks, that is useful to know.

Bottom line, I'm sure it is effective in all races, but that fact must be demonstrated. This is why we have ethicists.

I still can't believe the academicians and ethicists at the University of Chicago didn't object. Her actions were inappropriate, without doubt, at least from a scientific and ethical point of view. From a political point of view, they may have been appropriate. This is the change we can hope for?


Who are you folks to rush to judgement without the necessary facts?

Who knows the details of the study they were proposing and what was known about the safety of the vaccine at the time? Assuming it was typical, it would have been composed of one experimental group who gets the vaccine and a control group who doesn't. If everyone would benefit from the vaccine, then it's no good to be in the control group. Without knowing the design of the study, it's wrong to pass judgement on it.

Pretty basic concept.

Lifepundit, in many states, GOP legislators are the ones responsible for making it difficult to distribute this vaccine, so you might not be so quick to point fingers.


bob, you are arguing from a vacuum of knowledge. The point is that she unethically interfered in an ethical trial.


The Tuskegee syphilis experiment was run by Black doctors for Black patients. These nice Black doctors could have cured everyone of the patients when penicillin was available to the general public. They refused to. But the Black community blames the White government for the experiment. Such is the audacity of "victimhood" that the Obamas are promoting.

Hope She Was

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I saw the same portion of the interview, and was frankly so bored by him I turned it off.


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