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June 18, 2008



Don't get the last link..is it in error?

What do they care, TM. The visual is all that anyone except we (too)few know about or remember--a happy diverse hopey crowd --not too Asian, not too black , not too Muslim..Just right.


Just spent two hours with a young man in college. He says college kids will vote for Obama because "he is young and hip and cool and John McCain is old and not cool."


Just got back from visiting my wife's family. Mother-in-law (last seen swearing off NPR due to its right-wing bias) says she's voting McCain.

Patrick R. Sullivan

Good thing he's not running for office--or running a small business--in the UK. He'd be shelling out big bucks:

For Sarah Desrosiers, meeting Bushra Noah was not a moment in her life that she would describe as especially memorable.

Not only was it brief - lasting little more than ten minutes - but it was rapidly obvious to Sarah that Bushra was not the person for the junior stylist position she was trying to fill at her hairdressing salon.

Sarah's reasoning? Quite simply that Bushra, a Muslim who wears a headscarf for religions reasons, had made it clear she would not be removing the garment even while at work.

....For a year, Sarah has been facing financial ruin, due to a compensation claim for £34,000 brought by Bushra, 19, who has maintained she is due that figure after being turned down for a job at the Wedge salon in London's King's Cross.

In the event, the tribunal ruled this week that while Bushra's claim of direct discrimination failed, her claim for indirect discrimination had succeeded.

Sarah has therefore been ordered to pay £4,000 compensation by way of 'injury to feelings'.


Where are the bald people with pumpkin shaped faces, and no eyelashes or eyebrows? Does Obama hate chemo patients?

For Obama, the old-fashioned image-making contrasts with his promise to transcend identity politics, and to embrace all elements of America.

What about obvious cross dressers? Have they been represented in the groups behind Obama as he makes his telivised speeches? Hillary was inclusive enough to include the gentleman suffering from narcolepsy.

Surely there are others being discriminated against and denied their time on television.

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