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June 07, 2008



BL, an earlier post of mine to you didn't get through. One advantage to a burkah is that it is an invisibility cloak, a privacy zone. But I'm telling you?

Geddoudaheah means approximately 'Impatience has one'. It's Bensenhurstian for 'Get out of here' used when someone exasperates or talks nonsense.

Danube of Thought

This clown thinks there's such a thing as "disrupting" a thread here. It's as if the ball believes it has disrupted batting practice, or the backboard the layup drill.

Danube of Thought

...or the baloney believing it had disrupted the grinder.

[In Memoriam, WF Buckley]


I hope he comes back. He does have a sense of humour and appreciates narciso. That's more than we usually have to work with.


It caught my eye
and I recalled
the exact six words
and even though
there's no search function
at JOM, I found it again.

See, what you've gone and done
with my rhyme, again :)


"Mr. Maguire defends his lampooning of Obama as role model; if, after 4 years of an Obama administration we see matriculation/graduation rates for blacks increase in relation to the white portion of their cohort, would he admit to his error?"

So by electing one man to the presidency, 89 believes this much can be achieved, but Iraq is doooooomed to failure. How can she be sure Maliki isn't their Obama?

Luckily, I don't think Obama or Maliki can walk on water.

p.s. Obama would probably be the first guy to say that her prediction is not possible, man the stress he must be under being everything to everyone.


You know T, that Hilzoy claims, for the record, not to have read your piece before writing hers. I'm a little doubtful because one of her commenters talks of a 'grudge match'.

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