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June 26, 2008



Ann Dunham graduated from Mercer Island High School in 1960. She started college in Hawaii that fall, and soon met Barack Senior. By Christmas she was pregnant (I'm guessing, since Obama was born in early August). They married in February 1961. So I agree that the likelihood of leaving the country before Obama was born is quite slim. No doubt Ann would have wanted to be near her parents for the birth.

Still, Ann was back in Mercer Island with the newborn Barry a few weeks after he was born, per Susan Blake.

It never occurred to me until I did the math just now that Ann must have gotten pregnant within a month or two of meeting Barack Senior. And he was out the door not long after young Barry was born. No wonder Obama grew up so conflicted.


And I should have added, even if he was born in this country, that does not ease the problem of the phony birth certificate. That is hinky regardless of where he was born.


How, exactly, does Hawaii record a virgin birth?

Soylent Red


Before I was thinking about Beldar Conehead. Now, after reading the thread even further, I am reminded of the 1970s version of "The Omen".

Remember how young Damien's birth records and so forth were all destroyed, and everyone who had anything to do with his birth was dead under suspicious circumstances?

I'm not saying Barry is de debil. Just saying that if Rottweilers come after any of you, you should not be surprised.


Gosh, Soylent, I thought I was the only one that could not go to sleep tonight.

Speaking of Damien:

Soro's Rottweiler


Ann, your titling is hie-la-ri-OUS!


"Mother and midwife dead. Maybe no one knows where he was born."
Evidence buried with the father,I told you Damien!


"How, exactly, does Hawaii record a virgin birth?"

It is such a rare occurrence that it is marked with a public holiday,feasting and fireworks.


It is such a rare occurrence that it is marked with a public holiday,feasting and fireworks.


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