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June 26, 2008



Remember Scarlett is under the bus... She'll need time to freshen up a bit.

So Obama really is channeling Reagan by helping Ms. Johansson in "renewing the American compact."

On a related note, while Obama attracted many celebrities to his recent LA fundraiser, I have as yet been unable to determine whether he had a rendezvous with Destiny's child.


In his dreams Elliot....


Is that what Lara was doing with Mike & Joe?

Uncle BigBad

Filing a birth certificate would be the responsibility of the parents (flakey hippies), so maybe they overlooked it. Maybe years later, Barry O realizes it would be relevant to a presidential run and checks state records and finds no birth certificate. If he was born in a hospital, they might not keep records more than a few years, so he has grandma swear out a "certificate of live birth" to stand in for the nonexistent birth certificate.

It happens more than you might think. A friend of mine discovered he had no birth certificate when he applied for a passport. He had to have an elderly aunt swear to his birth place and date.


You know, I think we need to do a paternity test for McCain; if he was born in Panama but his biological father wasn't a US citizen, he can't be president.

There's as much chance as that being true as all this hypoxic speculation about a birth certificate panning out.


g'nite super sleuths


"Yes indeed; Obama sounds just like Ronald the Reagan, and it drives Republicans nuts."

You have now officially jumped the shark. He may try to sound like Reagan at times when it suits him, but come on! And we thought your team hated Reagan. Can we put you down as a Reagan Dem?

If that's the case then you have more sense than your wiriting has hertofore indicated.


"Yes indeed; Obama sounds just like Ronald the Reagan, and it drives Republicans nuts."

Since I'm unfamiliar with Reagans speeches, I presumed you were posting something from the messiah. My mistake. In any event, the messiah couldn't make that speech without it being BS, given his disowning of everyone around him.

So, I have no idea why you would post it as the messiah compares in no way to Reagan. What was your point?


Sue, I still don't know, but have left inquiries at climateaudit.org in the More on Hurricanes thread.

If you want some more amusement google Miscolczi. He has an alternative model of the Greenhouse Effect that makes the IPCC one look green. He was gagged at Hansen's NASA and had to leave to get published. His model self-regulates and doesn't have the exquisite sensitivity of climate to CO2 that is necessary for the global warming hysteria. Nice discussion at Anthony's 'Watts Up With That' blog too, with links.


too bad 89 went to sleep ignoring his precious democrats funded their war - 92 to 6

On this vote, a "yes" vote was pass the bill and a "no" vote was a vote to reject it.

Voting "yes" were 48 Democrats, 42 Republicans and 2 independents.

Voting "no" were 0 Democrats and 6 Republicans.



Senator Corker is becoming the energy expert in the Senate. Definitely against cap and trade. Hope passes his thoughts along to Senator McCain:-)

JM Hanes

So many threads, so little time! I emailed Jim Geraghty the following):

Obama reminds me of Hillary claiming she’d been fully vetted. You didn’t indicate when in 2007 the Russert interview took place, but Baseball Crank just pointed to a Nov ‘07 ABC/AP piece which makes Obama’s assertion that every state-retained document “has been disclosed and is available and has been gone through with a fine-toothed comb by news outlets in Illinois,” sound like he’s been getting advice from John Kerry. Per ABC:

Obama hasn't always claimed there were no papers left from his time in the state Senate. Earlier this year, campaign spokesman LaBolt asked The Associated Press to narrow a request for records on whether Obama had ever urged clemency for a convicted criminal.

"You're asking us to do an extremely exhaustive search into every record we have from the U.S. Senate and state Senate offices," LaBolt said at the time. At the news conference in Iowa last week, Obama said he didn't "have a whole bunch of records from those years," but told reporters to "let us know" if there are "particular documents that you are interested in."

Contra your admonition, the birth certification question may, in fact, be a related issue. On the technical side, I suspect that Ms. Okubo is not very familiar with what a scanner picks up at a 300ppi resolution (as in the image Kos posted). Embossing works by actually deforming the paper itself, so no matter how light the impression might be, if it were even barely discernable on one side of a page, it would necessarily distort the pattern (and show up in the pixels) on the reverse. Indeed, high resolution scanning often picks up more than is immediately visible to the naked eye, not less! When a simple ink stamped date does show through on the reverse, Ms. Okubo’s hypothetical makes almost no sense. I was suspicious of the Obama certification, but when I saw the comparison document that Isreal Insider posted, it certainly removed any doubt in my own mind.

I have no idea why the Obama campaign would take such a risk. I’ve even wondered if perhaps his mother didn’t list a father at all, but who knows? For some reason, however, I keep thinking back to that early campaign story about an attempt to gain access Obama’s passport records. It turned out to have been made by Obama’s own staffers, not someone else’s oppo research team, which seemed peculiar at the time, and which was never explained, IIRC. Why were they trying to see — or feel the need to check -- what the passport office had on file?

I admit to the uncomfortable feeling that I’m verging on truther territory here, but considering how clean the Obama slate seems to have been wiped, and how few of his past associations -- which keep turning up by ones and twos in a blog here, or a report there -- actually show up on his c.v., my antennae just keep buzzing away. It may be exceedingly difficult to put the puzzle together because the pieces are currently so dispersed, but there’s a story here.

JM Hanes

On a lighter note, Obama's unnamed aides apparently like it under the bus:

Obama's aides dismiss criticism of his shifts as misunderstandings of his original positions, or merit-based decisions that Obama had never ruled out.

JM Hanes


Geraghty did answer the question that immediately occurred to me when I first heard about Ms. Okuba's ostensible confirmation (emphasis mine): "[H]er office cannot verify the information on a form without the permission of the certificate holder (Obama)."


Poor Hillary Clinton. While she grits her teeth and campaigns for Obama (guess that's what it takes to earn her $10m), husband Bill and daughter Chelsea are hobnobbing with the rich and famous at Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday party, described by the Daily Mail...

"A glittering charity gala dinner in London - a spectacular prelude to tonight's huge charity concert in Hyde Park to celebrate the 90-year-old's birthday. Moody models, desperate divas and priapic ex-Presidents rubbed shoulders with politicians and pop stars."

"Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay prepared the food, while Sir Elton John (shades of Marilyn Monroe and JFK here) rose to the occasion to sing Happy Birthday." (Oprah Winfrey kicked off her shoes at said event to reveal a large protruding bunion on her right foot).

Bill and Chelsea also attended Elton John's charity fund raiser "White Tie and Tiara Ball" although our former President didn't quite get the message and showed up in black tie.

The pictures are just creepy, each creepier than the last. Keep scrolling.

Mandela Gala

White Ties & Tiaras

JM Hanes

Oh Lordy, Lesley! Elegance is deader than a doornail. These folks make white tie look like nuts 'n sluts.


Very gppd wprk and response,JMH.


**gOOd wOrk*** GACK


Nice Job JMH. And Good Morning.

I'm so far removed by the world of celebrity that I'm always a little shocked when I see Pix like that. Perhaps I should get out more.


I live in the city

Last night, opened my garage door to take out the trash. I took out 1 bag, went back into the garage to get another.

As I was walking out a man suddenly appeared in front of me. Scared the living bejeezus out of me. Said he has aids. He looked at the stroller in the garage and he said "i live down the street, ive seen you and your baby" (a lie- I have a 4 year old).

He said he needed money for a "co pay" (it was 9:30, all pharmacies were closed)for a serious "thrush" condition. Obviously full of shit.

I said I cant help you and he thankfully walked away, looking a bit angry.

This guy could have made a move. Easily. i was lucky. What if he was a burglar?

Damn, at that moment I never wished I owned a gun more than I ever have.

If he wasnt just a creepy scammer, I and my family could have been in serious danger. If I had a gun, I would have been safe. The liberals want to deny people that right.


JMH, let me know if geraghty responds. I may blog your response anyway, it's that good.
As for Hit, don't cry that you aren't in the car with him..this is what he'll be hearing for thousands of miles.

You're on my side of the line.
Are we there yet?
I'm thirsty.
I'm hungry.
I have to go to the bathroom.
Are we there yet?


NoKo blows up. I've said for years that the Chinese keep Kim around to let the Western powers know that they have a junk yard dog on a leash. Well, just in time for the Olympics, they've muzzled him. We'll all credit six party talks of course, but China always held trumps.

I've read that because of childhood starvation, leading to poor central nervous system development, that the North Koreans are now measurably stupider than the South Koreans. This is, of course, permanent in those already developed, but temporary socially because any new baby adequately nourished will turn out OK. The genes are still OK.


Those adults in the front seat used to have a wonderful game. Being the leading eyes we were able to see the Golden Arches first and used to distract the backbenchers with puffed up sights on the other side of the road. It didn't always work, but it took years for the backyard apes to catch on to the wheeze.


I agree, just like Kerry, if there is a real birth certificate, we would have seen it long ago. I'm going with home birth and the midwife was slack about filing the required documents. His mother liked primitive, see ironworking in rural Indonesia, and may have preferred midwifery to the 'man' in the hospital.

Nonetheless, there is an embarrassment he's covering. I think the bottom line is that he was born in Hawaii, and the shame is more ridiculous than damning.

Rick Ballard


Bartholomew Dunham

Father: Unknown

That would do the trick.


Still no word, Sue. Googling only gets me my own comments.

Arctic ice is a fun horserace to watch this year. This year's melt is trailing last year but the ice is thinner this year. This year also started out from a higher baseline, so even though more ice has melted this year than last, there is more ice now than at the same time last year. Confused? Well, I'm no expert.

Arctic ice is not as good a proxy for global temperature as Antarctic Ice, anyway. Last years melt depended a lot on currents and winds that pushed a lot of old ice out. That is not happening this year. Soot, also, is a bigger factor in the North than the South. Total polar ice has risen dramatically in the last year.

Thanks, glasater, for the link about Corker. He looks like the man of the hour. The White House decision to not open the EPA email, an action much ridiculed, appears to be a very crafty stalling maneuver while the science gradually corrects itself. The new email from the EPA asks for 'further comments' on the issue.

The IPCC conception of the Greenhouse Effect of CO2 is an inadequate paradigm, and has gone from crumbling to collapsing. Google Miscolczi and see the shiny new paradigm. It is not scary enough to provoke drastic economic and social changes. The climate self-regulates, as many of us have suspected.

Yes, yessiree!
It's the great uncertainty
In Optical Path Length T.


Oh yeah, Cryosphere Today for polar ice graphs and graphics comparing present ice with any date in the past.

Soylent Red


Stop looking at me.

You stop looking at me.

You wouldn't know if I was looking at you if you weren't looking at me.

I was only looking at you because you were looking at me.

I was only looking at you because I wanted to remember what ugly was.


JMH: I agree that something is up with the birth certificate issue. Great email to Geraghty.

Okay, cue the music, I think Brian Ross needs to do an investigation into this.


If there is an embarrassment, his opponents must be very careful about using it; it could backfire. As I say, it's probably not damning. The focus should be on the phony certificate on a site claiming to debunk smears and phoniness. Remember, it's not the crime, it's the cover-up.



I read those threads last night. They are so far out of my league that I don't think they speak English. I can't understand half of what they are saying. Make that a .10 of what they are saying. I keep going back hoping it will eventually click. ::grin::


Heh, Sue, I'm the fool over there; fortunately many of them are pretty literate. And the reasoning, whew, galactic grade.


Hhmmm - Geraghty poses some questions. Wonder if the nudge came from JMH?



Soylent--you must have been hiding in our back seat.

As for distracting the back seaters from the golden arches--c'mon.
When my son was 2 we were walking on the Ginza and saw those arches covered in Japanese characters--I sang, I danced, I pointed in every other directions and still, the ecstatic scream "McDonalds's!" could be heard for miles.


Kim, you are correct about "not the crime" but the "cover-up."

Still, one has to discover the former to reveal the latter.


My father applied for SS and in the process obtained a copy of his birth certificate, the first time he had ever seen it. It listed him as a female. Imagine his surprise! His aunt, who thankfully was still alive at the time, had to swear he was born a male and had not had a sex change operation. My macho father having to prove he was indeed born macho. ::grin:: So, my mother goes to get her SS started and there is no record of her birth, under her name. They finally figured out she was Baby Girl _______. My grandmother did not name her before leaving the hospital and failed to go back and fill it in. So, the state named my mother Baby Girl. Lesson here? If you have never seen your birth certificate, go get it and fix whatever mistake there might be on it while someone is still alive that can swear to the facts of your birth.


cc--maybe--I blogged jmh's response to geraghty's post of yesterday--I think she's on sounder ground than he is and he ought to admit it.

This reminds me of the rather shtick where I hesitated for a day or so until more doc-experts weighed in and I felt the claim of fakery was sound--after jmh's explication and the Israel Insider interview with the clerk --I belive the campaign is in a bind.
Either they admit that Fight the Smear is peddling B.S. or they come clean as to why and how they came to post a phony doc on a site designed to clear up falsehoods.
I don't think they've any way out of this.



I clicked on climateaudit last night and what to my wondering eyes appeared? Some kind of code that everyone was so excited about. I'm like whoah! It's Greek to me.


Fitz had evidence re Obama and Rezko at the latter's criminal trial and the court gave the prosecution permission to use it, but they did not:
"Newly unsealed documents show that prosecutors sought to call witnesses to testify about Rezko's ties to Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president.

The Illinois senator was the recipient of "straw" campaign contributions made by others on behalf of Rezko -- money that Obama has since given to charities.

The documents indicate that prosecutors considered offering witnesses to explore why Rezko used others to contribute to Obama and also to Blagojevich, and U.S. District Judge Amy J. St. Eve ruled that they could. But they did not end up offering any such testimony during the trial.

"Witnesses will testify that Rezko was a long-standing supporter and fund-raiser of Barack Obama," prosecutors wrote.

Later, St. Eve ruled that Obama references would be allowed into the trial, but prosecutors apparently opted not to invoke Obama's name. "

http://www.suntimes.com/news/metro/rezko/1027788,CST-NWS-rezkoside27.article>Saving Brocko


Fitz! Anyone still want to argue he is non-partisan?


Now this is funny. I've always wanted to see somebody give a Congressional committee a body slam .. and this is about as close as it will ever get.


From a comment posted on my blog about the birth certificate kerfuffle the other day:
Here's what data officials in Hawaii have said
Posted by Polarik on Monday, June 23, 2008 2:56:02 PM
OK, here's the 411 on Hawaii's "Certification of Live Birth.

I just got off the phone after talking with their Vital Records office and the Office that issues these certifications.


In other words, folks, we are not going to get any other kind of certificate from the Vital Records division of the Hawaiian government, except this certification.

OHSM 1.1 is the number of the Certification of Live Birth form, and the most current version of it is Rev 11/01 -- or, what we have seen in both images.

So, a person (such as a family member) who is authorized to obtain one of these for an individual born in Hawaii, would receive this Certification regardless of when the birth occurred.

HOWEVER, they absolutely referred to African-Americans born in Hawaiio as "BLACK" and not African, and no updates to the race classifications were ever made. If your birth certificate said "BLACK" in 1961, it would still say, "BLACK" on a Certification printed today.

BUT they also told me that, for it to be a "certified" copy, it HAS to be stamped with the seal of Hawaii and the signature block, and then signed by the Dispersement office and not Vital Records.

According to our Census Bureau, all statistical reports produced by the Bureau use the terms White, Black, Hispanic origin, and White, not of Hispanic origin, were used for all census years for consistency of presentation, even though, there have been changes in terminology in census reports, including from Negro to Black between 1970 and 1980 and from Spanish origin to Hispanic origin between 1980 and 1990.

The conclusion?
Calling the image of Obama's "Certification," that we have seen, a "birth certificate," is a valid statement insofar as the State of Hawaii distributes these as legitimate records of birth, providing that they have been properly certified as mentioned above.

However, all of the evidence I've examined to date points to what is a deliberate graphical modification of a copy of an original, or even a copy of a copy, given its degree of degradation.

The image of Decosta's Certificate shows that it HAS ALL OF THE CERTIFICATIONS that the Hawaiian Health Department issues, whereas the image of Obama's Certificate shows ZERO EVIDENCE OF EVER BEING CERTIFIED.

According to the caveat at the bottom of this certification, ANY ALTERATIONS RENDER IT INVALID.

Or, in other words, this image -- or the source of this image -- cannot be used as "prima facie evidence" in defense of any legal challenge to Obama's date, place, and time of birth, since it has not been certified by the issuing party as being a true and accurate representation of the facts on file.

All Obama would need to do to make this issue go away, is to request that Hawaii's office of Vital Records send him a properly CERTIFIED "Certificate," laser printed on the original green paper, that has no evidence of tampering or alteration.

Posted by: Don | June 27, 2008 12:10 AM


Some commenters think that the O campaign is iteslf floating nonsense like the "whitey" rumor and deliberately posting a fake doc to innoculate voters against believing the real scandals about to be exposed. Hmm


Sue, it's Greek to them, too, but Steve has some sort of Rosetta Stone in his head. He and John Goetz and others are deciphering 12,000 lines of antique and accreted Fortran which is used by Hansen and NASA to adjust the raw data from weather stations worldwide to produce their GISS temperature series.

Two scandals. One is that our cutting edge space agency uses such clunky software. The other is the question of whether or not there has been unethical manipulation of the GISStemp record. Ongoing adjustments always seem to make past data colder which serves to make present data relatively warmer. If illicit manipulation is the reason that GISS is running higher than the other series, HadCrut, UAH, and RSS, then there is evil indeed in the dark heart of Hansen.

Steve et al are breaking the code, and may be able to answer the question, soon. This may be some of the reason that Hansen has sounded so desperate lately.

I don't trust Fitz one eentsy tiny bit. He ignores the fundamental duty of the Prosecutor, to see than justice is done. He twists that blind lady's arm behind her back until she sees the light, those pain-wracked retinal stars.


Ah, Clarice, remember I wondered about African. It wasn't considered descriptive of race until the term Aftro-American replaced negro about a decade later. That's not it though, something else is the embarrassment.


Something else--I agree..but I can't imagine, and I think jmh is right to tie it to the campaign's search for O's passport records.


There has been much written about how the MSM has lost interest in the Iraw War now that some level of victory seems much nearer.

Now we find out there may be an alternate explanation ..

Photos: Lara Logan Sex Scandal, "Laura" & Michael Ware Make the Tabs .. h/t

.. I guess they had other "affairs" [pun intended] to mind.
Mind you Iraq can be a dangerous place without "protection."

Rick Ballard


The mighty O's mom may have used a copy of his actual birth certificate to get his first passport. He had to have his own when she took him down to Indonesia to attend madrasa as a kid.

The check of the passport records may have been a pass at seeing if that original application still existed.


Instapundit linked this post.


I get that Rick..But what could possibly be on the original which warrants this slight of hand now?

P.s. F***ing up the Chicago schools wasn't all he did--he alse did a job on housing:

http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2008/06/change_we_can_be_shocked_at.html>Obama's reverse Midas touch


http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2008/06/obama_birth_certificate_myster.html>jmh in Neon


Rick, are you sure there weren't still family passports back then?


Lucky thing Obama is not a Governor or he'd execute a retarded prisoner just to prove his death penalty bona fides.



Governors do not execute anyone.


I am pretty sure Chicago ( isnt Obama from Chicago ? ) has a gun ban about as draconian as the one in DC. Its has about the same effect.

Did he have any hand in trying to reduce the dilution of citizens Constitutional rights? I am sure not.

And given he said his model of Justices for the Supreme Court are three of the four votes who cant read the clear language, why would anyone paying attention think he supports individual gun ownership? I know Democrats are pretty stupid, but this should not be hard for the muddle should it?


I can't believe the same crowd that says the constitution isn't about taking rights away (i.e., abortion rights) it is about protecting rights. Except when it isn't. As in the 2nd amendment.

david still

like remarks but most of these comments are girlish-snippiness from the ladies' room.Rove? blacks didn't get into country clubs not long ago (Dems fixed that); and McCain out flops them all...you'all love Supremes when they rule for what you like but ignore them and call names when they go the other way...


I'm sure that when the Iraqi politician's get wind of Obama's "Reverse Midas Touch," they will be even more anxious to get his advice on how to rebuild their country and run their government.



It's not the flip flops -- something that is part of the art of politician. It's the way Obama executes his flops.

On public financing, Obama gins up this imaginary threat from GOP 527s to justify his major flip on financing. On guns, his flip is blamed on some silly aide. That'd be ok, if he hadn't blamed aides in the past for the same sort of thing.

Problem is Obama does not have a long track record in the public eye, so this stuff can matter. Does that mean I want McCain instead, and see the dollar worth a nickel after four years. Maybe not so much. But Obama should have an easy time selling me on his candidacy, and right now he's not.


Dems have fixed nothing for blacks anywhere I am aware of. The Civil Rights laws would never have been passed had it not been for Republicans strongly supporting it over the objections of many many Democrats.

Even your nonsense about Country Clubs is wrong. Dont you remember the big flap that feminists tried to make about Augusta Country Club? Private clubs are private. And they can do whatever they like.

Go back to the DUmp and tell each other some more made up stuff, and you all can sit there is nod like its gospel truth ( gospel is probably not a word you know, it refers to four books in the Bible. Maybe wiki can help you with that ).


I am trying to decide how people will take http://www.cnn.com/video/?/video/politics/2008/06/26/eccleston.italy.obama.fashion.cnn>this


A man bag? Brian Kilmeade will be so jealous.


I am trying to decide what she said about John McCain. If anyone can understand her, let me know.

The developers gave Obama their financial support. Jarrett, Davis, and Rezko all served on Obama's campaign finance committee when he won a seat in the US Senate in 2004.

The same Rezko he didn't know?


Sorry the previous quote about Obama's finance committee came from the The Boston Globe via American Thinker.


From the same article Clarice linked earlier, Midas Touch:

By the time Rezmar asked Chicago's city government for a loan on its final subsidized development, in 1998, the city's housing commissioner was describing the company in a memo as being in "bad shape." The Daley administration still made the $3.1 million loan.

Shortly thereafter, Rezmar switched from subsidized housing to high-end development, fueled by the money it had made in subsidized work. Rezko's companies also stopped managing the subsidized complexes.


The New Obama Seal


What? No comments on Bush's appeasement of NK?

Where's the outrage?


Where's the outrage?

Aisle 3


david still,

Glad to hear you are still David.


The more I hear about Obama,the less I know about him.Odd about his birth,perhaps they should have called him Damien.


What? No comments on Bush's appeasement of NK?

Where's the outrage?

Posted by: eightnine

I read in total amazement about NK blowing up the cooling tower today..
After those strong words in 2001 about the axis of evil in 2001 and the long exhausting
6 party talks we get a win-win with NK.
After libya Bush's policy has seen some good results..
/ Hey Saddam.. It would have been 3 for 3 but you kicked out the inspectors. And you still would have been smoking Cubans and drinking fine brandy...worm food now sucka..


Since Friday is always the day that people release bad news, I wonder why Obama and Clinton decided to have their Unity event today.

Bet that was CLinton's idea.

JM Hanes


Scrolling down to paste this in the comment box, it looks like I'm already playing catch-up ball, but for what it's worth:

I was interested to see that Jim Geraghty was quoting the (NY Times owned) Boston Globe at length. Maybe the Massachusetts experience with Duval Patrick has had a salutory effect, because this article is an astonishing, detailed condemnation. It's a must read -- because when Clinton suggested that Obama was cozying up to slum lords, it looks like she was spot on. Do we think the Clintons knew all about this stuff -- and maybe more? Do we think that the media's utter lack of interest was driving them crazy -- and in Bill's case, nearly out of his mind? Did we know this (emphasis mine):

He once told the Chicago Tribune that he had briefly considered becoming a developer of affordable housing. But after graduating from Harvard Law School in 1991, he turned down a job with Tony Rezko's development company, Rezmar, choosing instead to work at the civil rights law firm Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland, then led by Allison Davis.
Oddly enough, in 1996:
Allison Davis, Obama's former law firm boss.....left his law firm to pursue a full-time career as an affordable housing developer, fueled by the subsidies from the Daley administration and aided, on occasion, by Obama himself.
While the following almost seems like the most innocuous observation in the article, it deserves contemplation:
The firm represented a number of nonprofit companies that were partnering with private developers to build affordable housing with government subsidies.
This gives public/private partnerships a whole new meaning, if you look at Obama (and the law firm from which he launched his career) as the public partner in that real estate equation. I haven't seen Obama claiming credit for this piece of bi-partisan legislation in his campaign ads, have you?
In 2001, Obama and a Republican colleague, William Peterson, sponsored a successful bill that increased state subsidies for private developers.... Obama also cosponsored the original version of a bill creating an annual fund to subsidize rents for extremely low-income tenants, although it did not pass until 2005, after he had left the state Senate.
What a concept! You get the government to subsidize the developer, and then you get the government to pay the rent -- till the building falls apart. That's community organizing the Chicago way! When Obama promises to "restore the federal government's commitment to low-income housing," I'm not sure he means what voters probably think he means.

Usually, when a candidate is short on experience, folks comfort themselves with the idea that he's smart enough to make first rate appointments, but in Obama's case, the Globe supplies what is sounding like an emblematic quote:

"I'm not against Barack Obama," said Willie J.R. Fleming, an organizer with the Coalition to Protect Public Housing and a former public housing resident. "What I am against is some of the people around him."
Who was it who said that the Annenburg challenge ultimately did nothing for education but worked out exceedingly well politically for Ayers et al? That's looking distinctly like a pattern too.


Hey, They dropped the first case against Steyn.



I can understand the Clinton's frustration. I feel it too.


Ditto, Sue - re: Clinton frustration.

JM Hanes


I sure hope that the Globe article wasn't just a web-only boston.com piece. Have you seen today's paper edition? I'd love to know where they placed it.

Did anybody else watch the companion video? McCain could almost run it as is. Can't believe I'm saying this, but Go Globe! Get a clue NYTimes.

JM Hanes


Hope everybody clicked your link to Obama's new seal. LOL! Perfect.


It's getting to be a consistent theme; the Flim-Flam Man.


Flip Flop and Flim Flam
Obama, is he your man?


What? No smirking about the success of two party talks?

Where's the joy?


Hey, jmh..doing well while doing good, it's the flim flam scoundrel's theme...


Oh, some of this stuff is getting thru the media iron wall--for the second day Gallup shows McCain and Obama tied.


third day Clarice. Even better.

And in a Registered Voter poll. No likely voter screening. That always favors the Democrat.



I don't get the paper, but I'll look for one. If Tom Collins shows up, he may know.


Actually I just looked on line. It looks like it is front page, under the fold. LUN


Thank you,I hated throwing some of my favourite characters under the bus,but I'm sure they would understand.
Anything to get Obama in touch with his inner Daffy Duck.


Who draws the crowd and talks so loud,
Baby its the flim flam man.
Whos gonna steal the show, you know
Baby its the flim flam man,

He can make you love, he can make you cry
He will bring you down, then hell get you high
Somethin keeps him goin, miles and miles a day
To find another place to prey.


I take one short year off to attend to business and what do I find when I return?

John McCain is our presumptive nominee.

How could this happen? Who voted for this jerk?

Well, this is totally unacceptable. It is up to the JOM research team to fix this mess and reenergize the Republican Party with a new conservative nominee.

First: What are the rules for the delegates to the convention? Whose rules are they? Are these rules codified by law or are they simply the current guidelines of the RNC? What would happen if a number of delegates decided not to vote for McCain? Would a court enforce an implied obligation for a delegate to vote for McCain under all circumstances?

Look, we aren’t talking about being disloyal. Just think of this as an exercise by a group of “mavericks”. Talk about Karma.

Once we find a clear path to dumping this looser, Clarice can write an article which Rush would pick up on immediately. Then it’s on the convention to pick a new candidate.


Gmax thanks for the correction.
jwest--heh-I cannot tell you how hard it is to organize people to do something..Do, Not. Get. Me. Started. Today.

OTOH I heart Taranto:
"The point is this: If you vote for Democrats on the theory that Republicans are a threat to civil liberties, caveat elector. Bill Clinton and his administration incinerated children at Waco, undertook the policy of "extraordinary rendition," used a grand jury investigation to intimidate journalists at The American Spectator, deported Elian Gonzalez to communist Cuba, and signed the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996, which restricts the habeas corpus rights of American citizens.

Whatever one may think of these particular measures, they would have generated much more opposition from Democrats had they been instituted by a Republican administration. The Keith Olbermanns of the media world outnumber the Glenn Greenwalds, so when an Obama administration curtails civil liberties (justifiably or not), the outcry will be far more muted than it is now. If civil liberties are your top concern, then, you better vote for John McCain."
http://us.mc505.mail.yahoo.com/mc/showMessage?fid=Inbox&sort=date&order=down&startMid=0&.rand=503616345&midIndex=0&mid=1_16562891_APcmvs4AAFHCSGVHqgQCMAC8mn8&eps=&f=1&nextMid=1_16562154_APYmvs4AADDySGU9EwqfphpQGg8&m=1_16562891_APcmvs4AAFHCSGVHqgQCMAC8mn8,1_16562154_APYmvs4AADDySGU9EwqfphpQGg8,1_16561437_AE4mvs4AAYYvSGU7qwtW3RmI5qM,1_16560707_APAnvs4AAKnOSGU61gQ2TXyI8Bw,1_16559714_APAnvs4AACOISGUw%2BgVXdE0avmA,1_16559264_AE4mvs4AANUVSGUtRQbpW1BE9G0,>Caveat elector


incinerated children

Thank God no children have ever been killed, maimed, or raped as a result of Republican policies.


I’m not a religious person, but I know God didn’t make the JOM group so smart, rich and good looking for nothing.

Consider the Convention Surprise scenario as an intellectual exercise. Without hoping for its execution, let’s see if there is a plausible path to a new nominee.


http://online.wsj.com/article_print/best_of_the_web_today.html?mod=djemBestOfTheWeb>Caveat elector


I love Taranto's column!


"Thank God no children have ever been killed, maimed, or raped as a result of Republican policies."

Yeah not like John F,Kerry who personally shot a Vietnamese kid,got the medal to prove it.


oh, and jwest - "who voted for this jerk?"

That's what most of us wanted to know. I for one didn't. But the dastardly deed has been done. I personally am hoping for a great V.P. selection and then . . .

Well, anyway.

JM Hanes


That's fantastic! Don't know why I didn't think of scouting out a web image myself. I have this fantasy about McCain winning Massachusetts -- despite knowing that even buyer's remorse over your Obama clone can't make the sun rise in the west. The fact that the Globe supplied both text and video suggests a certain editorial commitment to prying open Obama's can of worms which is encouraging though. In Political Fantasy #2, others finally follow suit.

JM Hanes


Welcome to the 1st Stage of Grief.


A little humor:

Grover Norquist in an interview called Obama, "John Kerry with a tan."

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