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July 19, 2008



Thanks King! I like it.

At least he did not ask for directions to Oslo while in audience.

Danube of Thought

"Gone. All gone."

--Jim McKay, Munich 1972


I remember it well DOT.

It still makes me so sad.


"Do you believe in Miracles?"

Okay that was the winter Olympics, and I can see the speaker but don't remember his name. I do however remember Mike Eruzione, Jim Craig and the other boys from Boston (and elsewhere)and where I was and who I was with.

Danube of Thought

It was Al Michaels.

Mornin', Jane. (At least here on the Coast it's mornin'.)

Thomas Collins

I believe it was Al Michaels, Jane. I don't remember much about the victory over the USSR but I remember that I watched the next game against Finland (the game in which the US actually clinched the gold medal) in my apartment in Shaker Heights, Ohio (I was working in Cleveland at the time) while writing a brief to reopen a judgment won by an an auto finance company against my client. The USA won and the judge reopened the judgment! A great day all around!


That was a great day TC. Al Michaels, yup.

I was in Scituate with all my buddies drinking beer and rooting on guys some of us had gone to college with. That victory was so sweet, it confirmed my belief that anything is possible.


Al Oertle owned the discus for about two decades. This wasn't Olympic but I saw a world record set, which still stands: the Quarter Mile Relay, by USC. Running third was an O.J. Simpson, nicknamed 'Orange Juice'.

Danube of Thought

Oerter won the discus in four successive Olympics. In the final three, he wasn't close to the best in the world going in, but each time he summoned up a superhuman effort on the big stage. Today the whole world would suspect steroids or HGH.


Oerter it was. Maybe he was pumping that stuff from his own adrenals or pituitary.

hit and run

Sometimes, DoT, I suspect you of HGH.


The Barkley quotes (which are fantastic) come from a great NYT homer column from 1993, debating whether the home town Knicks have what it takes to overcome the Western Conference Phoenix Suns in the NBA playoffs.

The title that year was won by Chicago over Phoenix, 4-2.


I was in Navy Hospital in San Diego when the Munich Massacre happened. You had to bring your own portable TV in if you wanted TV. Because of the flight path for the San Diego Airport right over Balboa, we could only get one channel with the rabbit ears, so everyone was in my room watching the Olympics.

I think we ended up with about 15 patients and maybe 6 or 7 doctors and another half dozen corpsmen or nurses. People and IV poles everywhere all huddled around one rather snowy 13" TV.

Ralph L

We used to own the men's basketball gold, but after they let in the pros, they got cocky and lost (using too much cocky?).

Think of how nice the world would be if the Palestinians had had a Gandhi or MLK instead of Arafat and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.


Not from the Olympics, but another great Barkley line. He was telling his mother that he was a Republican. Mother: "But Charles, those Republicans only care about the rich folk." Barkley: "Mom, I *am* rich!" [Incidentally, I think Barkley may have tilted left since then.]


Not sure who said it but I remember the 72 Munich massacre. "The games must go on."

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