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July 17, 2008


Cecil Turner

I don't know why you're making fun of Obama. According to Keane and Kagan:

All of the most important objectives of the surge have been accomplished in Iraq. The sectarian civil war is ended; al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) has been dealt a devastating blow; and the Sadrist militia and other Iranian-backed militant groups have been disrupted. [emphasis added]
Obama said it was over, and it was. Coincidence? I think not. Even Michael Yon has come around:
. . . a fair-minded person could say with reasonable certainty that the war has ended.
When that fair-minded person (Sen Obama, of course) says the war is over, then it will be. And you'll probably still be prattling on about surges and other nonsense. Because you don't get it.


Obama is a credible messenger on this issue, since he's spent so much of his campaign unfighting the last war.

Cecil Turner

Meandering over to the topic, I'd note that the last few proliferation exercises weren't a result of "loose nuclear material," but of national-level weapons programs. And while Boy Wonder is meeting with the Iranians (without preconditions, of course), their enrichment efforts proceed apace. Buying up loose Russian material won't affect that, nor does it make sense to unilaterally disarm in the hopes that the rogue regimes of the world will see it as the new enlightenment . . . rather than an opportunity.

Moreover, repackaging this old stupidity (appropriately, an MTV moment) doesn't make it any smarter:

We haven't done what we need to do for loose nuclear material in Russia, where we ought to be gaining the security of that material so it can't fall into the hands of terrorists.
Not that attempting to secure nuke material isn't important, but loose material won't make a nuke program without a competent sponsor nation. And if the focus is on loose material, rather than sponsors, it's doomed to fail before it starts.


Is anyone else sick of seeing Obama's face on every weblog, every link, every newspaper story?

Where is Hit with his happy faces when we need him.


Despite Obama's pledge, poorer and less technologically advanced nations will continue to seek nuclear weapons and other WMDs. They will do so for this simple reason:

They don't have the money or the technological expertise to compete with the United States and the West when it comes to developing and fielding very efficient, very technologically advanced, highly destructive, and extremely expensive "conventional" weapons systems.

Their only hope of countering the superior conventional capabilities of the US and the West is to continue to seek nuclear, biological, and chemical WMDs in order to use the psychological effect of these weapons against us.


Interesting his emphasis on buying up Soviet nukes. Adds credibility to the notion that Nunn may be his running mate. Funded by Ted Turner that's exactly what Nunn has been doing since he left the Senate.

Of course, this anti-proliferation thingy can be the last play of the hate the West crowd and their useful idiots. Do you suppose their bleats will have any effect in, say Tehran? No..Under the rubric of saving the world they will redouble their efforts to disarm the Western democracies as they strip these countries' military of resources, emboldening and empowering our enemies.


"Is anyone else sick of seeing Obama's face on every weblog, every link, every newspaper story?"

Ah, familiarity breeding contempt? He seems to be raising the money after all ($52 million in June) and spending it.


"Fighting the last war?" Big talk from a dude who, judging from his own statements and voting record (when he DOES condescend to actually vote) is still stuck in the Sixties.

Danube of Thought

Mornin', Jane. Yes, I am sick of it, and of the man himself. "Insufferable" really is coming to mind more and more often of late.


Hussin Obama spent $75 000 000 in PA against Hillary $20 000 000 and lost the state by 10 points.He was rigth in dening the public found,because he will need at more money a billion may be,and even then he might or will not win.


So according to Gateway Pundit (LUN) Obama supporters are threatening Hillary supporters with death.

Nice party you got there dems!

Falah al-Alousy is the director of an organization that runs a school in an area south of Baghdad:... “It’s just propaganda for an election.”
Hey, those Iraqi's sure catch on quick to the essence of democracy!

But, seriously, this represents a far more subtle danger of democracy, and slimey politicians. Which is that if you elect someone, he is really absolutely justified in carrying out the campaign promises that he made during the election.

Let's hope that Falah al-Alousy doesn't get the beware-the-rorschach-candidate democracy lesson by having President Obama abandon him and his neighbors to terrorist brutality...


The Iraqi quoted sounds like he was reading Rev Wrights comments on Obama. He is a politician, he has to say some of those things. Just propaganda.

You would think the NYT would recognize propaganda, given their long association with it, when they see it, no?


Under the rubric of saving the world they will redouble their efforts to disarm the Western democracies as they strip these countries' military of resources, emboldening and empowering our enemies.

Someone should ask Obama his timetable for disarming the US. Then again, he doesn't take questions.


O's minions are making much of the fact that mcCain referred to the Czech Republic as Czechoslovakia. Well, we oldsters often do slip up on the rapid nomenclature shifts..See Sam Nunn, putative candidate for VP with Obama do the very same thing:
Address List Sept 10



Jane: Nice party you got there dems!
Just a precurser of things to come should Barry be elected.


"The Iraqi quoted sounds like he was reading Rev Wrights comments on Obama."

And similar comments by Goolsbie and Samantha Power.


You would think the NYT would recognize propaganda, given their long association with it, when they see it, no?

No, just the opposite. Just as fish don't understand the concept of "wet."


"So according to Gateway Pundit (LUN) Obama supporters are threatening Hillary supporters with death."

Which is probably why Obama is keen to get his hands on nuclear materials.


Capt. Ed over at Hot Air is wondering why the press is choosing to not say anything or ask any questions about Obama's "Civilian National Security Force" that will be as large and well funded as the US Military. Given that this new "Civilian National Security Force" must be central to Obama's plans for fighting the future war rather than the last one, that would seem an important idea to get some details on.

BTW, I thought we already had a "Civilian National Security Force", as there seemed to be quite a lot of civilian contractors providing secutiry in Iraq. But given Obama's clear distaste for Blackwater and other "civilian contractors" in Iraq, I don't think that is what he meant.


Wehn we get to block captains and security guards on each hotel floor (dzherniyas), maybe someone will take notice of where this carp leads.
BTW Hot Air reminds us that JJ wanted to criminalize the use of the N word, asserting that under the 1st Amendment is was okay because it's a fighting word.
So we have the old coot first saying Hymie and now Nigger and it's okay with all..fine. I'll remember that.
I think O would be an awful President but I am grateful to him for crushing the Clinton dynasty and wiping JJ off the political map.


"Civillian National Security Force"

Isn't that what we call the National Guard?


Isn't that what we call the National Guard?
I thought it was called the "Police."


"I thought it was called the Police".

Damn, I wish I had thought of that.


In other really vital news, Hillary is now parting her hair on the right instead of the left. (per Jake Tapper at Political Punch)

Watch out Barry!

Rick Ballard

You guys are confusing the functions of the ObamaJugend and the ACORN/SEIU SturmAbteilung. His "mandatory volunteerism" falls under the ObamaJugend banner while the "Civillian National Security Force" force is the ACORN/SEIU SturmAbteilung.

It will be more clear once the uniforms are issued. I understand that the ACORN/SEIU SturmAbteilung color will be a very dark forrest green (with Sam Browne belt and truncheon holder) while the ObamaJugend will be an aqua green.

The arm patches will be the same for both - and the clenched fist salute.

So remember - light green = "encourager", dark green = "enforcer".

Danube of Thought

Go to the LUMN for a wonderful article in the Telegraph. Short version: Barack Obama doesn't know what the hell he is doing.


The premise of Obama's strategy is ofcourse,
belied by reality. Not surprisingly Nunn & Lugar and Hagel also suffer from the same delusion. AQ Khan, the father of the Pakistani program, operated with the full cooperation of the relevant officials in the Defense Ministry, Army staff(including probably Musharaff at Operations back in the early 90s.) He used those same
contacts, along with some Swiss, German and South African gentlemen, to franchise his
operation, to Kim's Korea; right around the time of Albright's pas de doux. The Libyan
nuclear program, (which had formerly only been envisioned by the late Larry Collins
and the screenwriters of Back to the Future)
and a good part of the Iranian program. People this well connected, in foreign capitals, are unlikely to follow the rules
(surprise, surprise). The Libyan program was dismantled partially through Ben Bonk's Kappes deals with Musa Kousa, the real authors of Pan Am 103; but partially through
Kadaffi's anxiety about 'regime change' after Iraq. Ironically the members of the 'reality based community' dismiss this
evidence, just as they deny the 'ticking bomb' scenario even with the Christian Nimr
and the Bojinka plot as examples.


Vee still need martial songs, Rick..Valderee might be refashioned for the vondervogels mit the kiddies, but for the troopers, something a bit more masculine.


**wondervogel**The mystic, back to nature movement of the young in Germany who took to meditating with nature in out of the way spots as Hitler took over Berlin.
**Valderi** Valderi, valdera, valdera, Valde ha ha ha ha ha ha, Valderi, valdera "Come join my happy song." I wave my hat to all I meet, ...

Rick Ballard

The Telegraph piece to which DoT provided a link is certainly worth a read. Interesting to note that the Obots are spamming up comments in UK papers. America's Emptiest Suit hasn't been able to hide his incompetence as well as I had thought.


You can find the arm band insignia in the comments to the Telegraph article.


Ian is a brave man to mention in Europe that O is an empty suit twit. With the Europeans' unerring eye for dangerous gasbags, he's a real fav over there.


"Civillian National Security Force"

Maybe they can wear Brown shirts and Jackboots...

Barney Frank

Obama is doing what all leftists do.
You can't be nakedly leftist and get elected to anything unless you live in certain small, hideous enclaves of the country.
Consequently leftists are forced to sound like they are doing something about a problem to fool the bumpkins when in fact they know it is a joke and a rather pernicious one because its true intent is to expand their power, not solve the problem.

In the instant case he knows the real problem is Iran and similar states, the only eventual solution to which is going to be the brutal and effective application of American power which of course is anathema to leftists. So substitute a janitors broom to sweep up all that nasty plutonium that's just lying around and the desire to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony "No nukes" and presto it sounds to many like you're not a boneheaded leftist willing to sacrifice your nations security for your idealogy and personal ambition.

glenda waggoner

Hit -- Good roundup of Obama's dearth of core values @ AT.
When exactly, is the great departure for the "Old World"?
I hear he's lying low in Chicago, today.


I found a UTube of his brown shirt plan and blogged it, too. It should be up at AT shortly.


Nice quote from one of the the commenters on DOT's link.
"President Bush has been an effective leader who struggles with public speaking. Senator Obama is an effective public speaker who struggles with policy."

Vee still need martial songs
SPRINGtime for HITler, and Germany!!! WINter for ENGland and France!!!

I find it really interesting that Obambots just assume that if you don't support Obama you must oppose his "stated goals." What's so good about that Telegraph piece is that it points out how pretty much all of those goals are actually tradisional Republican administration policies as well to one degree or another.

Take a Nuke Free World as one example. The entire point of Star Wars was to force the Soviets to disarm by making their very exspensive nuclear ICBMs obsolete. The same logic holds true today with missile defense and Northe Korea and Iran, yet it is the Democrats who fight against that technology as hard as they can. If you want a Nuke Free World, then develop the technology that makes Nukes obsolete.

The whole thing about ending the war is even worse. The left claims simultaniously that our failure to win in Iraq is due to the ineptitude of the administration, yet they also claim that Republicans don't want to end the war and have deliberate strategy to let it drag on to have "perpetual war" to justify their other policies... so which is it? They don't really care, they just pull out which ever argument seems most effective at the moment.


I found a UTube of his brown shirt plan and blogged it, too. It should be up at AT shortly.

What would be awesome is if his campaign, ala his presidential-like seal, sewed up a little CinC uniform for him to wear.


http://stuckon-stupid.com/2008/07/17/what-barack-obama-proposes-formation-of-civilian-army-equal-in-size-to-us-military/>Springtime for Hitler

It's here, sans seal but given his plan for a volunteer army and education from birth, it seems everyone not on medicare or welfare will be on the federal payroll.

Barney Frank

The left claims simultaniously that our failure to win in Iraq is due to the ineptitude of the administration....

This meme is going to need a bit of an overhaul with Michael Yon, among others, saying not that we are winning but that it can plausibly be stated that we have won.

Obviously the new meme can't be that Bush is not inept or that they were wrong. They have trotted out a few lame trial balloons but have not coalesced around what the final draft will be when it becomes impossible to deny that we have won the war. Any guesses on what it will be?

My personal guess is they will deny it is won until Jan 20, 09, when they believe they will witness the coronation of the new Risen King and declare it won on that very day.


One of the droppings on the Telegraph,

"Obama made call 2 years where he argued the US might have to invade the NWP of Pakistan to clear it out."

I see this one in a little chartreuse number with mauve armbands and ankle length Birkenstocks, singing,

"Tomowwow Bewongs to Me".


My won a pyrrhic victory is my meme guess, BF--We haven't turned Mesopotamia into a paradise on earth. (They haven't turned Mess-A-Potomac into one either though, have we?)


** (They haven't turned Mess-A-Potomac into one either though, have THEY?)****


What do think Democrats would have done back in the days of swords for weapons, when a smart guy decided Hey I have an extra hand what if I take a garbage pail lid and reinforce it and make a shield. That way I dont have to be the first to use my shield. No the other guy will be less likely to attack since he knows I have a shield that will stop his blows. Think they would have been against shields. And eliminate swords so that its a sword free zone?

Bring the marshmallows, we are gonna sing Kumbaya in a minute.

Barney Frank

Calling him the Risen King has given me a sudden insight.
Obama is not going to go to Iran to negotiate without preconditons with Ahmajinedad, his inferior.
He's going to confer with whom he considers his peer; the 12th Imam.
Cuts through all the middlemen.

They will try the Pyhrric victory meme no doubt clarice but it runs the same risk of the 'we have lost the war' line; ie conflicting with reality. If Iraq is even halfway stable it doesn't cut it, but of course it does only have to sound good until election day. And if he's elected no doubt they will create their own reality ala Vietnam 1975. Voila they were right all along.


we are gonna sing Kumbaya in a minute...

Speaking of which, have you seen the most recent campaign video from JibJab? They have Obama riding on a Unicorn; the entire scene is in psychedelic colors. Love peace and drugs, man.


C'mon, BF, the media will cooperate by braodcasting every failing of the Maliki govt while ignoring the filth and corruption in their own backyards.


You have a link to EUReferendum including a substantial quote.

Rick Ballard

I note that America's Emptiest Suit is running for Euroland (where the folks are just beginning their mass exodus to the Cote d'Azur, Dalmatia, Rimini, Costa del Sole etc.) just as the average American (who actually gets to, you know, VOTE) is curtailing vactation plans due to gas costs.

Smart move. Otherwise he would have to expound on his "There is no hope" lack of energy plan.

ION - The End Is Nigh - for "consensus" as a mask for lack of scientific rigor.


Ok, this is totally off topic, but too funny not to share: Cake text printer doesn't speak Italian, pens errors instead Be sure to read the comments, too!


I dunno, I still think this election will be won in a landslide.

Lately I've been thinking that landslide will go to John McCain.


Lets hope you are correct Jane. For the children of course. Well maybe not Michelle's children but ordinary American to bitter to struggle with piano lessons and private camps.

If you take the RAS tie today, and read Susan Estrich column today and then blend in Dick Morris ( who I despise ) from yesterday, its pretty apparent that Obama is no longer behind the new kind of politics shield and all of this change in positions is really hurting him.

Rick Ballard


Too early to call. DoT has the timing right as to when things get "significant". The Muddle will awaken from their summer slumber after Labor Day and Obama will be on [Take 876] of whatever buffonery he thinks will gain a few more votes.

The MSM is running full out to cover his total ineptitude - and to mask the origin of whatever good news they can't find a way to hide. For example, oil just cracked $130 on its way down, IMO triggered by the President's lifting the drilling ban, try and find mention of that possibility in this typical AP drivel.


FYI: Gas down to $3.90/gal in NW Fla.


The dem refuseniks are not even fighting the present war, let alone the prior war (the Balkins) or the war before that (Operation Desert Storm), or the wars before that (Sandinistas, Iran-Iraq, Grenada) or the war before that Afghanistan, but are living in a bad LSD (Lying Surrendermonkey Democrat) trip from the 1960s obsessing over Vietnam when they were at their apex of social and political dominance in US Society, due to their hegemony in academia, media, and politics-pre-internet WWW (thanks Goreacle).
What a drag it is getting old, for these red diaper babies, seeing the collapse of their ideals in country after country.
I believe that they will in respect to their dem forbears (and colleagues still present from the 1973 Congressional Disaster Imposition Team) declare a Stalemate, and then Surrender, Cut and Run, if the Obamanation (G.F.) is inaugurated.


I try to calm myself by thinking that Obama is as phony as a three-dollar bill and his troop withdrawal pronouncements are really just election propoganda to keep the base happy. Then I watch him in his "Obamalot" mode and listen to the MSM swoon and i worry. A lot.
The theme of "bringing home the troops" from "a failed war" is so much a predominant fantasy of the Vietnam-era left intelligentsia that no amount of fact on the ground can alter it--it is the goal, one which they will willingly deny victory to achieve. Although Obama is in many respects a pragmatist, I sense that he would regard the massive drawdown and withdrawal of troops--"ending the war"--to be a great personal and historical achievement. Regardless of how it is done and what long-term effects it would have. And even if it means throwing away what out troops have fought so hard to achieve over the past five years.


I'm always trying to take the pulse of the voters around here and what I still find is no one is paying attention. No one knows or cares what Obama is about. No one is following the flips and flops. They will get interested in October, but up until then, there will be no discussion.

Obama has some residual support because he is new and black, but I'm not seeing a big anti-war contingent or anything else.

I still think the primary issues is and should be drilling. But no one is talking about that either.


Rick, we cross posted and I agree.


Per TM's link, See-Dubya says Obama is using "fighting the last war" to sound smart about military matters (about which he knows nothing).

I agree, but it also reminds me of how lefty non-sports fans couldn't stop using the word "clinch" when Obama became the presumptive nominee. Throwing around such alpha-male terminology makes them feel butch.

Speaking of lefties, greetings from the host city of Netroots Nation, f/k/a YearlyKos, happening this weekend. From the editorial in today's Austin American-Statesman:

But progressive bloggers — despite their early and often loud support for presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama — are far from being the kingmakers of their party, a fact they sometimes seem reluctant to admit.

LOL. Wish I could eavesdrop at the hipster hotspots this weekend, but alas, I have kids to raise.


In fact, O and most prominent Dems are not coming this year, though Pelosi who had to back out last year, it. Great it will add a lot of credibility to dig anywhere but where the oil is position.


The latest on Barack's subcommittee, training wheels http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalpunch/2008/07/thanks-for-noth.html>edition

But Biden's letter brought attention to the fact that Obama did not attend two of those three hearings -- and for the third, on March 8, 2007, Obama only asked one question, one unrelated to Afghanistan.

How do I know the latter fact? From an August 2007 press release from Biden himself, when he was running for president.

"BIDEN CAMPAIGN CONGRATULATES SEN. OBAMA FOR JOHNNY-COME-LATELY POSITION," it read. Noting that at the March 2007 hearing, "Sen. Obama asked one question that was unrelated to Taliban or Afghanistan."


Thanks, PUK. Helen is a very generous person.
Cathy, I LOVE that cake..it's a oneoff .
Great catch,MayBee

Rick Ballard

Entertainment: NY Governor Condemns New Yorker Cover. I wonder if the contacted Stevie Wonder for his opinion?

Odd that the NAACP neglected to condemn Jackson's nigger remarks. They must have been real busy and focused on more important things...


Are the Democrats ready to concede an Iraqi Victory?

There are six phases to every project
1) enthusiasm,
2) disillusionment,
3) panic,
4) search for the guilty,
5) punishment of the innocent,
6) praise for the non-participants.

We will know when the Democrats break into phase 6.

Jim Rhoads aka vnjagvet

Bush's lifting the drilling ban and pressuring Congress was well-timed and got results. Putting Congress and Senator Obama clearly in the hotseat.

Whether or not the MSM can "connect the dots" some of the muddled middle will pick up on the response of market forces to executive action -- reduced gas prices which will result from the reduced price of oil.

Meanwhile, Gates' DOD continues getting good results in Iraq, and is responding effectively in Afghanistan.

And on another front in Gates' DOD, 10% of the new one stars have come from Special Forces -- an unprecedented number -- showing that putting Petraeus on the promotion board had a salutary effect.

Replacing Rummy with Gates apparently was well-timed for the 2008 elections (thank, Karl).

McCain should enjoy this part of the ride, while the OMessiah's troops and their MSM sycophants scurry searching for terrible news to strike fear into the muddle.


Contrasting the public treatment of N word JJ and the New Yorker cover is really too easy for someone of your inestimable talents, Rick.
I am so enjoying the New Yorker's getting a healthy taste of the left's fascism.


NRO:(No O record to speak of):

"No Paperwork For Obama Grants From 1997 To 2000

From the Chicago Sun-Times article on grants distributed by then-state-legislator Barack Obama.

(Records from 1997 to 2000 weren't available.)

There's a shock.

His state legislative office records may have been thrown out, he told us.

He's never released a specific list of law clients, instead giving a list of all of his firm's clients, numbering several hundred each year. His campaign will only confirm representation when the media comes to them with a specific case.

He won't release his application to the state bar. He's never released any legal or billing records to verify that he only did a few hours of work for a nonprofit tied to Tony Rezko.

He's never released any medical records, just a one-page letter from his doctor.

Does it bother anyone that a guy with political ambitions for his entire adult life has not left a paper trail? "

< a href=http://campaignspot.nationalreview.com/post/?q=MTY1NWQ3YmIxODEzM2ViM2JiMzE2MWRjZDA0NDFlMzc=>Man of mystery

Bill Clinton offers to campaign for O. I think he may have to wait a long time by the phone. Maybe JJ and he can compare redemptive moments as they both wait.

Rick Ballard


I just got a kick out of thinking about the meeting in the NAACP offices about which 'public figure' to use to express high dudgeon over the visual representation.

"OK, folks, Jackson's out - for the moment. Sharpton has the IRS hanging on his tail, that thing with the FBI and Conyer's wife looks like it has legs, same for the Kilpatrick's, Duval is in hiding and the latest on Nagin.. well, we don't need to talk about that.

Who's left?

Paterson? It's a picture - he's blind you idiot!

OK, OK, maybe no one will notice.


So it looks like Judge Robertson, will deign to allow a military commission for Mr. Hamdan, which I recall was the point of this rigamarole, 6 1/2 years years ago, until Mssr. Swift decided to play John Adams
to likes of Mr. Hamdan: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation/story/608129.html> apparently the guy was a bit of snitch, which has a way of diminishing his jihadist creds, which may be
the point.


Lately I've been thinking that landslide will go to John McCain.

I've been thinking that all along--not necessarily landslide, but 53-47 or 55-45. This represents a good opportunity to make some money: On Intrade, Obama-McCain has gone to about 66-30 (vs. 56-40 a month or two ago). Those are probabilities (in percent), of course, not predictions of the popular vote. (Full disclosure: I already have some money on McCain.)


Very good, Rick.

Jim Rhoads aka vnjagvet


I fear detective work is out of the question.

Only after the Obamessiah Torah comes out will we know the "given" truthiness about our political wunderkind.

Fortunately, it appears from his own hand that he was conceived by a human father.

Jim Rhoads aka vnjagvet

Obama to Bill Clinton:

Your assignment -- campaign for McCain at your earliest convenience. Wear Blue Dress. Please burn all tapes of these instructions.


Maybe Chris Matthews will get to the bottom of this. Or an equally dogged interviewer.


ha, Rick!


In an article at Weekly Standard the author states that Obama's burn rate is approximately $42 million per month. I would be curious as to what his travels to Europe will increase that number to?


centralcal, that is so weird - I was previewing my comment with the exact same question when I read yours. I would love to know the estimated price tag on Obama's European junket.


About that landslide: Lets hope the MSM is incorrect and has called TWO corenations WAAAAAY too early. But doesn't it still have to be about swing states? I see him winning here in Florida, although I see Virginia going for Obama as the Northern state vote vote last time went so heavily to Webb. But Obama has serious problems in Ohio, PA and Michigan. Polls currently are under representing republicans in those states. The south should go solid for McCain, but dont you see New Hapshire as back in play for McCain, but with the rest of the NE going Obama?



I see MI and NH as McCain's most likely picks, with PA as a long shot. I'm resigned to Obama taking IA, CO, and possibly VA or NM. I am not that worried about holding MO or NV, but others are. I think FL is solid McCain at this point, but I just don't know how OH will fall.

However, Obama and his friends at the AP would like you to consider the possibility of the South going for Obama:

Obama predicts black voter increase, Southern wins

It doesn't sound likely to me, but IIRC a recent RAS poll in North Dakota showed McCain with only a 1 point lead. So maybe we will all be surprised.


Oh, and I didn't mean to imply above that ND is a Southern state, just pointing out a surprising poll result that might indicate more surprises ahead.

Thomas Jackson

Obama is repugnant for so many reasons. Why would America's national security be served by withdrawing from Iraq and fighting in Afghanistan? Are our enemies not one and the same?

Fortunately most people can see through the bombast. This election looks like a repeat of 1972. The idea that Obama can win Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, or Virginia is so much hype. Obama did very poorly in the dhimmierat prilims winning less than 50% of the vote. Given the scandals, friends who one normally associates in a mosque or police lineup, uber leftist policies, I just hope some Obama supporter out there will spot me the 15 point lead the media keeps trying to peddle on a small bet.

I wonder if Gallup would stand by their polls giving the same spread they report. If only.

The Dalibama is such a gift remaining medacious yet sophomoric. I think Kool Aide should hire him as a spokesman.


The good news is that it's very rare for one party to control all 3 - the Executive and both houses of the Legislative branch.

As it looks like the GOP is still on track to sustain considerable losses in the House and Senate due to their ineptitude and pork, hopefully McCain will squeak by and prevent a full Dem takeover.

Gridlock may be bad, but it's not nearly as bad as giving the Dems unfettered control.


"Does it bother anyone that a guy with political ambitions for his entire adult life has not left a paper trail?"

There isn't an unmarked grave in Kenya or Indonesia is there?

Rick Ballard

Obama Bear Market Report

Markets rallied again today, fueled by polling reports showing a continuing drop in support for Obama. While trading was moderate, market veterans breathed sighs of relief at this opportunity to trim losses in anticipation of a continuing slide. As one trader noted "No one has any idea as to where the bottom really is these days - and no one will really know until Election Day. What we do know is that Obama is as clueless about the economy as he has demonstrated himself to be concerning the success of the surge in Iraq. The smart money is heading for the sidelines."


Obama: Too inexperienced to be POTUS in 2008, and whatever change he promises to bring is too dangerous for America at any time.

It's no accident that his hard-core supporters idolize the Marxist CHE Guevarra, trample on the American flag, advocate terrorism against US interests, and rail against whitey in Black separationist churches.

Obama did not use poor judgment in associating himself with these people.

He shares their views.


The Brown Shirt proposal examined.
http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2008/07/another_inconvenient_truth_dow.html>Auf du Lieber Lederhosen or Whatever


If BO loses this election -- hopefully -- the double good news will be that the Dems would be unlikely to run him again. They give each presidential candidate one chance to win; then they're on to the next.

Thomas Collins

jimmyk stated that:

"This represents a good opportunity to make some money: On Intrade, Obama-McCain has gone to about 66-30 (vs. 56-40 a month or two ago)."

I've read that these prediction markets have been reliable in predicting past elections. I can only hope that these prediction markets are skewing towards B57O because his supporters are inclined to foolish gambling.

If I have missed a post on this, I'm sorry, but I haven't seen that B57O has pledged to go full speed ahead on missile defense. The Dems have not been very good on this issue. Has B57O given us any assurance that he understands that a good missile defense system will put him in a better position when he sits down with the mullahs, the North Koreans, the Russians and the Chinese?


Obama on Michelle (from Glamour interview):

"Everybody who knows Michelle knows how extraordinary she is. She's ironically the most quintessentially American woman I know. She grew up in a "Leave it to Beaver" family."

There is so much nonsense in these 3 sentences, I hardly know where to begin.

ironically...quintessentially American woman
"Leave it to Beaver" family


I've read that these prediction markets have been reliable in predicting past elections.

As I recall, they've done ok close to the election, but farther in advance they're very similar to the polls. I'm not sure about Intrade's history, but I used to follow the Iowa Electronic Markets. So the fact that Obama is so far ahead at Intrade doesn't really shift my view much.


It's funny how Michelle can be whatever Obama wants her to be. Need poor, Michelle's your woman. Daddy worked for the city, you know. Need Leave it to Beaver? Michelle's your woman. June Cleaver cleaned her house in heels and pearls. There really wasn't a Leave it to Beaver family. But don't tell Obama.


McCain has a very good video out using O's own words to establish how full of it he's been on Iraq:
http://www.blogsforjohnmccain.com/obama-iraq-documentarywhatever-politics-demand>Obama:A Man for all Seasons

Jim Rhoads aka vnjagvet

Thanks for the link, Clarice.

The best stuff against Obama is in his own words.

It is as devastating as Kerry's sonorously pompous testimony before the Senate in his medal bedecked fatigues.


The day of the 2004 election I made a quick few hundred bucks on Intrade (when you first set up your account they limit the amount of money you can put in). I still regret not putting it all on Florida (which was paying 9:1 for a Bush win, vs 6:4 for Bush in the general).

Bill in AZ

IBM's profit jumped 22% as revenue grew globally, implying big business and government haven't pulled back on capital spending despite a [there is no] weak economy.

There, fixed that for WSJ...

Bill in AZ

PS - and oil is dropping like a stone...


Is the modern Democrat party made up of shifty gits?

Rick Ballard


Here's an excellent piece which brings together points which Rich and I have been making about the Wily E. Coyote Oil Price Paradigm.

It appears that everyone has looked down and noticed how far they are from the canyon floor. Can't blame 'em - there's nothing about it in the instructions that come with the ACME Commodity Trading Kit.

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