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July 19, 2008


hit and run

That is awesome, bgates!

The swimsuit competition line kills me.

In fact, when I laughed out loud reading it yesterday at work, I almost had to explain lie about why I was laughing, to cover up my JOM habit addiction.

But I'm ready for such situations..."Hey look, I think someone brought donuts and left them break room"

Having used that one, I need another one for next time. I'm thinking of installing a panic button under my desk. When pressed, it automatically calls my phone, so I can say, "oh, I need to take this..."

Soylent Red

All those words TM, when you could have simply said:

"Con man bullshit artist".

I guess that doesn't make for as interesting a blog though.


While the swimsuit competition line is winning all the plaudits, the triple negation with respect to Iran is deserving of acclaim as well.


Sorry, quadruple negation.


My personal favorite is the Michelle "winsome"/"yalosesome" pairing. Very deftly handled.


Porchlight, how about going Dutch with the sadder, Budweiser Girl?


the triple negation with respect to Iran is deserving of acclaim as well.

Yeah. I totally stole that when I was talking with someone about Obama yesterday.


McCain is cool because he is McCain, warts and all. Obama is not cool because he is ... calculating himself to be whatever a voter hopes for.

Elect a cunning, lust-for-power chameleon and you get ... hurt. It's too dangerous. There is no functional United Nations to take up the slack abroad, and at home there is no telling how much self-serving, counter-productive claptrap the country can take before the economy that lifted all boats collapses under the weight.

Weighing liberty and equality, liberty has brought more equality than equality has brought liberty.

Weighing impatience to do good and free enterprise, impatience (over-reaching control) has done more harm than free enterprise has done. Free enterprise trusts the individual to decide for himself what is best and distrusts every special interest from government on down.

Okay, unbelievers. Where's the cogent counter argument?


Gosh, that's nice. Thanks.

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