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July 06, 2008



75% rise in world food costs because of biofuels. Who do I go to to get my nutrition back?


Good Morning!


Just for laughs:

The guys from Red Eye explain how soccer is like a fat chick!


Barry Arrogant has so many big plans! A mighty speech at the Brandenberg Gate. An acceptance speech at Mile High in Denver on the anniversary of MLK's "I have a dream" speech.

Shades of Kennedy, Reagan, King! Wonder if he will bring his Presidential Seal along for added emphasis?


Fat bottomed girls they make the rockin' world go round.


I'm waiting for his seal to start barking and clapping his flip flappers.

Thomas Collins

"Still, Human Rights Watch points to illicit alliances between the Colombian military and the paramilitary, and between the paramilitary and political leaders. Members of the Legislature face corruption charges. And President Álvaro Uribe's supporters want to change the Constitution so that he can run for a third term - a worrisome power grab."

The Sunday morning quiz question is: What was the supposed topic of discussion of the editorial a quote from which is set forth above? The answer: The supposed topic was the Columbian military's rescue of the hostages held by FARC. The editorial mentions the rescue, and then launches into Columbia's problems. Hugo Chavez is mentioned as a leader who can "help." Even by the standards of The Boston Globe (the rag in which the editorial appeared), the editorial is a shameless exercise in trashing an ally during a time of triumph for its military. For the full editorial, go to: http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/editorial_opinion/editorials/articles/2008/07/05/rescuing_columbia/

Thomas Collins

The remainder of the web address is:



Where there is smoke there is fire; I'll bet there were emails blazing around the Obama campaign about this matter.


The G8 is worried about food and the Guardian has an article linking 75% of the rise in food costs to biofuels. Maybe it linked a 75% increase in food costs to biofuels. I'll have to check, because there is a difference between the two, I believe.


I think it must be the former, kim. If food was 75% more expensive nobody would be talking about gas prices.

The Sheep Nazi

Who do I go to to get my nutrition back?

Start with this guy, Kim:

"Oil makes us sick"


Right, TSN, he makes me sick. Rolling his eyes and waving his hands like he's about to barf. Ugh.


here's over a million people who say no obama.



Belated happy 4th, everyone. After being away from the comp a few days, it has taken me forever to read all the posts, links and comments, but it's always time well-spent. Tradition growing up was 4th = Cubs 'n Carnals. Bonus coverage on TBS today.


Oh, my. And here we go again. This AP story yet again discredits the Wilsons, Schumer, Rockefeller, et al.


Troll alert...troll alert


The crappy Weather Channel will become even crappier. NBC bought it! (announced on MediaBistro - TVNewser).



I bet it is Global Warming 24/7 and we are all going to die because of evil America. Al Gore will have his own show, of course.



For keeping us up to date on AGW. Thank You!


This just in: Associated Press confirms that Saddam had yellowcake uranium after all:


I'd quote it for ya, but it's AP so naturally I don't want to be charged $2.98 a word.





Somebody post the correct URL, I'm an idiot


The yellowcake that Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame were looking for, sold to Canada.

Its DubiousD's link


Ann, Yep! You know they will want to politicize it even more. Does Keith O have any brothers or sisters who do weather Special Comments?


Surber has a great post up

George Bush saved the world
AP: President Bush was right about Saddam Hussein’s pursuit of nuclear weaponry.......

As Don posts on his paper's site and they subcribe to the AP he uses as much as he cares to. So you can go there versus giving the AP a click.

Been away from JOM for quite awhile and cannot figure out what

means. "thick" on allergy meds.


You're welcome Rocco et al, and thank you.



It means that clicking on the person's name will take you to the article being cited. (LUN=Link under name)


Yeah, Larwyn, for those of us who are technically challenged and cannot remember how to do links (among other things - grin), Jane came up with copying and pasting a link in the url field (of our comment sign in). Et voila! the LUN was born!

And the rest, as they say, is JOM history. If only we had such easy shortcuts to italics and bold!


LUN = Link under name of poster---------------

If you can only read one LUN today, here is one about one of the greatest living American heroes
Col George "Bud" Day.

Bill in AZ

The 550 tons of yellowcake is old news. Not sure why it's being made a big deal of. It was there, I believe, before the weapons inspections started after the first Gulf War. It was documented, etc. Some time ago it was decided it would be moved out of the area.

Not that Joe and Val aren't liars...


Yes,Bill--that's so.There was some suggestion that some had been removed and Saddam was seeking repacements elsewhere to have the full amount at such time inspections might be resumed, but apparently that was not the case.


Gateway Pundit has uncovered the memo that says Val "apparently" convened a meeting to send Joe to Niger.

The LUN is sendng my posts to the teacher for approval so here is a partial reprint:

Meeting apparently convened by Valerie Wilson, a CIA WMD managerial type and the wife of Amb. Joe Wilson, with the idea that the agency and the larger USG could dispatch Joe to Niger to use his contacts there to sort out the Niger/Iraq uranium sale question. Joe went to Niger in late 1999 in regard to Niger's uranium program, apparently with CIA support.

Valerie Plame sent Joe.

A month before Robert Novak wrote his column, Ambassador Joseph Wilson spoke out against the Bush Administration and Israel at the Far-Left 2003 IRAQ FORUM Conference.
The audio is still posted HERE (40:38 in duration)

In his speech, Ambassador Joseph Wilson described himself as the investigator sent to Niger by the government and says the government sent him there and not the CIA (a lie). Wilson said there was nothing to the uranium story (another lie), described the US as "occupiers" of Iraq (a shocking statement at the time), and described a conspiracy to help Israel dominate the Palestinians.

Joe Wilson repeated the lie for several years that the Iraq was not seeking uranium from Niger even though five days after Wilson's NYT op-ed, George Tenet put out a statement describing how the person the CIA sent to check out the Niger story (Joe Wilson) found that the Iraqis had indeed tried to open up trade talks, which were interpretted by government officials in Niger as an attempt to purchase uranium ore.

And, then there is this news from yesterday...
The AP reported that the last load of Saddam's uranium was shipped to Canada:

The last major remnant of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear program - a huge stockpile of concentrated natural uranium - reached a Canadian port Saturday to complete a secret U.S. operation that included a two-week airlift from Baghdad and a ship voyage crossing two oceans.

The removal of 550 metric tons of “yellowcake” - the seed material for higher-grade nuclear enrichment - was a significant step toward closing the books on Saddam’s nuclear legacy.

It's a bummer about all of that yellow cake.
It must suck being Joe Wilson today.


It must suck being Joe Wilson today.

I'm thinking it sucks to be Joe Wilson anyday.

The Iraqi government sold the yellowcake to a Canadian uranium producer, Cameco Corp., in a transaction the official described as worth "tens of millions of dollars.

This article from Metals Place refers to the company name as Comeco but then throughout the article, refers to it as Cameco.

Notice on this UN List of companies that had contracts with the UN's Oil For Food Program during April 2003. 22nd on the list is a company named COMECO ENG,LTD. The Mission (destination?) is Tunisia, oil is the Sector and the description says, TANK LORRY.

If it is the same company, wouldn't it be peculiar that a company dealing in yellowcake is trading Saddam for oil in 2003?

I think I had something linking Comeco to CMS of Jefferson fame but I can't find it...

hit and run

It must suck being Joe Wilson today.

I'm thinking it sucks to be Joe Wilson anyday.

Oh that's nothing.

Sucks to be me now that Joe Wilson has nearly adopted my unimportant hair.


Soylent Red

Ignore all that yellowcake.

There was no nuclear program, military or industrial.

I know all of this because I read it in the New York Times.

Please excuse typos. I'm typing with my elbows due to the nifty new jacket the doctors p[ut me in.

hit and run

Ignore all that yellowcake

Sorry, Soylent, this via ghengis at AoSHQ...how can you possibly ignore THIS yellowcake???????


Hey Hit,

How's vacation going? Have you recovered from the shrimp?


Oh and one more question: Since when did men start wearing women's bathing suits in the Olympic trials?

Soylent Red



This uranium suppliers guide from About.com also uses Cameco and Comeco interchangeably to describe this company.

Here's an CMS Energy Corp SEC Filing as of 2/29/96.

CMS NOMECO Oil & Gas Co.

A Michigan corporation engaged in the
exploration, development, acquisition and
production of oil and natural gas in the U.S. and seven (7) other countries through partnership interests and ownership of domestic corporations and foreign companies. CMS NOMECO Oil & Gas Co. directly owns sixteen (16) subsidiaries that are either domestic corporations or foreign companies:

Comeco Petroleum Holdings, Inc. (50%)

A Delaware corporation engaged in the exploration and production of oil and natural gas in Yemen.

And Ken Silverstein ties Jefferson to CMS in "William Jefferson: Tollbooth Operator on the Road to Africa"

In November of 2000, Jefferson led the first-ever Congressional delegation to Equatorial Guinea, taking along representatives from Baton Rouge–based Shaw Global Energy Services and from CMS Energy, which had extensive interests in the country that were later sold to Marathon. When it got involved in Equatorial Guinea in the mid-1990s, CMS allowed a company controlled by the country's president, Teodoro Obiang, to obtain a stake in two joint ventures. Even by the standards of Equatorial Guinea, a textbook kleptocracy, this was a friendship with remarkable benefits. Obiang put no money down for his stake—which was worth about $29 million as of 2004—and received $1 million in dividend payments between 2003 and 2004 alone, according to a Senate investigation.

When the swimsuit makes them faster. (I say that as a swim coach).


Thanks Laura, altho I was hoping for something funnier.


Hee, my first posts at JOM were on the subject of Cogema - this marks my 3-year anniversary - when Kim lured me over from Wizbang :)



hit and run

How's vacation going? Have you recovered from the shrimp?


Tonight is jambalaya night -- and there's shrimp in it, of course.

And I can eat it without reflecting on the pain of fried shrimp night.

But I bet I've gained 10 pounds since getting here.

The vacation has been wonderful -- relaxing and work free (I've let the battery on my Blackberry die, and have NOT plugged it back in to charge)


And Wilson was stumping for CMS Nomeco in October 99. A Babelfish translation of a Conjoncture article by Janet Roitman et Gérard Roso. "Guinée-Équatoriale: être «off-shore» pour rester «national"

26 . In October 1999, Joseph Charles Wilson, former adviser of chair Clinton and current ambassador in Angola, met the president Obiang Nguema: presented like a continuation of the African round of the prési- tooth Clinton, this meeting actually turned around specific points, in particular the possibilities of installation of american companies to Equatorial Guinea. Two american companies (Nomeco and Oxy) in addition offered proposals to increase their investments in the country. In sep- tembre 2000, at the time of its visit with Malabo, intended to officially announce the financing of the methanol factory on the island of Bioko, the OPIC was accompa- gnée of the Secretary of State associated with Work. Even if, seemingly, they are only private overseas investments, the OPIC is presented itself in the form of a “independent federal agency.

Sorry Jane, not funny,
How about a little eye candy then. Aaron Piersol, who still goes topless. Aaron Piersol
There are some things my 17 year old and I are still in agreement on.
Phelps, forgive me swim gods, despite how well he swims, continues to be pin head.


You have to take a look at Michelle's expression in this picture taken on July 4th.
We need a caption for this picture:

Mr. and Mrs. Arugula


Wow, BR, Truzenzuex and JukeBoxGrad.


In memory of the late George Carlin, I'm compelled to ask Hit if they were jumbo shrimp.

hit and run

Mucho jumbo.



While his adoring wife (right) looks on, Presidential candidate Barack Obama bites the big one.


well, i got to put the record on so i can remember the line,

'i swing low like a chimp,

back in '86 man i was seein' a shrink

and now i'm humble

but i can only think of

New Orleans and those 'JUMBO SHRIMP!!!!



Hey Kim

This is from Icecap

Biofuels have caused world food prices to increase by 75 percent, according to the findings of an unpublished World Bank report published in The Guardian newspaper on Friday.


not for nothin' but 75% is pretty large if correct,

i can't really beleive it, i don't think its true,

the whole world would collapse,

think about it,



i said it the other night, but this biofuel business is pretty comical,

i'm gonna eat corn and burn gas, dig it,

you all just get in line behind me,

my wife would tell me i'm being bragadocious now(not spelled right but looks pretty cool!:)



Politico reports McCain promises to balance budget.

This sounds like good news and a shrewd political move.* Knock me over, etc... I'm sure in time we will find out whether the campaign shakeup influenced the timing and/or strategy on this.

Exit question: is Steve Schmidt now worthy of a JOM sobriquet?
*"The vow to take on Social Security puts McCain in a political danger zone that thwarted President Bush after he named it the top domestic priority of his second term," quoth Allen.


Good Morning Peeps!

I just want McCain to drill - well drilling. I can't believe that isn't a winner.

Laura, great pix. Now I want to know why Phleps is a pinhead.


I sent your comments on Comeco/Cameco to Kurt Hogland who had just done an extensive post on OIL FOR FOOD A taste of Oil For Food and its chefs


in addition to all the tracking and assembling of info on the financial institutions involved and such players as Auchi et al.

He just emailed me this morning:

You know, for all the heavy-hitters in the conservative area, why is it a Jacksonian willing to let chips fall where they may that goes after this stuff? I hadn't actually done the CAMECO/COMECO follow-up as I was relaxing after that monster OFF post, so I am not familiar with that trading group, NOMECO which holds the 50% assets in COMECO... but yellowcake going to Ontario is very interesting in, and of, itself. Such trade deals are very interesting and I wonder if the Army Corps or FBI has taken yellowcake samples fro spectroscopic analysis - it is only refined ore with a very low percent uranium in it, and the other heavy metals and sulfur group should yield an isotopic analysis to pin point which mine/country produced it.

As each sedimentary layer has particular deposition conditions, certain elements and even isotopes within an element will get laid down in their own percentages that are distinct from other times and locations. As I looked at way back when in my Syrian posts on their uranium WMD processing facilities from raw phosphate ore, the different types of ore can be identified by their elemental assay. If refined in separate batches some of that will be maintained preferentially for the metals being looked at (in this case the heavy metals in that group of elements similar to uranium in chemical activation).

That said, will the Canadians do an assay analysis of the yellowcake? Just for industrial metal separation they will have to... although that may only be bulk results which are not as good as an analysis the unmixed yellowcake.

The big question: how does a company concentrating on oil & gas get mixed up in uranium processing? If the parent is a true conglomerate, then that is easy to answer... but if it concentrates on specialized markets, then I really do wonder just why they would get involved in such a deal. Probably have to look at their financial statements and see who is invested in the thing and what banks come in to back their deals.

Soylent Red


I have a caption for that picture, but I'm not giving it up because it would only get me thwacked.

I'll probably get thwacked just for mentioning that I have something on my mind that might get me thwacked.

Let's just say that my caption revolves around Michelle being the man in the house. And then let's drop it.


latest on O's birth certificate:


Good Morning everyone..
How is the monday in your life?


hard to keep track of you guys! Put some other items on the other thread late last night on O!'s COLB.

Thank you Clarice for the link to the new one at Israeli Insider. Going to put it at ACE's now as he and now Andy McCarthy have dubbed AJ doc expert extrodinare. Guess ACE will have to stop complaining about McCain's SHAMNESTY leanings now too.


Jay McKinnon is violating big time the rule of holes. And that horseshit about having the DeCosta certificate on the 12th is only the most obviously refutable of his many deceits. Thank God, people like Markos and Jay are working for Obama.


I think the COLB question has only gotten muddier, not clearer.

Interesting that there is supposedly also a birth certificate in Kenya.

Anyone relying on Kos is just plain nuts.


The link to post on Kenya BC is one that I posted on other thread last night


Is this done to establish a citizenship for the child? If so, then if he is "natural born" is he also holding dual citizenship?


Obama and the Woods Fund:

http://www.americanthinker.com/2008/07/obama_and_the_woods_fund_of_ch.html>What Happens when a candidate is not ve t ted until too lat e?


Also posted link to
Now isn't this interesting Kos is bragging about doing forgeries!!



larwyn I have no idea if he has dual citizenship but that wouldn't affect whether or not he was a "natural born citizen" under aplicable US law.
I have no idea why it would be worth his while to not make public his birth certificate. No matter what how convoluted the pros and cons, it is clear the docs provided are insufficient to ascertain their authenticity and are probably fakes.


/Thats not the birth certificate i knew

and the wheels on the bus go round and round .. round and round


Wasn't either or. He could be both "natural born" and also hold citizenship in Kenya if that is what registering the birth there does.

And now Jim Geraghty has endowed AJ with Doc expert status from merely peusing INTERNET IMAGES. Great! OBAMA & the MEDIA really do have many cowed.

What is truly funny is that link to KOS bragging about forgeries is from LGF and it's also Charles Johnson who has determined the COLB is not a fake!!!

Head spins.

Here's Geraghty's post....

Yet I Know This Will Only Spur More E-Mails

I'm still getting e-mails urging me to look harder at the issue of Obama's birth certificate. AJStrata from Strata-sphere took a long, hard look and I concur with the assessment over at Little Green Footballs, pretty far from an Obama apologist: "Sorry, folks, but this is not going to be another Rathergate. Let’s just bury this wish-fulfillment fantasy and get on with things."

07/07 08:25 AM

Rick Ballard

Could someone explain Senator Obama's desire to speak before the Brandenburg Gate? Is he trying to evoke the shade of Kennedy, the nimrod who stood with his hands in his pockets while the East Germans walled off Berlin?

Has anyone mentioned to the very junior Senator from Illinois that the fellow who made the famous speech at the Brandenburg Gate wasn't the dimwitted Dem icon whom Kruschev outwitted at every turn but Reagan - the fellow who called Gorbachov (and the Soviets) bluff?

I don't mind him calling attention to Kennedy. There are similiarities between the two light as a feather pols - they both maintained deep ties with the corrupt Daley machine for example. Better yet - neither had any accomplishments as a politician worthy of more than a single sentence footnote.

That said, as much of a lightweight as Kennedy was, he still overshadows and outclasses Obama.


Rick, it is all about hype (as if his followers even require that any more).


1.Either Obama qualifies to run or he doesn't.
2. Only a proper birth certificate can answer that question.
3. No such certificate has been provided only reproductions , themselves suspect in a variety of ways. Even if they did not raise suspicion because of these oddities, such documents can never be properly verified, only production of the original can be proof.
4. The issues of authenticity and eligibility have been raised for some time now and Obama has failed to do the one thing that would conclusivelyt answer them. Instead he has left on his STS site a secondaty, suspicious document , apparently a copy of the one he provided first to Kos.




http://gatewaypundit.blogspot.com/>Good grief. If true, shouldn't she offer her resignation?


Clarice, I know all that. Which is why I am going mad with those on "our side" who are giving KOS cover and giving the MEDIA a reason to not ask O! any questions.

Came back to grab that photo as just read this at TWS Blog....


Michelle Obama's War Room?
Prospective first ladies generally have a small staff on the campaign, including their own schedulers and hair stylists. Michelle Obama is no doubt the first to have her very own war room. I guess the campaign anticipates plenty more zingers from Obama's gaffe-prone wife, who has previously said she never felt proud of the country her husband longs to lead.

Barack Obama has already proposed a number of renovations to the White House, including a basketball court in the basement and, more recently, the removal of a flat-screen television from the Lincoln Bedroom. Only now we get some insight into his wife's redecorating plans should she become First Lady. That flat screen and many others could end up in the East Wing,where swarms of communications operatives will monitor every word said about Michelle Obama and respond rapidly if necessary.

To put this in perspective, just consider how nutty I'd sound if I were reporting that Laura Bush was starting up a war room. Hillary didn't even have her own war room back when she was first lady and her husband was running for president.

Posted by Jaime Sneider on July 7, 2008 09:27 AM | Permalink


Oil price shock means China is at risk of blowing up


I bet Jack Kennedy was a good cat,

better than Ted i think,

Marilyn, nuff said


this Obama dude is going to 'blowed up good' (John Candy SCTV)



Much more interesting is http://www.weeklystandard.com/weblogs/TWSFP/2008/07/obama_ignorance_watch_what_do.asp>this.

“I am absolutely committed to ending the war,” the longtime community organizer declared. “I will call my Joint Chiefs of Staff in and give them a new assignment and that is to end the war.”


I know Obama is a student of military matters and intellectually voracious, so it is thus rather stunning that he would betray such ignorance regarding the way the military actually functions. In truth, the Joint Chiefs are not part of the chain of command. Indeed, they are specifically by statute not part of the chain of command but instead serve solely in an advisory capacity to the president.

Ignorance, thy name is Obama.


His much vaunted genius is not evident to me.



It is not evident to anyone looking. His minions aren't looking.


Morning Gang!

It looks like two issues convincing are at hand this morning. I found AJ convincing yesterday on the docs. Is there some reason I shouldn't?

Also, I'm hoping the yellowcake story is advanced more as it prompts questioning Schumer and especiallv Jay Rockefeller. It was Rockefeller who played a major role in establishing the narrative that the administration lied. He is on the Intelligence Committee and should have known of the yellowcake's existance.


Does anyone believe that the MSM will pick up on the Pelosi-FARC connection?


Thanks for that link, Sue. That could make a great McCain campaign ad. Old military dude gives young peacenik a little update re: the Joint Chiefs' job description. End with "You want this guy in charge of our troops in wartime?" type of thing.



Would you go over to AJ's site and ask him this question? Where is the source for this comment?

But more than that, numerous people have called the state of Hawaii who initially claimed the document was legit, and that they did provide a new copy to Obama on the date noted on the back.


Does anyone believe that the MSM will pick up on the Pelosi-FARC connection?

In the year of the democrat? Not bloody likely.


Bob,I really think the only thing new about the yellowcake story is that we moved it to Canada..It has always been known that Saddam had it and IAEA had placed it under (flimsy) locks when they left.I find the hullaballoo about this story puzzling.
As for the docs, PHEH

Cecil Turner

I found AJ convincing yesterday on the docs. Is there some reason I shouldn't?

I don't know about the docs. But I found AJ's commenter very persuasive.

There are public information sites…that sell records available to the public. Obama’s name is listed as having a birth record from Hawaii.
He's got a birth record in Hawaii, so he's a natural-born citizen. Period. So the forgery issue is moot. If someone wants to pay the $29.95 and compare 'em, great (and perhaps there's an embarassing detail). But I won't, because I can't see what could possibly be interesting about it.


Curious, Cecil, because under Hawaiian law that can be released only by Barak or his immediate family, not the state.
I can't imagine why Barak would simply not post a copy of the genuine article on his STS site instead of this make believe thing but you are right, it is unnlikely to be because he is not a "natural born" citizen.


I don't think you can get a copy of the birth certificate. Having done genealogy research using these types of services, you don't always get what you pay for.


The details are always in the fine print...

Disclaimer: This website is not sponsored by or affiliated with any government agency. Records identified during initial search process does not guarantee information availability. Searches are subject to terms and conditions.


Barry Dunham has a birth record in Hawaii in 1961. According to that search engine.


Clarice: My position is that the general narrative about the non-existance of WMDs would not have been what it had been if DEM leadership had not advanced it. Perhaps if it had been more widely realized that the IAEA had cataloged yellowcake in the past and it was still there, the "Bush lied" mantra would have been harder to sustain.

You know me...always looking for evidence of malfeasance among senate dems.


Even more interesting is no matter how I search, public records, birth records, divorce records, marriage records, I get 4 results or Barack Obama.


And this: Birth dates, parents' names and ages, location, vital records offices, instructions for obtaining birth certificates, original birth announcements, other relatives, and more!

They don't have anything more than what is available without paying for it.


Sue: I'm unable to access his comment section. I'll link it in my blog and maybe he'll pick it up that way.


I included Dean's post in the collection just sent. Thought the Michelle post interesting as so many seem cowed by the antics of the O!s' campaign and their MEDIA enablers. I doubt these same people would accept such a presentation of a document from any fellow conservative, so I just cannot consider any other reason.

Makes me want to scream that they all throw up straw man of keep hitting him on those relationships, the Chi-town scandals and his policies. Yes, the MEDIA is really paying attention to those very items which have been front & center on our side for months.

On FARC connections & assistance Gateway has good post with photos of the miscreants


On O!'S plane having to land in St. Louis due to problem with controls, MSNBC is very concerned about how he will make his scheduled appearances today. That's in between trying to convince all that there have been absolutely no FLIP-FLOPS by O!
And they are so excited that he's going to accept nomination at the stadium seating 76,000. Will be fun to see the BIG TENT as sure those who plan on demonstrating will do all in their power to get tickets.

Geraghty is cooking this morning (other than the post on AJ the doc expert. He thinks the Germans may find O! rather pesumptuous

...."Obama is free to speak anywhere the Germans will have him. But some might find it a bit presumptuous for a candidate to speak at the site of two of the most famous foreign addresses by American presidents in recent memory. "

also has post on speech at Mile High and "volunteering" among others.



Thanks. I am one the original naysayers that there is anything wrong with Obama's birth certificate. I still don't think he wasn't born in Hawaii. But too many people I do trust, JMHanes, for one, have seen something that bothers them with the copy posted at Kos. If it is a forgery, I think it is a deliberate act by Obama to whip out the original that says exactly the same thing. That way, when the next thing comes up, something we aren't aware of yet, he can say, here we go again. But anyway, I'm open to going either way. I'm not wedded to it being fake or for real.

Thomas Collins

The debate over the last few years over Saddam and his WMDs has confused me. It seems to me that most folks agree that Saddam had a WMD program that had been degraded over time, but that, given the opportunity (namely, the opportunity that would result from the US easing up on its pressure), could be started up again and made active within a year. Given what we now know about the UN oil-for-bribes program in Iraq, it would seem that Saddam could have waited out the sanctions if the US didn't have him removed in a covert action or invasion. The status quo of a US presence in Kuwait, a no fly zone and the UN oil for bribes program was not a long term solution. Those who criticize Bush for removing Saddam really should take a step back and think about whether there were any other realistic options.

Rick Ballard

I'm betting that the uniforms for the Obama Jugend will feature Verde Foresta as the color of choice.

Le Camicie Verde will also have a creed elevating "ecological purity" to primary position.

The Mercedes hood ornament will be the arm band insignia, of course.

Duce! Duce!! Duce!!!


Hey Rick, don't get me started. Now I want tickets!
A song--we need a song to sing while marching down the aisles with giant banners. Where's that damned Soylent when we need him?

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