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July 14, 2008



Hey, what are Nehru and Angela Davis doing up there?


I don't really see Drum's point:

If artist Barry Blitt had some real cojones, he would have drawn the same cover but shown it as a gigantic word bubble coming out of John McCain's mouth — implying, you see, that this is how McCain wants the world to view Obama. But he didn't. Because that would have been unfair.

But that would have made the satire about McCain, when he isn't the target of the jab. "The people" that think these things of Obama are.
Adding McCain as the voice would then have made the cartoon a jab at the people that actually think McCain is saying such things about Obama. Perhaps people like Kevin Drum.
Maybe McCain would have thought it unfair, but he undoubtedly has thicker skin than Obama. The isn't cojenes, the problem is Drum's addition would have made it a bad illustration for the point they were making.

SO IT JUST STRUCK ME AS FUNNY that supporters of Barack "I'm really not a Muslim" Obama are now getting upset about a cartoon.
posted at 02:02 PM by Glenn Reynolds

Need we say more????


just to combine New Yorker magazine memes -

are we sure that Barry Blitt isn't actually a dog?


Thomas Collins

Kim has pointed to what's wrong with the cover. If the New Yorker wanted to satirize what to New Yorker folks would be the "clinging to religion and guns" crowd, a cover picture of an aging leftist and a deceased leader of a nonaligned country doesn't do it.

I wonder if B57O gets the irony of the fact that aging washed up leftist Baby Boomers are the ones most likely to buy into the "if you are against Barack, you are racist and xenophobic" line. Here is B57O promoting himself as a change agent while serving as a reason for the over the hill Summer of Love crowd to recall their glory days fighting oppression in the muddy haze of Woodstock.


Google has now deleted all references to posts which contain SCREENSHOTS OF OBAMA'S COLA!!!

Always chasing after you guys, see links in Atlas latest...


Does this make Eustace Tilly the third most famous New Yorker cover -- or does he not count because he appears every anniversary?


As a few people have mentioned: The article itself is devastating as it shows Obama as a Chicago politician instead of the Messiah.

The furor over the cover is thus a DISTRACTION from the content of the article.

Has Obama had to say even one word about the content of the article?


As Spock once said .. humor, it’s a difficult concept

The satire or irony is in the eye of the beholder.

Just like that negative TV coverage of Ronald Reagan that, when you turned off the sound, looked like beautiful campaign commercials, the cleverness of the New Yorker is lost on those who will never read the words, but are left to only see the cover, which, it seems, is whatever you want it to be.


And to think. I had assumed the cover was a dead on satire of out of touch New Yorkers and the idiotic things these leftist bubble people believe flyover Americans "know" about Obama.


The Obama's....methinks they protest too much methinks


Isn't the New Yorker a liberal rag?


Westboro slimeys plan to protest Tony Snow funeral.


Isn't the New Yorker a liberal rag?

You think? I'd call that a gross understatement.

My own opinion is that the New Yorker did the cover just to get people talking. It simply has not been the same since Tina Brown ruined it in the mid 1990s. Their circulation probably reflects their decline.

I still read it to see the latest left talking points. It beats reading a lefty blog.

And the cartoons are still great.


I think PrestoPundit (above) has it right:

A "satire of out of touch New Yorkers and the idiotic things these leftist bubble people believe flyover Americans 'know' about Obama."

Or take a distillation of MayBee's above post:

In an illustration: a thought bubble emanating from Kevin Drum containing "a gigantic word bubble coming out of John McCain's mouth — implying, you see, that this is how McCain wants the world to view Obama."


Georgetown gets in on the act with


Rick Ballard

I hope that readers here take the time to read the piece by Ryan Lizza that Team Obama desperately hopes you will ignore. Karl provides a very good Cliff Notes version but I would add a secondary comment.

The Lizza piece is a counterpart to Jackson's threat against Obama. The whole race baiter/poverty pimp racket depends upon the "leaders" ability to enthrall the inhabitants of the prog fiefs upon which they depend for sustenance. The Lizza piece is just a tad too clear concerning the slumlord/poverty pimp connection and the fact that Obama was selling out his thralls/constituents right out of the starting blocks. He's neither alone nor unusal (vide Rangel, four rent controlled apartments) but Lizza's piece makes it crystal clear that the person whom Obama truly wished to help above all others was Obama - from Day 1, Hour 1.

The article also makes clear the reason why the race baiter establishment backed (and backs) Clinton. If Obama actually takes the nominations, every thrall and serf in every prog fief in the United States stands to lose the "they owe me" which provides the excuse for not getting up and getting out.

The cover is entertaining but the article is actually far more interesting. RW ain't quite dead yet.

Jim Rhoads aka vnjagvet

Well, JOMers, looks to me like Clinton has hired Rove, and they've infiltrated the New Yorker.

Rick has it dead on. This ain't over. In the afternoon, I heard "Heidi", a Clinton supporter, hopefully voice the "open convention" strategy "...just like FDR in 1932" (or words to that effect) to a skeptical Fox newsie. What about Clinton's concession and support of Obama, she was asked. Response:

Let's just give her the option to turn it down!!!

the truth is that this was an example where we had some poor phrasing in the speech
.. and so goes the need for Jerusalem to remain Israel's undivided capital.

Let's stop the merry-go-round here .. and call this what it is.

Obama is a politician .. who lies when it suits him.


I don't think it is over either, and I'll bet that the "right wing" Obama is blaming for that cartoon can be traced directly to the Hillary wing.

Radio Update. I met with someone who has a radio show on blog radio (which I had not heard of). She offered to co-host a show with me so I can learn the ropes. She's a lesbian liberal so the sparks will fly.

Any ideas will be gratefully accepted. I'm planning to start with perqbusters if I can master the research.



hit and run

When Barack Obama is president, you won't have 8 white guys competing in the MLB All Star Home Run Derby.



Are they throwing out the insig. to cover for other details. This one he can blame his lies on DEAD MOTHER or white grandmother.



Obama, a bastard?
Obama forced to admit he is illegitimate? How does this impact the campaign? Does this tie in to the birth certificate manipulations .............. ? Never a dull moment in Oybombaland.

Andy Martin exposes Barack Obama's parents were never married

Barack Obama panics: Andy Martin's book forces Obama to admit he is illegitimate hat tip trk

(NEW YORK)(July 14, 2008) Legendary Chicago Internet columnist and Obama author Andy Martin will hold a New York news conference Monday, July 14th to drop the first of several bombs on the Obama campaign: Obama is illegitimate and his parents were never married.

For the past four years one man has made Obama miserable: Chicago writer Andy Martin. Martin's accurate original article is cited as the source of later rumors concerning Obama's Islamic family roots. Martin has relentlessly and accurately investigated lies.

"Obama knew we were working the 'illegitimate' story, and we were preparing a series of news conferences in conjunction with my book Obama: The Man Behind The Mask," Martin will state. "The Obama campaign also knew we were planning a lawsuit over his illegitimate birth. So they tried to use Obama's wife to do damage control. It was one of the most cowardly gestures in American political history.


"Barack Obama, Senior, and Anne Dunham never married. Obama knows this fact. This is also why he keeps his white grandmother a virtual prisoner; she knows too, and she won't lie".

"Through the past several decades Obama has pretended he 'didn't know' the facts about his illegitimate birth. He thought he could get away with the big lie. And he almost did get away with it. But we kept digging. And we are still digging. We have more to come."



Awesome. I don't have any ideas, other than your stage name. Jane Bean. You go girl!


Atlas also has this on Fannie & Freddie

And they want the American taxpayer to bail them out? I would put them out (to pasture). Who is looking our for us? Who is watching our taxpayer dollars? Your taxpayer dollars for extortion! Now I have to bail them out? Why? They failed. Next.

NLPC Blasts Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for Lavishing Contributions on Jesse Jackson as Companies Near Collapse




I don't think anyone should touch that with a ten foot pole. The sympathy factor will be huge.

JM Hanes

I'm sorry, but what's not gutsy about this satire? Aside from suggestions like Drum's, which would alter the entire storyline, what on earth would going further look like?

What the Drum corps are really objecting to is a cover that offends the sensibilities of Obama supporters instead of explicitly attempting to offend and embarrass those whom it purports to be about - because, of course, the rubes who think it's all true won't get the satire. They're really just complaining that the New Yorker didn't make it crystal clear who the butt of this joke is supposed to be.


Stirring the pot even more because I can't resist...this DailyKos diary supposedly has the dirt on the rest of Jesse Jackson's "hot mike" comments about Obama.

Warning: bleeped in appropriate places, but writing is still only semi-literate, seeing as it's Kosland. There are comments but I was scared to go in there.

I'm skeptical but it's pretty incendiary if true.


So this make Obama a "mistake"

I bet Glen Greenwort would agree.


C'mon, Obama's entire campaign is his autobiography, and his autobiography is being abandoned by his father. Dreams of My Father is basically about his parents not being married. "Obama a bastard" is something that they are trying to hide? I'm not buying it. Now, if his birth certificate says that his father is some dark-skinned hawaiian, still living in some hovel in Honolulu, and he's not related to any Kenyans at all, now THAT would be something to hide. Even that's just a maybe, though -- if Barack Obama, Jr believed that he was the son of Barack Obama, Sr because his mother told him so, then no one is going to blame him for believing her.


Now I read that there is some guy, Andy Martin, saying Obama's mom and dad never married.

I find it hard to believe that this went un-reported if true, so I doubt it.


I can't believe Obama called ICE agents terrorists.


Well, it's been known for a long time that (a) His father was married to someone else at the time he was born (b) there was no record anywhere of their marriage or divorse. So, I assumed for a long time his parents had never married.
And?..................IOW what's the big surprise?


I agree, that Barry's parent's being married or not, is really a nothing burger.

The damaging stuff about Barry is his own positions (ever shape shifting) and his associations (past and present).

I like the New Yorker cover on several levels, mostly because I think it captures Michelle so well.

Still waiting, I see, for Barry to release his June $ numbers! Interesting that his campaign is begging (practically) for contributions.

hit and run

I can't believe Obama called ICE agents terrorists.

In the Obama administration the terrorist ICE agents would be replaced by a civilian national security force.


Exactly, clarice -- if Obama's parents weren't married, that would be his fault? He has run on a pretty consistent platform as an advocate of children whose parents weren't married. In fact, his articulate advocacy, even to the point of discomfitting the traditional black poverty-pimp victimologists, is the one thing about his candidacy that is most admirable.

JM Hanes


The deadline for reporting the June figures is July 20th -- which seems about perfect for a convenient weekend release -- so I'm not holding my breath for any numbers before Friday.



How does one make "energy" interesting? I can get it in via perqbusters - "if congress had to pay for gas how quickly do you think we'd pass a bill allowing domestic drilling?"

Sue, the Boston Red Sox announce is a guy names Carl Beane. He lives around here. He'll think I'm related or something. But if we do it on blog radio you can all call in and make me sounds smart.

I don't think it matters one whit if Obama is a bastard. 90% of the black community are bastards. That will just give him street cred. Of course it matters that he lies, if he has stated that his parents married. Knowing him he will say he didn't know and break down and whine that the VRWC did it to him.



Does Obama think all the criminals who arrested by our law enforcement agencies don't have families?


According to several articles like this one from Time, they were married February 2, 1961, but Obama has called the details "murky."

Just a couple of days ago Michelle Obama said that Obama's mother "was very young and very single" when she had him.

So, yeah, maybe the whole birth certificate thing revolves around this. Not a big deal to my mind, but covering it up isn't very wise either.



You don't need me to sound smart. And tell Mr. Beane to change his name or something.


If this author wants to push that theme no one can stop him --but not a single responsible person should repeat it.


If you go to Neo's link there was suppose to be a big media event TODAY:

Internet Columnist-Author/Editor/Andy Martin

Andy Martin discloses Barack Obama's parents were never married and Obama has concealed his illegitimate birth for decades

909 Third Avenue, public sidewalk in front of FDR Station, New York

WHEN: Monday, July 14, 1:00 P. M.

MEDIA CONTACT: (866) 706-2639

TO PURCHASE BOOK: http://www.OrangeStatePress.com

ANDY E-MAIL: [email protected]


If you call the number it says Hi and leave a detailed message.

Calling Obama a bastard (even though some of us do already for other reasons) will get you the same carp they say about Republicans all the time and will hurt McCain. If they can prove he lied, well, we already know he does that daily. There are bigger lies to go after than his birth, like what he really thought after 9/11. (Sweetness and Light)


Jane--I think people's esars are finally up on energy now that gas costs so much--and this winter heating. Start with the local stuff--get in the folks who were trying to hard to get those windmills .(And dig up some Kerry-Kennedy stuff about alternate energy BEFORE the windmill project that MIGHT affect their views was proposed.)

And then there's Duval Patrick .


If his mom and dad werent married, that matters how? I really think not much. At any rate, I still wonder why it seems that Obama seems to be less than forthcoming. If his parents weren't married, that would never have been a big deal from the beginning, so why are we spending alot of energy here? Was it that he was born in Kenya? I hope not as I cannot even imagine the nightmare we'd have on our hands.

Soylent Red

Barack Obama's parents were never married and Obama has concealed his illegitimate birth for decades

Aside from Obamessiah's blinding arrogance, this is completely meaningless in this day and age. I would submit that it improves his credentials in some spheres.

The guy really is a monument to liberal social engineering.


My husband is 57 years old and didn't know until his biological father died last year that his parents married but never lived together. Anything he said prior to last year, he thought was the truth because that is what they told him. It wasn't until court documents were needed that he found out the truth. And his mother still won't tell him anything. She claims it is a lie, even though the documents say otherwise. I can't hold anything Obama's parents or grandparents did against Obama. If he was a bastard, as my husband was, not legally, but technically, so what? The sins of the fathers and all that...

hit and run

No the issue of whether his parents were married is nothing to make an issue of.

But it is interesting in light of Barack's view toward marriage when he was going steady with Michelle... (or whatever those crazy kids were calling it back then, way back in the ... 90s)

Soylent Red

or whatever those crazy kids were calling it back then, way back in the ... 90s

Hittin' dat.


True, Sue . . . way too many families have these stories for the children, that become the folklore that they believe well into their adult years before ever learning the truth.

Barack (or Barry) and Michelle have so many more negative points about them personally.


Jane, I am so excited about your internet radio debut. We have material going back to Carter on how the Democrats have blocked and refused to have an energy policy in America.

I think you need to find a funny way of saying "Put a windmill on the top of your car and see if it runs" or Can you afford to take your kids to Soccer ... Soccer Moms? Or how about "How much fuel would we save if Congress didn't fly to D.C.? How much would we save if they weren't in DC? LOL




(And dig up some Kerry-Kennedy stuff about alternate energy BEFORE the windmill project that MIGHT affect their views was proposed.)

Well hell, just yesterday the illustrious Ed Markey said global warming cause Black Hawk down.

On the Spot (CNSNews.com) – A top Democrat told high school students gathered at the U.S. Capitol Thursday that climate change caused Hurricane Katrina and the conflict in Darfur, which led to the “black hawk down” battle between U.S. troops and Somali rebels.

Rep. Edward Markey (D-Mass.), chairman of the House (Select) Energy Independence and Global Warming Committee, also equated the drive for global warming legislation with the drive for women’s suffrage in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. ...

“In Somalia back in 1993, climate change, according to 11 three- and four-star generals, resulted in a drought which led to famine,” said Markey.

“That famine translated to international aid we sent in to Somalia, which then led to the U.S. having to send in forces to separate all the groups that were fighting over the aid, which led to Black Hawk Down. There was this scene where we have all of our American troops under fire because they have been put into the middle of this terrible situation,” he added.

Markey was referring to the battle of Mogadishu in 1993, when 18 members of a U.S. military team were killed in a helicopter crash and a resulting firefight. The battle was made famous by a 2001 Academy Award-winning film, “Black Hawk Down.”


Jane, say little. Say it simply. Say it again. And say it with a smile. People can see it, even over the radio.



Maybe you could talk about the 10 year argument. All democrats can say when you ask about drilling is it will take 10 years for it to make a difference. My question, that no one seems to ask, is how long before alternative energies will make a difference?


Well, the only reason this matters is that it makes Obama Sr. look like even more of a dirtbag than we already knew he was. And that calls even more into question Obama's life long adoration of the man. If this is an issue, the only reason it is an issue is that Obama dedicated his entire autobiography to the 'search' for this 'great' man that was missing from his life.



that become the folklore that they believe well into their adult years before ever learning the truth.

That's just it, my husband has no idea if someone told him the stuff he believed or if he just assumed it, made it up, hoped it was true, whatever. I feel sorry for Obama on this issue. I hope no one goes in this direction. Unless he forged his BC to cover it up. Then, katy bar the door...


Well, Since Markey is from Mass..that would be a GREAT start..Make fun of this nincompoopery.Maybe Hit or Soylent will write a poem or lyrics for you on Markey and global warming. (Throw in the Hundred Year War)

hit and run

My question, that no one seems to ask, is how long before alternative energies will make a difference?

Obama is already causing the oceans to stop rising -- but I bet he's waiting until after his inaguration to allow alternative energies to make a difference.

What if Bush got the credit for his sovereign work?



I can't even go there with it. My husband wanted so bad to believe anything but the truth. And the similarities in their stories, my husband's and Obama's, is close enough that I have empathy for Obama in this one area.


My wife, a former New Yorker, brought a coffee cup with that "most famous" New Yorker mag cover on it, when she moved out.


Jane, this carp writes itself--here a "scientific " report that gw will cause an increase in kidney stones.
And then there's the heartbreak of psoriasis.



Do you mean your wife left you or she left New York?


Oh yeah--there was Pelosi's promise before the 2006 election that the Dems had an energy plan to resolve all this.
Guess it was written in invisible ink. Or it was eat dirt or something.


Really? Jane's gonna be a shock jock? Wow. You go, GF! Gonna be a conservative hottie like Laura and Ann. So way f.......ing cool.


(Channelling Spicoli)


I'm watching Brett Favre's interview with Greta. He needs to quit whining. He retired. He's old. Get over it. Besides, I hate the Packers.


Speaking of way f...... cool, IVB is calling for Nay Pel's resignation.http://www.ibdeditorials.com/IBDArticles.aspx?id=300927847223162


Sue: He's been reading too many FAWNING pieces about him over the past five years. The MSM sports community has treated him with Mother Theresa kid gloves. Anythoing he does is justified because he's Brett Farve and he's had so much hurt in his life. Well, guess what? We all have, but it doesn't give you an excuse to be treated like everyone else.

hit and run

She's a lesbian liberal so the sparks will fly.

Will there be streaming video? I ask because in my mind there you will end up in an on air mud wrestling match.


He's a drama queen!

hit and run

I'm watching Brett Favre's interview with Greta. He needs to quit whining. He retired. He's old. Get over it. Besides, I hate the Packers.


You aren't watching the home run derby?

Josh Hamilton is crushing. He hit 28 home runs in the first round. Lance Berkman and Justin Morneau each hit 8 to get second place.

The previous record was 24.


You aren't watching the home run derby?

::sigh:: I live in Texas. Nuff said.



My best advice is Join RUSH 24/7 and use his search engine. It beats Google by a landside for a conservative point of view. His Global Warming stuff is hysterical.

When do you think you will be on?


CC hope you had a great weekend in Carmel.
Hit, we missed you and can't wait to read about your vacation on VIMH or here :)
Soylent, I was so afraid you got called up early, Glad to see ya! ;)


Clarice/All: There's some interesting comments with links left on my site with respect to Schumer/Indy.


or click my name


I'm sorry, I live in the Texas Ranger's part of Texas. The Houston Astros have had moments.


Really H and R? 28? Good for him and great triumph. I dont enjoy the all-star game hoopla all the time. I'll love the intros tomorrow though

hit and run

Sue, Josh Hamilton is a Ranger.


I don't care that Obambi is a bastard or not. I already think he's an SOB.


That should tell you I don't do baseball. I have no idea who even plays for them anymore. ::grin::


Ya, know....I'm a big fan of Anthony Bourdain's show. Tonight its from Columbia, and it just came to be the similarities between Columbia and Iraq. With US military help, the Columbians with extreme courage have taken their country back from the drug cartels. The Iraqis from AQ and militant Islam.


Sue: No worries. Just encourage kids who love this great game to keep doing so. I can never fully explain everything its done for me.


Ruh RoH...Hit is on his own for THREE weeks according to VIMH.
Calling Clarice...!!! :)



I love football, basketball and hockey, in that order. Baseball, golf and tennis are like watching paint dry. I appreciate the talent, but leave the enjoyment of them to others. And the only organized sports I ever played was softball. I was very good at it, too. MVP tropy to prove it. But I don't even like watching softball games if I don't personally know someone playing in the game.


I should also mention I coached softball for 10 years. I don't know why I don't like watching others play/coach, but I don't.


I understand fully, I just encourage anyone to endulge kids when they become interested in any sport - even if you dont particularly care for it!


Am having my evening rum and am not responsible for typos


Three weeks !!*falling backwards onto fainting couch***

hit and run

Hit is on his own for THREE weeks

The hit and run menu for this evening:

Three handfuls of Cheez-its

Main course:
Twelve chicken nuggets


(I have to go to the store tomorrow..the cupboard is bare)

hit and run

Main course:
Twelve chicken nuggets

...dressed in a ketchup/habanero blended sauce


I've thought for years that the destigmatization of illegitimacy was one of the great messages of Jesus, but I don't get very far arguing that with most Christians. I don't think this business explains the birth certificate. I don't think it asks if the parents are married, only what their names are.


Sue, MVP tropy...Wow, I am always impressed with bloggers at JOM.

BobS, Have you seen the CNN interview with the three male FARC hostages? It was really something, especially since it was on CNN. All I can say, is it reminded me of Tony Snow. They kept talking about their LOVE of America and their family and the little freedoms we don't appreciate until they are taken away. It also made me think of the freedoms our military has given the world in the past eight years. Three men recounting the last five years and stroking each others backs, crying, talking about family and freedom. You have to see it.


Maybe you can do a 12 days of Christmas thing on your menus,Hit.


I'll bet you were good with runners on base, Sue.


I've not seen it yet Ann, but look forward to it. I remember Snow breaking up on Fox during his Sunday broadcast right after 9/11. Dan Rather did, too, on Letterman.

What a jewell was Tony Snow though.


Jane, maybe you could read this article by We Can Lower Oil Prices Now by Martin Feldstein and use it to explain to people how drilling wells that won't come online for decades will change the price of oil today.

Unlike perishable agricultural products, oil can be stored in the ground. So when will an owner of oil reduce production or increase inventories instead of selling his oil and converting the proceeds into investible cash? A simplified answer is that he will keep the oil in the ground if its price is expected to rise faster than the interest rate that could be earned on the money obtained from selling the oil. The actual price of oil may rise faster or slower than is expected, but the decision to sell (or hold) the oil depends on the expected price rise.

There are of course considerations of risk, and of the impact of price changes on long-term consumer behavior, that complicate the oil owner's decision – and therefore the behavior of prices. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (the OPEC cartel), with its strong pricing power, still plays a role. But the fundamental insight is that owners of oil will adjust their production and inventories until the price of oil is expected to rise at the rate of interest, appropriately adjusted for risk. If the price of oil is expected to rise faster, they'll keep the oil in the ground. In contrast, if the price of oil is not expected to rise as fast as the rate of interest, the owners will extract more and invest the proceeds.

[italics in original; bold face is mine]

The bottom line is that if there is an expectation of big supplies coming online sometime in the future, even years in the future, then producers will increase their production today in order to take advantage of current high prices because the prices will come down when the new production comes online. In other words, take your profits now because they won't be there in the future. What happens when 10-years-in-the-future oil appears on the horizon is that producers take their oil that they can get at now that they are choosing to save for the future and instead spend some of it now.

Imagine that your rich uncle died and left you a million dollars, but tied up in a trust that you can't access for ten years. It would be perfectly rational for you to take some of your kids' college funds and spend the money on something else, or to stop saving for retirement and spend the money now, because you know you won't need that money in 10 years.



It had more to do with inheritance than anything. Illegitimate children could not inherit if the parent died intestate. I don't know when that law changed but it wasn't until the latter part of the last century.


I keep saying I am going to use spell check and preview, but I am blaming Sue, on "MVP tropy"

Bye the way, Sue, I love reading your posts at all knowing AJ's site.
You have the boys flustered at every turn! Go Sue!!!

Soylent Red

Hi Ann...

Actually I was staying in a place with flaky internet capability which just made things frustrating. But you weren't far off.

I've been recently working semi-full time doing echelons-above-God work in a joint environment (this is the typical lot in life for MI guys in reserve components). It's all good, lots off interesting work and so on, but it's pretty light duty and doesn't get me any platoon time or real world exposure. So it's not good professionally, and it feels like shamming when your peer group is mostly in the field.

Since I'm a brand new LT, I'll get my chance regardless of what I do. But even though this is true, I am ever of the opinion that it is better to volunteer and maintain some control over the particulars of your existence, rather than get volun-told and wind up carrying a 70-lb ruck. Further, now is a good time for me to do it on a personal level.

So with all that in mind, when the "parent company" (intel community my parent command supports) asked for people who wanted to deploy, I immediately raised my hand.

They're going to contact me sometime in the next three weeks to give me a set deployments to choose from. Since I'm branched MI, and in light of who I'd ultimately be working for, it is doubtful that I'll have much exposure to door-kicking derring-do, but in the spirit of "Know Thyself", that's probably not a bad thing for my longevity. At any rate, I'll get off the bench.

Right now it's looking like Afghanistan is the focus, so probably that's where I'll wind up. Which figures since all my buds are in Iraq, and since I hate cold weather.

Still and so, I can't wait. Besides, President Obamessiah will have me home in time Easter. Just a little ski vacation for a non-combat troop in the Hindu-Kush Resort Region.

As for you Jane...

When and where can you be heard? I must know.


I was not a power hitter. I was fast. I could hit the ball to the short stop and outrun the throw. I was always lead batter. And I could steal bases. I hardly ever struck out because I wanted on base so bad so I could drive the pitcher/catcher crazy. I learned to hit anything thrown my way, because they didn't want me on base. ::grin::

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