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July 11, 2008


clarice feldman

You just have to be in Congress for a couple days to become that blind to reality, I suppose.

JM Hanes

Speaking of Iran, has anybody already linked to these additional missile shots?

JM Hanes

Although I think trying to upstage Obama on the 28th itself is an iffy proposition, if McCain were to try it, maybe this venue might do it. We'd have to find him better speechwriters for the occasion, but it would certainly get him face time of some ilk on the tube. :) Afraid I'm not crazy about anybody using ground zero for politicking.

JM Hanes

Oops, wrong thread, will cross post.


For anyone following Wall Street's gyrations this past week--this article from the Provocateur titled Socialism's Reality Check is a worthwhile read.
It's a response to E J Dionne's article in the WaPo called Capitalism's Reality Check.


Very sad news--Tony Snow has passed.


Bill in Az. Yes, your link at 11:30 yesterday is to a report of the conference Sue and I were particularly interested in. Thank you, very much. Yes, we are cooling, folks, for how long even kim, and those meteorologists, doesn't know.

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