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July 02, 2008



Blogs--especially TM's offer an opportunity to share some articles that may or may not be appreciated by the regular comment-ors.

Here is one such from the WSJ describing how the internet has effected marking of all kinds.
Study Refutes Niche Theory Spawned by Web.

Bloggers had a special role in talking up the theory, which is no wonder considering how it held out the promise that even the most obscure among them could win a robust audience. The sad truth is that the blogosphere is as hit-driven as the rest of the world, with a tiny percentage of blogs getting a huge chunk of the traffic, and with many blogs simply going unread.

See--we're all basically salesmen of one kind or another:-)



JM Hanes


"Maybe a sign of things to come in Denver."

That must have been quite a moment. I was reminded of the poem Maya Angelou wrote and read at Clinton's inauguration; she listed every conceivable group of peoples who had made America great -- except the WASPs. Don't know if you scrolled through the comments, but this one made me laugh out loud: "Somebody's Whistling Dixie Right about now."

JM Hanes


LOL - It's a perfect little emblematic ending, isn't it? Declare victory and leave.



Look at the poor white guy with his hand dutifully over his heart. I wonder if he knew it wasn't the national anthem being sung?


LOL - It's a perfect little emblematic ending, isn't it? Declare victory and leave.

It was perfectly in character. Sad really.


I've been a lot of different places seeking informative and even artful conversation. The only places I've ever been able to have a decent conversation with a leftist is at rightie sites. I only bother to go to a leftist site anymore if I want to get my regular fix of deleting and banning.

That said, I'm having a useful conversation at Andy Revkin's DotEarth site about climate. There is still a lot of abuse over there, but at least I'm not banned, and only occasionally is a comment not posted. Andy is a fair moderator. I saw Syl over there just today. The hot topic is Arctic volcanoes.


Hmm. Mostly, I read to learn -- to check my mental map of reality for consistency. I am not after confirming my own beliefs. As Montaigne wrote, "Why should I not run to embrace the truth when I see it coming."

I have asked at notable blogs populated by liberals for pointers to helpful blogs to read. Their pointers have not panned out. I still look, but feel like Diogenes in search of an honest man.

More to the point. The statistical song and dance engaged in by the aforementioned research paper illustrates why political science is the laughing stock of academia. Research paper, indeed! The leftness or rightness of a blog isn't worth a rat's ass. The quality of thought is the issue.

If more bloggers find quality thought here than elsewhere, well, good for them. The idea that I should venture into arenas of foolish thought and vacuousness to appear open-minded is hilarious.

Wilson's a Liar

Come on, people! Where's the boilerplate conservative response?

OF COURSE we don't spend as much time on lefty blogs as they do on ours. WE HAVE JOBS and not as much time to spend surfing the net. We don't need to waste our precious little free time to read lefists drivel. We are also more happy and so we don't need to do drive-by posts on opposition blogs in order to feel good about ourselves.


SBW--Well said. Should have used "core" beliefs:-)


I read rightwing blogs to maintain my sanity and to reassure myself that the whole population is not batshit crazy idiots, merely the vast majority of it.

I get leftwing from my newspaper, NPR, ABCBSMSNBCNN, my boss, my co-workers, my relatives, my neighbors, and the loudmouths on the bus who figure that people who are too polite to inflict their half-assed ideas on others must be in agreement with them.

The other day I was watching a famous ship sail by, and it was being escorted by armed Coast Guard boats since it is an historical symbol. Some old fart started whining sarcastically about how there were "...lots of terrorists around here, for sure!"

As I was biting my lip, his elderly wife told him to shut up and quit making an ass of himself, because he would be the first to bitch about lack of foresight if terrorists did blow it up. I could have kissed her.

Like I say... only the vast majority of people are idiots.


Being a college student, I can tell you that being inundated with far left ideas everyday does not make me want to sit down and read a good helping of Daily Kos. I already have my Indian and Arab roommates telling me that 9/11 was a government conspiracy, people who join the American military aren't doing it for their country (just the benefits), and that countries like India have just as much responsibility as the United States on the world stage. And this is after classes where the students regularly espouse ridiculous filth lauding Iran as a "partial democracy," excusing terrorists as freedom fighters, praising Venezuala and Cuba as examples of what's right with the world, and praising Canada and Western European countries for being non-violent unlike the big bad United States. I don't need to read a liberal blog after a days worth of that.


That must have been quite a moment.

I've never heard of a "black national anthem." Bet lots of those folks in Denver haven't either.

Barney Frank

Why do righties only visit righty sites and lefties more often visit both?

For the same reason the man with a filet mignon doesn't eat out of the dumpster, but the maggots in the garbage covet his steak.


Hang in there, AF! It's kids like you that give me a glimmer of hope.



Too funny!!!



Best Comment of the day :)

JM Hanes


Were they turning Old Ironsides around, by chance?


I just realized that George doesn't pay any righties to troll lefty sites, so that's probably why there's so little crossover in that direction.

Money is a great incentive to do something you wouldn't normally be inclined to do. It's why I'm here, after all.

Molon Labe

"Like I say... only the vast majority of people are idiots."

My view is that evolution has equipped mankind with enough intelligence to pick berries, grub for worms, and vote Democratic.


Actually, discussions are a rare thing - flame wars are a bit more prevalent. I have posted here more than anywhere else - probably because Tom rarely bans.


Ah, TT, you've never ever been abusive enough to ban. In an earlier comment I said that the only place I've ever had decent conversations with leftists is at rightie blogs; you were among those I had in mind.


Yes, Barney, you win. But af and Sherlock are place and show.


Snort! Lefty's are more open minded? TS is correct when he asks why if left blog readers are more open to other ideas, how come all their sites are strictly controlled comment environments that allow no alternate view and comments deleted and users banned if they don't toe the line?

My son has posted regularly at the HuffPo as a conservative since the 2nd week of its existence. He tells me that not only have most of the conservatives been banned from posting but they are "sanitizing" the site by removing their posts including his own. His life has been threatened many times.

I can't read their tripe, I don't know how he does it, but he thinks it is important to give another view.



The basic problem with this whole thing is not that the lefties read more righty blogs, but, I've (tried to) read most of the lefty blogs, and, quite frankly, there isn't much CONTENT on them.

You put up NRO, each and every day, and you get smart, COMPREHENSIVE views.

You go over to Washington Monthly, Talking Points Memo, or its Cafe, or The American Prospect, and you just don't find much depth.

And, you never DID (that's the point).

It's all "surface" knowledge (and, it's not even that, really).

A book review on NRO is worth three of those lefty blogs' "postings" (really, scribbles of non-intellectual nonsense) on any given day.

I just have a minimum set of intelligence that my mind needs to understand, and it just doesn't get them from the content-less left/liberal blogs (or, their dead-tree mags, for that matter).



"Kevin Drum allows dissent; you could try over there."

Yeah, not so much. It was one of the first lefty sites I was banned from. Ah, the good ole days.


Hate to admit it but I was banned at 'freepers' several years ago. Could never figure out what it was I said on the 'live' 24 thread that upset the regulars. I was really into that TV show and was enjoying all the fun--and then boom--someone called me a troll--didn't even know what it was at the time--and all my pings and things were erased. I was sad for a couple of seconds:-)


I don't bother with lefty sites because people who will lie about facts (Bush lied about WMD) and lie about motives (for oil) are simply not worth the time. I haven't seen one yet that will acknowledge that the intelligence is always imperfect. Sometimes decision simply must be made, even with the knowledge that the intelligence is imperfect. I get enough of that from the MSM.

Does anybody believe that Clinton or Bush could have attacked Afghanistan prior to 9/11 and survived the political fallout?

Why does anyone pay for the Times? They lie, and the sooner they go out of business, the better. I'll pay for facts, but their opinions are worth what I pay for them, nothing.

The Unbeliever

I'll posit my own interpretation: lefties are more likely to troll right-wing blogs, than their counterparts are to troll leftie blogs.

Cecil Turner

Okay, checking back I see that the blog coding list is now up, and Drudge is in fact listed as a "Right Blog[]" (along with Andrew Sullivan and Balloon Juice, if you can believe it).

It appears to me they're basing the results on a faulty list (in which the political leaning of sites is biased to the right--probably as a result of being assessed by a bunch of lefties--which gives the mistaken conclusion that lefties read more "right" blogs) . . . and in particular due to categorizing lefties reading Drudge as "cross cutting." Tom said it all, with this:

If lefties are scoring open-minded cross-over points because 9% of them read Drudge, color me unimpressed.

Janus Daniels

People who read both "left" and "right" are not leftists.
People who inform themselves from an echo chamber, fail to get corrections for their misconceptions; they remain on the left or the right, where they started.
People who inform themselves from the full range of available information, do get corrections, so they tend to have a more informed point of view.
They only appear as "leftist" to the bias of the surveys.

Janus Daniels

Cecil - John Cole of balloon-juice.com exemplifies this. He repeatedly corrected himself. He remains right wing conservative as ever, but now appears leftist to the right wing choir; similarly, informed leftists seem rightist, to the left wing choir. Understand, people who correct themselves aren't centrists; they congregate right, or center, or left, on any given issue, depending on the facts they find.


The biggest difference between Right and Left blogs? The liberals edit out any conservative comments. Or any tone-deaf posts/diaries. All down the memory hole each time. Which makes sense, if you're an idiot or a marxist (but I repeat myself).

We've always been at War with Eastasia. Barack was always for a FISA compromise.

Under the spreading chestnut tree, Barack sold you, and you sold me.


The biggest difference between Right and Left blogs? The liberals edit out any conservative comments. Or any tone-deaf posts/diaries. All down the memory hole each time. Which makes sense, if you're an idiot or a marxist (but I repeat myself).

We've always been at War with Eastasia. Barack was always for a FISA compromise.

Under the spreading chestnut tree, Barack sold you, and you sold me.


The biggest difference between Right and Left blogs? The liberals edit out any conservative comments. Or any tone-deaf posts/diaries. All down the memory hole each time. Which makes sense, if you're an idiot or a marxist (but I repeat myself).

We've always been at War with Eastasia. Barack was always for a FISA compromise.

Under the spreading chestnut tree, Barack sold you, and you sold me.

Barney Frank

I see where you got your name.


I'm a verbose idiot who won't let a reasonable discussion go on at this site. I apologize.

Cecil Turner

He remains right wing conservative as ever, but now appears leftist to the right wing choir . . .

This is oxymoronic. I admit a fairly right-wing perspective, but it's also obvious you're looking at it from a lefty one. And if you find yourself in frequent agreement with Mr Cole . . . well, that ought to tell us something.

But in any event this is irrelevant to the main point: the data used to show lefties "cross-cut" appears to be based on Drudge readership. If that's the conclusion of the study, it does not impress.

Joe Schmo

I read lefty blogs all the time, because I am anxious to read real geniuses like Matthew Yglesias, who says cthat America would have been off if we compromised with the Brits rather than defeated them. I just can't get that kind of brilliance from the right-wingers.

jack russell

Could more left wingers be reading right wing blogs simply because they are more interesting, thought provoking and rational?

I'm a right winger and I frequently read Mickey Kaus because he's interesting and fair. Why bother with the rest of the BushHitler stuff its passe.


I'm quite prepared to believe there are a lot more left-wingers reading conservative blogs than conservatives reading left-wing blogs.

I mean, check out the comboxes for some of the leading conservative bloggers. You'll find they're dominated by potty-mouthed liberals!

I have no interest in reading the Daily Kos and posting lame obscene jokes. Most conservatives would find such stupidity beneath them. But there is no shortage of left-leaning idiots with nothing better to do than post anonymous vulgarities in Ross Douthat's combox.


There is also that small but growing percentage of conservatives who've made it through all the liberal gate-keepers who control academic life and huge swaths of professional formation. As a College Professor I'm in the lion's den and I see no evidence that when Christians or others not sufficiently faithful to the one true liberal faith wander in, they are regarded as anything other than prey. It is great confirmation however, that the vaunted open mindedness of the vast majority of academic liberals is really the propaganda of self-representation - they get very upset and vindictive very quickly when their own assumptions are questioned. And those of us who attend the obligatory chapel of preening liberalism in academia see and hear their faith in action all the time and have no need to go to the Huffpost of Kos to listen to it being parotted yet again.


A lot of people on the right started out on the left. Having seen through the leftist message it is unnecessary to examine it further. The tree is rotten so even the shiniest apple on it tends to have a rotten core.


Several reasons I, as a right-libertarian, find it difficult (despite my occasional efforts) to read left-of-center blogs:

1. The rampant swearing. My ears (in the case of the written word I suppose I should say "eyes") are far from virgin, but when reading their blogs it is hard not to think that the political left have done for the F-bomb what that little blue toadstool community did with the word "Smurf": It is used at all times for all purposes and seems more common in lefty writing than the letter "e." I am reminded of Tolkien's reference to the "orc-talk" of those to whom "only the squalid sounds strong."

2. The lack of cogent argument. Each side think the other is incorrect, of course: But the left, in my experience, does not bother to acknowledge the counterarguments of the right, let alone reply to them. They sometimes [i]say[/i] they are replying, but it is rare that I see a "counter-argument" which actually mentions the subject of the original argument and takes any pains to disprove it. More common is the "counter-argument" which merely expresses flippancy or contempt, while leaving the justification for flippancy or contempt entirely unspecified.

Since it is well-written argument which I enjoy most, the lefty blogs are mostly, to me, ploddingly dull. I just can't muster the patience to find whatever semiprecious stones might lurk under so much sand.

3. The lack of uniqueness. As previously mentioned, the Mainstream Media delivers the lefty argument intact; why, then, go to the effort of reading it [i]again?[/i]

I try, I really do. I choke down a Slate article now and again; I at least try to suffer through Kos when there's a topic of interest to me.

But it's mostly for naught: Instead of the hoped-for intellectual meat, I usually encounter a sort of four-pack of Thought McNuggets: Child-sized, of questionable composition, and entirely unsatisfying.

Thomas Jackson

I don't bother with Lefty blogs unless I need to be entertained. The level of bile, hatred, and visceral resentments is worse than one finds in a high school cafeteria.


If it's not too late, can I vote for "SnottyGate" ? I like the aliteration...


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