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August 03, 2008



So, who cares if McCain has limited ability to communicate surreptitiously with starlets?


Franky, at this point in our nation's history, I don't want a President who knows how to set up his own email filters or who spends time Google-ing random "gotcha!" crap.

The Singularity can wait.


Surfing the internet and using email in the Whitehouse seems a bit of a pain, anyway. Doesn't everything have to be archived and logged and saved in case Waxman wants to hold a hearing about something?

JM Hanes


Just in case you haven't been reading every last comment: you might be interested in the link to McCain on education reform that I posted in your MinuteMan Gets Results thread yesterday.

M. Simon

I have just done a post explaining why McCain is beating the snot out of Obama.

Alinsky vs. Boyd. Or the community organizer vs the Navy pilot.

Obama Be



Is there a single doomed soul at the NYTimes that realizes: Liberal bias = declining revenue?


M Simon,

That is fascinating!

M. Simon


Pass the link on to your friends.

It is one of the best I've done lately.


Pass it on to Glenn - then it will reach everyone.


Rasmussen has McCain over Obama 47 - 46. With leaners. Interesting.


First lead ever for McCain I believe. Well it is now clear to everyone the European Arrogance Tour followed up with race card dealt from the bottom of the deck = a flailing campaign.

Expect some savage negative campaign from Mr Above the fray now. You have not seen negative until you have seen a panicked progressive.

M. Simon


If some one else passes it to him it carries more weight.


Earlier installments are here, part seven follows:

Beijing, China

"It is a shame the People's Liberation Army has no useful information" said Geng's deputy.

They were in Geng's office at the Ministry of State Security, sitting by themselves at the conference table in the corner. Geng had a desk nearer the door, but he preferred the conference table, one of the legacies of a ministerial predecessor who had appointed the office to his own tastes.

"It is possible that they have useful information," replied Geng, as his glance caught the portrait of Mao hanging on the wall. It did not fit the room's ostentatious decor and this offended Geng's sensibilities. "I simply infer they do not from the President's silence. Those with operational responsibility must have all information at their disposal when crafting plans."

"We did suspect as much," replied the deputy, "when we found nothing in our records. By your logic, anything truly useful would have been relayed to us years ago."

"Optimally, yes," replied Geng. "But the PLA is notorious for refusing to share its information, even when sister agencies could use it to great benefit. With the President seeking information, however, I do not think they could be so reticent."

"So what shall we do about the war criminal?" asked the deputy.

"We have not heard anything yet from our cyber-operations unit," answered Geng. "Perhaps they will win renown for themselves a second time."

"Once has already been enough for them to outshine their counterparts within the PLA," said the deputy. "But we have other avenues we should pursue. We can not simply wait and hope."

"You are right," said Geng, "As they say in America, hope is not a plan. One of my nephews became quite fond of that phrase when he studied at UCLA a few years ago. It is time to apply pressure to those who exhibit vulnerability."


maybe he'll have a conference call with paris hilton next to review his energy policy.

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