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August 23, 2008


Elroy Jetson

Before we get excited about this, I have to say that as of right now, they have about 80 hours to remove the most incriminating bits. After all the library has Daley's name on it.

JM Hanes

I see the release comes tidily packaged in Swift Boat wrapping paper. I suppose it's too much to hope for that names and "confidential salary" information (i.e. the central facts) haven't been redacted, or that it will be apparent where (or when!) such redactions have been made. The forensics here may be formidable!

JM Hanes

BTW, TM: Hope you've had a chance to see the kudos for your PJM piece dotted about in recent threads. It's a terrific piece.

JM Hanes

Never mind, TM. It's hard to top a link from Michael Barone!

Elroy Jetson

What JM said.
I read it too. Well done Tom.

Why not allow access on Monday? Is it a state holiday in Illinois or something?
It is an awful lot of documents. I don't want to give the library the benefit of the doubt after they stopped Kurtz in his tracks.

Buford Gooch

OT, but Drudge just made it official that it's Biden

Buford Gooch

All that needs to be done is to needle Biden until he gets mad. he has said himself that he exaggerates when he gets mad. He's like Obama's gaffe Yoda.


Good morning to All!
To light things up today, Larry Johnson is running an article where "Biden says Obama is Not Ready "

LUN = Link under name

If that doesn't catch your eye, the next article they have shows a letter to stations (From the Obama Lawyers) asking them not to run the Obama - Ayers ad, because it upsets the Democrats to have their candidates linked to terrorists every time they run someone for president.


Morning Pagar,

I can't believe I got up this early for Biden. How pathetically unexciting. I guess this is what happens when you have no one left on the bench.


Morning Jane,
I think you're right,maybe the Democrats should consider it a wakeup call.


Apparently they all got woken up at 4:28 EST - talk about the most botched VP announcement in history.


Ironically, I woke up at about 4:30 for no good reason myself. I decided to see if His Oneness had picked a lead disciple yet, and pulled up Instapundit for the latest word.

I saw the bolded names in this item and about fell off my couch.


Good morning. Joe Biden. Well, this ought to be a lot of fun! So much for the Obamabots being the first to know. I guess Weekly Standard broke the news relatively early last night. Good for them.

I think JMH is spot on about the release of the documents.


"Why not allow access on Monday?"
My guess is that when we finally get a reporter into to the besieged area, we will learn that the DNC sent their crack 1st Shredder Brigade into Denver in case the PUMAs got to close to the Obama birth certificate. Then the union people in Chicago wouldn't let their shredder operators work overtime, and of course, (just like the buses in New Orleans during Katrina) shredders are useless without operators. I would expect that by now the DNC is calling out for Volunteers with shredders to report to the area where the break was reported and that they expect the entire area to be shredded by Tues at 0700.

Rick Ballard

I doubt that we'll see a smoking gun coming from this. Kurtz has the finding aid and will be able to tell if complete files have been pulled but I don't see why they would be.

Ayers and Klonsky actually worked in the "light" - their objectives were clear, as were their methods. The objectives never included educating students in the manner which the general public understands education and that's the point which will be very difficult for Kurtz to put accross.

It's like "community organizer" - a vague but "good" sounding pair of words. Until you understand that Obama was working to organize the community into cells of commies.

It may be that the most effective approach to CAC is to emphasize Obama's failure to achieve any progress in what the general public perceives to be the goals of education rather than to stress the commie aspects.

What he and Ayers did to the children in the guise of working for the children is bad enough. It may be effective to repeat the terrorist and commie bit along the road but "failure as an executive" is easier to communicate and the rebuttal to the "terrorist and commie" bit is going to be "look at what those meanie Rebublicans are saying about The One".

We all know that Obama is most comfortable among racists, terrorists, commies and felons but communicating that fact to the awakening Muddle is going to be a rather delicate task.

I believe "he failed the children" is the better place to start. Then add in "'cause he's a racebaiting commie who's happiest when surrounded by terrorists and thieves". IMHO



I believe "he failed the children" is the better place to start. Then add in "'cause he's a racebaiting commie who's happiest when surrounded by terrorists and thieves". IMHO

That's going on the to steal list.

And the legacy media is drooling on themselves this morning about the Biden choice.

George K

At a minimum that files will be able to show that Ayers was more than just a guy who lives in the neighborhood and as a bonus the "education" project may be shown as a complete failure. Anything beyond that is icing on the cake.

Rick Ballard


How can you be sure it's about Biden? The media drooling on themselves is an indicator of sunrise AFAIK.

Biden will be an ineffective attack Chihuahua - Beldar pegs him out of the gate. He's a yapper and a camera hog (I'd like to see him slug it out with Schumer for face time) but he's one of the dumbest Senators now sitting.

He'll get in some nasty little bites, without a doubt. He will also say a number of things which will have to be retracted within hours of utterance.

I dunno if there's going to be any room at all under Obama's bus when #2 gets going.


Joe Biden, the guy who only gets one question in any committee hearing, simply because he just meanders all over the place and talks and talks and talks without ever saying very much at all? That Joe Biden?

Why do you think they call him Slow Joe Biden anyway? I dont think he is an Olympic sprinter, so what could the reference means? I am stuck!


Why would you pick someone who has twice run for President, and in the last run faired so poorly he dropped out after Iowa?

Did Barry just need any ole white guy? Then, you have not one, but TWO sitting Senators running on the same ticket????? When Congress has a 9% approval rating or whatever? That's just nuts.

I've heard lot's of postulation lately on a McCain/Romney ticket. Given this pick, I think that's about unbeatable.

Rick Ballard


A commenter at Patterico's came up with a real keeper - Obama bin Biden has an interesting ring.


Good Morning JOM,

All you need to know today is that Sean Penn picked Joe Biden a month ago according to Laurence O'Donnell on MSDNC this morning. You can't make this carp up!

I can't wait to see the Osama Binladen bumperstickers...I mean the Obama Binden...Obama Biden...nevermind.

I predict the people of Iraq will tell us to leave pronto before Biden divides them into three countries.

Captain Hate

Has anybody ever thought to interview the Annenberg family to find out what they thought about throwing all that money away on the Challenge and getting nothing but a bunch of radicals getting paid? I know Walter Annenberg died in 2002 but I recall the family of the founder of A&P Supermarkets getting extremely upset at Princeton (iirc) using the mega-jack that he'd given them for purposes contrary to what he'd intended (more to financing leftest garbage: SHOCKA) and took them to court to get it returned. Maybe Annenberg's offspring are a buncha trust-fund soaks but if any of them had a bit of sense they'd be royally upset at how the good intentions were squandered.

Again, the MSM shows a remarkable lack of curiosity.

Captain Hate

leftest == leftist

Preview can only do so much....



Charlie (Colorado)

leftest == leftist

Leftest seems perfectly sensible.


Unfortunately, the most interesting things will still be unavailable, the audits and the records of the initial discussions that lead to the set up of CAC. Those are where the real treasuer will be found, especially the discussions, because there you will find clear evidence of the close relationship between Ayers and Obama.


ranger-why do you say that? Aren't there minutes and financial records included in this?
Wouldn't the minutes reveal a lot?



You are right about what they would reveal, but the original finding aid that the library sent already indicated that those specific files were restricted. The records of the initial meetings may be easier to open, as they are simply labeled "consent", which means you need writen concent from everyone who was at the particular meeting to see the contents of the file (at least that is what Kurtz said in his original post about all of this). Just getting the list of people at those meetings will be sufficent to put Ayers and Obama in the same room quite often discussing school reform (exchaning ideas as it were) though.

I don't know why the audits are sealed, that must have been a condition of the original gift. I am sure they were private, interenal audits, so I doubt there is any legal way to open them.


Pagar...thanks for the LJ link. I can't believe that creepy bastard is actually helping us. Boy must he really be a Clintonista


I don't fault Larry's loyalty. Look what he did for Val.


He must have a thing for blonds.


He has a thing, alright. I miss the old Larry, the ALLCAPS abuse and the banning, which would slip after awhile. There's actually a lot of talent there. If it just weren't for his 'things'.


The best part about destroying the records is that if CAC did accomplish anything of value it will be impossible for them to claim this without letting out all of the other stuff.

After Obmama's friends pray their prayer of "give us this day our daily shred" what's left is nothing -- people understand the concept of "pissing $160 million down a rathole," and that's the best Obama is going to be able to come up with.


The Old Grey Lady lies again about the Swifties in an article about Harold Simmons and the Ayers ads.


The Old Grey Lady lies again about the Swifties in an article about Harold Simmons and the Ayers ads.


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