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August 14, 2008



Did Eckenrode work on this case?



He did on the Connecticut part, and I think there were some hinkys involved on his part.

CO-INVESTIGATORS Connecticut Anthrax Investigation Team

FBI - Jack Eckenrode



Did he destroy his notes on this case, too.
All right, 'we're through the looking gas
here, people'. Why would he go so far as Princeton, instead of another Delta Kappa Kappa chapter in the Maryland/Delaware area. Who else could be at fault here.


If I were going to mail a poisonous substance to people, I would mail it from a place that made no sense.
I would get in my car and drive until I hit someplace far away, and then I'd throw the letter in a not-busy mailbox. Then I'd come back home as if nothing happened.

Kind of like what Gary Gondit did with his watch (he just didn't go far ennough).

Similarly, if I wanted to murder someone, I would murder someone I had no relation to, in a place I rarely went, just so it would be harder to find me.

What I wouldn't do is make it easy for people trying to put pieces together to figure out who did it. I'd be wily like that.


Note to self: Don't get on MayBee's bad side!


Can you avoid tolls, etc. in your route from where he was to where he went? Could he make it on a tank of gas? Roundtrip? I don't know, I've always thought it was domestic terrorism, like the Beltway sniper, so I'm not surprised that it was. Maybe.

I'd be wily like that.



Well, if he paid cash at the tollbooth then there would be no record.

(In the (in)famous CIA rendition in Milan, one of the stupid errors that they made was to use the electronic transponders to save time on the toll roads, and of course left a to-the-second timestamp of every toll between Milan and the US base that they flew their prisoner out of. Somehow it was inevitable that they would -- since they did things like charge their hotel rooms to personal credit cards rather than their cover names so that they could get the frequent flier miles...)


Well, if he paid cash at the tollbooth then there would be no record.

Really? I've watched too much CSI I guess. I thought they could tell if you went through a toll booth whether you paid cash or not.


Well, if he paid cash at the tollbooth then there would be no record.

Ditto if he paid cash at a gas station.
I suppose the FBI could go through every gas station's surveillance tapes for the day, but I don't know....


Trying to reconstruct any event after this amount of time, in the absence of documentary evidence of some sort, is bound to be highly problematic. One of those articles that I linked previously said that the FBI made no attempt to locate witnesses who might have seen Ivins, since any ID after all these years would be worthless. Very true. And in a highly transient area like a major university...


The only reason that they know if you went through a tollbooth is, a) if you use a transponder, or b) if you don't pay and they take a photograph of your license plate and send you a ticket. Remember also that this was nearly 7 years ago, and there was even less technology than today...

OT -- well, almost 9pm, and we still haven't seen a bat. Last night's bat is still MIA -- we could hear considerable pouncing activity through the closed door but no sign of a body this morning. The cats I'm sure have forgotten the whole thing -- they lose interest pretty quickly when their little "toy" stops moving.

Mark my words, though, Autumn is here. Kim is right, global cooling is upon us. It's going to be a brutal winter!

Der Hahn

I don't necessarily buy that the time a postmark switches from one day to the next proves much.

When, exactly, was that post box emptied on that day? No chance the pickup was delayed, skipped, or done early? When would the mail actually arrive at the processing center to be postmarked? (I don't think mail is postmarked as it is taken out of letter boxes but maybe I'm wrong) No chance the contents might have been shuffled to the back of load dock and post marked out of order?

Maybee - a higher traffic mailbox is probably better. You might have a lower chance of being observed in an out of the way place but it's more likely that, if you are noticed, people will remember.


Oh Der Hahn- thanks for the tip!

And yes, you are right about the date stamp. Why just the other day I went to my local mailbox (from that you can tell I was not mailing anything dangerous) and the 2:30pm pickup was taking place at just slightly before 2:00pm. Which means any poor soul that go there at 2:15 was SOL for that day's pickup.


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