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August 21, 2008



I hope someone got the interview with Biden this afternoon on Fox. I would play it over and over how he would not accept the nomination.


Don't you think they've been involved in Dem caucases, too. I fear they will flood Ohio, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Missouri, Virg inia, Penssylvania and even Florida to stuff the ballot. I think they've even been in Alabama, too.


Sara and JMH,

I believe those Biden comments were a year ago. It was old tape and that is a long time in politics.

Soylent Red

It's gotta be Chet or someone completely off the wall like Richardson or Kerry or Gore.

At least that's what I'm hoping for.


Can you ditrect me to Topsecret's post?

Charlie (Colorado)

Why wouldn't B.O. birth certificate state white as his race? A single white woman delivers a baby.She or her parents could put in any race they want.No one would question.

Jean, honey, I hate to point it out, but you don't get dark skin at puberty. It would have been pretty obvious.

Soylent Red

What's Michael Dukakis doing these days?

Captain Hate

G'nite folks; basketball early in the morning.

JM Hanes

"I'm getting Democrats for my birthday."

Don't worry. Obama HQ has said Obama likes to keep his message tightly wrapped, so you can relax and just enjoy the moment.


Sorry Bob I can't it was around midnight or later on one of these threads.But the AT piece surely has citations which probably are the same as Top's.

JM Hanes


Don't be shy with reminders about your live blogging; my sieve is like a brain.



Happy Birthday!!! A few days early.

I'm getting Democrats for my birthday.

Isn't that like coal in the Christmas stockings or fruit for Halloween?


Thanks, Clarice....nite all...I'm (forgive me)BUSHED



This is the post with the link. The article talks about the cover up of ACORN staffers embezzling $1 million. Among other things...


Okay, this should soothe some souls and excite the PUMAs to a frenzy.

CNN: Hillary has been told she's NOT VP pick...

Charlie (Colorado)

Thanks, everyone. I did the World SF Convention two weeks ago, now it's the World Moonbat Convention.

JM Hanes

Isn't that like coal in the Christmas stockings or fruit for Halloween?

We always used to get a tangerine in the toes of our Christmas stockings. Wonder what that means.

The Obama VP dance is beginning to remind me of Fred Thompson's long delayed announcement. The CNN piece didn't say precisely when Obama finally gave Hillary the good news, but I wouldn't be surprised if the "inexplicable" delay here derived from writing Hillary in on a Friday night.

Soylent Red

Good news Charlie...

I heard NAMBLA is having their convention there in December.

And if you drop you keys on the way to the car, kick them all the way home.


Fox reporting AP has confirmed it is BIDEN.


Now we know why he dumped this news on a Friday night...


New thread guys, it sounds like Biden gets its.

Bring on Mitt, Pluh-leeze!


In the continuing saga of Operation Chaos, Obama has selected his co-footnote to history: the very clean (and articulate) Joe Biden.


I feel like we're waiting for Godot.


I was right, Godot just arrived.

JM Hanes


Now comes the waiting for departure.






Your birthday comment at 12:14 am was worth staying up for. LOL!


The reason the Dems don't have alot of mathematicians is because the feminists say they don't exist. Just ask Larry Summers.

Mike G in Corvallis

B-Rob wrote:

Just one question: do you have a link to that Indonesian school enrollment form? Because I find it HIGHLY unlikely that a poor country like Indonesia would maintain legible, paper records of a single individual student from the mid to late 1960s! And they would also be in the local language, too. Do you read Indonesian? What does the name "Barry" translate to in Indonesian?

Try this. I hope you consider the Associated Press a legitimate source.

You may not realize it, but some people might infer that your question positively drips of racist condescension toward Indonesians. Yes, they kept paper records then. They even had automobiles and television!

And another thing: any proof Obama played the "legacy" card to get into Harvard? Do you have a link to a copy of his application or recommendations showing that they mention his father at all?

No, I don't -- that's why I phrased it as a hypothetical. But anyone applying to Harvard who actually wanted to get in would have to be a damned fool not to play the legacy card if he could, wouldn't he?

Nor would he necessarily have needed to mention his father's name on his application forms -- he may have had to turn in an essay with his application on some uplifting subject such as "How I Overcame My Greatest Challenge" or "How I Hope to Make the World a Better Place," in which he could have casually mentioned that his father was a Luo Kenyan who attended Harvard. (Think really, really hard about this: if he applied as Barack Hussein Obama II, do you suppose an admissions officer would have been able to figure out what his father's name was and check Harvard's records?)


From the woman who found the birth announcement:


Lori // July 22, 2008 at 9:36 pm

Hi, I’ve talked to the Department of Vital Records and the Honolulu Advertiser.In 1961, the hospitals would take their new birth certificates to Vital Records. At the end of the week, Vital Records would post a sheet that for the news paper to pick up that contained births, deaths, marriages and divorces. The Advertiser routinely printed this information in their Sunday edition. This is not a paid announcement that his grandmother could arrange. This is information that comes from Vital Records - we know this because this particular section reflects those records. They didn’t have a provision for paid, one sentence announcement that would be included in the Vital Records. At the time, if a child was born outside a hospital, the family would have 30 days to apply for a birth certificate and Vital Records would expect to see prenatal care records, or pediatrician records of the first check up, etc. They’d also want the notarized statement from the mid-wife. Of course, they can apply later but that would noted as a different kind of birth certificate. I think TD has already addressed that. This information was received by Vital Records the first week of his birth = that suggests the hospital.

Next, the announcement is from Sunday, August 13th and Obama was born on Friday, August 4th. Hospitals usually don’t take birth certificate information the first couple days to avoid changes. So it was likely filled out on the 4th or so, as hospital stays were usually 3 - 5 days at the time. Lastly, having worked in a newborn nursery in college, hospitals don’t ask for documentation. If mom says she’s married, that’s what they write. They have no authority to question her statement.

In Honolulu at the time, paid birth announcements weren’t in vogue. Frequently families would post one year announcements that included pictures from the party, etc. I haven’t checked to see if that exists.

I hope that finishes clearing this up.

Texas Darlin' cache

M. Simon

Charlie says:

Thanks, everyone. I did the World SF Convention two weeks ago, now it's the World Moonbat Convention.

Was Tom Ligon there? Did you meet him? He is a buddy of mine.


Happy Birthday Charlie - and Glenda too I think, I love love love those Leos!

M. Simon

Gateway Says Joe Biden.


So did Obama - at 4:28 this morning.

M. Simon

No matter who wins this election an old white guy will be taking the 3AM call.

M. Simon


I have to admit I was sleeping. The mate hurt her back so I gaver her an hour massage. Then she said "snuggles please".

Some things are more important than politics. Although I can't say I wasn't tempted.

Mrs Hate plus our 33rd anniversary next Saturday
My parents got married on my mom's birthday, too. (Friday is their 49th anniversary.) My dad's logic is that way if he ever forgot she would just kill him and it would be over quickly, as opposed to forgetting one and having to hear about it for the next 20 or 30 years. So far he has managed not to forget yet!

(Everyone has heard of Italian Alzheimer's, right? Where you forget everything but the grudges?)


M. Simon,

I can't believe how much sleep I've lost as a result of the Olympics, Joe Biden and Barack Obama. I think I should sue.

Captain Hate

My parents got married on my mom's birthday, too. (Friday is their 49th anniversary.)

Sorry for a somewhat confusing way of stating things: My wife's birthday and our anniversary are both during August, but not on the same day. Somewhat to my credit, I've never forgotten either, which is setting the bar pretty low on spousal responsibilities.


Love that Italian Alzheimers.

Captain Hate

Holding a grudge is what separates us from the animals.

JM Hanes

My husband and I both forgot our anniversary once. Maybe that's why he's my ex-husband.


Mornin, Gang...Fay's proving to be much ado about nothing in Florida's Pamhandle thus far. The Weather Channel has live shots of folks on the beach ins swim wear from Panama City.

But, no worries! Its Christmas Day. The One picked Joe Biden!


Yes, little Clarice, little Sara, Little Jane...(nods to)boys...There really is a Santa Claus.


And I'm sorry little JM, didn't mean to leave you out.....but it is Christmas Day!

Michael W.

I am not surprised at the fact-defying statements made on this site. Well, here's an equal fact for you, that I got from detailed analysis of public records.

John McCain is NOT John McCain. He was born as an identical twin to John. But John died at the age of 10 and his twin, real name James, previously hidden by his parents for reasons that I could not immediately ascertain, was substituted for the now dead John McCain ever since.

This by itself is not a big problem, except that James had been hospitalized for years with serious problems of a mental order. He had not quite overcome these problems but seemed to be well on his way to 90% recover;y at the time John died.

James was raised by the same parents as John had been. The substitution was apparently not known to any but a few family members.

John/James McCain has lived this lie for all but the first 10 years of his life and that was where he first learned to switch, sway, amend, and otherwise change the truth to serve his purposes.

I know that this is hard to believe but I possess copies of all of the documentation including pictures taken at the birth of the twins with their parents.

On the other hand, I just made up the entire story. See, how easy it is to place some "fact" on the internet and now those who wish to quote this only has to leave out this last paragraph.


The reason B O has to be born in the USA is that he could not be permitted to know secret military info.

"There's an important American law called the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, or ITAR. It covers all contracts Americans have with anyone they call a foreigner, and that means anyone who is not American."


The Certificate of Live Birth is invalid because it has been altered. The certificate number has been blacked out rendering it "altered". The certificate states "ANY ALTERATIONS INVALIDATE THIS CERTIFICATE". And, if a seal were applied to the reverse side, it should show through the paper.


About the COLB.
Let me start off by saying I may be totally wrong in this. And I only ask because in 1966 I filled out a lot of job applications. In 1966 when "Race" was asked, the boxes "White", "Black", etc. were used.
Caucaisian (changed from "white" years later) is a race, African is a nationality.
My point is, if black was a race in 1966 doesn't it stand to reason that it was also in 1961? And the COLB does not ask for "Nationality of Mother" or father. Only race.
Just a thought


The Obama document is a Certification of Live Birth. This is not to be confused with the longer Certificate of Live Birth that has the hospital name and doctor/witnesses signature. If Obama was born in Hawaii, they have a filed copy of the longer Certificate of Live Birth. They do not normally give that out because it takes longer to find/copy and certify that than it does to print a Certification of Live Birth from archived data. Most places will take the Certification of Live Birth as all the documentation they need. You can get your longer Certificate of Live Birth (in spite of the miss information on "Factcheck.org" that there is nor box to request it.) In the box for "reason," you write for Depart. of Homeland Security. They want the longer version because the shorter one does not contain enough data. Obama has failed to do this. Why? He has 600 million in campaign funds donated to him. Money can not be an object. An additional note is- you could have gotten a shorter Certification of Live Birth in Hawaii in the early 1960's even if you were not born there. It was a service they provided for people who lived in Hawaii for at least one year before the birth (as I understand it.) That is why the Department of Homeland security does not want the short version. They have to spend a lot of time investigating the other details to verify you are actually who you claim to be.


My point is, if black was a race in 1966 doesn't it stand to reason that it was also in 1961? And the COLB does not ask for "Nationality of Mother" or father. Only race.
Just a thought


I do not know how to use the habbo coins ; my friend tells me how to use.

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