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August 12, 2008



Happy Birthday Julia. You have a talented brother. I couldn't do that (or the vault) if my life depended on it!


It's something I'm sure his sister will always remember. Maybe just as Kerry's sisters told us of his ever-the-hero home movies, his sister can pop this video out when he runs for high office. And pundits can argue whether it was a cry for help or a sign of great imagination.


Stephen Spielberg is looking over his shoulder now.

Does Kodak still have the film contest any more ?

Thomas Collins

Happy Birthday, Julia!

TM, thanks for sharing that. I always got a thrill when my young kids (not so young anymore at 25,22 and 19) made gifts for each other.

hit and run

Happy Birthday Julia!

Speaking of birthdays, where's Elliott? How can JOM properly celebrate birthday without Elliott? And did you know the PGA championship was last weekend? I forgot, and I Blame Elliott.

But enough about him.

Today, we celebrate Julia!

And enjoy the work of her brother...


Happy Birthday, Julia!


Is Billy related to Tony? What a wonderful gift and a job well done. Perfect 10's across the board.

Happy Birthday Julia. I wanted to name my daughter Julia but three generations of Christina on my wife's side trumped my suggestion. My beautiful daughter is now the fourth generation Christina.


I forgot, and I Blame Elliott.

If you want to beat me up, feel free. You can even shorten it to IBE, which I think makes a suitable counterpart to LOElliott.


"b-day preasant"

Perhaps a subtle reference to the the gymnast's lack of proper kit?


Happy Birthday Julia. Enyoy your fabulous present.


Happy Birthday, Julia!


Happy birthday, Julia.


Happy birthday, Julia!

Rick Ballard

Happy Birthday, Julia!


Happy Birthday, Julia!


Listen to me, Oh Julia.
Don't let your brother fool ya'.
He's stuck on you
Like Leggos and glue.
But that doesn't mean he can rule ya'.


Ooh! I'm late! Soorrry! -- Happy Birthday, Julia!


Happy Birthday, Julia! You are a lucky girl to have such a great family.


Happy Birthday
Very impressive, and unlike the real Olympics, no BS...
 O O O
   O O
...D in sight.


TM To raise loving children is an accomplishment to be cherished (as you and your wife have obviously done) and one that reflects well upon generations of Maguires, past and future.


Well that was very impressive for a young man to have spent some time on. Good job junior and a happy, happy birthday to Julia.

hit and run

You know, this conversation helps TM's kids.


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