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August 09, 2008





At least the Yanks didn't trade their best player to LA.


It's all for the best Mark, trust me.

Danube of Thought

My guess is that Joba won't pitch again this year. Whether he turns into another Mark Prior or Kerry Wood remains to be seen. Steve Phillips says he expected him to become the equivalent of Roger Clemens in his prime, but with this shoulder thing all bets are off.

When you have the kind of payroll they have, it's inexcusable not to have won a title since 2000. I think you can chalk that up to mismanagement by the Steinbrenners and Cashman.

Danube of Thought

And he who expects anything from Favre this year is going to be very sorely disappointed.


Suffer, Tom.


"Forget the Cubbies..." No can do, Tom. I've waited 68 of those 100 years. Cubs are for real this year!


Cashman has virtually unlimited resources and can't field consistent World Series contenders--pathetic.


Wait...wait...hold on...wait for it..
...wait for it....

Nope - can't work up an iota of sympathy.

Tough nuggies.

Oriole Fan


I will entertain any wager than Farve doesn't last out the year. Who's up?

Danube of Thought

Perhaps a more interesting wager would be whether he even begins it.

Danube of Thought

Angels have now posted eight in the bottom of the eighth to take an 11-3 lead, and there is still only one out. Someone above the Yankee dugout just threw a towel onto the field.


Hope you emjoyed the game today also!

Sorry dude, but Yankee fans aren't real fans anyway

Tom Maguire

Hope you emjoyed the game today also!

I flipped it on in the sixth with the Yankees up 3-1 and listened to the Angels take batting practice again (2 in the seventh and 8 in the eighth, for those not keeping score at home).

Well, Tampa Bay has tormented the Yankees for years and they sure did look legit sweeping Boston a while back. As long as the Sox don't win it sans Manny I can cope.


You really wonderful Thank you

Jeff F.

I'm a HUGE Yankee fan. With that said, they will have to put on an impressive run just to make the playoffs. They have too many of their best starting pitchers on the DL.

The Angels look unstoppable right now. They are mowing through the AL's best teams like they're little league teams.

Angels v. Cubs in the World Series.

Angels win it all in 5 games.

Jeff F.

Jeff F.

By the way...

Steinbrenner Jr. and Cashman not giving up Hughes and Kennedy for Johan Santana at the beginning of the season was a HUGE mistake.

Jeff F.


You know what it is, don't you? It's the Curse of A-Rod. Ever since he - in a desperate attempt to get his playoff BA into 3-digit territory - knocked the ball out of Bronson Arroyo's glove in the 2004 ALCS, the Yankees have not won a single playoff series.
At the same time that the BoSox were exorcisimg the Bambino's curse, the Yankees' was just beginning.
They won't win a playoff series while A-rod is still a Yankee....

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