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August 27, 2008



As I said on the other thread I'm listening to the podcast right now, and I just can't get over the juxtaposition of Kurtz and Rosenberg and the background noise of the Obama supporters.


Almost makes me believe there's a providential hand in all this.

Yes...and I must admit I felt the same about the Swiftees and the TANG memos in 2004.


Temple of Illusion MkI


The is the precious core of Marx's teaching.

That would be Karl"Never had day job,used to shag the help" Marx?

JM Hanes


"What does AbFab mean?" Sorry I missed this question earlier. It's short for Absolutely Fabulous.


The Barrackopolis no playing well over here.


In his left hand, what's that stuff? Looks expensive.


Check the simularities between the CAC goals and the Port Huron Statement.

Authored by the same people?



Forgive my ignorance, what is the Port Huron Statement?

Rick Ballard


The Port Huron Statement is the manifesto of the SDS, wherein they claim to be a whole different kind of commie that shouldn't even be called commie.

A simpler term for the Port Huron Statement is "horseshit".


Thanks Rick

Unfortunately, its all coming back to me now.


Larry Johnson points out another Ayers Anniversary today with comments from the John McCain site. Larry also has a few questions that seem to have not yet been answered about Obama and Ayers.

" 1. When did Barack Obama first meet Bill Ayers? Was it in New York City? Under what circumstances? Was it at Cooper Union when Ayers was a graduate student there and Obama at Columbia? Was it at Columbia when Ayers was at the teachers’ college?
2. Did Ayers play any role in Obama coming to Chicago as an organizer in 1985? Did the Ayers influence the Woods Fund in any way to subsidize through the Gamaliel Foundation Obama’s job? (The Woods Fund was created by the family of the Safari Coal Company, a major supplier of Commonwealth Edison, whose CEO was Thomas Ayers.)
3. Did Ayers introduce Obama the organizer to his family, his father Tom and brother John? Did they involve Obama in the school reform movement they led in Chicago?
4. Did the Ayers family help Obama become a summer associate at Sidley Austen, the father’s company’s law firm?
5. Did Bernardine Dohrn know Michelle Robinson when they both worked at Sidley at the same time? Did she or Ayers introduce Michelle to Barack at Sidley?
6. Did Dohrn, who attended the University of Chicago Law School with Judson Miner, play any part in helping Obama get a job at the Davis Miner law firm?

UPDATE: It was 40 years ago today that William Ayers was arrested at the Democratic national convention — just like the “Recreate68″ extreme-left protestors at this convention:


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