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August 13, 2008



A little more Kool-Aid, kim?

If you think Obama has a "thinner skin" than McCain, you don't really now squat about either one of them. Why don't you read up on McCain in particular and get back to us?

Gypsy Man

Here's another thing that I wonder if the media will cover Obama on. Reverend Wright had planned a book tour in October, but now has apparently scrapped those plans. Did Obama put the heat on for Wright to cancel his plans?

Not WRIGHT for America has been all over this one. www.notwrightforamerica.com


You stoop to this kind of content-free bashing of Obama because you have NOTHING to be proud of on your side.
Eau de Contraire. (I learned that so I wouldn't embarrass Obama in front of his European friends.) We're proud of American resistance to totalitarianism, wherever it's found - Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia. Chicago.

And since America has been resisting totalitarianism since forever, we're not even proud for the first time in our adult lives.


I suppose that Bill Ayers - a college professor who's never been convicted of a crime - and who's political involvment ended before a large chunck of the elctorate was born, will be a saliant issue for those inclined to vote against Obama, but let's be real, if we start nosing around old relationships, Charles Keating - convicted felon, and CLOSE friend of the McCains - is a far more important issue - as is Cindy's drug use and consequent thieving - and John's senatorial position which got her off the hook- let's not even get into the treason McCain committed while in Vietnam. You want to open old wounds - fine - but it goes both ways. keating - the NVA, thieving junkie Cindy vrs Bill Ayers - the guy who fought against a war that many Americans despised -
I think Obama will weather that storm!


If you think Obama has a "thinner skin" than McCain, you don't really [k]now squat about either one of them.
Nah, Obama just looks like he has thinner skin, because black is slimming.


Here's Obama's Passion. "Why do you want to be President?" 'Well, uh, 'cuz America's no good anymore. Or ever was. I don't want that for my kids'.

C'mon, Obama's going to be a joke in a couple of months and the Democrats along with him. They may even lose Congress. Grab the biyotch while you have a chance.


My fault.

Better fewer trolls!

let's not even get into the treason McCain committed while in Vietnam

No, let's. Give over a night at the convention to that theme. Make a 20 state media buy around it. Bang that drum, Freddy!


Wow, the Obamafiles out there have a lot of hate. Riddle me this? Which race is voting more on skin color? One that is split about 60/40 or one that is split 95/5. I would argue all day long that it is the one where only 5% of the people of that race are voting for the candidate of the other color. That is a fact the Obamafiles cannot deny. Given that fact, is it no obvious who is keeping racial division alive in America? Is it not obvious that the candidate that refers to the opposite race as a "Typical White Person", even if it is about his own Grandmother is more guilty of racism than the vast mjority of the citizens of this country. I will never support Obama. Not because I am white and his is black. But becasue he is half-white and has abandoned half of his heritage through his 20 year assocation with Wright/Trinity. His apperance atn the Million Man March, and his continued work on solely Minority Issues. Barrak what about the other half of your face. I suppose you would rather cut of your nose to spite it.

Rick Ballard

RCP & Instalaunch and this is the best trolling going?

Is Camp ObamaBe in session? I really expected better from the ObamaJugend Greenshirts.

Maybe they're all out doing their 6 hours of mandatory volunteerism in order to earn the "privilege" of drawing for tickets for that outdoor event in Denver?

Or have they been eaten by PUMAs?


No, Kim. When Obama erupts, the newspapers and blogs will be filled for days with pieces that will praise him for his passion and blast those that would dare to drive such a great man to such an unseemly scene. The writers will then declare that there is a difference between hot-headedness – which is unseemly and dangerous – and righteous anger, a trait greatly to be desired among presidents. They will then cite obscure historians who will tell us that the greatest leaders in history correctly applied "righteous anger" – and they will analogize Obama's outbursts with such incidences as the clearing of the temple by Jesus Christ, as recorded in the Gospels. So, that is a long way of saying, don't hold your breath waiting for Obama to be "seen as" anything. Image is everything, and his is tightly controlled by a dedicated bunch of "journalists" who want to see a Democrat in the White House and who want to write breathless stories of how the first State of the Union delivered by a president with dark skin has changed the world.


OMU, reporters questions don't irritate McCain like they do Obama. That is Kool-Aid key.

Sure, bring up Keating; it'll hurt the Democratic Congressional races more than it will help Obama. Come to think of it, is that why you are pushing it? In the belief that it will help Obama? It will be a lot easier to tie Obama to snaky confederates than McCain. Freddy, your list of memes sounds like a winner. Go with them. ::grin::


If all you airheads have on Obama is Rezko and Ayers, Obama has to have some of the most unsavory relationships in modern politics.

I challenge any of you to start going on and on about McCain's long ties to Abramoff, G. Gordon Liddy, Oliver North, and other right wing terrorists and villains. Those guys have been convicted for pretty serious crimes, and McCain has been deeply involved with them.

Danube of Thought

Appalled, may I introduce you to one Robert Blanchard:

"On election day you can find White Trash at your local tavern..."

You two guys can fight it out. Me, I'm gonna cast my absentee ballot and get into the vodka Martinis at home.


"let's not even get into the treason McCain committed while in Vietnam

No, let's. Give over a night at the convention to that theme. Make a 20 state media buy around it. Bang that drum, Freddy!"

There's far better ways to do it that that! That's what the internet is for. That's what surrogates are for. McCain DID commit treason - he DID help the enemy - that you let it slide because he was tortured kinda messes with republican policy of torturing Muslims as a source of accurate information - i guess Muslims tell the truth under torture - but McCain? a pack of lies. He's an unamerican POS who disgraced his uniform and his fellow pilots - amny of whom DID NOT BREAK. McCain was BROKEN...
and most Americans don't know this!


Maybe so, JB, but the press is having second thoughts about Obama and the second thoughts they are having about McCain are really their tenth through twentieth thoughts. I'd give more credence to your scenario but look what Obama's 15 point following wind from the media have given him so far. Dead heat with McCain and now festering in a wind shadow.


Ohmy, it sounds like you have a strategy to unite the Republican right wing behind McCain. Go with it.

Freddy, push that meme. I just love it. McCain cracks under torture; Obama cracks under crack.


"They gave us our LAST President."
They sure did-
"i had no idea there were so many retards in this country..."
The retards ( Sorry,I meant Democrats) could have ran someone decent for President in 2004. Instead, they ran John Kerry, the American who did the most to help North Vietnamese win in Vietnam.


RCP & Instalaunch
Oh, thank heavens, Rick, I thought I'd summoned them myself.

Freddy - spread the word. Go door to door.

Start at the local VFW.


Powell spokesperson denying report; saying NOT TRUE. He will not endorse or be at any convention, per his spokesperson.


Maybe that clever little snot Powell has got the measure of the man.

Captain Hate

He's an unamerican POS who disgraced his uniform and his fellow pilots - amny of whom DID NOT BREAK. McCain was BROKEN...
and most Americans don't know this!

Wow the things you learn on the innerwebbz from the Obama Youth. Maybe in one of these comments I might find a specific accomplishment of Uhhbamerr. If that's not asking too much.....


Here's what Col. David Hackworth - the most decorated Vietnam vet had to say about John McCain:


"Yet in McCain's own words just four days after being captured, he admits he violated the U.S. Code of Conduct by telling his captors "O.K, I'll give you military information if you will take me to the hospital."

A Vietnam vet detractor says, "He received the nation's third highest award, the Silver Star, for treason. He provided aid and comfort to the enemy!"

That's your guy!

Anon 1

A 527s group needs to make an Ad on Obama Abortion Votes timeline. They need to show a baby crying on the table and Obama talking about being Punished by having a Baby you do not want. Even HRC was aghast at Obama abortion record. He voted consistently against the baby Born Alive Act. WHy let an infant die on the table? Only someone with a very evil soul can deny a harmelss infant air. Now we know why Obama has Bob Casey speaking at the convention. Casey is a prolifer. But I am predicting Obama will lose because of this Issue in November.

Rick Ballard

"I might find a specific accomplishment of Uhhbamerr."

It's my understanding that he can recite the Muslim call to prayer in very good Arabic.

That's gotta count for something.


Freddy what he really meant was 'I'll talk if you quit pounding on my broken leg'.

This is serious, Freddy, any meme about McCain and his wartime service will not reflect well on Obama. It will remind us of Kerry. It will savage Congressional Races. Why am I tellilng you this? I don't know. I hope some asshole does try to bring it up. Obama will be breaking his legs under the bus in seconds flat.

ARC: Brian

An Obama presidency would almost certainly mean enactment of the "Fairness Doctrine," and regardless of how such legislation would fare in the lower courts this time around, by the time it gets to the Supremes he might have made an appointment or two.

Let me say that I'm against the fairness doctrine, but the dire consequences of the fairness doctrine I never quite understood.

If the fairness doctrine were enacted it would simply mean the end of radio. Podcasts, XM/Sirius, etc would now be where the political discussion would move. The Pelosi brigade can't put that genie back in the bottle.

Commercial talk radio would simply move to non-public airwaves. The public radio stations would simply be too boring.



You know folks, with memes like this, McCain might bring Congress along with him. Is that all you got? You are as whack as Obama, and that is saying a lot.


ARC:Brian. Most of MSM punditry would have to shut down, too. Imagine a fair response to what they shovel out the door.


Wow - only 20 people who act they know it all. Pretty low for a Republican site...

My presidential candidate can beat up yours!
Obama '08


Do the "visitors" have russian IP addresses?


sbw, the Russians are more politically sophisticated than this troupe of Kos Dancers.


The question, BK, is can your candidate get his hands up for defense. He can't parry a blow unless he's seen it on film. I mean, he can't parry a blow unless his ring crew has seen it on film, in slow motion.

Rick Ballard

"Do the "visitors" have russian IP addresses?"

Not unless loon.org is a masked ru site.


kim -

Funny you mention "raising hands" - becasue apparently that's something McCain can't do. He can't lift his arms high enough to comb his own hair. That gives a strong image of America - some weakling in office.

Obama '08


"This is serious, Freddy, any meme about McCain and his wartime service will not reflect well on Obama. It will remind us of Kerry. It will savage Congressional Races. Why am I tellilng you this? I don't know. "

That's right - you don't. kerry didn't lose because of the Swiftboat lies - he lost becasue he was a crummy candidate. The idea that we should talk about Ayer's wartime behavior but leave out huge chunks of McCain's - he admits his bombing raids killed women and children - other soldiers question his valor, David Hackworth questions his valor. McCain is a creep who barely made it through school and graduated the academy by the skin of his teeth - many people think his admiral popa was the reason he didn't get boot from Annapolis. And let's talk about torture. McCain CLAIMS he underwent five years of bruital torture - but we're supposed to believe he came out of this unscarred? Not screws loose? Comoletely sane? But folks like you are scared to ask those questions - and you actaully try to shut the conversation down with the fantasy that it won't work.
Guess what Kim - Bush made the SAME arguments in 2000...

how badly did McCain beat him? remind the class...


OK, BK, you're the asshole going under the bus. I suckered you with that one.

Freddy, another asshole with a killer meme. Do a little polling with that question, please. Better yet, don't. Just go with it.



Nice comeback - it's OK, without the DUMB McCain wouldn't have any followers!

Obama '08



Mccain is a hero....the military today teaches tell them anything,something im
sure you wouldn't know about....Mccain refused to let go intill so they couldn't\
use him for propaganda purposes...that takes more balls then Barrak Hussein Obama
ever dreamed of

Rick Ballard

Imagine dear Freddy presenting his spittle flecked points to Obama's weakest groups - blue collars and women over 35.

Can't you see them flocking around, wanting to hear more?

My pitch to both groups would be that when Obama got done heading up the Annenburg ed reform project in Chicago, just 2 in 10 elementary school kids in a neighborhood adjacent to his own could perform at grade level.

The man is a failure in his own neighborhood - why give him a larger stage?


Whoops I start thinking for a second ol freddy was a serious poster but then he let the cat out of the bag, he is just a big ol spoofer. Know how I can tell? Well he said the phrase swiftboat lies, which of course he cant name a single lie as neither can Kerry or he would have taken up T Boone Pickens on his offer.

Or maybe he is a fire does not burn steel kind of guy? I cant tell, but Kim has it about right at whack.


Here is a secret, BK is short for: butt kisser 08


BK, did you see Obama throw a bowling ball when he was campaigning in PA? MCCain's mother could take Obama.

Danube of Thought

Kerry lost because the SwiftVets correctly persuaded the electorate that he was a coward and a phony. All of us who fought in the delta knew that about him, and we gave money in a successful campaign to defeat him.

Eight Vietnam POWs (in addition to John McCain) were known personally to me, including the late Jim Stockdale and four naval academy classmates. Each and every one had the highest praise for McCain's performance in captivity. Each and every one of them "broke" at one point or another, but all did everything they could to hold out for as long as they could before ultimately giving up false information.

If these folks want to run ads accusing McCain of treason, I will help pay for the air time, provided that the ads say "I'm Barack Obama and I approve of this message." I'd give more to that campaign than I did to the SwiftVets.

I take it that Joe Klein has never checked up on any of the trolls who show up here.

hit and run

Best Thread Evah!


Hit - no love for intentional comedy?


Ha! I went to that website and what are they selling? Cliff Schecter's book. The kind Democrats just don't write.

Rick Ballard

If they want to wreak a little havoc, why don't they bring up McCain-Feingold, The Gang of 14 or the Immigration Reform Act?

Keating was what, 30 years ago? Rezko is going to be sentenced at the end of the Dem convention. Uncle Tony had Obama in his pocket for longer than McCain even knew Keating - and McCain never actually did a damn thing for Keating while Obama was instrumental in carrying legislation that was crucial to Rezko's corruption of hospital boards. One of the hospitals involved had paid Obama's wife over $150K per year to do absolutely nothing of merit.

She might as well have been working for the mayor of Detroit.


"Well he said the phrase swiftboat lies, which of course he cant name a single lie as neither can Kerry or he would have taken up T Boone Pickens on his offer. "

T Boone has been challenged - he moved the goal posts - he's a punk. The Swiftboaters were not only paid operatives, some later admitted never having served with kerry. others admitted they were mad that Kerry told the truth about the war crimes commited by our heroes. McCain was a flop of a pilot who would've been better of following Bush's lead during the war. His incompetence landed him in a POW camp. His lack of character made him spill his guts. His cowardice made him turn back on his pledge against torture. You want to talk about Bill Ayers, let's talk about John McCain:
"McCain, the "below par" pilot, eventually lost 5 military aircraft, the first during a training flight in 1958 when he plunged into Corpus Christi Bay while trying to land. The Navy ignored the crash and graduated McCain in 1960.

While deployed in the Mediterranean, the hard partying McCain lost a second aircraft. Timberg described the crash: "Flying too low over the Iberian Peninsula, he took out some power lines which led to a spate of newspaper stories in which he was predictably identified as the son of an admiral."

Unscathed, McCain returned to Pensacola Station where he was promoted to flight instructor for Naval Air Station Meridian in Mississippi. The airfield at Meridian, McCain Field, was named in honor of McCain's grandfather.

In 1964 McCain became involved with Carol Shepp, a model from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he had met at Annapolis. They were married in Philadelphia on July 3, 1965.

Flight instructor McCain lost a third aircraft while flying a Navy trainer solo to Philadelphia for an Army-Navy football game. Timberg wrote that McCain radioed, "I've got a flameout" before ejecting at one thousand feet. McCain parachuted onto a beach moments before his plane slammed into a clump of trees.

The Navy dismissed the crash as "unavoidable" and assigned McCain to the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal in December 1966, which was patrolling the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. In Spring 1967, the Forrestal was assigned to join the Operation Rolling Thunder bombing campaign against North Vietnam.

McCain lost his fourth plane on board the Forrestal on July 29, 1967 when a rocket inadvertently slammed into his bomb laden jet. McCain escaped, but the explosions that followed killed 134 sailors. McCain was transferred from the badly damaged Forrestal to the USS Oriskany. Shortly afterwards, on Oct. 26, 1967, he was shot down and captured by the Vietnamese..."


I challenge any of you to start going on and on about McCain's long ties to Abramoff, G. Gordon Liddy, Oliver North, and other right wing terrorists and villains.

Ollie for President!


Come on McCainiacs. Start telling me about McCain's long association with Ollie. I just might get excited about voting for him.

Ollie for President.


There's far better ways to do it that that! That's what the internet is for. That's what surrogates are for.

Did you learn this at Obama camp?

Rick Ballard

I keep wondering whether Fitzpatrick is getting something worthwhile out of Obama bagman Tony Rezko prior to his sentencing. Rezko's purchase of that lot next to Obama's house still stinks of collusion. Fitz will probably let Obama slide while he takes out Blag but when Obama loses?

When he loses he may have Fitz camped on the lawn of BHO Manse.


"Keating was what, 30 years ago? Rezko is going to be sentenced at the end of the Dem convention. Uncle Tony had Obama in his pocket for longer than McCain even knew Keating - and McCain never actually did a damn thing for Keating while Obama was instrumental in carrying legislation that was crucial to Rezko's corruption of hospital boards. One of the hospitals involved had paid Obama's wife over $150K per year to do absolutely nothing of merit."

McCain was a close friend of keatings and took not only vacations with the man, but also $100,000 or more. And to say he didn't do anything for McCain - and this right before the S and L scandal, is laughable. Obama has never been accused of ANY impropiety regarding Rezko - and maybe YOU think M. Obama's job at some hospital was without merit, but you also probably see blacks as good for basketball and dancing and not much else...Also, if Keating was like 30 years ago - it was actually 20 years ago, then Bill Ayers is like 50 years ago (it was actually a bit over 40...

"Though he was not convicted of anything, McCain intervened on behalf of Charles Keating after Keating gave McCain at least $112,00 in contributions. In the mid-1980s, McCain made at least 9 trips on Keating's airplanes, and 3 of those were to Keating's luxurious retreat in the Bahamas. McCain's wife and father-in-law also were the largest investors (at $350,000) in a Keating shopping center; the Phoenix New Times called it a "sweetheart deal."

let's talk about Rezko...

M. Simon

I am white and know the mentality of "Obama Haters" quite well.
They are commonly known as "White Trash"....

White Trash have one common trait. A vile hatred of MINORITIES!
All Minorities. Blacks. Jews, Gays, Asians.

Yeah that is the ticket. I'm Jewish. My best friend and drinking buddy in high school was black and I write for a gay friendly blog.

I guess it must be the Asian thing. I haven't associated with too many Asians except for trips to Chinatown.

I do hate Obama. But I do hope he wins in November. 2nd place.


Well let's see....who would I rather have my presidential candidate befriend...Bill Ayers or Ron Parsley and John Hagee? It's a toss up, except that McCain befriended them, accepted their endorsements, and then abandoned them within a few months. How stupid can one Republican be?

M. Simon

Wait. Maybe it is my dead end job as an aerospace engineer. That could be it.

hit and run

Hit - no love for intentional comedy?

That is the 'best thread ever".

This one, evah.


I knew one of Keating's nephews, and he was just the cutest cutest guy. Really, so cute.
For that reason alone, I forgive McCain.


you also probably see blacks as good for basketball and dancing and not much else
The black guy on the Supreme Court is pretty good.

Actually I see Michelle Obama as good for not much. Though I haven't seen her dance, and I think her brother had some kind of athletic scholarship.

let's talk about Rezko
The convicted felon who enabled Obama to purchase his house? What about him?


These people might actually be old enough to vote. Scary thought they could be deciding our next president.


Maybe it is my dead end job as an aerospace engineer.
How does a guy manage to go through engineering school and then work in the field without associating with Asians?

This one, evah.
It's a fair cop. Freddy's going to get me writing checks to McCain AND the RNC before he's finished.


Scary thought they could be deciding our next president.
It's in the ag-bay.



Mums the word...


Several months ago, Obama sat down with the editorial boards of the Chicago Tribune (a conservative paper) and the Chicago Sun-Times. Obama told these editors to ask him ANY question they wanted about past associations with Rezko and Ayers. No question was off the table.

After hours of questioning, both papers concluded that nothing untoward had occurred between Obama and his past acquaintances. NOTHING.

Sorry, but I'll take the word of the Chicago Trib and Sun-Times over the partisan ravings of far-right "author" Jerome Corsi. And I'll put the word "author" in quotation marks.


"An Obama presidency would almost certainly mean enactment of the "Fairness Doctrine,""

That has got to be a joke.

In Colorado, Democrats who stray from the party line are being turned in by their friends and ordered to appear in front of tribunals. The difference between the Democrats in America and the government in Cuba is the Democrats here do not yet have the power to throw you in prison or have you shot.


There are now 524 sites listed at the NoObama network. Almost all show a Democrat connection. There is an awful lot of Democrats who are not toeing the party line.
I doubt very seriously whether all of them can be silenced. Castro never could silence all his opposition, even after Pres Kennedy (D) pulled the American Air Cover in the last moments at the Bay of Pigs. Resulting in 1000s of them being shot.
Obama will never be able to silence all the opposition. Americans are dying in other parts of the world today to defend democracy, you can be sure that there are Americans willing to die in America to defend our freedoms.

Rick Ballard

"And to say he didn't do anything for McCain - and this right before the S and L scandal, is laughable."

Which means that Freddy hasn't got anything at all. Whereas Obama's carrying legislation for Rezko is a matter of no dispute. Obama's ties to Auchi and al Sammari remain cloudy but there is still plenty of time for the sun to shine upon them.

Rick Ballard

Forgot a nice quote:

Obama was appointed chairman of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. The minute the bill was introduced, it was referred to his committee for review. The sponsors of the bill also served on this committee with Obama. Within a month, Chairman Obama sent word to the full senate that the legislation should be passed.

On May 31, 2003, Senate Bill 1332 passed and specified that the “Board shall be appointed by the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate." The legislation reduced the number of members from 15 to 9, paving the way for the appointment of a five-bloc majority to rig the votes.

The corrupt members appointed included three doctors who contributed to Obama. Michel Malek gave Obama $10,000 on June 30, 2003 and donated $25,000 to Blagojevich on July 25, 2003. Malek also gave Obama another $500 in September 2003.

Fortunee Massuda donated $25,000 to Blagojevich on July 25, 2003, and gave a total of $2,000 to Obama on different dates. After he was appointed, Dr Imad Almanaseer contributed a total of $3,000 to Obama. Almanaseer did not give money to Blagojevich.

Der Bingle

What a pathetic and useless load of crap. What's worse - a friendship with Bill Ayers or having helped Charles Keating try to get out of a federal investigation.

You are all grasping at straws - including the person who allegedly "lives in Obama's neighborhood."

I suspect you live in Biloxi, Mississippi.


Some posters claim that they have NO idea what leftwing agenda the Obamanation could possibly have. Well, how about his statement to Planned Parenthood that the first item on his agenda was to pass a partial birth abortion bill legalizing that and removing all controls on abortion (no parental consent, no informed consent, no barring of killing the baby if he/she is born alive, etc., etc.)? This is exactly like Bill Clinton's saying the first thing he would enact as President was to remove the bar of gays and lesbian in the military, and we all know how centrist and non controversial that policy change was. Then we have the Obamanation's centrist legalizing of gay marriage. That's ho hum in most of America. Then we have the Obamanation's centrist policy of stopping all nuclear fissionable weapons programs, as an example to other nations to stop their nuke programs. That sure seems to be quite the tepid centrist defense program, given what the Russkies are doing now.
So, just three examples of his centrist policies.

Captain Hate

And I'll put the word "author" in quotation marks.

Why would you do that, Nick? He's written a number of books, no? That's what authors do, whether you or I like them or not.


Freddy's funny!

All kidding aside, though, yup, it's awfully hard to get crap to stick to a[n eventually released] POW... You pretty much have to pull out all the stops and label as a "weakling" the man who can't raise his arms over his head because of the injuries he sustained being shot down and then incompetently treated for his broken bones; you pretty much have to say that providing false intel to his captors, per training, over the course of five years in the [let me just add "frickin'" here] Hanoi Hilton shows a dearth of "character."

Obama would not only have spent five years in stoic and proudly patriotic silence, a warrior-monk banking the fires of his passion for a time when they could appropriately be released, but he would have used his own body fluids to fashion an American flag to fly while captive - you know, arterial blood for the red, venous for the blue, and I understand if you leave urine alone long enough it becomes ammoniac and you could maybe bleach your rags white...


Frankly, I think this interview could blow his connection to Evangelicals.

It also explains that Trinity UCC was more about "street cred" than religion.


Freddy -- wasting bandwidth with slick canned BS that doesn't stand up to scrutiny.

And even if it did, McCain would be a better candidate than Captain Zero, the empty flannel suit.

And even if he wasn't, I'd vote to elect Cindy McCain as first lady rather than Michelle.

In other words... give it up. Hit's right. Your attempt makes this a laughable thread.


Rev. "G-d Damn" Wright's daughter says no book in October. Her father is working in Ghana with very limited email/computer access. Thank you Axelrod.

And I cannot believe I just saw someone quote Hackworth. Oy vey.

Let's quote someone who was actually there and is the most decorated living vet, including holding the Medal of Honor:

[Emphasis added] Col Day wasn’t much interested in John Kerry’s Vieltnam career. His issue with the Democrat’s choice for President was related to Kerry’s post-war conduct. Day explained his position in 2004:

Letter from Col. George E. “Bud” Day regarding John Kerry

Dear Joe:

The major issue in the Swiftboat stories is, and always has been, what John Kerry did in 1971 after he returned from Vietnam. Kerry cast a long dark shadow over all Vietnam Veterans with his outright perjury before the Senate concerning atrocities in Vietnam. His stories to the Senate committee were absolute lies..fabrications..perjury..fantasies, with NO substance. That dark shadow has defamed the entire Vietnam War veteran population, and gave “Aid and Comfort” to our enemies..the Vietnamese Communists. Kerry’s stories were outright fabrications, and were intended for political gain with the radical left..McGovern, Teddy and Bobby Kennedy followers, Jane Fonda, Tom Hayden, and the radical left who fantasized that George McGovern was going to be elected in 1972. Little wonder that returning soldiers from Vietnam were spit upon and castigated as “baby killers”.

A returned war hero said so. Kerry cut a dashing figure as a war hero, lots of medals, and returned home because of multiple war wounds..even a silver star. His Senate testimony confirmed what every hippie had been chanting on the streets.."Hey hey LBJ..How many kids did you kill today”????? He obviously was running for political office in 1971.

Until Lt. John O’ Neil, himself a Swifboat commander, spoke out before the 1972 elections against Kerry’s outright deceptions, there was no one from the Swiftboat scene that could contradict Kerry’s self serving lies.

I was a POW of the Vietnamese in Hanoi in 1971, and I am aware that the testimony of John Kerry, the actions of Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden, and the radical left; all caused the commies to conclude that if they hung on, they would win North Vietnamese General Bui Tin commented that every day the Communist leadership listened to world news over the radio to follow the growth of the anti-war movement. Visits to Hanoi by Jane Fonda and Ramsey Clark gave them confidence to hold in the face of battlefield reverses. The guts of it was that propaganda from the anti-war group was part of their combat strategy.

While the Commies were hanging on, innumerable U.S. Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Air Force members were being killed in combat. Every battle wound to Americans after Kerry’s misdirected testimony is related to Kerry’s untruthfulness. John Kerry contributed to every one of these deaths with his lies about U.S. atrocities in Vietnam. He likewise defamed the U.S. with our allies and supporters. His conduct also extended the imprisonment of the Vietnam Prisoners of War, of which I was one. I am certain of at least one POW death after his testimony, which might have been prevented with an earlier release of the POWs.

My friend and room mate Senator John S. McCain denounced the Swiftboat video by John O’Neil. I have a different take on the Swiftboat tape and disagree with my good friend John.

John Kerry opened up his character as a war hero reporting for duty to the country with a hand salute...and his band of brothers..of which he was the chief hero. Most of his convention speech was about John Kerry..Vietnam hero, and his band of brothers. John Kerry’s character is not only fair game, it is the primary issue. He wants to use Bill Clinton’s “is”, as an answer to his lack of character.

The issue is trust. Can anyone trust John Kerry?? “Never lie, cheat or steal” is the West Point motto. When a witness perjures himself at trial, the judge notes that his testimony lacks credibility. Should we elect a known proven liar to lead us in wartime??

I draw a direct comparison of General Benedict Arnold of the Revolutionary War, to Lieutenant John Kerry. Both went off to war, fought, and then turned against their country. General Arnold crossed over to the British for money and position. John Kerry crossed over to the Vietnamese with his assistance to the anti-war movement, and his direct liaison with the Vietnamese diplomats in Paris. His reward. Political gain. Senator..United States. His record as a Senator for twenty years has been pitiful. Conjure up, if you will, one major bill that he has sponsored.

John Kerry for President? Ridiculous. Unthinkable. Unbelievable. Outrageous.

Col. Geo. “Bud” Day, Medal of Honor, Vietnam POW 1967- 1973, USMC- USA- USAF- Attorney 1949-2004

And a more recent statement by Day:

A Message from MOH Recipient Col. Bud Day
October 4, 2007
My Dear Fellow Americans:

For the last few weeks, the “Liberal’s War on America” has gone badly.

* MoveOn, the New York Times, and Senators who accused Gen. Petraeus of being a traitor and a liar have been exposed and repudiated;
* The media’s attempted flim-flam to portray Iran’s Terrorist Dictator as a “Statesman,” tripped on Columbia University’s red carpet;
* The brave combat Marines whom Congressman Murtha and the press eagerly charged with “cold-blooded murders” in Iraq are being found innocent, acquitted one by one.

The “War” is not going well … the “War On America,” that is.

Those who claim they “Support the Troops” are finally being unmasked, shown for being the cowards they are. But, it won’t be long before they regroup, begin their own “Surge” in this decades-long “War On America.” We won’t stand by quietly when they do; nor, should you.

My fellow POWs and I have long known the contempt the extreme Left has for our military. We felt the crush of rifle butts in our faces, beatings and unspeakable torture in the Hanoi Hilton Prison when we refused to kowtow to American traitors who traveled to these countries for propaganda “photo-ops” with our Communist jailors.

The so-called “anti-war movement,” lead by the likes of Lt. John Kerry and his mentor, Sen. Ted Kennedy, also said they “supported the troops”. What they didn’t say is whose “troops.”

We knew the answer then, we were witnesses and victims. It’s the same today. They “support” America’s enemies, any Communist Regime, Dictator or Terrorists that vow to kill and maim American soldiers and innocent civilians.

American soldiers in Vietnam were falsely accused of being a “barbarian horde,” “rapists,” “murderers,” “drug addicts” and “baby killers.”

Today, their sons, daughters and grandchildren serving in uniform stand accused of being “terrorists,” “Nazis,” “cold-blooded murderers,” people who wantonly conduct “air raids on villages” bombing and killing civilians.

Every one of those spurious accusations were spewed from the Halls of Congress, most often by the same men and women who voted to send America’s youth to war, only to denounce, vilify and abandon them later, when the opportunity for personal, political advantage presented itself.

When I and my fellow veterans — POWs, Soldiers, Airmen, Marines and Navy Swift Boat combat veterans alike — attempted to warn America about one of the most notorious turncoats from the Vietnam era, we were initially ignored by the mainstream media.

When the press and TV networks could no longer cover-up for John Kerry’s very public treasonous conduct, we were accused of being “serial liars,” shouted down by Leftist political campaign operatives disguised as “journalists.” All the while the networks kept the film evidence of Lt. Kerry’s betrayal under lock and key, where it remains hidden from the American public even today.

The recent treatment accorded Gen. Petraeus by the same radicals in Congress and the media was strikingly similar to our experiences in 2004. Before he uttered a single word, this highly decorated combat veteran, a man of great honor who has risked his life many times in the defense of our country, stood accused, disparaged and berated by a pack of power-hungry shirkers and slackers unworthy to polish his combat medals.

Veterans who attempted to expose Sen. Kerry in 2004 were treated no better. But, Kerry and his band of Leftist comrades had something special in store for me and my fellow POWs and their wives. We were sued repeatedly for three long years, forced to spend $1 million just to defend ourselves in several frivolous lawsuits.

What did we do to cause such a prolonged, vindictive assault? We told the truth no Mainstream Media news operation wanted the American public to know, then or now.

Dozens of my fellow POWs and their wives participated in a documentary, “Stolen Honor: Wounds that Never Heal.” In that film we said Kerry and his anti-war followers were liars and frauds working on behalf of our brutal Communists captors. Their collaboration with the enemy prolonged our captivity and the Vietnam War itself by years. Their vicious lies accusing us and all U.S. servicemen of being “war criminals” put our lives and the lives of Americans still fighting on the battlefield in grave danger.

Worse of all, Kerry’s self-aggrandizing, false accusations against American soldiers who had born the brunt of the bleeding and dying in Vietnam, spawned the myths our young men and women in Iraq today are forced to defend against, even as they fight for their lives on the battlefield each and every day.

You can draw a straight line from the deceitful Leftist tactics used to bring America’s defeat and dishonor in Vietnam to Iraq today.

America’s military didn’t lose the Vietnam War. Congress declared defeat, voted to abandon South Vietnam nearly two years after our last combat troops left. That sell-out, not only of our South Vietnam ally, but the nearly 60,000 Americans who gave their lives on the battlefield, ignited a genocidal holocaust throughout Southeast Asia that can still only be measured in the millions, an estimated three to five million innocent civilians brutally murdered.

We cannot let that happen again. We will not let that happen. You can stand shoulder to shoulder with us to prevent that from happening. [Note: some of us (me) have sworn never ever to let it happen again and will fight to the day we die to prevent it.]

Three years ago, I and my fellow POWs and Vietnam combat veterans created a non-profit organization, ” The Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation”. Our mission was simple, to set the record straight about the Vietnam War and those who served and fought there. Little did we know then we’d be slapped with multiple lawsuits for daring to uncover the layer upon layer of lies that constitute the false Vietnam History.

Nor, could we know then the Left’s plans to use the same Vietnam blueprint for defeat in Iraq. Little wonder Kerry and his followers wanted to sue us into silence! But, we prevailed. We successfully defended against each of those lawsuits, all have now been withdrawn. And, we will not remain silent any longer.

Our research into the Vietnam War, most especially, those individuals and organizations responsible for creating the completely false history of Vietnam, is voluminous, factual and compelling. We have amassed a virtual library of records, documents and eyewitness testimony that proves, conclusively, the popular history of Vietnam is pure bunk, propaganda.

Once we get the truth out to the American people, there will be winners. Those winners will be every man and woman who has served in our Armed Forces. To them and their families, this is a war we cannot lose.

The “War On America” is just heating up again. What we do now will dictate America’s future, whether it is one of victory over terrorism, or, decades more of defeat, humiliation in a lost, but noble cause.

God Bless You and America,

Col. Bud Day


Stating that guilt by associating is invalid,ignores one salient point.If you had a member of the Cosa Nostra babysitting your children,you wouldn't be surprised to be turned over by the police.
Obama had connections with an attempted mass murderer and terrorist William Ayers.Qbama wants to be President!


I see the MSNBC talking point of the day is Corsi is a liar. Hence Freddy and the gang.


When I hear someone has been Swiftboated, I know that someone is telling the truth about that person that they would rather you not mention. Swiftboating to me is telling the truth. So, if Corsi is Swiftboating Obama, I can see why the left is in an uproar.


BTW, stay away from MSNBC's Olympic page. I was there for about 30 sec. looking for an image and today my email is loaded with their propaganda political crap.


“Taking in my opponent’s performances is a little like watching a big summer blockbuster, and an hour in, realizing that all the best scenes were in the trailer you saw last fall.” --- John McCain


"You crowd are the same brainiacs that voted for Bush. Twice! Nice work. Basically you've been wrong about everything for 8 years."

They were right about who was going the be President.


I don't know how others feel, but each time I see on a website one of the Google ads about the "O" -- or the "0" -- whichever you prefer -- it strengthens my resolve to oppose him.


"O" = oppose!!!!



While I'm talking in my sleep? I thought we were staying mum on that...


UPDATE: Arkansas Democratic Party Leader Bill Gwatney has died from the gunshot wounds. He was attacked today at the Democratic Party Headquarters in Little Rock.
--Please remember his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers.


What I really want to know is when are we ever going to know what McCain told his captors, and what was done to our Manchurian Candidate? That's a much scarier prospect than Obama ever could present.

Danube of Thought

Hey Freddy--we Swifties won, you and Kerry lost. The American people in their wisdom made the choice to go with the GOP, as they have in seven of the last ten races for the White House. This will make it eight out of eleven, and once again you dolts won't know what hit you. Maybe you can run Hillary in 2012.

Danube of Thought

Margaret, you won't know what he's been directed to do until he's in the White House, at which time he's going to send the FBI out to get you. Better start thinking about Mexico...


Those who fear that an unequivocally unqualified young man with questionable associations and possible radical sympathies will ascend to the White House, fear not. There is much to come in this campaign.


"and they will analogize Obama's outbursts with such incidences as the clearing of the temple by Jesus Christ, as recorded in the Gospels."

Not a good analogy if you think of the next steps Obama would have to take.


"What's worse - a friendship with Bill Ayers or having helped Charles Keating try to get out of a federal investigation."

Associating with an attempted mass murderer.


Margaret, from the 1962 movie:

Mrs. Iselin: [at meal time] I'm sorry, hon'. Would it really make it easier for you if we settled on just one number?
Sen. John Yerkes Iselin: Yeah. Just one, real, simple number that'd be easy for me to remember.
[Mrs. Iselin watches her husband thump a bottle of Heinz Tomato Ketchup onto his plate]
Sen. John Yerkes Iselin: [addressing the Senate] There are exactly 57 card-carrying members of the Communist Party in the Department of Defense at this time!
So that's where O's 57 states came from.


What I really want to know is when are we ever going to know what McCain told his captors, and what was done to our Manchurian Candidate? That's a much scarier prospect than Obama ever could present.

Posted by: Margaret | August 13, 2008 at 08:03 PM


Margaret, you are too too funny. Silly really.

I hope you have stocked up on tinfoil.

And a word of advice, don't voice that opinion out in public or everyone will know what a dunce you really are.



"McCain DID commit treason - he DID help the enemy - that you let it slide because he was tortured kinda messes with republican policy of torturing Muslims as a source of accurate information"

Hilarious ! "You let it slide because he was tortured" Obama has the moron vote tied up.

Obama, on the other hand associated with an attempted mass murderer freely of his own choice.


Obama is history, McCain will win in a landslide. The children of the "O" will cry and gnash their teeth, but that's the way it works in the grown up world.

Rick Ballard

From the Keating Five Wiki:

After a lengthy investigation, the Senate Ethics Committee determined in 1991 that [DEMOCRATS] Alan Cranston, Dennis DeConcini, and Donald Riegle had substantially and improperly interfered with the FHLBB in its investigation of Lincoln Savings. Senators John Glenn and John McCain were cleared of having acted improperly....

The Ethics Committee ruled that the involvement of McCain in the scheme was also minimal, and he too was cleared of all charges against him. McCain was criticized by the Committee for exercising "poor judgment" when he met with the federal regulators on Keating's behalf. The report also said that McCain's "actions were not improper nor attended with gross negligence and did not reach the level of requiring institutional action against him....Senator McCain has violated no law of the United States or specific Rule of the United States Senate."

On his Keating Five experience, McCain has said: "The appearance of it was wrong. It's a wrong appearance when a group of senators appear in a meeting with a group of regulators, because it conveys the impression of undue and improper influence. And it was the wrong thing to do."

That comports with my recollection - it made him look bad so he saddled us with McCain-Feingold.

I think Captain Zero needs to hire better counselors for Camp ObamaBe. These ObamaJugend just aren't cutting it. Maybe they need to be worked over by some ACORN/SEIU SturmAbteilung thugs?

Danube of Thought

Here's a hot one from the NYTimes, discussing Corsi's new best-seller on Obama. In the course of attempting to discredit the book by discrediting Unfit for Command, the Times has this to say:

"Some critics of Mr. Kerry quoted in the book had earlier praised his bravery in incidents they were now asserting he had fabricated; one had earned a medal for bravery in a gun battle he accused Mr. Kerry of concocting."

We have no idea who the "some critics" are, of course, but we do know who earned the medal for the "gun battle" he accused Kerry of fabricating. That would be Lt. Larry Thurlow, who, when one of five Swifts was struck by a mine, led three of the remaining four boats to rescue the stricken boat and its crew. Kerry, and Kerry alone, fled for the open sea, and did not return until he was assured that there was no hostile fire.

Kerry did not stay long. While others busied themselves with the rescue effort and managed to save the boat, Kerry was taken back out to sea to the coast guard cutter, from which he filed a false after-action report, stating that they were all under "intense enemy fire." In fact, those boats (excluding Kerry's, of course) were dead in the water for thirty minutes, and neither any boat nor any man was hit by as much as a single round. Lt. Thurlow never saw the after-action report, and never knew that anyone had claimed that there had been enemy fire, until he received his Bronze Star medal and its citation--all based upon Kerry's self-serving and false report--after he had gotten out of the Navy and was back home in the U.S.

That's the former paper of record for you.

Papa Ray

While there are several people working on finding out about Obama's birth certificate and where he was born, most have agreed that he was born where he says he was.

But the real story is why has he been living and hiding under a name that is not his legally?

Does that make him not able to be President? Maybe? But it does show what kind of person he is.

Yep, go read at Texas Darling's website. It will keep you busy and out of trouble for hours, and might give you an idea or two.

Oh, don't put much stock in the republicans having a copy of his real birth certificate and holding it until after the convention. Most don't believe that and even I (who really, really doesn't want to see Obama hold any office in our government) don't think it is true.

But if they do, well..more power to them.

Papa Ray
West Texas


Oh dear, what is a limousine liberal to do?

Denver Doesn’t Have Enough Limos For Convention-Going Democrats


"Funny you mention "raising hands" - becasue apparently that's something McCain can't do. He can't lift his arms high enough to comb his own hair. That gives a strong image of America - some weakling in office."

You are prejudiced against disabled people?


I know of quite a few stories they're sitting on, but just to stay on the completely appropriate topic of personal/family troubles, how about McCain's Affair?

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