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August 20, 2008



I am enjoying every minute of the Olympics.

laura Peter

Bolt is the most incredible athlete track has seem in some time. I say he goes for the 100/200/400 in London and sets some sort of world record for the 400 that no one would have thought was possible. He is completely rewriting the book on what a sprinter should be.


Our gals win the Beach Volley Ball Gold. And were they ever excited, watch this clip and look who they thank at the end.

JM Hanes

I'm watching the late night reruns in solidarity with our California brethren & sistren.


Bolt should run the 1500m steeple chase, too.

Barge out to a full lap lead in the first 1:00 and then go all NASCAR on the field, zig-zagging his way down each straightaway.


Yeah, but remember there is gold and then there is gold. I admire Usain Bolt's and Michael Phelps achievements in the field and water, but far more valuable was Michael Phelps' interview with his mother by Bob Costas -- Character in the form of humility and sense of place.

And don't forget thee solid gold character exhibited by Shawn Johnson.

Her Tuesday victory was her first of the Beijing Games, but for more than a week she has been an inspiring example of guts and grace.

As reigning world champion, Ms. Johnson was a gold-medal favorite going into the Games. But despite her own performance in the team competition, the U.S. lost the gold to China when her teammates struggled. Ms. Johnson's reaction was to remind her most distraught comrade that it was Ms. Johnson who had made costly mistakes in a tournament last year.

When American Nastia Liukin beat her in the all-around competition, she smiled and told NBC's Bob Costas how happy she was for Ms. Liukin, her Olympic village roommate. A near-miss in the floor exercise elicited more goodwill. "I would never trade one of my silvers for gold," she told ESPN. "What I went through to get them is very special to me and really touched my heart."

She exhibited golden character before she earned her gold medal.

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