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August 25, 2008



The problem that I see is Lieberman is not an attack dog, and Biden is. I will say that the idea is more palatable to me after the announcement of Biden, altho I'm not sure I can pin point why.


When did Bill Krystol become an economist. It seems to me he just wants to assume the early hurdles are successfully dealt with and voila its soup!

When egghead talking heads like Krystol and Ambinder agree, its important to remember the air in Wash DC and NYC is very different than what most voters breathe.

This would be an unforced error that textbooks would talk about for centuries. Do not go there John, victory is within your grasp...


Accept for wingnuttia -- hawkishness is not currently popular. The war in Iraq is a drastic failure, and not something you want to accentuate. As always Bush has caught up with Obama's plan for Iraq 6-12 months later. I'm sure TM is going to provide commentary any moment.


McCain could put Fla on his win list.

OTOH the very notion of a VP is to take over if the President cannot fulfill his duties, and I expect that in such a case it would be ireelevant that McCain has some views more palatable to Reps than does Lieberman.

Why not just announce he'd name him SecState or something?


The problem that I see is Lieberman is not an attack dog, and Biden is.

I am rather confident that Biden will strangle himself on his own leash.

Rick Ballard

Given the prognosis for recurrence of melanoma, I would think that conservatives would have to weigh the value of potential Lieberman judicial appointments before deciding whether to stay home or vote for Obama.

Lieberman is a truly wonderful pick for the NE country club Republicans who are currently having a rough go at cocktail parties. That said, I can't quite grasp the value of a Lieberman pick with the race tied as it is currently. Unless McCain has some really good video of Obama to play all through October. Then he could afford to discard the 20% or so of Republicans who are already anticipating requiring an industrial size clothes pin and a lot of liquor prior to pulling the lever for him in November.


Guys like Kristol and Armbinder fall in love with the sound of their own voice and forget that they need to listen to others.

McCain has a good shot at victory in this election, but he needs more than the swing voters that Lieberman would bring in. He needs the Republican 40%. And he won't get that by choosing Lieberman.

I've reconciled myself to pulling the lever for McCain/?, but if it's McCain/Lieberman, I'm writing in my own name and then voting downticket.




"Accept for wingnuttia "

You illiterate clod jork.


As much as I admire Joe Lieberman, his selection would add a great deal of uncertainty to election calculations. Selecting a VP should reduce risk, not add to entertainment value.

I would expect Lieberman to be selected on one of those audience participation shows where you get to vote for the next scene.


O/T but I know someone here has the answer.

What is the current procedure for Security Clearances for members of Congress?


I have advocated this ticket in conversations with friends, and in a few minutes, in my blog).

Leiberman does not have to be an attack dog, he only needs to be able to butress Biden. And believe me, Biden will shoot himself in the foot a dozen times before the end of this convention week so it will be easy to refute his rhetoric. Biden does not register well nationally, as he has shown in his 3 presidential campaigns, barely getting in the high single digits this last time.

McCain as President will be setting the direction of his administration. The VP of most organizations is the mechanic. He is who should be getting things done. Leiberman is well liked, despite his party switch, and knows national security and foreign relations as well as, if not better than Biden.

I also think Leiberman will bring in those "soft" republicans (like me) who might not wake up and go to sleep thinking about "Choice" and other social issues but are more concerned with National Security.


I am rather confident that Biden will strangle himself on his own leash.

Now that's a perfect visual.

Captain Hate

The war in Iraq is a drastic failure, and not something you want to accentuate.

Maybe not in Denver.....

Rick Ballard

"are more concerned with National Security"

One might presume that anyone for whom National Security is the dominant concern would have spent the hours necessary to determine what, aside from support for "cut n' run while we're ahead", constitutes Obama's credentials in that area. We know that he is determined to field an army of weatherizers (National Caulker Corps?) to protect us from the fictional CO2 Monster but he really doesn't have a resume that provides any clues as to positions on National Security issues pertaining to what some call "the real world".

Aside from "cut n' run", of course.

Jim Rhoads aka vnjagvet

Joe is a wonderful man. I am not sure most social or economic conservatives would be able to visualize him as an acceptable President.

Too bad Alan Greenspan isn't twenty years younger.


Outside of other considerations--like, what's wrong with a Republican or a conservative--I recall watching Lieberman "debate" Cheney. What a weak sister he came across as!


Bill Kristol didn't get to where he's at by being wrong.

Something to think about.

Jim Rhoads aka vnjagvet

Parse is doling out the credit to right winguts today. We best all beware.


"what, aside from support for "cut n' run while we're ahead", constitutes Obama's credentials in that area."

Leon Trotsky,Mao,Che,it's in the leftistis doctrine.They learn to field strip a charity when they are in rompers.

BTW Why is Barrack called Barack and his brother called George?

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Conservatives followed Kristol and his ilk off the cliff and that is why we lost so badly in 2006. Surely, conservatives aren't dumb enough to do it again? Hopefully there are still enough Republicans left in the Republican party to get some sanity back.

I like Lieberman, but he would be death to the ticket. Right now, McCain has the abortion issue locked up, with Lieberman we lose that vital issue. Lieberman has been on the right side of Iraq, but not so much on any other major Repub. issues. Reward him with State, where he would be great, but not on the ticket.


No. Lieberman is not even a RINO. I like Lieberman, I wouldn't have cared if he had been president, with a D after his name, but he has no business on a republican ticket.


No, Republicans didn't lose so badly in 2006 because of immigration.


Per Mark Halperin at The Page, the Obama campaign is coming out with an ad defending his relationship with Ayers!


oops, forgot - LUN

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Via Gateway Pundit:

The Black Republicans released this statement on Barack Obama:
Forty-five years ago, on August 28, 1963, The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who was a Republican and embraced the traditional values that made this country great delivered his inspirational civil rights "I Have a Dream" speech.

Today, Senator Barack Obama, with the most liberal voting record in the US Senate, is delivering his political acceptance speech, in an apparent attempt to assume for himself the mantle of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Dr. King did not embrace the type of secularist agenda promoted by Obama and the Democratic Party of today, which includes fostering dependency on welfare that breaks up families, supporting same-sex marriage and partial-birth abortion, and banning God from the public square.

Obama is no MLK!

The question of the day, would MLK be considered a racist by today's Democratic party requirements? I say yes.

Thomas Collins

Is Sarah Palin having trouble with that ethics investigation in Alaska? She seems to be the obvious bold choice for McCain, and she would energize the base. Why haven't there been any trial balloons for her?


I believe there is no security clearance required for a Senator. You need to be vetted in the standard way for special clearances. Inother words, a senator gets to see only non-secret material unless their position on a committee requires a higher level of clearance.

Some senators are not put on committees that review secret material. And other senators [Rockefeller] should have that clearance removed.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Check out these pictures of what is going on outside the Pepsi Center:

Zombie: The Denver Games -- Opening Ceremony

Michael Kennedy

Sarah Palin would be a good choice for two reasons, abortion (which McCain has covered) and drilling (where he is weak). She is inexperienced but has at least as much as Obama. I still like the thought of Meg Whitman. Imagine Biden trying his attack dog routine on her. I don't know what kind of speaker she is. There is tape of her being interviewed and I'm sure McCain has looked at it.


Bush has caught up with Obama's plan for Iraq 6-12 months later.

Strange comment! The U.S. plan has always been when Iraqis stand up the U.S. will stand down in Iraq. This plan is conditions based. It's base on the condition that the Iraqis can stand up and provide their own security.

Can someone exsplain to me how this is the same as Obama's plan to leave Iraq unconditionally?

I realize that even a stopped clock is right twice a day, but Obama's plan has not yet risen into that category.

Mars vs Hollywood

This Lieberman talk is utterly nuts.

Why should we name yet another Republican VP who has no chance of running for President himself after his running mate's term is over (hi there, Mr. Cheney)?

Arguably, no one has paid a higher political price for his national security beliefs than Lieberman. But that means nothing in an electoral sense. He's not all that popular - if he were, he would have made a better showing in his own disastrous Presidential bid.

The only way Lieberman even theoretically helps is this: he is so rabidly and insanely despised by the Left that his selection might provoke them into madness that would drive moderates and independents away.

Frankly, I don't think they'll need that much help.


What happens if Florida and Michigan vote for Hillary? I mean, now that Obama has decided to give them full voting rights? Wouldn't that be a kicker?

Bel Aire

As a right leaning independent, I would really like the Lieberman choice if it didn't leave us with four Senators to choose from in this election.

It seems to me that what's missing is a business background - this is the Republican party isn't it? I would take anybody with that, including Romney, over Lieberman. Military plus business = win for the Republicans.


not a lot of easy choices for McCain now. The economy is going to be front and center as soon as the election ends, and some of my Wall Street friends are nervous regardless of the outcome. McCain needs to find a VP who complements his own strengths and would be more than a figurehead. So far, I don't see too much of that except with Romney. I have my own reasons for lot especially liking Romney, but he will definately bring Utah and perhaps cause The Hillary Demopublicans in Massachusetts to cross the aisle. He has strong business credentials as well. This election is going to be won in the middle, I do believe.....



I was thinking the same thing...Hillary won both Michigan and Florida by significant margins. I woudl ahve thought that changed the vote count, but since the democratic nomination process is akin to that in Cuba or Venezuela, who the heck knows...wouldn't that be cool?


The VP pick serves entirely different needs for the dems and republicans. The dem choice was totally defensive and is unlikely to add voters to BO's column. The choice for the republicans is forward looking. Whomever McCain picks is likely to run for president in 2012 against RW. There are a number of talented republicans and if McCain wins the VP slot and the cabinet will prepare them for future service. Lieberman does not accomplish this. McCain can repay friendship and support with a meaningful cabinet position.


I am from Massachusetts. No Masachusetts democrat will vote for McCain because Mitt is on the ticket. Massachusetts will go for Obama. The end.

Mitt was a one term governer who was not very popular, and, whose shot at re-election was margina at best.

Besides, my own unscientific observations, based on lawn signs, Obama has Massachusetts wrapped up.

bio mom

Mitt helps in crucial Western states and somewhat in Michigan.

Bill Krystal is usually wrong in his predictions. He said Jack Reed would be Obama's VP.

Choosing Lieberman would guarantee a McCain loss. Except for defense issues he is a liberal Democrat. Voted against the partial birth abortion ban. Has a very high liberal voting record.


No one is promoting Mitt based on flipping the State that thought McGovern was an excellent choice!

Mitt has strong business credentials including rescuing a floundering Olympics, and is well thought of in Michigan, which is a game changer if it flips.

Plus he shores up support in Nevada and Colorado for McCain, and that is a very very good idea. Plus he will help in New Hampshire, which could easily flip back to the Rs this time around.

You may lay out some negatives, but on the whole I think the strategy of a V/P who fills your biggest weakness, and provides some assistance in 4 States is a pretty compelling one.


Gateway Pundit is a funny dude. He thinks the modern-day Republicon party is descended from Northern carpetbaggers and the modern-day Democratic party is descended from Confederate sympathizers. I'd say he knows as much about history as John McCain knows about economics -- except for the fact that McCain is a carpetbagger and having sacrificed his principles for personal ambition once, I doubt he's gonna go a-courtin' sportin' the Stars & Bars. So Gateway Dude may be on to something.


On the other hand,Joe Biden knows Obama very well.


Rove, we know you read this site. Stop this insane talk about Lieberman.

Hey, why not Rove for VP?

Thomas Collins

GMax noted that:

"No one is promoting Mitt based on flipping the State that thought McGovern was an excellent choice!"

But remember that Massachusetts voted for Reagan in both 1980 and 1984 by landslide margins . . . well, OK, not exactly by landslide margins, but still! :-))


Besides, my own unscientific observations, based on lawn signs, Obama has Massachusetts wrapped up.


I dunno, I think compared to the current dufus in the governor's mansion, Mitt is looking pretty good these days - altho I agree with you - with Mitt on or off the ticket it's going to be hard to get the only state that went to McGovern to go for McCain.

There aren't a lot of lawn sides in my little piece of the Bay State - the only ones I've seen say McCain. Then again, I've suffered several attempts of people trying to rip off my McCain bumpersticker.

But we are a blue blue blue state.


“McCain knows Obama denounced Ayers’ crimes, committed when Obama was just eight years old.”

Obama is full of tricks. I've never heard him denounce him. And no one is talking about Ayers crimes, but Obama's current day relationship with the criminal.

He said something similar about Wright - "Everyone knows I have denounced him" when he hadn't at all.

Medacious twit.


Mendacious twit, indeed.

Thomas Collins

Forgive me for going off topic, but the Dems are beyond parody. They apparently were going to use hotel swipe cards made of "sustainably-harvested wood", but things went awry.

OK, I'm going to try this LUN thing to link to the hotel article. Let's see if it works.


OT but somewhat cheerful news--we've got a nice slow moving front coming through the Eastern part of the state with rain and "gentle lightning" that could with any luck at all arrive in Denver by Wednesday:-)

glenda waggoner

Palin has ethics problem. We need to keep Alaska(think Stevens) up front only in connection to ANWR. Lieberman, wise man, but not a republican VP. I think Romney maybe, but Ridge can get along with McCain.
Pawlenty is good, but a little young and unknown(remember Dan Quayle). If polls show Colorado, Nevada, New Hampshire and possibly Michigan will hold, I say Romney.

CC: What in the world can Obambi say to rationalize his Ayers relationship? This could be gold.

JM Hanes

This is pure insider navel gazing. I really respect Lieberman, but it would be like putting your security blanket on the ticket. Would McCain do it? I suspect the Colin Powell leak was an attempt to pretend that's why he was floating the pro-choice balloon, but who knows? I have a hard time envisioning a positive Lieberman effect on the ticket, especially in terms of the Electoral College count. It will be easier for McCain to pick up Florida than any of the other battleground states. I’m not even sure how much Lieberman ultimately delivered to the Gore campaign. In addition to stirring up the Republican base all over again, I don’t see him cutting deeply into the Democratic vote or pulling in large numbers of Independents that McCain is not already attracting himself.

A lot of the downsides, however, seem indisputable. Abortion is hardly the only issue where Lieberman diverges from core Republican positions and philosophy. Aside from the folly of forswearing all hope of positioning a solid Republican VP as a future contender (or acting President should McCain be incapacitated), does anyone think Connecticut would put a Republican in Lieberman’s Senate seat — as opposed to a potentially pivotal 60th Democrat? Lieberman certainly won’t shore up McCain’s admitted weakness on the critical economic front or any other that I can think of.

When it comes to stealing the questionable bipartisan ball from Obama, the idea of announcing specific cross-party cabinet appointments has far more merit than the bizarre idea that McCain would win more hearts and minds with Lieberman than he would lose. What would McCain get by making Lieberman his VP that he couldn't get with a lot less baggage by announcing a cabinet position? He could confirm that Gates will continue on as Sec. Defense, and commit to nominating a prominent conservative or two in other spots which might encourage the wobbly base. Then as an added attraction, he could challenge Obama to do the same and put his money where his mouth is on crossing the aisle with his own appointments -- which he would probably have a tough time getting any Republicans to accept, if he tried. There would be some repercussions if McCain later renigged, but campaign wise, what's not to like? McCain could have a lot of fluent surrogates making the sale to targetted constituencies, while the Obama campaign would have a multiplicity of moving targets on its hands.


Hopefully it will arrive on Thursday and really rain on the parade.

glenda waggoner

Good points JMH.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

I just posted this as my "quote of the day" and my reaction is simply "oy vey!"

“I’m 18 years old and I’ve been a life long Democrat.” And oh, by the way, what I like best about Obama is his willingness to meet with foreign leaders without preconditions.

A young Dem. convention delegate to Shep Smith on Fox just a few minutes ago.

Rick Ballard


"Let Lieberman do for McCain what he did for Gore!"

You're right - it lacks resonance. I think we're facing a week's worth of light chatter. Oh well, Biden is sure to say something stupid for our amusement.

Jim Rhoads aka vnjagvet

OT a bit. I just heard the loathesome Terry McAuliffe on FoxNews. All I can say is I am glad I will not have to listen to him for at least the next few months.

I'm with JMH's analysis of the Lieberman balloon.


It worked perfectly TC.

Jim Rhoads aka vnjagvet

On another facet of Tom's post, sometimes I have trouble telling when Kristol's tongue is primarily planted in his cheek. This may have been one such time.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

I have a question for Charlie to snoop around about.

Are they going to fill Invesco to hear Obama's speech or, like the Portland rally, are they coming for the after speech Bon Jovi/Bruce Springsteen concert?

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Oh well, Biden is sure to say something stupid for our amusement.

Or as my above "quote of the day" indicates, one of his supporters certainly will if Biden holds his mouth in check.


Excellent JMH! (as always)

My only ray of hope is the latest McCain Ad on Hillary called "Passed Over". ("The new ad asks why the woman who received 18 million votes for the nomination never even made it to the short list for the VP nomination. Team McCain’s answer? The ego of Barack Obama couldn’t handle it.")

It is hard to envision McCain not picking a V.P. that didn't receive millions of votes for the Republican nomination without looking stupid. So I am hoping it is Romney. Of course, he could pick Huckleberry and I will be bad as hell. ;)

The ego part particularly favors Romney in that ad if it were reversed.

P.S. JMH, loved the fashion questions for Charlie!!! Hope you are around tonight to join in any political and/or fashion snark.
Rush thinks Michelle is pregnant. What will she be wearing? ::grin::


Jane, Are you doing your excellent commentary tonight? And when does the party start?


That is odd, Ann - I hadn't heard Rush mention it, but I saw a recent photo of Michelle (maybe from Hawaii?) and I thought she looked like she might be pregnant, too. But she had on an Empire style dress so it was hard to tell.


I hope to Ann. I have a meeting until 8, and then my computer guy is doing repairs so I'm hoping Elliott will also be around. Besides, as you know, I'm all about the snark!


Ann - #115-122 at this link are the set of photos I was thinking about. But #114 gives a different impression. So I think it might just have been the breeze filling out her top.


Can anyone tell me why the Colorado children's choir is singing the national anthem with a British accent?

Thomas Collins

Next, Jane, I am going to try to figure out how to do a link in the text of the comment. Everytime I copy and paste into the comment, it comes out unlinkable.

Sorry, TM, I know JOM is not a bulletin board for techno-incompetents; this will be my last techno-question!


The convention is now open. Howard Dean was snarky and downright hostile - and then he did housekeeping chores (swept the floor, polished the lecturn).

Lots of talk of God, so much that republicans would be mocked. A pledge of allegiance by those who knew the words than the choir.


TC - I've given up on that for now. But last week thanks to someone's cheat sheet I mastered the block quote.


Maya Soetoro-NG is speaking tonite. She is Obama's half sister, and appears to be white. That should be interesting.


Gmax is right.
"You may lay out some negatives, but on the whole I think the strategy of a V/P who fills your biggest weakness, and provides some assistance in 4 States is a pretty compelling one."

Worry about the economy is #1 issue for majority of voters. Lieberman doesn't bring anything to the ticket on that issue. Romney does!

According to Rasmussen:
Obama is ahead in states with 193 Electoral College votes and McCain ahead in states with 183.

It's that close and Ras shows only three states as toss-ups—Colorado, Nevada, and Virginia.

Romney can deliver Nevada and Colorado both having a large Mormon vote. And I believe here in Michigan he could make it real close.

Ras notes changes in Electoral College votes moving away from Obama to McCain except for Connecticut and Maine:

AUG 22/08
The biggest changes came in Ohio, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Colorado and Oregon.

Ohio—with 20 Electoral College votes--moved from Toss-up to Leans Republican following the second straight Rasmussen Reports telephone survey that showed McCain with a modest lead over Obama.

North Carolina—with 15 Electoral College votes—moved from Leans Republican to Likely Republican. This change was based on the latest Rasmussen Reports polling and changes in the RasmussenMarkets.com data.

Wisconsin—with 10 Electoral College votes—moved from Likely Democratic to Leans Democratic. That move was prompted by the latest Rasmussen Reports polling which shows McCain closing to within four percentage points of Obama.

Colorado—with 9 Electoral College votes--moved from Leans Democratic to Toss-Up, based primarily upon the latest Rasmussen Reports poll in which McCain holds a statistically insignificant two-point lead over Obama.

Oregon—with 7 Electoral College votes—moved from Likely Democratic to Leans Democratic. While the latest Rasmussen Reports polling shows Obama with a 10-point lead, the average of other polls and a national trends adjustment places the state in the leaner category.

South Dakota—with 3 Electoral College votes--shifted from Leans Republican to Likely Republican based upon Rasmussen Markets data and a national trends adjustment.

Other states had more minor changes: Connecticut from Safely Democratic to Likely Democratic, Louisiana from Likely Republican to Safely Republican, Maine from Safely Democratic to Likely Democratic, and Tennessee from Likely Republican to Safely Republican.

And remember too, Romney already has the organization and ground forces in place in most states (I know he does here in Michigan). And they will work their butts off if Mitt is the VP.

Thomas Collins

OK, Jane, I'll try to figure out the block quote thing. If I flounder for a week, will you then direct me to the cheat sheet?

By the way, do Jane and the other JOMers who are Massachusetts-flavored (poisoned?) have the same memory I do about Romney having a real attack dog streak in him (notwithstanding the clean cut image)? I remember when Romney as Gov. was having his dispute with UMass President Bill Bulger, Romney tried to zero out the funding for the honors college at UMass (the legislature didn't go along). It was a clear shot at Bulger, who took great pride in his support of the honors college. The main advantage to McCain in picking Romney may not be a particular state or states, but the benefit in having an attack dog who is less prone to gaffes than Biden.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Thomas Collins: If you want to copy and paste and get the link, highlight the material, right click, click on "view selection source." Double check that everything you want is highlighted. Sometimes you have to re-highlight to get the full quote.

Rick Ballard


Here's a HTML primer. Print out the commands you want and you'll have your cheat sheet.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

blockquotes, bold and italics are all done the same way.

Start with < then put in either blockquote, a b for bold or an i for italic then close with > . To turn it off end with a < then a slash / then close with >. No spaces between any of the commands.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Should have said end with < then a slach / then whatever command you used, blockquote, b, or i, then close with a > .



I see what you mean. You are right though, she is wearing a bodice empire blouse and the wind ain't helping.

One thing is certain, there is enough gas lined up for tonight that they all might look pregnant. ;)


“McCain knows Obama denounced Ayers’ crimes, committed when Obama was just eight years old.”

But Obama hasn't denounced Ayers' recent behavior, standing on a U.S. flags saying he was guilty as hell and free as a bird. Commenting that he felt the Weather Underground didn't do enough (bombing.)

Thomas Collins

Let's see if this works.

Thomas Collins

One more try.

Thomas Collins

Whoops! Thanks for the help, Sara and Rick Ballard. I am going to practice this elsewhere, as it looks as if I am not yet getting the hang of this.

JM Hanes

Kristol seems to enjoy the attention which comes with playing devil's advocate. Wasn't he the one who announced the imminent Obama endorsement from Colin Powell? The McCain camp may have ultimately short circuited that play, but I lost count of all the times Kristol has been flat wrong years ago.


"And remember too, Romney already has the organization and ground forces in place in most states (I know he does here in Michigan). And they will work their butts off if Mitt is the VP."

It's testament to Romney in more ways than one. He saw the numbers (which is actually possible in the Republican primaries), promptly retired, gracefully, from the race, and then conspicuously worked on John McCain's behalf. I suspect he garnered considerable respect for that, even a lot of folks who did not support his candidacy.


Something else to consider regarding Romney. Assuming McCain wins and only serves one term, Romney as VP is obviously the Rep front runner for 2012. Do you think Hillary supporters like that matchup?? Probably so, giving them even more reason to go for McCain this time.


Denver swing voters will nix Obama He doesn't have a hope if he doesn't change Hope and Change.

Thomas Collins

Rick Ballard said the following:

Here's a HTML primer. Print out the commands you want and you'll have your cheat sheet.

And Sara (Pal2Pal) added the following:

Should have said end with < then a slach / then whatever command you used, blockquote, b, or i, then close with a > .

Let's see if this works.


JMH: I'm an admirer of Romney and on would welcome him on the ticket. I understand that he is in Denver this week holding court so-to-speak with Rudy. I wonder if he would be there if he were going to be on the ticket.


A pledge of allegiance by those who knew the words

LOL Jane. You have a special way with snark.


remember that Obama beat Hillary with his close attention to the caucuses, so I'm sure he is already strategerizing the electoral college votes....McCain has to go for some blue states himself. I think he has a shot with Hillary die hards, working men and women, and anyone of faith....I believe that Obama and Biden are going to have a real hard to with the partial birth abortion issue. Most moderates lean towards banning the procedure, and if the Bishops come out against Biden, he's going to lose a lot of votes in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and other states with large Catholic populations.


Mitt or Michael Steele. Joltin' Joe Lieberman would cement the win but McCain needs to annoint a younger successor and either of those first two is a fine contrast to Obama lad Biden.

M. Simon

Accept for wingnuttia -- hawkishness is not currently popular. The war in Iraq is a drastic failure, and not something you want to accentuate.

You must keep up my man. That is so last week.

The McCain - Biden plan worked.

OTOH your point is heartening. It means the party line is not holding together. The Trots are breaking with the Stalinists. Watch out for the falling ice axe my man. The blows can be vicious.

M. Simon

I think Ferraro speaking at the convention (if true) is a hint.

M. Simon

The biggest economic worry is gasoline prices.

Palin can help with her pro oil drilling creds.

Visceral beats cerebral in elections.

M. Simon


You might want to look up "Democrat Copperheads" to improve your historical education.

Or which party first welcomed blacks?

Or why the KKK drove the Republicans out of the South - was it because the KKK wanted to get rid of racists? I'd go with that one if I was you.

Did you know that war monger Lincoln was a Republican? 'nother good one for you.

M. Simon

Bill Kristol didn't get to where he's at by being wrong.

Something to think about.

Posted by: ParseThis

You did. That is called a twofer.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Take the Racial Quiz

Thomas Jackson

Why shouldn't Republicans consider Liberman for VP. Kerry considered McCain for his VP.

Remember? Aned Biden recommended him since McCain and Kerry had no substantive differences.

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