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August 23, 2008


Rick Ballard

Obama is more than just waffles...


The central logo looks like the flag of some banana state.Crass.


Biden was for all Obama's foreign aid. He doubled and tripled the President's foreign aid budgets. He extended the debt out five years and authorized the second five yers of foreign aid funding.

Hearing two killers, oops.

Biden is for term limits and change and opportunity, really.


That image was discovered at LGF a few weeks back. Sort of creepy and pointless.




IIRC it had been there for quite awhile before LGF picked it up. But I must admit I did not notice the laying-an-egg posture of the eagle. And why are we seeing the eagle in a 3/4 pose from the back? Very odd symbolism all around.

Rick Ballard

"Sort of creepy and pointless."

I agree, Rich. All the symbolism that I've seen to date from the Obama campaign fits into that description. I know that they're trying to generate buzz about the "new and different" approach Obama has taken but it's only new to the truly ignorant. To anyone with an understanding of the past it's all "Roosevelt, Stalin and Hitler meet Max Headroom".


The iconography of this is rather disturbing.
The O of Barrack Hussein Orgasm overshadows the symbols of nationhood which are faded into the background.The man has very serious ego problems


So, he's hired becasue Obama had a billion for Georgia and Biden did too? Obama is foreign aid money. Biden runs foreign aid. Why would Obama choose him unless it's the farm lobby price increase thing or the Fiji Shayes thing and all the ruined Australians and NZs 'cause Obama got mad.

Obama wants to write more foreign aid money checks and Biden will do this for him and we're already 100s of billions in debt over 5 or 10 years that foreign countries count as an entitlement.

Obama, like Clinton is buying his foreign policy. Of course they want him in office, he's cash. Biden has been writing the checks over the last few years that go us in all that debt, so he's wanted too. Yes, when Obama gets in we're cutting foreign aid because dems ran it up this last year tripling our debt. They have been doing this for 5 years now.

So, we will be cutting foreign aid to it's basics. I guess Americans finally figured out taking care of home comes first and paying a mortgage is important when 100s of billions goes overseas... hello there.

your families can enjoy their new friends.

M. Simon

No matter who wins the old white guy will be answering the phone at 3 AM.

swift boater

Joe Biden, Attack Dog.

Attack dog, but on who?

Thanks to Slow Joe (slow as in stupid-regardless of his own inflated opinion of himself) he made a McCain commercial.

All Big MaC has to do is make the commercial where Biden is saying how Obama is not ready to be President. Asked if he wanted to stand by that, he stated "YES"

Thanks Barry, you and Joe, two overblown egos perfect together!!


Where the 'el' is that word?


Slightly OT, but in Tom's wheelhouse.

The Left is making something/much of Biden being a regular guy based on his financial reportings that he has a net worth around $300K

My take is that the guy's been in the Senate for over 36 years with a salary that, for the sake of argument averages out to $125,000 - that's about $5,000,000 in earnings, with perks that most people don't enjoy.

I mean, jeesh, Joe ... if you'd put 3% of your take home in US Savings Bonds you'd've been better off.

Joe Biden: If He Can't Plan to Save for Himself, How Can He Save America?


He has a Senate pension that would be the envy of the UAW. Add that into his networth and you have a fairly rich man by regular Joe standards.

Buford Gooch

Well, is it the "Hope/Dope" ticket, or the "Change/Deranged" ticket?


Using the Hope-a-Dope strategy on McCain?

Charlie (Colorado)

Heh. just got an RNC email; here's a selection of the headlines.

* Biden Said Obama Is Not Ready To Serve As President.

** Biden: "Having Talking Points On Foreign Policy Doesn't Get You There."

* Biden Attacked Obama For Voting Against Funding U.S. Troops In Iraq And Afghanistan, Accusing Him Of "Cutting Off Support That Will Save The Lives Of Thousands Of American Troops."

* Biden On Obama's Leadership On Iraq: "I Don't Recall Hearing A Word From Barack About A Plan Or A Tactic."

* Biden On Whether He Would Meet Unconditionally With The Leaders Of Rogue States As Obama Said He Would: "Absolutely Positively No."

* Biden Attacked Obama's Public Pronouncement That He Would Unilaterally Attack Pakistan, Saying "The Last Thing You Want To Do Is Telegraph To The Folks In Pakistan That We're About To Violate Quote 'Their Sovereignty.'"

* Biden Criticized Obama's "Johnny-Come-Lately Position" On Afghanistan.

* Biden Said President Bush Should Have Followed John McCain's Foreign Policy Lead Following The September 11, 2001 Attacks.

* Biden Praised McCain's Early Call For More Troops In Iraq.

* In 2005, Biden Even Said He'd Be Honored To Run On The Same Ticket As John McCain.

* Biden Suggests That Dividing The Iraqi Population Will Bring Unity To The Region.

** Saudi Prince Turki Al-Faisal Said Biden's Plan Would Be "A Disaster."

* Biden's Issues With Exaggeration And Self-Discipline Have Marred His Credibility In The Past:

... and so on. (Anyone who wants a copy let me know.)


Porchlight: Is that an eagle? I thought it was a dove. The message seems to be an eagle morphs into a dove.


I think the creep factor is that in some way, it looks like it wants to look like the Islamic moon thing. Yes, I know the Islamic moon is a quarter moon, but this image bugs me because it is evocative of that.


It's bluetifull. Hep me! Hep me! I been hypnotized!


ic, my goodness, you are right, it does look like a dove. I just assumed it was an eagle. There was an earlier incarnation on the Obama site (similar to what we saw on the Great Seal of Obama) that was pretty clearly an eagle. Jonah Goldberg pointed it out IIRC as being a throwback to the FDR Blue Eagle and its Fascist forebears.

Joe Biden

Howdy folks!

Greetings from Delaware, where you cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent!


shouldn't you be on a plane headed for Lincoln country?

Mike G in Corvallis

Laying an egg? I don't think that's an egg ...

It reminds me of the "Nappien" commercial on The Simpsons.


check this twisted logic out,

JOHN HARWOOD: He is not somebody who is infused with political correctness, the verbal equivalent of putting his pinky up when he opens his mouth. So this is what, the way ordinary voters are as well. They’re not always worried about sort of calibrating every single word by “ooh, is this racially insensitive?” That’s something that Joe Biden brings as an asset to the ticket. The gaffes actually show one of his strengths.

Yea, thats what I thought when George Allen had his macaca moment. /sarcasm


Ok, I'm not a specialist in hearldry, but arn't the images supposed to be facing the viewer? It looks to me like the bird is turning its back on the viewer.


Jane, My email to you was returned as undeliverable--I was asking you to use my yahoo address.

I am so excited for you.

You will be great.

Charlie (Colorado)

Hey, folks --- I wanted to let everyone know that I've set up something for the DNC. I've got a special email address '[email protected]', set up. If you have **any** questions about what's going on in the DNC, especially if there are things you you don't understand, or things where you have some odd, off the wall question (like "how's the food?" except that one is already on my list), please send it on to me.

That's Ask Charlie Anything.


Excellent, Charlie.

Are you going to any of the state delegation breakfasts?


The second five year programs are like 100s of billions. The MCC programs are in their second five years too, and they're failing. The States that wanted the cash are having coups instead. So, the money has already been voted on by Congress for the last five years and the next five years. Why would Obama and Biden keep writing huge checks? They don't need to, they did under Bush and doubled and tripled his budgets. So, why do we need Obama and Biden, we don't.

McCain is going to win cause Obama and Biden are both going to have strokes or something cause they really already gave up the cash. The foreign aid programs have spent so much for so long that no one wants to write big checks. Foreign aid should be dropped. It's a waste of cash. We get nothing and they call it an entitlement. Free health care. Yes, people are going to get aids because of the money.

Record articles!!!


from Political Punch:

Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., hasn't given a press availability in half a month, since the day before he left for his Hawaiian vacation.

He and his new running mate are currently giving an exclusive post-announcement interview to “People” magazine.

- jpt

heh heh heh


tonto- John Harwood has also raved about Obama, when Obama told him he was definitely going to remove troops in Iraq immediately but was also going to go by conditions on the ground. He's a pragmatist! He said.

"Pragmatist" has become the favored Obama label these days. I do love a pragmatist, but saying everything about every situation doesn't qualify.

David Conrad

Oh my God! You discovered that the Obama campaign uses their official campaign logo as the background on many of their web pages!

What a stunning find! Brilliant!

Charlie (Colorado)

Are you going to any of the state delegation breakfasts?

Hadn't thought of it. Good idea.

Oh my God! You discovered that the Obama campaign uses their official campaign logo as the background on many of their web pages!

No, he realized it's goofy, and made fun of the official campaign logo.



I'm not getting any emails and I can't figure out why. I didn't get one from Hit either.

Thank you for the good wishes.


The mailer daemon sent it back to me,Jane..Now I'm seriously worried about Charlie being surrounded by all those goofy gals of the DNC.


Dear askcharlieanything,

Why is it that the blue-haired ladies at conventions end up wearing handfuls of garish and ugly rhinestone pins?


Change. The five year budgets are good until McCain is re-elected. Who needs dems?

North Carolina is a waste of money. Why did anyone spend any there?


Mebbe 'cuz the odd one is real?

hit and run

bummer. I didn't get anything bounced back saying the email didn't get there.

hit and run

oh, wait, I did get a bounce back message. it was in my spam folder.


The web is not the only place the Obamagraphics are weird:


Why is it that the blue-haired ladies at conventions end up wearing handfuls of garish and ugly rhinestone pins?

sbw-it is in deference to their patron Saint, Madeleine of Albright.


My bet is that the People exclusive will highlight Obama and Biden's dazzling white teeth on its cover.

Is that the real reason why Biden was chosen?


It looks to me like the bird is turning its back on the viewer.

The campaign is subliminally telling America to "Kiss my a$$."



I'm gonna send you an email from my google account. Can you resend it there?


Why is it that the blue-haired ladies at conventions end up wearing handfuls of garish and ugly rhinestone pins?

Hey now. I'm not a blue-haired old lady yet, but I have a thing for vintage rhinestones. Colored ones, though.


Jane, both the medusa and agincourt addys were returned by mailer daemon


It looks to me like the bird is turning its back on the viewer.

That's exactly what's strange about it.

The Obama design team and all its young sycophants may not see anything troubling about riffing on traditional symbolism, but there are some things you just don't mess with if you want to be respected and taken seriously.


sbw-it is in deference to their patron Saint, Madeleine of Albright.


You are superb.

glenda waggoner


Thanks for that @ Madeleine--Her image and verbiage is very disturbing to my "shakrahs"



It would cause one to question The Big Zero's patriotism, but that he told us we cannot do that.


Best Biden quote, on McCain: "I just don't recognize the guy anymore." That's the truth. McCain is not the McCain anyone thought they knew. He's the experimental candidate. He doesn't speak for his campaign, won't touch the GOP platform, and needs to convince himself that he knows how to win wars. So we have Bush re-treads in charge of his campaign, agents of intolerance in control of domestic issues, and neoconservatives dictating foreign policy. Best I can tell the substance of John McCain is pure ambition with a sense of entitlement, consumed by negative affect, and programming to say "I was a POW" when you poke him in the belly. So let's summon up our most sappy sentimentalisms so we can pretend to feel good about voting for an honorary figurehead.


Best I can tell the substance of Barack Obama is pure ambition with a sense of entitlement, consumed by negative affect, and programming to say "I'm a black guy" when you poke him in the belly. So let's summon up our most sappy sentimentalisms so we can pretend to feel good about voting for an affirmative action candidate.


Hmmmmm, thanks Clarice. I'm gonna call my computer guy tomorrow. I am still getting the occasional email, so I really haven't a clue.

Oh and Parsethis,

McCain is exactly the same guy he was in 2000, particularly lately. Your talking points don't fly.


Someone today articulated what truly bothers me about the democrats. All they talk about is giving people things - they apparently do not think that Americans are capable of making it on their own. I find that incredibly insulting.


An article written while a street organizer in 1988, gives an insight into the essence of The Big Zero. I would describe it as a blend of marxism and black liberation theology. LUN


Look Biden is the author of the "Gulf of
Tonkin Resolution for the 21st Century; the AUMF; which makes him a less crotchety Fulbright; the abiding crime in the net roots firmament, there goes the anti-war vote. He made up for it by shunning the Petraeus plan, and espousing the partition of Iraq; the equivalent of the idiotic Vance Owen cantons. proferred in the times of Bosnia crisis. Which would have given Iraq, the unenviable choice of following the example of Ireland, India/Pakistan, Cyprus, Kashmir, et al. He was for the Drug Czar legislations,mandatory minimums and the RAVE act, there goes the hipster/hiphop/
youth vote. His choice of candidate to plagiarize was instructive, Kinnock although more to the center than Benn or Foot,(which seems to be where was still more indebted to the Labor Clause 4, CNDers than anyone could prevail in 1980s England.
The now anachronistic BBC miniseries"A Very British Coup" is a testament to that view.
It took some one from Tory stock, like Tony Blair to seal the deal. Bill Clinton would be the closest American equivalent; the reason he was nagged as a Republican by the left. Brown in turn is more like the stock chartered accountant from Monty Python; besides he has the reputation as the one that 'scotched' the nation's pension system.
The crime problem, backwash from the subprime crisis; and the seeming inability to recognize the jihadist enemy is one of the reasons than a 'wet Tory' like Cameron has a likely chance at Downing Street,for about as many years as Heath or Douglas-Home.
When he was a young man and feared the FBI and the CIA over the likes of Ayers& Doehrn
,he concocted FISA; which was a stumbling block to uncovering the September 11th plotters. He has a studied contempt for gun owners, which showed in the Youtube debate. He comes from the state of Incorporation, Delaware; how many corporations have sought
his support. Besides he produces moregaffes than an outtake reel from the Simpsons.

The reaction among many, toward the Russian de jure annexation of Georgia is passing strange. It is seemingly out of character with Realist schools, not too mention more idealist 'neocon' interpretation. Young master Chollet of the CNAS, forgets, that it is never really good a good thing, to be regarded well by Pravda, specially if you want to stake out a less moonbat position than Soros's CAP. The Russian areinterfering
with oil, through the matter of the BTC pipeline, a real interest, They are further
destabilizing an area, already prone to nuclear materials smuggling, with possible applications for 'dirty bombs' Wahhabi terrorism in the Pankisi Gorge, Chechnya &
Dagestan. Giving Iran, any aid more than a few physics textbooks, much less fuel for the Bushehr reactor seems a really bad idea.
Right up there, with "never challenge a Sicilian when death is on the line" Buchanan was right in that we didn't go after Russia after Hungary, or KAL 007; but that was among the regrets of his erstwhile
philosophy. There's a reason why the very unsentimental Brits, tussled with Imperial Russia over Bulgaria, the Romanian provinces
of Wallachia and Moldova, and who can forget Afghanistan and Persia.(McClatchy sinking to the bottom, has published another of his screeds, about the traitor
Drey...I mean Schueneman) I don't know whether Paul Berman's New Republic piece burying the Revolution of '89, is totally true, by I suspect it is partially.

Russia's behaving like a spoiled brat, who is emboldened by the lack of concern, over all the broken toys around them. Chechnya, should have been our first clue, that their
centuries old blood feud, wasn't some savvy
realpolitik. They shattered a province, just because they could; creating a real quagmire in the heart of Central Asia; which drew in Zawahiri, later the two "Mecca
twins" Al Midhar and Al Hazmi, ZakMoussaoui,
among others. The recent account of the Litvinenko incident, by NY Times reporter, Alan Cowell relates what Litvinenko saw in Chechnya that turned him against the state.
It also briefly references the blatant assasination of Zandarbijev; in the center
of Doha in 2004; and the Yanukovich poisoning incident, the death of Politskaya
(which seems tied to the care and feeding of the baby Chechen puppet Kadyrov). No one really survived to tell the myriad stories from the Russian Abu Ghraib. Nor are the steps of the Silovki, which included the Gazprom oil baron Medvedeyev.


When I first read the headline, "Looks like the Obama campaign laid an egg," I thought Tom was referring to Joe Biden for VP.

Then I saw the graphics and I realized, he was referring the image.

But, after further thought, I still think Tom means Joe Biden as wannabe VP.


Thanks for finding that, Publius.


I'm a little confused by John McCain's embarrassingly touchy response to the giggles over his twenty-seven houses. He could point out that all the maids and butlers in his employ are a perfect example of trickle down economics, and his rental properties are the type of small businesses that would be hurt by Obama's tax plan. That private jet pilot and mantelpiece engraver are honorable careers. That his gambling transfers wealth to the casino help. That country clubs offer more comfortable working conditions than picking lettuce (even for $50/hour). Seems like a good opportunity to tout his economic policies and make them concrete by putting a human face on them -- his face. The American Dream through John McCain's eyes: an aristocratic class and a servant class, in perfect harmony.

Charlie (Colorado)

I put some details of my "Ask Charlie Anything" experiment up on Explorations. Nothing too different, but it does let me link whore another hit or two.

Charlie (Colorado)

Frankly, ParseSnip, I think you should be embarrassed to even print some of this drivel under a pseudonym, out of fear that someone somewhere will eventually find out and tell your parole officer.


You know, I don't care what anybody on this board says. A biracial child can have a rough upbringing, even in Hawaii, so it's no surprise for someone in that position to run with the wrong crowd for a while in high school. But when that young man gets to college, rights himself, discovers a purpose in life, and then rapidly ascends with the strength of his new faith, giving stunning performances in front of huge crowds in this country and overseas, to the point that he's basically been acknowledged as the most outstanding man in the world -
I don't understand how anyone can say a bad word about Bryan Clay.


I wondered where you were going with that, bgates. Nice job.


The funny thing about Biden plagiarizing Kinnock was that Kinnock had quite the reputation for being a blowhard himself.


Charlie, I'll echo others - please drop several links during the action next week. I know I'd appreciate the reminder as I'll unfortunately have limited time to wallow in Dem overreach and grandiosity.

Captain Hate

ArseHiss, is it true the suicide watch has stopped taking your calls?


"I just don't recognize the guy anymore."

He's not the John McCain I knew when I was telling everyone what a great President he would be.

He's not the Barack Obama I knew when I was telling everyone he wasn't ready to be President.


Thanks, Elliott.

Just over at Ace's blog, and he found something interesting:
Joe Biden claims to be broke, plus or minus 300 grand. As of 2006, anyway. Man's been in the Senate since I was in the womb, during which time he's been paid (one hesitates to say "earned") $3.4 million.

How much do Amtrak tickets and hairplugs cost, anyway?

Rick Ballard

Shoot, Michelle made that much just from Barack getting elected. I know Joe's slow - maybe he accepted #2 in exchange for tips from Barack on how to turn elective office into real money?


I didn't know this at the time, Tommy Chong's raving about the RAVE act. Ludicras
is going to have some sharp about this.
Didn't the drug war, send everyone to prison, including the innocent ones of course. This is the thing, they pass mandatory minimums on substances like crack over powder; much the same way, Opium (percocet)and heroin have differentpenalties
in order to deal with the crime problem; the problem is dealt with at least for a generation, than the same people who urged the policies denounce them. On the most extreme side, you had Maxine Waters, using the Gary Webb/retreads of the Kerry Committee hearings and that crazy Michael Ruppert, to spread the CIA crack conspiracy. Ruppert has gone full stark raving truther; with a massive tome; called
"Crossing the Rubicon"
I just know I'll get a complaint from M. Simon about this, being pre-emptive here


Happy birthday, Charlie!


Just over at Ace's blog, and he found something interesting:
Joe Biden claims to be broke, plus or minus 300 grand. As of 2006, anyway. Man's been in the Senate since I was in the womb, during which time he's been paid (one hesitates to say "earned") $3.4 million.

What does Biden's wife make?
Private schools, mortgage, college, law school for the kids. It all adds up.
Adding this information to Obama's complaints yesterday about his financial troubles when making $240,000+, I think we have a very good illustration about why trying to quantify "rich" is folly.
This is why it's bad to play class warfare with tax policy.

Charlie (Colorado)

You know, I've heard several people speak of Biden having a "palatial home". Anyone seen any pictures of it? (These are pretty hardcore VRWC sources, so I'd like to have some confirmation.) I wonder if it's something like McCain, who I understand has relatively little of his own, but is married to the principal of a big corporate foundation...

Charlie (Colorado)

Oh, and thanks, Elliott.


Private schools, mortgage, college, law school for the kids. It all adds up.
Not here. The disclosure lists assets, debts, and net worth. The assets come to less than $420,000.


Read Charles Allen's "God's Terrorists" to get a good grasp on the the Wahhabi problem and their influence through the Deobandi; which bedeviled the Brits from their perch on the North West Frontier from 1818 on to 1947. It outlines their role in the 1841 revolt that led to the fall of Kabul, the
Indian Mutiny, the battle of Ambeyla, the assasination of Viceroy Mayo, and the trouble in Malakand; with the Mad Mullah that Gen. Blood and young Winston Churchill encountered in 1897. Some of this I've brought up earlier with the backstory to the Fakir of Waziristan. Hischaracterization
of Philby Sr. betrayal of English interests to those who had scourged their advances in the 19th Century is too charitable; as is his role in the rise of the Saud with their Ilkwan retainers into turning the Arabian peninsula into their own fiefdom. His description of how the Taliban arose, beginning with the story of Mullah Omar, is instructive in this sense. Jenkins, by the way, can 'sod off'.

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