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August 25, 2008


Jim Rhoads aka vnjagvet

I would hate to solicit clients, but if you are a lawyer and would like to refer a matter to me, I am available to handle claims like this on a pro-bono basis;>0


Can I be co-counsel?


If this is a case for a class action, how about Fred Thompson's lazy campaign?


His campaign wasn't as lazy as your commenting. Edwards was hiding an ongoing sexual relationship with a woman other than his cancer-stricken wife while claiming his Father of the Year status was reason for him to run and for people to send him money. What's the comparable deception by Thompson supposed to be? That he didn't like hats and didn't tell anybody until he got to Iowa?

Cuffy Meigs

First in line at the Bundler Refund Counter? Best pal and Rielle Hunter proxy-sugar-daddy, Fred Baron: http://perfunction.typepad.com/perfunction/2008/08/coda-john-edwar.html


OT but obama just took the bait

new ad video at Hot Air re: Ayers


OT but Obama took the bait

new ad re: Ayers


JM Hanes

Cuffy Meigs:

Whoa! You lay out quite a picture. "Edwards' big contributors ARE class action lawyers and are waaaay ahead of the curve." I'll say.

JM Hanes


Waddya think about a Convention thread? There's liable to be some live bloggin' goin' on.


Had I given Edwards any support, which I didn't, I would want my money back. That said, in the last 12-16 years, Democrats have had a bad habit of buying snake oil from anyone who will sell it to them. Edwards said everything they wanted to hear and they all bought it. They deserve to lose their money just like the guy who paid for Big Foot's carcus last week. People kept pouring money in to Edwards even after the initial affair reports started coming out last year. Caveat Emptor.

But to be real, is there anyone who didn't think this guy was a creepy philanderer?

Does anyone think there is a chance that Thompson didn't want to run but did so just to get everyone off of his back?

On a related note: I couuld use some money, will Fred Baron send me $15k a month for a few months and fund my Caribbean vacation on top.


If I were Edwards' hairdresser, I would want compensation for bringing the style into disrepute.


Rush thinks Michelle is pregnant and will announce that tongiht.
Well, if you were given the choice of getting pregnant to help hubby's campaign or getting inoperable cancer which would you choose?


Clarice: clarify, please. Barack's baby or Edwards' baby?

Barry Dauphin

Why is Edwards taking care of his fat-cat bundlers but not reimbursing Joe Lunchbucket's $100?

Because he said there are two Americas, and he means it.


"If this is a case for a class action, how about Fred Thompson's lazy campaign?"

Well under Appalled's very loose criteria, how about Obama's fraudulent campaign? Pretending to be qualified...


It would depend on the husband.


And I suppose, on the inoperable cancer.


I'm not touching that one.

Captain Hate

I hope all the contributors from the mill have had their hard-earned donations refunded.


But I will say (clears throat) geeeeeez what a bunch of drama queens those dems are


The Clintons...Ayers....Obama doing an add with Ayers in it (I still cant believe he did that) Michelle's baby..Edwards...his baby...his sick wife...they make my hair hurt


From CQ...what a darned shame too...

"The Democratic convention now teeters on the brink of a media disaster thanks to real news that threatens to distract reporters from the scripted show.

And wouldn't you know, it's all about the Clintons. The trouble with the news-free nature of modern conventions is how anything unplanned can instantly get of hand with thousands of reporters in town vying for every morsel of something different.

The word on the street is total meltdown. The Clintons and their advisors aren't even staying for the final speech. Bill Clinton is openly whining about his speaking assignment."


"Well, if you were given the choice of getting pregnant to help hubby's campaign or getting inoperable cancer which would you choose?"

Word is she desperately tried a counterproposal of 2 cute puppies and 2 adorable kittens but was overridden.

Soylent Red

I'm not touching that one.

Too bad Edwards didn't say that.

Soylent Red

Ugh. Watching this is like repeatedly kicking myself in the balls.


"Pretending to be qualified.."
He's had years of practice----
President of Harvard Law Review, but no reviews.
Lawyer, but no cases tried.
Works at a college, but not a professor.
Community Organizer, but no evidence that the community was improved.
Elected to State Legislature, and votes Present.
Elected to the US Senate, appointed to head a committee, but the committee has never met.
The list goes on and on.


From Merriam Webster...


Main Entry:
po·seur Listen to the pronunciation of poseur
\pō-ˈzər, ˈpō-zər\
French, literally, poser, from poser

: a person who pretends to be what he or she is not : an affected or insincere person


Pssssssst, Pagar....say ACORN for me

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