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August 21, 2008



They probably won't take any medals away, but could they take just one away? The BS one where she and Nastia tied but she got gold and Nastia got silver?


AP: White Man seeks to make Chinese Girl Cry

Mike Walker is no friend of Chinese girls. A white male, he sought to ....


Why are all international organizations feeble and corrupt? Is it a hidden rule or something?

Lurking Observer


If all power is justly derived from the people, exactly where does the authority of international organizations come from?

Or, put differently, who put these people in charge?

When Syria and North Korea have representatives of equal standing with Great Britain and Japan, it is hard to argue that, somehow, this is a serious organization.

This applies to the UN, and to the International Olympics Committee.

JM Hanes

Not so hidden, Clarice.

JM Hanes

Instapundit linked to this terrific profile of Baldilocks in LA Weekly! Don't miss it -- it's even got a fab photo.


Never having been that into the Olympics or international sports competitions in general, isn't there a "So What?" element to the discovery? Isn't the fact that these gymnists so terrific the real story, not their age? Did being underage give them some kind of an unfair advantage?

JM Hanes

As a matter of it does matter, Orion, in terms of height/weight and center of gravity which change considerably with puberty. It's one sport where that youthful conformation is a real advantage. There's no doubt that the Chinese gymnasts delivered wonderful performances, but the rule is also -- and perhaps even primarily -- designed to protect them from the intensive, often brutally taxing, training required to reach those upper levels. Younger athletes are much more susceptible to permanent injuries in such circumstances, although that's obviously not much of a consideration in China and a number of other countries. I have little doubt that they've got some kids in wheelchairs somewhere out of sight.

Brian Cohen's Mum

As much gold as I could eat...

Holly Wood

They (the Chinese Gov't) will never admit to her (He's) correct age and the whole thing will just fade away. The look on He's face is of a young girl who knows the truth and instead of being in front of a Principal at school for something minor,
finds herself in front of the whole world terrified and fearful of the consequences. But ultimately, the victory for her and her country will ALWAYS be hollow.


They have stripped people of their medals after the fact. They can strip He of her medals.

Question, if she is stripped, is the whole team stripped? After all, they won as a team. Wouldn't it disqualify the whole team?

Jim Rhoads aka vnjagvet

The answer is yes, Sally. A US relay team was recently stripped of the gold medal they got in Athens when one of its members admitted to the use of banned substances.

NBC's Costas has just reported this development almost verbatim as a "breaking story" at 12:25 am EDT 8/22.

It is not going down the memory hole.


Well, if you can make a slaver owner / young girl raper Dalai Lama "your holliness". You can certainly make 16 year old 14, too easy!


i sick of moaning yanks. they were better, your girl fell on her arse (fanny). get ovet it. you didnt win and were not the best.

Richard Orby

"i sick of moaning yanks. they were better, your girl fell on her arse (fanny). get ovet it. you didnt win and were not the best."

You are also probably sick of fair play and the Olympic Spirit and playing by the rules (you know, those pesky things you are supposed to abide by). And you skipped a lot of English classes too.


Here a lot of post using double standard. They ask Chinese to obey the rule, while they try challenge tier break rule as: "The BS one where she and Nastia tied but she got gold and Nastia got silver?"

Why do you not eat track and field gold medals which US drug user got from Sydney and Athens?? Are your stomachs too small????

Me love you long time

Come on people lets get real here. How hard would it be for the Chinese regime to create passports with fake information on them?? The answer...not very hard at all. We are talking about the nation that fill's the world with cheap good for nothing knock offs. Plus its a well known fact Asians cant drive, if their lives depended on it. Once they are of drivers license age, their eyes become completely shut. That alone proves that He..(she)..damn they cant even get the gender correct is younger than 16. She obviously can still see. :) I bet that as a condition to her winning the regime said " You win gold, we give you access to you tube...you will be only Chinese ti have it"


having been involved in the Olympics for many years, I finally walked away in 1996 because of the corruption at the Atlanta Games. The Olympics are a very large business with very low ethical standards. The vote buying scandals were a part of a Potemkin Village style clean up, but the reality is that the money is so big now that the gravy train just keeps on rolling.

It finally seems that most of the drug issues are being dealt with, but only after the IOC was forced into a corner. However, when the East Bloc collapsed, many of the coaches, from East Germany especially, ended up in China. This was evident in Sydney and Athens.

The Chinese have had a win at all cost philosophy in Beijing. This is a huge national pride issue and I'm sure individual coaches and officials have bent and broken rules. Overall though, I think most of the wins have been clean, but there are several, including in gymnastics, where the prima facie evidence surely does not look to be in their favor. There was a very strange looking Chinese badminton player as well.

So just remember its a great big money machine with a bunch of lazy, corrupt aristocrats, hustlers and pimps at the top and take it for what it's worth.


"They ask Chinese to obey the rule, while they try challenge tier break rule as"

The tie breaker rule was stupid. If you get the same score, and you tie on the tiebreaker, you should both get gold. That's what they used to do. They got the SAME score. It's just doubly hard to take, because that girl is not the legal age.


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